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Gwen Stefani & Kingston Rossdale: Dinosaur Roar!

Gwen Stefani & Kingston Rossdale: Dinosaur Roar!

Gwen Stefani heads to the gym with her 3-year-old son Kingston Rossdale to only find the gym closed for the day in London, England on Sunday (December 27).

On their way back, the 40-year-old No Doubt singer watched Kingston spot the photographers and give his best roar clutching his toy Tyrannosaurus rex.

Gwen, her husband rocker Gavin Rossdale and the rest of her family have been spending the holidays in England and were last spotted enjoying the countryside in Buckinghamshire.

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gwen stefani dinosaur roar 01
gwen stefani dinosaur roar 02
gwen stefani dinosaur roar 03
gwen stefani dinosaur roar 04
gwen stefani dinosaur roar 05
gwen stefani dinosaur roar 06
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..`um.. i’m wondering how his hair got that color. LOL

  • Marty MacFlies

    He’s such a cute kid

  • Ciara

    Aww he’s cute.

  • xxx

    Eww why does he always scream and cuss at the cameras? Bad parenting I think……

  • Ms Anonymous

    I’m wondering why Infamously Cool has to act like an idiot 24/7

  • Mileena

    I think Kingston is one of the cutest celeb kis in Holywood but…..what is it with his hair? I mean, he clearly can’t have hair this color naturally…..Did she get his hair bleached?! I know they live in a very crazy world but to do that on a child is revolting. I can’t take that.

  • jaz

    #4 (xxx)
    no,i dont think so
    i just think he hates the paparazzi

  • ck_always

    Wow, some people on here have absolutely no control of their parenting instincts, lmao. First of all’s a kid, give me a break. Whether they color his hair or whether it’s natural, who cares’s not your kid and he doesn’t look upset to me so put down the phone — no need to call child services.

    Grow up or at least give your comments some sense of logical background.

  • sara

    My daughter is the same age as Kingston and she is so much better behaved and sweeter than he is…I think Kingston a spoiled, coddled little brat, or he may be autistic. Kingston has gotten so obnoxious in the last year or so….Zuma seems to be more laid back.

    You can tell Kingston is high maintenance…they’re going to have behavioral issues with him when he starts school. He’s probably used to getting his way 24/7.

  • Yvonne

    I agree with Sara #9, he always seems to be disgruntled. Those faces he makes are very unfriendly. I have three boys 19, 15, 12 and I have never seen them with ugly faces like I do on Kingston so often….

  • cece

    I think its funny how some people he can determine how a child is going to be, and how spoiled and rude he is. All of this from looking a pictures, wow. Do hate a child because he was born in riches, dont confuse his suposed ways with your jealously.

  • hm

    I’m sure he’s a typical kid who has his tantrum moments – Kingston just happens to be photographed more often than the average child and therefore we see it more often. Adult celebrities get annoyed by the paparazzi, I can’t imagine how it would be for a child who really doesn’t understand why these people are always taking his picture.

  • ur a horrible mother, sara


    you lameass FREAK

  • pretty young girl

    I hate that bleached hair ugly kid .

  • Barb

    This is not a happy kid!

  • sue

    I would like to see how you haters would behave if you had since the day you were born hundreds of cameras flashing in your face everytime you left your house.
    To call Gwen a bad parent cause she does nothing is wrong, could you imagine the Paps going crazy with allegations and such if she made a scene in front of them. You only see them for a split second in pap photos, you don’t live with them so how can you say what kind of a kid he is or that Gwen is a bad parent !!
    Whether or not Kingston is a brat is not your business at all, you don’t have to deal with him, it’s his parent’s problem not yours.
    If you took time to read the caption he isn’t yelling at the paps he’s roaring like a Tyrannosaurus rex.
    Kingston is only a kid the paps are supposedly grown men and woman, they know Kingston gets upset when the cameras are on him so why don’t they take a shot and then back off and leave him to play at the park or whatever it is he’s doing.

  • tsc

    He looks like a monster. I watched a video of her letting him run wild one day. No control over him at all. He has complete control ike Suri. Kids need boundaries and direction from parents. Lazy parenting.

  • Eliza

    He’s a little kid; he’s into dinosaurs, so he’s roaring like them. It’s normal. It’s using his imagination. It’s a learning curve. Any kid that age that doesn’t act up every now and again… would worry me. We are not in a Victorian age of kids being ‘seen and not heard’.

  • ashlee

    @sara: I agree on some things – i saw a video of him spitting & screaming at the cameras and all the spit was on his dad! not good behavior. I think and i’m assuming he gets his way alot. Anyways, I think Kingston is a very cute kid. He has such adorable looks and i hope he can spend more time with his older sister Daisy. Kingston does not like the cameras and i don’t blame him but he should not be spitting.

  • ashlee

    kington is spitting on dad and at paps! lol gavin should of told him not to spit on him. lol. you can hear gavin say he’s spitting but didn’t tell him to stop!

  • Cedric

    Ugh. You can totally see what a little mongrel this kid is. I bet he is the worst behaved little cuhnt ever.

  • MalibuSunrise

    Hear my word: it is becoming some sort of a monster. It has got the most insane instinct that’s what’s foreshadowing through it’s mean, evil, ugly expressions.

  • MalibuSunrise

    @ur a horrible mother, sara: You buffoon, you won’t tell anyone to shut up here, this is a public forum and you are a nobody. Mr. Niemand. Second, if you do not like her opinion it’s because you must have the same wicked, ugly, evil, subhuman beasts as this thing is. And you are going to be murdered by them for your money because they are going to become aggressive drug addicts. Poor you :DD

  • Elizabeth

    I’m sorry to have to say this but he looks like a spoiled brat, in every pic I see of him.

  • Penny


    It doesn’t look like he was purposefully spitting as such, but blowing raspberries, even so you’re right, his Dad probably should’ve told him to stop. I’ve not seen videos like that before; I look at the shots but never at the pap videos and seriously, when will the laws in the U.S change to outlaw this sort of stalking and harassment of celebs with children? It’s disgusting.

  • Meg

    I’m sorry but to sya he actys spoiled and such by some pap pics and videos is insane! The poor kid has a camera in his face whenever he goes out with his parents, I would get mean too!

  • sue

    Right on Penny.

  • Sola

    She is really annoying with this 24 hrs on red lipstick..even when she goes to the gym? And to bleach hair of the 3 yrs old kid….Vanity queen.

  • dave

    This is a 3 year old kid your ripping into here which makes you no better than the hounding Paparazzi.
    He is not your problem so why do it bother you so much ??

  • sue

    This is a 3 year old kid your ripping into which makes you no better than the hounding Paparazzi.
    He isn’t your problem so why does he bother you so much ??
    It’s not like your caring for him, it’s his parents who will suffer in the long run not you

  • g!na

    I loved the pic of Daisy with Kingston! SO nice to hear she has some communication with gavin! ♥ hope to see more pics of Daisy with her brothers. It will be good for her & for the boys to bond a relationship.

  • bibi

    i agree with Sara, Elizabeth,etc, this petite looks like a tipical badly behaved ,disobedient child , no wonder why, the mother is more concentrate in herself and people opinion , what a difference with Madonna and the way to raise children

  • Frida

    @sara: Don’t be stupid, not every child is the same and you can not tell how Kingston is by just looking at paparazzi pictures! To say he’s autistic is just plain stupid!
    He’s just a kid and he’s playing around, he sees these paparazzi types everyday and maybe he doesn’t get why they’re there or what they’re doing, maybe he’s scared of them who knows? Don’t judge people you don’t know.

  • lakers fan in boston

    gwen looks pretty hot
    i think most chicks look good when they’re in their gym clothes
    gotta love women who care about their fitness =]

  • Meadow

    *shrugs* he’s not feeling all the attention…

  • firemandatingsite

    He seems normal

  • hannah

    he is roaring, relax. I also can’t really blame him for not enjoying paps. i mean, should his parents teach him its okay to be stalked? its a fine line they walk…

    and for the hair, it could very easily be sun-bleached. my hair turned platinum when i was little, and if you cut off the sun stuff, it was much darker underneath, it still sorta does that, people think i dye my hair, i’m just blonde.

  • MMA

    Certainly she can afford some therapy for the kid!

  • Stone

    NANNY 911!!!

  • Chef Jacke

    At least she’s trying.

  • Joy Adams


    sara @ 12/29/2009 at 8:18 pm: How do you know so much about this family and their children? Just by looking at images? Don’t assume. They are constantly being hounded by photographers. Don’t make judgements until you walk in their shoes!!

  • Soaplover

    Chill people! He’s just a kid who hates the paparrazzi. You have no idea how he acts when he’s at home. Your not his parents.
    Anyways, love this family, the kids are growing up so fast
    Happy New Years!

  • who craig?

    i think a bunch of you just hate kids, plain and simple. like those people that are always like “oh god why did they bring a kid to the restaurant?” etc etc. do us all a favor, and never have children. and a few of you say that hes always acting like this in every picture youve seen, well did it occur to you that most of the pictures were taken by paps? and youre dumb, youre not famous and youre kids arent either. they dont have cameras following them everywhere. try an experiment some time, get a camera and take pictures of the children around you all the time and see if they like it.


    i have kids and i know a few things about kids and this family used to be one of my favorites but not so much any more……….. i agree with the people that say kingston looks like a huge brat most of the time, look at the first pic of him and gwen where he looks like he is jerking free from her trying to hold onto him. he is ALWAYS screaming ALWAYS crying and ALWAYS freaking out. they should be teaching him that it’s not acceptable behavior-no matter what the situation- but instead they just ignore it. over and over and over, and i am not saying i am assuming this from a picture or two, i am saying this because of all the video i have seen of them, they just let him scream and curse and flip out without even trying to curb the behavior. it’s disgusting. the people that are the ones that say, “oh that kingston, he’s so cute, he’s gonna be such a rocker! look at that attitude! it’s so adorable!” are the ones that dont have kids…not the other way around. anyone with children can see what a nightmare this frickin kid is.
    and YES i know the paparazzi are there all the time, but he has CERTAINLY had time to get used to it. i’m not trying to be a jerk, but it’s true. they’ve been taking him out in the paparazzi eye since he was a few weeks old, i was actually pretty astonished at how early that hadhim out and about with all the photogs…………. if my child clearly got THAT upset everytime he went out because of the paparazzi, as a loving caring parent who is intune with my child, i would have already decided that something HAS GOT TO CHANGE-whether it be they move out of LA like so many other celebrities with children or maybe move to a gated community where paps cant get in, or something. i also see so many other kids….like violet, and the jolie-pitt kids, and madonna’s kids, and matilda ledger (just to name a few) NOT react in a crazy lunatic way. in fact, they act fairly normal about it because they are used to it and are also probably well adjusted little people!

    did you ever read the article where matilda’s asked her mom why the people were there taking pictures of them all the time, and she told her that its because people loved her daddy and her daddy’s movies very much and they just like to take their pictures to know that she’s ok? that was a very thoughtful and well spoken and age appropriate answer to give to a child to help explain the situation. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what to say to your kids about things. i think gavin and gwenn get a kick out of it and if that’s not the case then i think they have just thrown their arms up and don’t know what to do with him because he acts like such a little wild a** brat-in which case i suggest they get some help from professionals who DO know what to do about it. this kid is going to be real trouble in about 10yrs.

    poor zuma, that’s all i have to say. that’s probably why they keep them seperated all the time, cuz the older brother is friggin maniac witha bad temper!