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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Kissing Couple of 'Tourists'

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Kissing Couple of 'Tourists'

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie share a passionate kiss on the set of her new movie, The Tourist, on Tuesday (February 23) in Paris, France.

Brad visited the set with the couple’s two daughters, Shiloh, 3 and Zahara, 5. The trio picked up a few fun items at the Bonpoint boutique.

FYI: Z is wearing an alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet Bow Back Double Breasted Coat.

15+ pictures inside of kissing couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 01
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 02
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 03
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 04
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 05
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 06
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 07
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 08
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 09
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 10
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 11
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 12
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 13
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 14
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 15
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 16
brad pitt angelina jolie kissing tourists 17

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  • luvangie4ever

    Thank you, Jared, I love you! I love these photos. I’m always happy to see pics of Angie and even happier to see her happy.

  • niwatori

    That is so lovely. adore them so much :D And the girls are beautiful like always.

  • Rain

    A beautiful and happy family. Love them very much :)

  • angiefan

    More awesome pics!!!!!!!!! The girls are soooooo adorable!!!!!!!

  • Glory

    am first !!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah

    Wow, never been on the first page of comments about Angelina and Brad. They look so happy. (:

  • Califan

    Gorgeous couple and kids as always!

  • mmsic

    After 5 long years and 6 children,Brad and Angie are still soooo in love with each other.What a kiss,Brad should visit Angie’s set more often.I think he will,this time with his 2 boys.Bless them all forever!!!

  • bruin

    brad pitt looks for attention? it looks to me attention finds them

  • sara

    Love this family!

  • elizabeth

    Ayayayyyyyyyy. tks JJ, JP are getting so spoil. I rather them live in other country bec. I saw them more often. Hmmmmmm the girls they are so adorable and look so happy, well behave, loving and so cute. I hope to see Mad and Pax next time. Brad’s so supportable what a lovely family. JV probable watching the boys and very happy to see all his grandkids. I hope Brad’s family visit them also. Tks JJ.

  • Celia

    They’re so cute!!!!
    Shiloh’s hair is very short, but I like it. I’m pretty sure she probably hacked away at it with some craft scissors. It happens all the time. But her little short hair do is adorable.

  • duple

    I love them !

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    Whow, what a beautiful couple. Love the way they support each other so much when they work. Shiloh and Zahara are just magificent.

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    Thank you JJ for the lovely photos.

  • Love them

    So in love!
    Love all the fabulous pictures: )

  • Twinkle

    Awesome photos. Cute family. I’m so sad Shiloh’s hair is cut, but it’s just hair. It’ll grow. I was wrong the other day. It was Shiloh on the Grand Canal. Amazing. That little girl is a chameleon.

  • Twinkle

    I just read on that Sam Worthington is also in the movie. I hope there is some fireworks and chemistry between these three. That’ll be hot. Let’s hope so since the director is some German dude and German cinema is like a lead balloon. Oy!

  • hearts

    Love is in the air. Beautiful family.

  • groundcontrol

    You know I think for the longest time Brad and Angie tended to check their PDA even though we saw some physical affection between the two. While I know they pay as little mind as possible to the yammering taboid media and others, it seems as if they have reached a point where any caution about PDA they might have had is out the window. Good for them. As the song goes, in France they kiss on Main Street. Amore Bebe.
    That Florian sure looks like a happy guy.

  • m

    Z looks like she is saying “yeah I am ready to go home, suck my thumb and watch some cartoons” lol

    She is adorable.

    No pics of Johnny Depp yet? I am more interested in seeing him though.

  • Ana

    Thank you Jared. Gorgeous, loved-up coupel! Beautiful pictures.
    Brad cannot stay away from his baby mama. Brad is over the moon in love. And Angie loves her man.
    Groundcontrol, I think you are soooo right. These are two naturally affectionate people and have always been so. The media will never leave them alone as long as they can make money off of them. I think Brad and Angie are just going to live their lives in the way THEY want to and not allow the media to dictate how they will behave towards one another. In the beginning stage of their relationship I think they were a bit cautious because of all the press they received because of the old whiny “ball and chain.” But since that has never changed I think they are just doing what comes naturally to two people who are very much in love and naturally show it every chance they get.
    To Alecia – This couple has ALWAYS been super affectionate. What you are seeing is NOT anything NEW. Just because the lying tabloids made up stories about a “break-up” all based on the Lyin’ pig’s book in hopes of doubling their sales does not make it so. Those were LIES you were reading and believing written by liars with their “unnamed” and non-existent “sources” that were NEVER true. .

  • Katsaridoula

    they are the best celebrities, down to earth, always happy, normal people who care about their kids and the world…. love them

  • Ana

    Thank you, Jared,
    For all you have tried to do in cleaning up this thread and also providing the JP fans with more gorgeous pictures of our favorite family.
    God bless our beautiful family and keep His Angels watching over them always – keeping them safe from all harm and anything and anyone that might try to hurt them. We place them all under Your law of Divine Protection! And may everything that they set their hands to do bring them joy, happiness and prosperity.
    And God bless the wonderful JP Fans, and help the foolish trolls to lay down all their hatred and learn to live in peace.

  • supernova

    there are no word for this loving couple…..they are working it perfect…..a never ending story…

  • lalalola

    i first saw thi pic on radar way before JJ post it here.. but anyway, thankz JJ… love dat smooocccchhh!

  • fangelina

    They are perfect <3 !
    And for Angie fans: join the best Angelina fan forum in the world: ANGELINAJOLIE.FORUMOTIONS.COM We’re expecting you! :)

  • sharon

    The kiss is sooooooo hot.

  • shanelle g

    they deserve each other. at first i wanted brad to get back with jen. but now that brad’s all gross looking, not so much.

  • fan

    They are so beautiful and still so much in love after 5 years 6 children. Brangelina forever.

  • Lilly

    In the 5 years they’ve been together we haven’t seen so many pics of them in happy-family-mode as we’ve had in the past 2 months, AFTER it broke that they’re about to split up. Yeah, they’re happy alright, not faking it at all……

  • ohwell

    Angie is gorgeous, Brad is sexy , kids are adorable and healthy. Jolie_Pitts is one big happy family.

  • shanelle g

    at first i thought brad should get back together with jen but now that he’s old and gross, not so much. they deserve each other.

  • royality

    American royal family is in Paris now. Beautiful family and God bless them.

  • hmm

    Shiloh is Brad’s mini-me. She is beautiful. Mama Angie looks absolutely stunning on the set. I bet papa Brad will do naught things to her when she comes home.

  • hmm

    should be “naughty”

  • love them

    Love them so much. I am happy to see them happy and in love.

  • wow

    They are the most beautiful and hottest couple on earth.

  • ummahyk

    they are so cool…i am glad that there are coming more photos of them together…i think europe makes them more comfortable than Hw.

  • happy

    I guess rags won’t have Brad leaves Angie and goes back to Jen cover for this week. Who in their right mind would leave this stunning beauty Angelina? No one.

  • cj

    what are the headlines in the tabs going to say now………………… .?

  • Sam 23

    Love them

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    Well this proves how happy Brad and Angelina are. God Bless them and all their fans.

  • teri

    Awww how sweet. Seeing still pictures of them happy and together with kids doesn’t leave much to gossip about. I’m thrilled we are getting so many new pictures of the whole family including Jon V. Fans could care less if a few don’t like them but leave attacks on the kids alone, so young and innocent leave it that way.

  • teri

    Little Zahara is so cute and colorful.

  • Some Bunny

    Oooh La la, sweet! Imagine being on the other side of that kiss! Brad or Angelina, still in love after 5 years and counting!

    Love the look on both of girl’s faces. That Shiloh looks like Brad alot, but you can see she has a streak of Angelina’s boldness. I bet she says “no thank you” a lot! Thanks JJ you and the fans make it worth coming here every day and I always leave here smiling. :)

  • Bee

    Cute, can never not love the Jolie-Pitts.

  • http://nil deanie

    Wow!That was a great kiss!Love Brangelina & their two adorable Shiloh & Zahara.Thanks Jared for the great photos!

  • teri

    They’ve always showed PDA but not over doing it to the point of putting on a show for others. You see some just making out in pools, balconies or beaches just humping away and that’s just overkill.

  • phool

    love love them both mwah mwah from the fans as well is it getting hot in here