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Renee Zellweger & Bradley Cooper: Progress Pair

Renee Zellweger & Bradley Cooper: Progress Pair

Bradley Cooper checks on the construction and progress of his new home with Renee Zellweger in Los Angeles on Thursday (March 4).

It was recently announced that the 35-year-old Hangover actor will be starring with Robert De Niro in an upcoming thriller, The Dark Fields.

According to Variety, De Niro recently signed on to play a financial mogul who is tracking down a Gotham writer, played by Bradley. Filming will begin in May near Bradley‘s hometown of Philadephia.

FYI: Bradley is wearing a Gypsy 05 hoodie!

15+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger checking out the progress on the house…

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bradley cooper renee progress pair 01
bradley cooper renee progress pair 02
bradley cooper renee progress pair 03
bradley cooper renee progress pair 04
bradley cooper renee progress pair 05
bradley cooper renee progress pair 06
bradley cooper renee progress pair 07
bradley cooper renee progress pair 08
bradley cooper renee progress pair 09
bradley cooper renee progress pair 10
bradley cooper renee progress pair 11
bradley cooper renee progress pair 12
bradley cooper renee progress pair 13
bradley cooper renee progress pair 14
bradley cooper renee progress pair 15
bradley cooper renee progress pair 16
bradley cooper renee progress pair 17

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  • Sav.

    How long have they been dating again? They’re such a random couple. But cute nonetheless.

  • lexy

    they are a cute couple! Of course he’d look better with me but Renee is cute and talented too!


    Bradley looks super cool in Gypsy 05′s Stucco Zip-up Cargo Hoodie! He’s such a nice guy and we are stoked for him and Renee! Check out the hoodie here:

  • kizbit

    Renee is gross. Get some real clothes. Ick.

  • nicole

    They’re so cute together! I hope they get married!

  • aha

    I thought Bradley is with Jennifer Aniston!

  • Lola

    They don’t enjoy faking a relationship.

  • Bella

    They are so cute and unpretentious together. For the one negative poster, they are checking out a construction site, not attending a red carpet event!

  • a realist

    #6…..Nobody wants self-absorbed Jennifer Aniston.

  • http://! ivanka

    @aha: that would be awesome and a hot couple…

    this relationship is a like a hot teen dating a grandma

  • Jill


    Honey, nobody wants Jennifer Aniston.

  • get real

    @Bella: They are doing a showmance photo op.

  • lexy

    Oh my God people is EVERYONE in HW dating for “show”??
    Also neither Jen nor Bradley Cooper ever claimed to be dating. They went out to eat a few times. If Jen got arrested and was being dragged off in hand cuffs, the paps would say she was dating the arresting officer!!! I’m surprised we don’t see pics of a her paying for groceries with rumors of her dating the cashier or stock boy at the market!

  • Jen

    If Jen got arrested and was being dragged off in handcuffs she would be smiling broadly for the cameras claiming the pic just showed how much her new man wanted her. He handcuffed her… must be love.
    That witch does not miss an opportunity to promote herself as some “desirable” woman. Too bad NO MAN wants anything to do with her. Gerry has repeated himself over and over about JEN “we are NOT together.” “We were NEVER together.” Leave the men alone Jen. No man wants to play your fauxmance games for the media. Everyone is on to you and your pr whoring around. Get lost!

  • http://justjared deke

    Renee is really a cute woman. She needs to do something with her hair though.

  • aha

    I think Rene and Jennifer Anniston are both over 40 and Bradley is about 35 right!

  • Sweetness

    The two of them look like a odd couple…Renee used to be cute, but somewhere along the lines of too much botox or plasic surgery and starvation dieting…the woman looks scary….Brad seems like an actor who is dating Renee, because although he can probably date any number of beautiful Renee beats all of them because she has an Oscar.

  • Lauren

    Is that the only friggin out this woman owns?!

  • LuckyL

    How does he date that mannequin?

  • Dakota

    What a cute couple. Both seem to be well liked. I wish them well.

  • Leah


  • linzey

    Hey lexy and Jen your just trying to play it off. Your girl Jen was clearly trying to start rumors about her and Bradley Cooper being together just vist the perez hilton archives where everyone was all trying to GO her and say “jen finally has a hot man, “better than Brad”. Well how freakin hilarious that Renee Zellweiger nabbed him instead of Maniston.

  • Freakin

    i don’t remember either Renee or Bradley say they are Dating. Its just implied. They look like friends they act like friends ( Buddies).

  • Not Impressed by JA

    It’s not only implied they have kissed each other on various pictures and Renee has been seen many times with his mum in a daughter in law – mum kinda relationship.
    They are definitely dating. Plus if it’s true that they are building a home together, then i won’t call it a fauxmance per se

  • betty

    She is always a beard

  • kaykay

    Why are the Jennatards so pissed at Renee.. really.. I thought Jenny poo was happy and single.. oh wait..that was after Gerard Butler screamed for the millionth time that he is not dating her and has never been with her..

    Man that is tough.. Stop ragging on Renee.. Bradley Cooper must know something that we posters don’t know. Renee had something that Jenny did not. Thus Bradley too said he was not dating her (Aniston).. Every time a man her fans were hoping she would snag dumps or denies an involvement.. They get aggressive and attack the new woman.. Really so sad.

    Bradly and Renee look cute together. They have been dating for awhile now and it looks serious. If Bradley wants a family he better get a move on it. Same with Renee.. she is 40 and the time is running out. Look as Ashton and Demi.. no kids there..

    Just the facts..

  • PuppyJuice

    Renee isn’t looking to good in this photo.

  • Em

    “They are definitely dating. Plus if it’s true that they are building a home together, then i won’t call it a fauxmance per se”
    Bradley owns the house, his PR said so.
    They aren’t dating, they always look bored doing boring photo ops.

  • ok

    Odd couple

  • DoDo

    calm down everybody, it’s a photo op

  • DoDo

    It looks like she is trying her hardest to close to him and he’s constantly moving his arm closest to her away. The body language says everything – they are not a couple. Maybe friends, but definitely a fake romance! She’s looks awful too. I don’t think a hot successful hollywood straight man would date a woman like that, just sayin’

  • Jolly

    He’s so GAY! Couldn’t he have picked a better beard?

  • Oh Boy

    If they were best buddies, they would be all over each other. Cause they wouldn’t care who saw them. Thats why they are truly a couple, trying to stay cool. Renee seems like the kind of girl that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance like wining and dining. Some Guys just want a low key girl.
    and she and Bradley seem a goof fit.

  • daffodil

    Come on Renee and Bradley act natural be a proper couple you are not that important it would be yesterdays news in no time.Also renee is very skinny it is not healthy.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    DoDo @ 03/06/2010 at 4:00 pm 0

    I don’t think a hot successful hollywood straight man would date a woman like that, just sayin’

    Well you think WRONG !
    Not only is she a real woman with also an intellect, she is also funny and agreable, a real doll many men would love to date and actually dated….that’s what two of her exes who have been closed to her since then said about her : GEORGES CLONEY & JIM CAREY.
    Yeah that so called woman that no successfull Hollywood straight guys would not be interrested in bagged the fierstest playboy who normally dated models but made an exception qwith her and he is still today talking about how sweet and a great partner she was, how great aof a lady she is. Same words coming from Jim Carey, the one she dated at a time where he was the IT.
    Both men still have lovely things to say about her.
    So try again….

  • Jolly

    @Not Impressed by JA: Jesus, get a grip they were only expressing they’re own opinion. You sound like you are choking on your own spit!

  • Freakin

    Not Impressed do you work for Renee?????

    She doesn’t talk to Jim it was a bad break-up.

  • anon

    ewwww! she’s gross. can’t wait for them to break up. he’s too hot for her

  • ultimate

    Ok im out now.

  • Jo

    Bradley Coopers eyes sit uneven in his head. His left eye, much lower then the right! This is a sign of an untrustworthy player. Other than that, it’s downright creepy. Renee has dignity, class, talent, she’s wholesome. She could do a lot better than Cooper!