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Gisele Bundchen Cares For Benjamin Brady

Gisele Bundchen Cares For Benjamin Brady

Gisele Bundchen leaves a photo studio with her son Benjamin Brady on Thursday afternoon (March 18) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old Brazilian beauty revealed in her recent interview with Vogue that she gave birth in a deep bathtub that overlooks the Charles River. “I wanted to experience the transformation,” she says. “It was the most amazing experience of my life, feeling him come through my body. And once he was born, I never felt so empowered as looking at him and thinking, Oh, my God, we did it together!”

“I’m so lucky to have my little munchkin, and I have two because I also have John (her stepson),” Gisele said. “We don’t see him all the time, unfortunately, but we’re building a place in Los Angeles to be closer to him.”

15+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen caring for Benjamin Brady

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  • jane

    I think its nice that she loves her stepson just as much as her own son :)

  • Kate

    She looks great!

  • Dani

    @jane: Agree,that is lovely. Good for her!

  • tiffany

    she needs to shut up and go away for a very long time


    She just added John’s name as to not look like she forgot about him. It feels forced how she just inserted him into her statement. She definitely needs to shut up and do her thing. She doesn’t need to prove anything to people about who she likes more or not…

  • kelly

    @SHUT THE F^:
    You can tell that from a quote in an article? True Talent.

  • bobbi

    It’s so ridiculous how people will bash any scrap. Gisele loves Tom’s baby with Bridget. Fantastic. End of story/

  • ++Logan++

    I hope gisele, tom, bridget, john and Benjamin are all happy and peaceful together. It is probably very hard for bridget to deal with this whole new family so i hope it goes smoothly :)

  • Diver

    Beautiful inside and out.

  • marketinstreet

    wow, she must be nuts. Now she thinks her stepson is of hers lmAo. This reminds me of a story about who’s the real mother and finally the kid was given to his true mom.

  • blala

    shes wonderful lady!!!!

  • lexy

    She’s so beautiful. Glad she’s keeping her son hidden from the paps. She does not think her stepson is hers but it’s great she treats him as if he were. She’s such a great person!!

  • sillyme

    Gee, I don’t remember her covering John’s face to shield him from the paps

  • Ssssshhhh, Stepmom!

    I don’t know. It seems to me that Gisele makes passive-aggressive remarks with the sole purpose of irking Bridget. The last time she said she felt John was 100% hers, it was reported that Bridget was verry unhappy with Gisele’s comments. So even if Gisele feels that way, why does she have to make these kinds of public comments if it’s going to upset the real mom? And why does she say, “unfortunately we don’t always see John”. She’s insinuating that Bridget isn’t letting John travel out to them so now they will have to go to LA if they want to see him. Well, that’s the way it should be! They have all the money in the world. There should be absolutely no reason that they aren’t seeing John. She’s taking diggs at Bridget. I’ve notices it in many of her comments before and she is still doing it. I guess she hasn’t learned anything from becoming a mom herself. I always liked Gisele, but I am seeing a side of her that is just immature and spiteful. I mean, she is the more successful model. She got the man and the marriage. She is now a mom too. What does Bridget have on her for her to feel so threatened? She must have resentment towards Bridget, otherwise she wouldn’t feel the need to do these things. Tom Brady better watch out because I think there is a side to his sweet Gisele that he has been too naive to see so far. It will come out against him one day too. I am a Stepmom, and the bio mom is a real jerk to me. But I still know to give her respect as a mother, even if she doesn’t earn it or deserve it. It’s the mature thing to do and the right thing to do for the child.

  • LadyB

    Oh please… I don’t find anything she says unpleasant. Like it or not, Gisele is John’s step mom. I recall few weeks ago, Megan Fox was talking about her boyfriend’s son saying something like “he’s like her own cause he’s known no one else but me”, I thought that was even worse than Gisele but nobody said anything. Why? Because Vanessa Marcil and Brian Austin Green is not as famous as Brady and Gisele. It’s all about creating press.

  • Roar

    @Ssssshhhh, Stepmom!: ”
    it was reported that Bridget was verry unhappy with Gisele’s comments”
    Maybe Gisele spoke with Bridget and those reports were not true.

  • mary says


    how would anyone feel if they child their carry and raise is refered to by ANOTHER PERSON as their own


  • Patrícia

    Yeah I do agree everytime Gisele open her mouth she says something like: Oh was everything perfect my bith no pain(bathtup birth without any anesthesy No pain)???? , “oh i feel John is really my child “, she want people know, once again how beautiful is her life and sooo …once i read an interview with Tom Brady and he says: I do everything what Gisele want, I think it means litle like she is litle control freak maybe?????, everything in her way, maybe she is litle like the mother who adopt the children from Juno HAHAHAHA …and maybe when he don´t agree with the name RIVER was he already litle tired of her freak control

  • Ssssshhhh, Stepmom!

    @Roar: There’s a difference in loving them like they’re your own, and broadcasting inappropriate comments to the public. If I showed up at my stepson’s sports games and said these kinds of comments to his friends parents….I have a feeling I might get jumped by his bio mom! She’d tackle me right there. It’s just not appropriate. Everybody knows how protective mothers are over their relationship with their children. Gisele needs to realise she is NOT playing house! She’s supposed to be mature and make this situation work out for everybody involved…and that means respecting everybody’s feelings. …even if she is the only one being the bigger person. I do it, there’s no reason that she can’t. She just doesn’t want to. She enjoys irking Bridget. Remember when she sent Bridget a onesie that said “Supermodel” when John was born. What do you think she was trying to do with that? Make nice?

  • Arabella

    She’s gained weight around the hips. Looks like she’s about ten pounds heavier than pre-baby.

    If I were Bridget Moynahan, I wouldn’t have anything to do with Ms Bundchen, who is very unself aware and clearly wasn’t taught about the impact of her words and actions on others.

    I give her and Brady about three years.

  • abagail

    I agree she flashed John’s face all over when she was in public with him. Why is she covering this one? Maybe he is not too cute.

  • River

    “We did it together” sounds like a passive aggressive remark right there.

  • Haha

    “unfortunately” probably isn’t the right choice of word when it involves seeing Bridget’s baby. Even Tom Brady is lucky that he gets to see his son after leaving the mother of his child.

  • amy

    Giving birth has been done before, even by supermodels. Gisele should get over herself!

  • We know

    Isn’t this Tom’s off season? And his excuse for not seeing his other child often would be??


    It is called single mother… o.k WE KNOW.. HE IS BUSY WITH OTHER
    THINGS RIGHT NOW.. Bridget is the primary caretaker for her son
    John..Didn’t you know that when you have a child with your present
    wife that the first born from a previous relationship takes a back
    seat look at TOM AND KATIE..

  • CTH

    Aside from sitting there and watching past superbowls on commorative DVDs she can elaborate on exactly what Tom did?

  • lisa

    Does his Stetson contract prohibit him from traveling?

  • LA


    excuse me but it isn’t her fault every big magazine like Vogue US wants to interview her!!!!! Im sure she had many offers. just be quiet. what should gisele say she hates her step son and wants nothing to do with him? would that make you freaks satisfied? LOL

  • amber


    don’t worry about these people. Gisele will always be in the wrong to her haters. she does nothing right,she is not pretty,she is too thin, she never gives to the poor,etc…(insert major sarcasm***) There are plenty of good things to focus on when it comes to Gisele, but haters don’t see good in people. that is why they were given that name, they HATE.

  • Sunshine

    I find her intensely annoying. She talks as if she is the only woman who could ever have a baby.

    Of course she doesn’t see her step-son all the time. He is very young and needs his mother. How would she like it if her son wasn’t with her all the time?

  • kellyann

    Sunshine she doesnt act as if she is the only one. She is just in the public eye and is getting asked about it by other public outlets. while the normal unfamous women don’t. that’;s the difference. what is the problem with that? I find her latest interview endearing and there were too many good things to even list! she is amazing inside and out.

    and sorry but Bridget posed with her baby on some cheap gossip magazine. She is anything but the sad girl she likes to portray herself as. The only thing she should be sad about is no one cares to interview or follow her around on a day to day basis. If anything Bridget is the only one that sounds cruel and bitter.

  • Feddy

    why people still talk about those 2 women? I heard everything was fine and that they get along just fine. they were broke up for 3/4 months before tom and gisele even got together. that happens all the time in real life. and then the guy or girl gets a new bf/gf so what????? it just so happened that she annonunced her pregancy when tom was being announced as giseles new bf. perfect timing eh? she could have done it sooner. but no she seem like a fame whore.

  • lisali

    Thats so cute, Gisele and her bambino.. I think its very sweet that she views John as her own… Gisele is a really nice person.

  • cameron

    I think its so funny when people say oh its so nice of her to love her step son, or oh shes so horrible she loves her stepson. LOL isn’t it a normal thing? the only time you wouldn’t if you were some evil psycho jealous woman who hated the kid because more and likely you are 18 barefoot and pregnant again living in a trailor park. and have no morals . Gisele is a classy woman, of course she loves her step son. don’t most stepparents love their stepchildren? it is normal right? lol

  • leggybeauty

    wow Gisele looks fantastic! so young and fresh. I hope she keeps some of her pregnancy weight on!

  • Paula

    Well, Gisele, you are getting close. Last winter, you called him “Johnny”, now it’s “John”, but actually Briget’s son is called “Jack”. But then you know that, don’t you?

  • luny


  • Lisa rose

    I sew a photo of Benjamin’s face, and in my opinion John is more beautiful then him… but I’m sure that Benjamin is a cutie….

  • Lisa rose
  • lol

    oh god now benjamins face is ugly too? lol omg pathetic ppl. he is a baby a normal cute baby. shut up. Im gonna LMAO when he grows up looking like the hottest male supermodel to walk this planet, just like his mommy

  • bebe

    wow Gisele!

  • amazement

    God shes incredible looking

  • ashley

    its so funny, other models get like 2 comments. Gisele gets like 10,000. LOL shes the best whether you like her or not! everyone cant get enough of her. love her or love to hate her, its only making her more wanted and famous people! lol thanks haters, you make her more relevant than she already is., lol

    oh and only time bridget gets publicity is when she spits out gisele’s beautiful name from her scummy mouth LMAO.

  • Bella Coola

    @Lisa rose: You’re right. John wil be better looking.

    Gisele and Tom look twins and they don’t have ‘pretty” features. They have very pale German faces with larges noses and lazy eyes.

    John will be better looking.

    I’d hate to see what a daughter between these two will look like. Yikes.

  • anonymous

    She is so gorgeous! Wish we could see Benjamin’s face but he looks adorable!
    I hear Brady, Gisele and Benjamin are going to Brazil next week for Gisele’s sister’s wedding…maybe we’ll get to see a little more of Benjamin then.

  • anonymous

    @We know:
    They have been in LA with Jack for about a month now. Also, during the football season, Brady’s mother or Bridget usually bring Jack to Boston.
    So, yes, he does spend plenty of time with his son, especially in the off-season. Just because you don’t see pics of them, doesn’t mean they’re not spending time together.

  • anonymous

    @Lisa rose:

    That’s sick, how can you compare the cuteness of babies, any babies?
    They’re both adorable…I think Benjamin is an absolutely cutie with those little chubby cheeks, don’t see how anyone can say otherwise.

  • anonymous

    @SHUT THE F^:

    Have you even read the article? Were you sitting there in the room with Gisele and the interviewer when she spoke?
    John/Jack is the Step-son. He’s her husband’s son and her son’s brother, obviously he is a part of their family and therefore his name will come up.
    You people are crazy.

  • bombshellgb

    @Bella Coola:

    bella cooties, how come you stalk gisele incessantly?

    weird. I only stalk her because I am her fan. and she is my favorite Supermodel. what is your pathetic excuse? secret girl crush perhaps?