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Miranda Kerr: Bondi Beach Babe

Miranda Kerr: Bondi Beach Babe

Miranda Kerr steps into a Sydney Roads and Traffic Authority office before heading to lunch at Icebergs restaurant on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday (February 9).

The 26-year-old Victoria’s Secret angel will be making two exclusive public appearances in Sydney and Melbourne this month.

Promoting her organic skincare line, Kora, Miranda will be signing products at David Jones Elizabeth Street Stores in Sydney on February 11, and Melbourne on February 20 according to Marie Claire magazine.

Miranda launched the line last year after working on the products for over three years.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr running errands in Sydney…

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  • Whoever

    Love that skirt! She looks too cute!

  • lisali

    Yikes!! Her legs are noodles!

  • Tea

    “after working on the products for over three years”
    what a joke!

  • something

    something tells me that it was not her who worked for over three years on this skin care line. May be the design or someone held a small pot under her nose asking ” Aaannnddd? Do you like it?” “Hmmmm… no, don’t like the smell. Try harder!”

  • kookabear

    what a stunner !

  • dundies

    lol three years did make me smile

  • Pry

    AMAZING! OMG the hair, the make-up, the outfit! Gorgeous body and face! I think the first outfit is the best! Love the skirt, but on the second outfit those black shoes are amazing!

  • yo sista

    She’s cute at best… Not “stunning” sorry.

  • @8

    Your opinion only.
    I think that she is gorgeous!

  • NativeNYker

    She should keep that hair down!

    Rants,Thoughts & Merde

  • gab

    she reminds me of a giraffe. i just don’t find her sexy… very child-like. cute at best.

  • LOL!

    LOVE that the haters found this thread so fast.
    It just proves ONCE AGAIN! that they have no lives, and that they spend all of their time scouring the web to satisfy their psychotic obsession with a woman that they have never met.
    Too darned funny.
    But funny.

  • Lulu


    I agree with you 100%

  • Karli

    @LOL!: Talk about having no life, I see you in each and every thread of hers, defending her ‘honor’

  • Cute vs. beautiful

    Well, you can think a person is ‘cute’ as opposed to ‘stunning’ and not be a hater for gawd sake. Miranda really does have a cute face IMO, and a nice figure, but she’s not ‘beautiful’ in the way I envision a woman to be truly beautiful. In other words, her features are not exactly classic or well sculpted/refined. Her face is sort of chubby and she does have a rather odd nose. Still, she’s cute in my opinion, kind of cherubic looking. And she does have very pretty blue eyes. Look, my opinion here doesn’t make me one of your ‘haters.’

  • jkfhkdfjdfoi

    You know she calls the paps herself because gets photographed wayyy more then an actual celeb such as an actor or singer..

  • queeny

    @gab @lulu

    I agree with you 100%,and i´m not a hater

  • Landon

    She’s gorgeous, I’d love to see what she looks like with darker hair too.

  • LOL!

    And why not?
    I’m a fan.
    It makes much more sense for a fan to search for news on her, than a hater.
    And since the haters tend to use her threads here to spout their lies and spew their hatred, I will be here to “defend” her.
    When they stop, so will I.
    Until then, I will continue to laugh at their idiocy.
    They make it sooo easy.

  • May

    Yes, JJ is her fan too…

  • Nena

    I’d say you are infatuated

  • LOL!

    Love it!
    Haters try to see something wrong with a fan who follows news on her, yet think that their unhealthy hatred is just fine and dandy.
    Is that yet another double standard????
    Why yes, I do believe that it is.

  • Landon

    From a guys perspective she’s stunning. All my guy friends are literally in love with this woman. She’s sexy in a classy way. You know not all woman have to have plastic looks to get guys to think there hot.

  • Kirsti

    LOL! Why are you so quick to judge everybody all of the time? I like to see the comments people post whether I’m a fan or not. You might think she is stunning and someone else might not. That doesn’t make them wrong…it’s just their opinion.

  • Piper

    I like her body, but I don’t like her nose and holes(is this how they called?) in her face when she smiles.I wouldn’t say that she is gorgeous but she is pretty.
    I also like her boyfriend…he is SO hot.They make a cute couple. :)

  • LOL!

    Opinions are fine, it’s the CONSTANT need to post over, and their lies that set the haters apart.
    No one here has ever claimed that Miranda (or Orlando for that matter) is a perfect angel, and I don’t expect everyone to like her. But if you give an opinion, I will give mine. And in MY opinion, the haters are a desperate bunch. Any group of people that found a site just to insult, twist and post hateful things about a complete stranger, with no one allowed to disagree are not due any respect in my book.

  • ?

    I’ve just never understood the need to post negative comments.
    If you don’t like someone, don’t read their threads.

  • brightside

    That dress loves her, so does the skirt. Now if only I could find a dress that loves me that much…

  • Karli

    @LOL!: Wow. so you call haters people who have a different opinion than you ? because I don’t find her stunning, pretty but not stunning, i’m a hater ? just. wow.

  • Stace

    She’s the most beautiful women I’ve seen. Her && Ale are soooo beautiful. My perfect angels!

  • Andy

    i recon the guys who took these pics are pretty suss!

  • @29

    Quoting myself…
    “Opinions are fine…”
    Reading comprehension.
    It’s a good thing.

  • Karli

    @@29: Quoting yourself :

    “Haters try to see something wrong with a fan who follows news on her, yet think that their unhealthy hatred is just fine and dandy.”

    Considering I was the one asking …

    But don’t worry, i’m going away. Miranda has such great fans, i’m sure she’s delighted. (that was sarcastic, btw)

  • @karli

    that was in response to this post of yours…
    “@LOL!: Talk about having no life, I see you in each and every thread of hers, defending her ‘honor’”
    Is there an “opinion” in that statement?
    You were just doing what they said in their response. Finding fault with someone defending her.
    Try twisting things again, because that one didn’t work.
    If you aren’t a ‘hater’, why did any of those comments bother you?

  • Subzero

    Well I am a guy and don’t find her appealing. I like women with some curves aka Catherine Zeta Jones. This woman is pale and doesn’t have curves. And no I am not a hater. Once you become a model you are in the public eye and people are free to comment on you. These comments can be positive or negative. As long as there are no threats people should be free to write what they want.

  • samantha

    Orlando is ugly. She can do MUCH better than him. Heck, all my boyfriends would put him to shame.

  • WOW

    She’s beautiful and looks so classy yet very fashion forward, cool and modern…..loving both outfits, especially the shoes!

  • xxx

    at #25… they’re called dimples you idiot……….. i think they’re cute.

  • she shall remain nameless

    She has that baby face that makes her look almost like a teenager, but she has the most stunning blue eyes!!!

  • @35

    True, once you are in the public domain, people will talk about you, but there are limits.
    Slander and libel are against the law, so you aren’t free to write/say anything you want. Some of the people being labelled haters do nothing but spread lies and call her names that you wouldn’t call your worst enemy. They are often on her threads, spewing their venom so her fans tend to have an understandable knee-jerk reaction to their insults.
    Instead of “I don’t find her appealing”, which is a legitimate opinion, we usually get something more along the lines of “she ugly! No one thinks she is pretty! She looks like a ****”, etc.
    Then when called out about their comments, they will usually hide behind the “poor me, no one is allowed an opinion here” banter.
    Respectful comments should be welcomed, but you can’t blame her fans for wanting to defend her against the haters.


    That poster that is LOL! is pretty much the same poster that over and over and over again in every single Miranda Kerr thread instantly starts calling everyone that finds fault with her a HATER, A HYPOCRITE, DOUBLE-STANDARD, DELPHIDIOTS, etc. Quite delusional if you ask me that NOBODY outside of that website could possibly find fault with Miranda Kerr.

    I certainly dont go hunting for threads on her, but I will read them if they are new, as I read alot of the new threads and posts put up everyday on many celebrities. AND it just so happens that Jared puts up a lot of posts about her, sometimes nearly every day. Sooo…….if I come to the MAIN PAGE every day to check the gossip at Jared, and gee, this thread just happens to be NEW TODAY, then she will come up on the radar. Its as simple as that, psycho obsessed Miranda fan. Who gives a rats *ss if we like her or not? I dont think she is ugly, but she is certainly not my idea of beautiful or stunning as you love to call her. YES B*TCH MY OPINION. It does not make me a hater, or from that website you love to refer people to.

    I know logic and reason are far beyond your capacity, but really, take a word of advice. YOU ARE NOT DOING MIRANDA KERR ANY FAVORS BY CALLING EVERYONE WHO CRITIQUES HER A HATER. That is exactly how you will create more haters by everyone just hating on you because you are so freakily obsessed with defending her. I actually like her less and less every time I go to read a thread on her and THERE YOU ARE screaming at everyone and calling them hypocrites and haters. She is too skinny, as are most models, and no, her features are not appealing to everyone. That in no way makes someone a HATER and dishing libel or slander. If you keep doing it, attacking people the way you do, I will file a report each and every time I see a post with your typical phrases and obsessions. So keep it up sista. Leave it alone and find a new hobby other that obsessing on the posters that say anything about her that doesnt suit your tastes or ideals.

  • @41

    LOL attacks the posters. If she doesn’t agree with their opinions she really goes after the person more than the content of their posts. Like a junior high bully. It’s too bad because once again she turned this nice thread into something mean and rotten.

    Just go back up to the beginning of this thread, or any Miranda thread actually, and you’ll see who’s really causing the stink around here. I’m tired of it. Anybody else?

  • who dat?

    She is pretty, but meh. Not spectacular or anything. I have to agree with you though, her ankle biter fans make you really not want to like her even more, just to annoy them or something.

  • @41…

    What a HYPOCRITE, you’re doing exactly what you accuse the other
    poster of doing all because they don’t have the same opinion as you……duh!!!

    You say you’re not a hater, then in the next breath you threaten, insult and call the person a b*tch….not cool.

    I think you’re the one that needs to find a new hobby…

  • face off


    I totally agree. I posted some unflattering photos of her on the last thread and got called a hater. I just don’t think she’s pretty, that’s all.

  • lovely girl

    I’ve seen Miranda Kerr in person at a signing and believe me
    she is really beautiful.

    Very tall and slim with long legs, but not gawky like some models.

    She has very delicate features, lovely olive skin and her eyes really stand out as their so blue.

    There is no way I’d call her cute, as she’s just too gorgeous for that.
    Maybe people say that because of her dimples but in person she’s
    really stunning and looks like a doll, and she was very sweet and nice to everyone as well.

  • @41

    You’re a delphi, it’s plain obvious. TO YOU (and the rest of the loons) any and everyone who supports or defends Miranda has a problem, of course according to you guys.
    So what the hell is wrong with defending someone who’s been put through utter and disgraceful hate? It’s human to defend, it’s human to stick up for someone who is being attacked by people who I am assuming are mentally unstable.
    Now, there is a perfectly equip line of DEFENDING & OBSESSIVE HATRED.
    You loons come here and any place involving Miranda and start trouble. Thats what you guys do, you go to various places and talk words of lies and hatred. Now if LOL! wants to stand up for Miranda, then GOOD ON HER! Since it’s alright for you guys to be blindly obsessed and critical of a human being you guys will never even get to know, then I assume it’s okay for her fans to stick up for Miranda! You guys want to push your theories and hate on everyone.
    You guys seriously need help. It is never okay to spend your life hating someone you don’t know. You can’t compare it to the obsession of FANS. Because, again, there is a BIG difference between admiration and hatred obsession. One of them is normal and won’t affect the state of mind, while the other is not healthy (SIMPLY because the mind cannot dwell in hate too much, it takes to much strength on our well-being to hate with a passion, not to mention obsess with a passion)
    I do social work, so I’ve studied a bit psychology. This behavior is simply not normal. Put Miranda to the side for a moment. Take her out the equation, and look deeper into your obsession and most importantly your HEALTH.

  • face off

    @lovely girl:

    What olive skin? She’s white. I have olive skin and trust me Miranda is white

  • @45

    If you post unflattering pictures of Miranda and force your opinion of how YOU find her unattractive, how does that NOT make you a hater?
    Only a hater will take time in looking for unflattering pictures, posting them, and then start calling her ‘unattractive’ (Or in your words, ‘crap’.)
    Really, seriously, honestly. How does that make you NOT a hater? How? Have you said anything in her favor, or mentioned it was only your opinion, or better yet, not have said anything, or maybe you wouldn’t waste time looking for unflattering pictures?
    I’m sorry, this is just ridiculous.

  • who dat?

    @@41: Seriously. You are really creepy. Your obsession with the delphi people has you thinking everyone is a delphi person! LOL! Some people just read Just Jared for the gossip. Get over it.

    You creep me the hell right out.