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Gerard Butler is Bare In Brazil

Gerard Butler is Bare In Brazil

A shirtless Gerard Butler steps out on the balcony of his suite at Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday (February 14).

Yesterday, the 40-year-old Scottish actor was spotted hanging out with 300 costar Rodrigo Santoro.

In March, you’ll be able to hear Gerard‘s voice as an old viking mentor in How to Train Your Dragon. He’ll be playing Stoick the Vast in the animated film about a young viking who becomes friends with a young dragon.

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gerard butlet brazil bare 01
gerard butlet brazil bare 02
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gerard butlet brazil bare 05

Photos: Flynet
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  • Old Mia

    I think GFW has blessed us with her presence.

  • me

    Glad to know most gorgeous human on the planet looks as bad as I do when I first wake up. It takes a few hours to get normal. I just need a bit more time than he does.

  • ????

    @gag refluct: If everyone was interested in him, why aren’ there several billion people commenting on this thread?

    He’s interesting to a lot of people just like they watch reality shows. He’s like a Scottish Jersey Shore.

    “Gerry’s Schwanz.”

  • ????

    @Old Mia: It’s a miracle she’s not hitting the bottle after losing the date contest.

  • spanky

    Watched Shattered the other day on the recommendation of some JJ’ers ….I thought it was the best work from GB since 300. I have not seen LAC yet. I am looking forward to some more of his serious roles.

  • looks like

    Megan Fox is on the cover of W Mag for March.

    Will the Jen/Ger cover be April issue?

  • CJ

    Told you…you would like it..good story…something different than all the crap out there ♥♥

  • spanky

    @CJ: will i like LAC?

  • wearing

    gillette tshirt
    in one of those photos linked above

  • CJ

    I, myself have not seen it…it will be on my netflix list after I move…reviews were mostly negative I think because some thought the story line was unbeleivable..some liked his acting ..some not..
    I will wait till I see it to pass judgement. The last movie I saw of G’s
    was The Ugly Truth…not his best work in that movie..had a hard time not cringing…Comedy is not his forte in my opinion…

  • Hechizera

    @looks like:

    Stop kidding yourself. There is no Jen/Ger.

  • spanky

    @CJ: Guess we’will get back to each other on LAC its out next week here in Canada….hated the TUT, I turned it off at “the bean” reference. I am not much for the Judd Apatow/ Seth Rogan humour thing. But it seems I am in the minority on that. BTW Pierce Brosnan is aging well !

  • CJ

    Pierce Brosnan is aging well !
    Yes, Spanky…that is one fine looking Irishman…

  • spanky

    By the looks of Gerry in the above photos his cheese tan has rubbed off a bit…maybe its all that rubbing in the sheets with Manless…snicker snicker

  • spanky

    G’Night …thanks for the chat.

  • Interesting

    He looks filthy. Instead of rolling out of bed he rolled out of a mud pit.

  • deborah

    he looks great first thing in the am…
    and he is randy as fu** too

  • Diego

    He looks like he needs a shower I’m not a hater I do like his movies

  • kp hearts butler

    I love GB, but, I HATE these photos…, who would do that to somebody? Imagine, you just wake up…look out and “snap, snap”! Oh, that would drive me nuts.

  • she

    @Mr. Giggles: he is not a plummer, he is a repairing contractor…especially around paps…and from a very young age

  • kp hearts butler

    @#69, deborah………..”randy as fu**” huh? I think that’s “inappropriate….lol, hypocrite. If you think he’s “randy as fu**” looking like that, obviously you don’t leave your house.

  • kp hearts butler
  • yeah

    kp, that’s who we call violin girl.

  • kp hearts butler

    @#75, oops, I guess I’m late then!

  • sukar

    Despite violin girl, every gossip mag is still linking Gerry with Jen. Do they the public has a really short attention span or what?

  • KyrieM-NZ

    He looks good in Rio, he’s having lots of fun… what a lucky guy!! Thanks to the Brazilian fans who posted the links here.

  • ??

    @sukar: is that how egyptians pronounce sugar?

  • atrium

    (I Meant Sexy)

  • http://Ana Ana

    Hi friends, unfortunately yesterday I went to the front of the Copacabana Palace again and could not even see him. I think he was all day in the hotel and only had a night out for the parades. But I do not give up and I will try again today. I will not put the links here it yesterday because other people have already placed

  • Ladida

    That’s what I call a fix lol

  • Ladida

    Did you have a ball at least? Looked great

  • sukar

    I keep trying to post and Just Jared doesn’t let me, what the hell?

  • http://Ana Ana


    Sorry, but I don’t understand what you said because I don’t speak English.

    I don’t get all the time in front of the hotel. I will not lose my carnival because of Gerry. No chance. LOL. I’m carioca, my love, carnival is in our blood. We work so hard during the year at that time we just want to have fun.

  • CJ

    Keep up the quest but have a lot of only comes once a year!

  • http://Ana Ana


    Thank you for your words!


  • Ladida

    English is not my native lanugage too ;) but I want to agree with CJ .
    Have fun =D

  • squaraus

    Butler = The most useless person in the world.

    But he has money … while a lot of people get a degree, hope to find a serious job and finish living in holes or on streets. Just look at Butler’s face to understand his IQ. Poor world of sh*t !!

  • Jay

    @squaraus: He is also a homosexual in denial. They are the worse kind.

  • Good God

    God, Ronaldo’s gnashers still scare me half to death. Still I don’t know how this fugly bast@rd manages to shag some of the hottest babes on the planet. He must spike their drinks with GHB.

  • Polly

    hot hot hot hot

  • Cia

    Me again… just a very few more news this time. My friend and Gerry just met in the hotel’s alivator this morning, talking to eachother very naturaly. As my friend sais : “Gerry is just great; a verry common guy with no bodyguards and no any fake faces.”
    I think they are at the pool again at this time.

    p.s. My friend is a straight guy. :)

  • redOctober

    Ana @ ….We work so hard during the year at that time we just want to have fun.

    So true!…have fun and good luck with Gerry! Hope you get to say Hi! to him.

  • He is a lawyer !!

    squaraus @ 02/15/2010 at 7:17 am Butler = The most useless person in the world.
    But he has money … while a lot of people get a degree, hope to find a serious job and finish living in holes or on streets. Just look at Butler’s face to understand his IQ. Poor world of sh*t !!
    You should never based the IQ or intelligence on someone’s looks.
    Butler is a Glasgow college graduated in law. He could have practice as a lawyer but decided aftera while that he wanted to become an actor. He starting with theaters.
    He can still fall back on his law degree if he wants.
    That’s one of the main reasons i believe he is not into bimbos like Maniston. She can never interest him romantically speaking. He is after bootey calls and fame right now. But the day he will have a long term relationship, rest assure that the lady will have the total package cause the guy HAS brains. He just is a fameh0 right now and playing the Hollywood game belitteling his talent and brains on purpose.

  • Random

    Saw the clip it seems such a set up. Looks like G and his friends were walking around Venice Beach for awhile. Looks like they called the paps ahead of time. kind a remind you of arcade girl. It was such a random act. But then it’s G. I’m surprised not to see any pix like that from Rio.

  • http://jenardison jenardison

    a video about gerard has rio

  • Lisa

    @He is a lawyer !!: you are soooo perverse!!!

  • Lisa

    I’m mean squarus!!! so sorry!!!

  • http://Ana Ana

    Friends, you really understood what I meant and appreciate the support. I wish you all could be here in Rio having fun too.

  • anabelle

    I want my man looking like that rolling out of bed first in the morning! Da@mn!

  • anabelle