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Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi Hold Hands

Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi Hold Hands

The Bachelor‘s Jake Pavelka and fiancee Vienna Girardi enjoy a date night at Koi restaurant in Los Angeles on Wednesday (March 3).

On the season finale of The Bachelor, Ali Fedotowsky was been named the new Bachelorette. “I’m so excited,” Ali told Bachelor host Chris Harrison on the “After the Final Rose” special. “I feel so blessed.”

Jake has been busy training with his Dancing with the Stars partner, Chelsie Hightower.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Jake Pavelka giving Vienna Girardi the final rose?

10+ pictures inside of Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi holding hands…

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jake pavelka vienna girardi hold hands 01
jake pavelka vienna girardi hold hands 02
jake pavelka vienna girardi hold hands 03
jake pavelka vienna girardi hold hands 04
jake pavelka vienna girardi hold hands 05
jake pavelka vienna girardi hold hands 06
jake pavelka vienna girardi hold hands 07
jake pavelka vienna girardi hold hands 08
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  • sarah

    ew gag!

  • Katsaridoula

    Pavelka sounds like a Czech surname… Is he Czech?

  • jane

    nice mock turtleneck and ripped jeans. he looks like a giant dork trying to be hip. she looks less trashy than usual, although still more trashy than most.

  • Nina

    He’s so handsome…she’s so…whatever…beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess..

  • Sheri

    Having just watched the entire show, this will NEVER last. White-trash Vienna is only looking for her 15 minutes of fame. While Jake is very cute and sweet, he has a serious problem with lack of good judgement ~ he could have chosen Tenley, Ali or Gia and been MUCH better off!! I give them three months – tops!

  • amy

    1995 called and it wants— wait, nope, even 1995 doesn’t want that sweater back.

  • twiggy

    he broke those other girls’ hearts. she’s gonna break his soon.

  • Puffin

    He made a huge mistake. I give it six months.

  • zippy

    I was so let down by his choice. Not sure what he is thinking. This Vienna is so trashy. To pick her above Ali, Tenley and/or Gia is insane. Ok Ali left the show so I understand why he did not pick her. But Tenley is so cute and nice. I can understand why he hesitated with Tenley but I think not everyone opens up on Television the way they will in real life. Oh well he will figure it out soon enough.

  • Lisa2

    To all you Vienna haters………
    She clearly won over Jakes heart and I am happy he picked her over Tenley. During every episode you could see how much fun and relaxed he always was with Vienna. She helped him overcome challeges such as the fear of heights and they worked well together. Tenley was too whiney and I hated her nasal voice. He knew on paper she was a good person, but he wasn’t attracted to her. She would never be able to handle him being away as much as pilots are where Vienna is more of a confident woman and can handle the time away when he is working once they are out of the limelight and their 15 minutes are up.

  • ShockedandAppalled

    He’s an idiot! Love is not blind it’s stupid. I couldn’t even watch the final shows once I heard rumor that he was actually picking her. All that crap he said about finding his true love, a wife was just a line. He seems so sincere,but it turned out to be nothing but BS. Had that been what he really wanted, Ali or Tenley would have been his pick.

  • cacey


  • jb

    he dresses like i did…. in 6th grade

  • w

    Oh, look…it’s a fame whore and a regular whore.

  • cacey


    There wee no WINNERS HERE, IF ANY THAT will be the girl he did not pick the guy is a Fameho, and he picked his trashy princess to HO around with. So enough with Vienna winning hisheart, The GUY HAS no heart he has a VIRGIN Dic…k

  • ShockedandAppalled

    ./LOL @Lisa…he wont be able to fly a plane with proper focus wondering what his loving GF/wife is doing while he’s away. She’s not wife material…it’s just that simple. And he stated he wanted a wife. So, maybe not Tenley but Ali was perfect and confident…what Vienna had was not confidence.

  • Puffin

    Speaking of flying, how does he manage to keep his job while being on three reality shows?

  • Josie

    she looks like a man and he looks super feminine.
    those girls are lucky he didn’t pick them, he looks short and she looks like she could pick him up and carry him home lol
    he’s not hot, she’s not cute.
    perfect match.

  • Darla

    I’m Not a fashion snob or anything .. But that turtleneck is seriously kidding somebody.. Ahhhh gah it looks so funny..

  • cacey

    she looks like ELMO or some character from Sesame STREET

  • j

    she looks like heidi montag or however you spell her name….ewwwwww i think thw hooch owl just came out

  • Contrare

    I do not know of any men that still wear mock collar shirts except for Tom Cruise and that’s not saying much…

    As for your marriage material comment, lol. Give me a break! The divorce rate is at 60% so enough of this b.s. about so called “marriage material”. I can’t begin to tell you how many divorced losers with kids say they married the woman simply because the sex was great and they she turned into a psycho. Nevermind character, decency, etc. And they expect some poor shmuck of a single woman to come in and save them. Fat chance!

    Domestic abuse is at an all time high. So either the marriage material men are picking absolutely s*cks or the numbnuts are thinking with their peens instead of their minds…

    Sink your teeth into this:

    According to the U.S. Department of Justice, between 1998 and 2002:

    Of the almost 3.5 million violent crimes committed against family members, 49% of these were crimes against spouses.
    84% of spouse abuse victims were females, and 86% of victims of dating partner abuse at were female.
    Males were 83% of spouse murderers and 75% of dating partner murderers
    50% of offenders in state prison for spousal abuse had killed their victims. Wives were more likely than husbands to be killed by their spouses: wives were about half of all spouses in the population in 2002, but 81% of all persons killed by their spouses.

    So what do these stats tell you about the state of marriage??? Its not working for many of them!

  • Hot spotter

    Two hobos.

  • jaja

    i think vienna was the best girl there, the others seemed fake. i really don’t understand why ppl are saying shes a trashy trouble maker, when in all the shows did we really ever see any of that…ppl are just thinking it because of what the other girls in the house said about her, and ppl can’t think for themselves…its sad really

  • jj fans

    they’re both losers and deserve each other.

  • Josie

    I can’t begin to tell you how many divorced losers with kids say they married the woman simply because the sex was great and they she turned into a psycho. Nevermind character, decency, etc. And they expect some poor shmuck of a single woman to come in and save them. Fat chance!”
    this is so true lol, if there was one advice i could give single women it’s to not marry these divorced men with kids (lots of baggage), I know there are good divorced men out there with kids, but 99% of the time, they just want a new mommy for their kids. Seriously…
    and why cant these same men marry other divroced women with kids? Nope, they’re too good for them lol, they want a single one! I say, screw that! there are lots of single men for single women to choose from , why choose one who married a psychopath and got divorced? What does that say about him? he sure knows how to pick them.

  • …I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …`it’s nice to see that almost everyone hates him. `he seems to be a bit more fame-hungry than the 1000 “bachelor’s” before him.

  • Contrare

    Exactly Josie. There is nothing wrong with being divorced with kids but they shouldn’t “attack” single women for not wanting their deal. Trust me, they do just that especially on dating sites.

    Check out this angry man’s rant towards single women:

    Bitter much???

    They should learn to love divorced women with kids but like you said they feel they are too good for that.

    Don’t get me wrong, marriage is a beautiful thing for two MATURE people who have a love for God and are faithful to the commitment that marriage entails, otherwise its a sham.

  • Douche

    that is true !! Gia could be a good choice, i like Gia the most of those 4.

  • jessie

    What in the world is this guy wearing!?!?! OMG LOL That is just so wrong and they are such fame whores ..

  • Character

    I actually think Jake is a great judge of character. I don’t know if he’ll marry Vienna, but he definitely picked the best woman for him that was on that show. He kept saying he wanted somebody strong, supportive, fun, exciting, and honest. Vienna was the only woman there with all these traits. She showcased these qualities to him during their bungee jumping date and it all grew from there.

    Ali is a fake and it makes me sick that she has so many people fooled and that they gave her a show. She is a mean girl! She was outright cruel on that show and acted like a high school ring leader. She knew she messed things up with Jake due to all her Vienna bashing. She knew Vienna had beat her. That’s when she faked her job dilemma because she was making a ploy for the Bachelorette. She knew that was a better path for her than sticking around and getting humiliated when she got dumped. She’s too important for that! I find it funny because she was so sure she had the inside track and was in control of the situation. She was so cocky with her bad attitude. I remember her telling Vienna, “I told Jake that nobody likes you!” Well that backfired on her, didn’t it? I bet it burns her up inside that she lost to Vienna. What a miserable loser she is in my book. She’s the type of girl that thinks she’s entitled.

    Tenley was hiding her flaws. Her ex-husband said she was controlling and spiteful. Nobody is that nice and sweet all the time. He mustn’t have felt a physical spark for her either because he got bored with her, just like Jake knew he would. She’s boring and too worried about being perfect. She does seem to be a genuinely sweet girl, but I don’t think she lets people see the true her. I also bet she has a nasty streak (like her ex said), that she doesn’t let show.

    Jake likes Vienna because she has the qualities he is looking for. She was honest about her faults and true to her personality. I’d choose a real girl over a fake one anyday. Good choice Jake! Best of luck to you & Vienna. I wish you happiness, hope you make it and prove the naysayers wrong.

  • lili


  • Don’t Judge

    Love doesn’t only come in one type of package, you know. How can any of you say what is “wife material” for him? He seemed like he had some intimacy issues and real trouble being able to express himself. He didn’t even talk to girls in high school for pete’s sake. It was obvious that for some reason, he was able to fully open up to Vienna, and not the other girls. He said many times that she was the only one where he felt he could truly be himself. Maybe she is exactly what he needs and she makes him happy. That’s what you’re supposed to look for in a wife. Not all the superficial things that some of you say such as her weight, her hair, her clothes, and the rest of her looks. Give me a break.

  • lili

    #31 you are so right..glad to be on vienna side..i love her spirit and energy and both really compliment each could tell that jake was so happy everytime he’s with be it..let us all just let them enjoy their life together and all haters just shut up!!!!

  • Stepmom

    I would have to advise a single girl not to marry a man with kids unless he is the love of your life. My husband had one son when he was in college from one woman, and he has another son from a prior marriage to another woman. I married him because he has the best heart out of any person in the world, and we are just unbelievable together. But let me tell you, it has been 8 years for us now. I have been through more drama and torture at the hands of these two women than you could ever imagine. I could spend my lifetime telling you. And I am a mature woman. I do not instigate and I do not retaliate. It’s not true when they say that if you ignore somebody, they will stop. Because it just never stops! And I have to take it from not one, but two women! I am very happy with my husband, and I love my stepsons. But I have had to sacrifice many things that are very important to me and I’ve had my heartbroken over & over again due to this situation that the ex-witches cause. It’s just not a situation for the faint of heart, and unless the man is 100% perfect for you, then I wouldn’t advise getting involved. I don’t regret it because my husband is such a good person. I’d marry him all over again if I had the choice. But if he didn’t treat me right, then it definitely would not be worth the trouble.

  • Cracken

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks too skinny!! She lost plenty weight since the show ended!! She looks sick!! She is obviously only in this whole thing to become famous, that is my opinion! Jake should have picked Tenley!!

  • http://yahoo diane craddock

    jake will not be happy with vieanna……..she does not share his ” VALUES “. he is “smitten” with her now……….but it will not last. i wanted he and ali as you could “see the love and chemistry between the two of them”. they shared the same values.. A JAKE FAN

  • AM

    must mock the mock turtleneck. maybe he still shops from the 80/90′s international male catalog. all he needs to complete his look – a pair of zubas.

  • Channy

    He looks a bit like Tom Cruise in that pic… which is not a good thing :p

  • Lisa2


    I really liked what you said…. I totally agree about Ali!! Seems like after the first date she had with Jake she turned evil for the rest of the season. She would jump at the chance to bash Vienna for no reason when Ali was far more worse with her comments. I remember people being mad at Vienna for wanting to even speak with Jake when he would come to their mansion on elimination nights. It was like they thought she didn’t deserve any time with him just because she may have had a date with him during the week?? So what, it just shows that they really liked one another and wanted to get to know each other more. Then when Ali left, it was as if she wanted Jake to tell her she would be “the one” so she would change her mind and stay. I was so glad when she left. It took tension out of the house between she and Vienna. If she knew she couldn’t stay for the whole season she should have never applied for the show. It was just a waste for some other girl, but the again, he did pick Vienna.

    I liked Vienna right from the begining and thought she would be a great match for him. She offers a new side of Jake that comes out. People bash her for having a bit of a wild side, but who doesn’t get a little crazy on vacation. She needed to get the wildness out and learn to live a bit before she settles down. When I was her age, I did the same exact things she did ( maybe worse) and now, I look back with no regrets. It made me the person who I am today. I feel that she never hurt anyone she just doing what most people do at that age and just expierence life.

    I don’t know if they will last foreve?? I don’t even know if the perfect person was even there to begin with, but I do feel that between Tenley and Vienna that he chose the right girl for him.

  • Jetty

    That is without a doubt one of the UGLIEST, horse-faced women I have every seen. And to read about what a piece of trash she is makes it all that much worse. Jake sure does know how to F**K up his life. Just wait. He’ll see.

  • ck_always

    @Character: Haha I agree with you, especially in the Ali department. I can’t stand that girl and where she gets all her fans, I don’t know. I suppose people sympathize for her because she had to leave due to her job, but that was just a crock of sh#t from the beginning. She’s not attractive, she’s very fake, immature, and yes ..mean. Vienna was an obvious choice too. Anyone who thought Tenley was going to win, wasn’t thinking clearly. That girl is way more than perfect and Tenley would scare the living sh#t out of any man. Vienna is young, sexy, fun, and not afraid to let you put the pork in her beans ..which is always number one.

  • madmax

    what a BITCH. I couldn’t stand her and I hoped against hope that he wouldn’t pick Vienna. She didn’t get a long with the other girls in the house. Every season the girls click with others in the house. This bitch didn’t. I agree I don’t see this being a ‘happily ever after’ situation.

  • Angie

    Jake is gay. He’s got a major case of gayface. That’s why he picked Vienna.

  • Marnie

    I think they’re really perfect for each other. I’m not sure why everyone is defending Jake and saying she is wrong for him…he made it clear that he was attracted to the physical connection with Vienna…they generated so much heat, they had the “spark” etc. He said he wanted someone serious, that he made the mistake of dating someone in the past purely because of the physical chemistry, but he pretty much did the same thing all over again. Not saying it won’t work out between them, but the fact that all he ever talked about was their physical attraction (should have counted how many times he said “Vienna is so darn sexy”) and she is almost ten years younger than him…doesn’t make me think they are all that wrong for each other. The fact that he was holding two engagement rings for two different women, stressing over who to propose to, and then told Christina on the women tell all special that he wishes he had gotten to know her better…yikes. I wouldn’t even want to be the chosen one.

  • Is that you Tenley?

    @Marnie: Haven’t you ever been on a 1st date with a guy, and he is perfect…handsome, has a good job, funny, polite…but for some reason, you just don’t feel it for the guy and you don’t know why? You have no desire to kiss him, etc….even though you think he’s very good looking. You know it doesn’t feel right, but you give him a 2nd date anyway just in case. Your head tells you that he is such a nice guy and a good catch that you should try again to see if something is there. That’s all that was EVER going on for Jake when he was with Tenley. She’s great on paper, but she didn’t excite him

    I’ve noticed that in a few of the interviews Tenley has done, she has a real passive-aggressive way of telling Vienna that she shouldn’t feel secure since he was so torn between the two of them. Real nice of you Tenley, huh? You can’t just be a gracious loser, can you?. That should tell you that Tenley is hiding a “not so nice & sweet” side. Figures, because she’s friends with ignoramous Ali…birds of a feather flock together!

    So get off it Marney (or Tenley in disguise). Jake was just being a gentleman and not telling Tenley that no matter how hard she tried to be perfect…he’d rather stab his eyeball out with a dull knife…than to spend the rest of his life with her! Jake had made up his mind, he just had to keep both until the end because of the show. And in regards to Christina, he was only answering a direct question as to whether he may have let someone go before really getting to know them. Don’t try to spin that!

  • Yee

    I cant wait until the sex gets boring and he leaves the brat. I loved Ali. And i think it was the right choice for her to leave. I totally stopped watching the show when she left. The bachelor has never had a successful relationship with the woman he chose so im glad he picked this chick to get his fix and move on. Jake…LOL…just LOL! You just explained to America why the last Bachelorette didnt choose you.

  • go sox

    This girl is just wrong on so many levels….she’s manipulative, fake, plastic, unattractive, rude, and arrogant. I could not STAND her. Ali is the only one who had the guts to call her out. Women can sniff out a fake, manipulator a mile away. THAT’s why the women DID NOT LIKE her at the house. Ali was NOT the only one. Jake’s mother, and daughter-in-laws ALSO sniffed her out. She’s a loser, a media whore, and trouble with a capital T.

    That being said, I don’t like Jake either. He picked a loser, just for “that special spark”. In other words, he just wanted a good lay. Please. He needs to put a bag over her head and a gag in her mouth. Ugh. What’s with HIS media whoring too? He was on The Bachelorette, was THe Bachelor, and now is doing DWTS??? Puh-leeze. He’s a freak too. To be honest, I think they deserve each other. The other girls are lucky to have gotten away from that loser.

    IT was the most disgusting choice I have seen on this stupid show, and made me realize how sick and twisted people are today. I give it a few months until he figures out what she’s REALLY like.

  • Hey Crazy….

    @go sox: Um, go talk to someone, a professional someone. You seem a little too upset about all this. The women ganged up because they were jealous and insecure in themselves. Happens all the time!

  • go sox

    @Hey Crazy….: Why do people think if women are negative, that immediately they are jealous and insecure????? You must be a guy. Women know each other. I wasn’t even there, and could see exactly what she was like. I could care less about these two losers. They were an embarrassment. Like I said, they deserve each other.