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John Mayer: It's A Clean Me Now, People

John Mayer: It's A Clean Me Now, People
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  • eliott

    John, you keep bringing it up and no one will forget you’re a tool.

  • sillyme

    Well, at least John Mayer isn’t claiming that he was “misquoted,”, like Adam Lambert just did re his Susan Boyle comments. I guess I have to give Mayer credit for that.

  • ke$haluv

    luv him


    @sillyme: Lambert WAS horribly misquoted, you simple moron.

    Just like he has been before. The tabloid who wrote that are the same gossip rag who wrote that rumor about him and his ex, and wrote that rumor about him tattooing his eyelids, there are so many ridiculous rumors about him. He was interviewed, was his usual honest, funny, unfiltered self and they took ONE extract, highlighted it, turned his tone into a spiteful one – all for what? Just to SELL. A ‘scandalous’ or ‘controversial’ story and headline SELLS. That’s the media for you.

  • Andrew

    Hate this racist, facist closeted homosexual.

  • WOW

    @sillyme: Except Adam WAS mis-quoted !!!!!

    SMH. Do not ever compare this c*** to THIS man:
    He is lovely and always, always 100% honest.


    @sillyme: are you kidding me? ‘claim’……….? how can he ‘claim’ when he WAS misquoted, and horribly so! they twisted his words and added some too. if that’s not misquoting someone, i don’t know what is.

    apparently adam is not allowed to have an opinion just like you and me.
    he has never ever said anything in spite or to offend someone, or to be a wannabe comedian. which is more than i can say for john.

  • Mark Boston

    Mayer you’re still a fkn TOOL go away

  • Mira


  • ugh

    someone please duct tape john mayer’s mouth.
    his ‘apology’ was pathetic, so insincere and cringeworthy.

  • NO

    @sillyme: That’s WACK. You just sound like a biased ignorant troll with that comment.

    John Mayer made literal disparaging comments that were extremely offensive to a lot of groups, you can not give him credit for making WRONG, very chauvinsitic, facist, racist, homophobic ignorant statements. Adam Lambert said Susan Boyle’s album was not his taste and they twisted his words into something entirely different. The Idols all said Lambert was the one they went to for advice, help, a hug, because he was the one who held the group together, does that not tell you anything about his character? He even changed more than one ex bigot’s point of view entirely, that is rare and amazing. “He’s also one of the most honest people & it’s so NICE to have someone unfiltered like that.” “Adam Lambery is one of the coolest people I have ever worked with. Hysterical sense of humor!” “Just finished interviewing Adam Lambert, so many laughs. One of the most enjoyable interviews I have ever done? He was absolutely wonderful! So funny and laid back. It was refreshing.” “Adam Lambert is a DOLL. And surprisingly hilarious.”
    Backstage pass: “Overall opinion. He is a really sweet chap. Very professional, very much on the ball, also very funny and brassy and cheeky. Above all natural and genuine about everything he says and does. After meeting the guy, I have a hard time comprehending the notion that anyone could ever be offended by Lambert because of the way he says and does everything, he owns it all completely, he is very genuine. He is chill and also eccentric and sassy, and it’s an autonomous expression, not tailored to affect anyone else in any way but really and truly HIS, and you are welcome to react/respond as you wish. His attitude and life outlook is rare. A magnificently different celebrity.” I can not stand comments like yours.

  • NO


  • Amelle

    @sillyme: i’m not even an adam l. fan but your comment was dumb.

  • Sacha, 23

    @sillyme: WHAT THE? Are you a butthurt Susan Boyle fan? LOL. Why do you care that someone has an opinion that differs to yours! Are you that invested, or insecure? There are over 6 billion people on this earth. EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion, expressing an honest opinion (that later gets completely misquoted anyway!) and using one of the most offensive terms in the English Dictionary, as well as using a lot of other offensive terms, are NOT THE SAME THING. Why the random comparison??

  • JSmithson

    @sillyme: With all due respect, apologizing for having an opinion, and apologizing for using socially offensive derogatory terms for comical effect, differ. Greatly.

  • eedi

    As we Brits would say… Mayer is a NO MARK! Always has been, always will be.


    He still a fake human being and giant dbag.
    This attempt to regain some credit are his usual manipulative ways to try and be charming, while he is just a giant selfabsorbed IDIOT. He stages EVERYTHING.
    He has the depth and brain of a not developed 3 years old, and instead he thinks of himself like he’s some funny Einstein.
    He’s a racist and a closeted homo, and while I have nothing agsinst gays, the way he puts them on the wall using disgustive cuss words (the fa**ot one) is as fake and repulsive as it was the N word use, or his obnoxious way to refer to women.
    His tales can fool just retarded people.
    I am disgusted by him.
    And by the way, John, you’re FAR from being attractive. Bad body, hideous face. Not enough to forget or forgive the as**ole you are.
    Disappear queitly, thank you.

  • Chloe

    No doubt that Mayer is a talented musician but he’s got some serious sexual and self acceptance issues going on that can’t be solved by him alone no matter how much p0rn he sees or times a day that he maste.rbates. The dude is using sex to self medicate like others may use drugs and food. Also, that his heart and mind aren’t as racially sensitive or accepting as he thinks was obvious during the interview. Evidently Mayer hasn’t learned the lesson that, “It’s better to keep your mouth and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  • Matt

    what do women see in this fugly arrogant giant dbag???

  • Dr. P4CR

    This man has a lot of personal issues and demons he needs to get serious help for.

  • Taylor


  • Hannah, London

    go away.

  • Ayesha

    >: |

  • Pete

    @sillyme: I think SuBo’s album is an absolute joke. Did I offend you? Would you like me to apologize for having an opinion? lol. Oh and to: Mayer, go home, grow some balls and braincells, get a professional therapist, otherwise you’ll probably end up taking your life for something you could have gotten help for.

  • Loopy

    @Pete: Nah, he will never take his life, he thinks too much of himself.

  • happy girl


  • denise

    Go to he||, you jerk.

  • keli

    I love john but was very disappionted in him regarding the 2 interviews (Rolling Stone and Playboy). I hope he can redeem himself and i will still be a fan of his music.

  • April88

    I find it disgusting that Aniston took this tool to HW big night(Oscars)
    Neither of them should of been there and Manny went back to him twice!! BLAH I hope John keeps talking and pulls away the facade that is Jennifer!!LMAO–I hope she is mortified by these comments and worried about what he may say is the future

  • April88

    @sillyme: I don’t really know what’s going on,but judging by the reponses to your post,I suggest you search out some FACTS–instead of believing BS from tabloids/shows that get hits/viewers from dumbies like you!Google is your friend!!!!

  • Tabloids

    @sillyme: AL said he’s happy for SB’s success and said nothing about her as a person, or her physical appearance or anything else. He was asked about her work and admitted he wasn’t a fan of her album, particularly one song in particular. He commented on her work after being asked about it, just like she can comment on his, just like everyone comments on his. And instead of some diplomatic half-truth he was honest. That and this are not the same thing.

    I don’t have an opinion on John Mayer either way, to be honest, I find it difficult to read him. I can’t figure out whether he thinks he’s hilarious, whether he’s just a douche with verbal diarreah, whether he has huge self acceptance issues, whether he has strong phobic reactions to particular things and thus reacts in certain ways and says certain things to try and get over them….all the above? I really can’t read him.

  • bbwdaters

    what a loser bbwdaters

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol, no1 gives a shiz u douche, just trying 2 draw attention
    i still dont believe simon is married
    i dont understand why celebs meet the president sometimes, or why the president has time 2 kill 2 be with celebs
    damn jared, u try 2 hard 2 be cool

  • Celestyn

    His tales can fool just retarded people. I am disgusted by him.