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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Do Edward's

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Do Edward's

Cute couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake leave their Tribeca apartment and head out into New York City on Saturday afternoon (February 20).

Earlier in the day, Jessica was seen eating at Edward’s Restaurant. Love her coat!

Earlier this week, Justin‘s mom Lynn called Jessica “one of us.” Lynn told People, “She’s amazing. She’s so down-to-earth and her family is great. They’re both very funny and creative. They’re always trying to out ‘special’ each other. They’re pretty openly affectionate.”

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Credit: Elder Ordonez; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Jeren

    luved Jess’s outfit

  • chris

    Can we have a day free,- without this two stupid creatures?Please!

    Jessica looks as always seek, seems she haven’t found a psychiatrist yet! maybe time to do another africa trip!

    JT as always to narcissistic! He loves his species more than anything else!

  • aka

    she has some ugly legs!
    And her gigantic cakehole seems to be in a bad mud! She looks very weird as always! I just don’t know why this two have to show us their stupid faces all time?

  • melina

    they are both look great i love jess coat too

    @chris & @aka:

    if you don’t want to see their face why you just don’t skip their treads? why click here if you don’t like them and take the time to post here. it’s not like you don’t have the choice to watch this pics. or is it you just love to show you hateness and make this people signifificant for you??

  • binya

    Our favourite prostitute steps out, we love her horseface!
    Na, Please Jessica show us your teeth, we love so much!
    I get a orgasm by Jessicas mouth, especially when she is laughing. Her extreme mouth is very titillating! Please Jessica next time again, Yeas?

  • chris

    @ Melina – baby come down!

    - I look at this page because of my favourite celebrities and not because of this two. they are two nobodys – their work sucks and their faces sucks also. – every other celebrity is doing more productive work than this two narcissistic creatures!

  • chris

    @ Melina

    And Baby this two people will never be significant for anything. And learn how to spell this word, i don’t think that you know what this work really means! Go and grow up first!

  • Barrino

    I really love Jessicas coat too. She wears it perfect!

  • D

    Jessica is really beutiful and her body is also nice:) just stop with all that hate!!!!!! LOVE

  • F12

    @ D

    thanks for so much altitude, but i don’t think that i will change anything. People who don’t love can’t be loved! There is just no LOVE

  • alan

    What are they doing really? they are never working anything serious! just show their weird faces.

  • lexy

    Can someone please explain how you all know these things about Jessica and/or Justin?? How do you know she can’t love?? How do you she’s a prostitute? Are you a hooker too and you have the same pimp? Or did you hire her for her services?
    They look cute (her coat is very cute) and they are happy. Get over it!!

  • mia

    @ lexy — lexy lexy so angry in the early morning? it isn’t necessary all that excitement, is other peoples opinion so important for you?

  • mia

    i don’t like them two together or seperated? they are are not important to me, they are more busy with themselves than to work.

  • luta

    Why does she always make that face? i don’t like her anyway but i hate that pigs-face!

  • melina


    1st i’m not english so i can do some mistake and 2 it’s a tapping fault

    this post talks about jt and jessica and only them so why do you not just avoid THIS post if you hate them you can read in the title it’s talk about whom and go straigh to your favorite celebrities except if you read ALL justjared stories. if you can’t avoid to look their pics and stories (and need to show your hate for them) so they are significant for you!!!!

  • melina

    @melina: oooh sorry i talk to chris #7

  • Dreadlocks

    I never liked Jessica. Her only appeal to me is her big butt. I think she’s too masculine……too muscular for a woman. I know you have to be fit, but she’s a bit too fit. She’s so masculine. Anyway, I love her outfit here. But I still don’t like her. I love men who wear beanies, I don’t know why, it makes them hot but I don’t like JT either!

  • chris

    @ Melina
    Honey, i just said that they always make this stupid faces and they should better change it. They are young and should show that they are living. Their faces makes people just depressive. If you go to this page you never know if there are some picture of them or not. So it can be that you see their pictures if you want or not! sometimes you have to write your opinion about it! So you have your own opinion about them and i have mine! End

    If you like their faces, you can enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beza

    Jessica use to be pretty but she going to became uglier and older. She is not working in her career since she is with Justin together.

  • kelly

    Huh beza her latest movie was number one at the box office.

  • NativeNYker
  • anon

    What is it about Jessica that she tries so hard to look cool and she fails all the time. Maybe she should stick to a classic style rather than trying to dress like Justin?

  • lexy

    Where do some of you live? Jessica did a brief stint on Broadway and her new movie came out for Valentine’s Day?? What do you mean she hasn’t had a job since Justin?? Are you not on planet Earth?
    If you don’t care about them then why are you here posting? I don’t like Rachel Bilson. I admit that. But to say you don’t care about Justin or Jessica and then comment is pretty lame. I don’t comment on Kellan Lutz b/c I don’t care about him.

  • yo sista

    He looks all fierce and fashionable in his Female Sun Glasses! So fetsh!!!
    Girl Justine Work it girl… Tell Dem who’s the N”01 girl in the game? It’s you Justine :) Work it girl.

  • beza

    Kelly – i meant that she is more in the media because of her relationship than for her Work/Career and in Valentinsday she had just a little part with so many other stars. That movie was in everyway with too overcrowded! She is since ten years in this buisness and has still not arrived to that level of a good actress which she should have. It seems that she don’t really like to work since she is with justin together, she likes more to run after him than to concentrate in her career!

  • sassy mama

    @beza: Oh please as if he’s some sort of a superstar! He’s hardly a superstar himself… Both don’t have careers


    Jt is an ugly, overrated, piece of shit! What any of these beautiful women see in him, is a complete mystery. I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole, and I’m not even famous.

  • marissa

    his apartment. she dont live there or stya there

  • abailey6666

    JEALOUS ASS bitches. Justin and Jessica are a beautiful couple. That’s why JEALOUS ASS bitches can’t say and won’t say anything positive!!

  • beza

    sassy mama – I spoke just about Jessica. I think i don’t need to give any comments about him, he is still a little boy, he does everything just to get some money. He can’t act, but he want to be kind of an actor and designer and performer. He is in nothing of them really good, but i think he loves himself too much and thinks that he is a big star in everything! Just let him think that and everything is good!

  • dfdf

    those ARE the gayest sunglasses I’ve ever seen in my life. lol.

  • sassy mama

    @beza: “little boy” LAWD he’s 29 years old! He’s supposed to be a mature MAN at that age but don’t worry i got your point and i agree.

  • yo sista

    @abailey6666: You’re such a retard! I sure don’t wanna be like anyone of them… Being gelis is wanting to be like someone! I know for a fact that i don’t wanna be like none of them. But i know i have an opinion. I do and don’t nobody can tell me what i say and what i don’t. Hmmmhuh

  • dina

    I want him to be with Britney

  • dina

    Dont like them together.

  • marissa


    she did not do a brief stint on broadway. check your facts b***
    she cant act for her life, so dont even try it

  • husbandads

    so what happened to his other girlfriends?

  • beza

    They have a better career than him! He will never archieve anything in his life. Always Britney Spears ex boyfriend! Without her he would be a nobody! He had some succees because of her, but it will never archieve to something! Even when he dies he will more known as britney ex than something else!

  • beza

    And as gay who loved a prostitute!

  • beza

    But i think as long as he still get some money for that he doesn’t care for anyone expect himself!

  • lakers fan in boston

    aww look at them trying 2 show 2 everything that they still like each other, how cute
    jessica looks kinda cute in what she’s wearing but she’s still a snooze
    they look like they dont even talk 2 each other at all

  • Alex

    She is starting to look like Michael Jacksons twin..lay off the nose jobs!