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Daniel Craig Reads 'The Royal Hunt of the Sun'

Daniel Craig Reads 'The Royal Hunt of the Sun'

Daniel Craig leaves a meeting at a private residence in Hollywood on Friday (May 14).

The 42-year-old actor carried a copy of The Royal Hunt of the Sun, a play by Peter Shaffer – it’s about the destruction of the Inca empire.

Earlier this week, Daniel was spotted out and about with a copy of Tennessee WilliamsCat On a Hot Tin Roof.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig leaving a home with The Royal Hunt of the Sun

Just Jared on Facebook
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 01
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 02
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 03
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 04
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 05
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 06
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 07
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 08
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 09
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 10
daniel craig the royal hunt of the sun 11

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  • to 249

    No , if anything this is why there was no marriage in the first place. Maybe this is what his GF was holding over his head. And now that it looks like bond won’t be made anytime soon, he has chosen to free himself from his public image. I don’t think there will be any statement made to the press. I think the fact he went to the gay bar was his statement.( look this is who I’m). Maybe that is why he never remarried. Maybe that is why his previous GF Hieke left him she knew he liked men as well. This would not be the first time this has happen.

  • Fish N Chips

    Get over it everyone….he is not gay! Open minded perhaps but not gay.

  • to 251

    oh brother!! are we back to this again? just because daniel likes to go to gay bars with friends does not make him gay. straight people also frequent these gay bars just as gays frequent straight bars. as for why heike left daniel. hate to tell you this but there are many reasons for a breakup of a relationship. one partner wants to get married the other doesn’t., one partner wants a child the other doesn’t., and/or something as simple as the two people involved are no longer compatabile.

  • to 250


    Agreed. If this is how it is and that everyone involved in the arrangement is happy, more power to them.

    I wanted to give you a thumbs up but accidently did the thumbs down.
    JJ should really end that, it’s a waste of time and adds fuel to a potentially inflaming board to begin with.

  • Ummm

    …excuse me. Over here in the UK it was reported that Daniel left Heike, not the other way around!

  • to 253

    Look you need to face reality here, he went to gay bar , why? All the bars in LA, he choose to go to a gay bar? He went because so he could feel comfortable in his surroundings. My guess he enjoys being with men on occasion. There are a lot of men who are bisexual he would not be the first or the last.

  • to 256

    what ever!

  • to 256

    @to 253:

    Yes but some Victorian attitudes still exist on this planet.
    You have to feel sorry for the people who cannot think outside of the box.

  • guinness

    Excellent banter people! “We” actually kept it clean…and use those thumbs down to weed out the icky comments!! and I get some thumbs down, but I can figure out who is on at the same time as me to understand why I get thumbed down—OR UP!! thx for those too.

  • to 256

    Forgot to add, look at Ancient Greece, nothing unusual about men being around men indeed it was deemed unusual for a man not be gay or bi in those days.

    Some people state that being bi-sexual is really quite a normal state for a human being. It’s purely biased religion and the puritans that followed that has dictated otherwise.

  • to 260

    I agree with you completely, I worked on a story about HIV one of the things I found out when I was doing my research was there are plenty of men who state they are gay but virtually none who will admit to being bisexual. I have met a lot of gay men ,but I have never met a man who admitted to being bisexual. That should tell everyone something about are society.

    (There are a lot of men who routinely have sex with other men but classify themselves as straight,)
    that came from a gay man who worked with. AIDS Services Foundation of Orange County, CA

    p.s. I”m not trying to suggest Daniel has HIV, so please don’t accuse me of that. people

  • well

    I see I’m upsetting people.

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “Dan does NOT make out… he tries to feel every taste bud on the lucky person’s tongue…. oh god that is hot.”

    Yeah…very…excuse me, I need a cold shower!

    So Dan has come out of the closet and outed himself as an 80s music lover! Bond does what…love cheesy lyrics and robotic dance moves??? How shocking! How very dare he! *grin*

    That should make the headlines, not the visit to a gay bar. I mean, who HASN’T been to a gay bar???

    But that 80s music lovin’…scandalous ;)

    If he starts to dress like Adam Ant or Kajagoogoo, now then I seriously start to worry…

  • guinness

    GD Romans! yeah and they ruled the earth for a loooong time!! How could they be so wrong? (ah, they castrated many of their own kind–what the___????)

    On a diff note, thank you to the poster who posted the tweets…. there were VERY good points on the validity of this particular sighting–thats good cuz I really had my doubts this time!! *ah, sarcastically bloated sentence*.
    AND–I also thx the poster who enlarged the blog shot of him with that man in a black suit—and lo & behold it was cropped because SATS was behind him… love the propaganda. See, if I had a blog I wouldn’t post something that was slanted to fit my agenda…. *ha ha ha ha *

    I love this guy even more because he went to a bar with the name ROOSTER in it!!!!! (remember–I was the one who went to the Lizard and to the gay bar with men who wore boxes and painted paperplates with garbage bagged dates!!). and you had a good time Mendel??? Dan went to the Roosterwhatever—where did you go???

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “they castrated many of their own kind”


    “See, if I had a blog I wouldn’t post something that was slanted to fit my agenda…. *ha ha ha ha *”

    *grin* Waiting on that blog *taps foot*

    “he went to a bar with the name ROOSTER in it!!!!!”

    Yes, that’s priceless!

    “Dan went to the Roosterwhatever—where did you go???”

    Doing some very strange dance moves – stranger than Dan’s probably ;)

  • Shooting camera tests C&A
  • FishNChips

    Leave him alone you morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guinness

    How very dare he indeed!! She is bloddy brilliant.

    for you Mendel (and for Dan to practice dancing to–ya know, “do the robot”).

  • guinness

    dat dare cowboy gots chew in his choppers. (from the twit pic) ah, is anyone else seeing that ‘cept for me?

    oh crap. I think I may start writting like i am hearing the dialect from down south over yonder to New Me-he-ko. crap.

    Dance Mendel! Dance like you’ve never Danced before!!!

    ah, can dan contemporary dance? I know he can partner dance…and something somethign something as Hughes, and I know he has some pretty sweet bed-dances… wow.

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    doing the robot as I type, lol. Great link :)

    “can dan contemporary dance?”

    I’m sure he can wiggle his perfectly formed a— *grin*

    “I know he has some pretty sweet bed-dances… wow.”

    HAHAHAHAHA! Yes, yes, yes!

    to “Shooting camera tests C&A”

    thanks for the pic! Makes me really excited for the film!

  • guinness

    ahhh…. ? the blue pants is my favorite.
    dancing….people have wayyyy too much time on their hands…..

  • to 249

    @to 249:

    Could be nearer the mark yes.

  • to guinness


    What blog picture are you talking about, cropped with Sats behind him?
    This one?
    This was when he was going to the Boom Boom Room after the Met Ball in NY. Get it right

  • Mendel

    Guinness, how on earth do you find these things??? That clip is hillarious! I like Dan in the tight leather trousers *grin*

  • guinness

    oooo–yeah, I will try to “get it correct” on a gossip site. “my bad”.

    I can not tell a lie little grasshopper… it is a secret only you and I share(because our brains are connected as one poster-get it?)

    actually–i type what is in my head into Google and voila or violin and it comes up!!! I typed: Dan and dancing. now, whomever comes up with the creations are who I am marvelled at!!! hysterical. and over at la la cinderella land–they have instant, computer geeks who can and HAVE found everything about the man…so I am sure this is over there…and I couldn’t ask if you have visited there… because I don’t think you would like it-same as me and others here. But alas, anonymously visiting I have thought of but couldn’t be that clever to be stealthy….so I dont’ judge because it is a wealth of info….hopefully no one has been accused of being me–cuz i know I am not the only one who is sane enough to be gone from there… anyway….
    dan rocks! i have not had a good idea for the recent tee-shirts… maybe i will…

  • how sad

    So Mendel and Guinness spend their hours doing a thumbs up for their posts and thumbs down for everyone elses.

    Got a life at all?

  • guinness
  • Mendel

    HAHAHAHAHA, Guinness, that’s brilliant! Suits him :)

  • guinness

    I would love to be on his arm! (can you see that?)

    he has a wonderful arm.

    he is a wonderful dream…

    gots to drive home! same time same place? ~night

  • *crickets*
  • Move it
  • to 272

    Could be nearer the mark yes.
    How so? is he gay or Bisexual,
    or is it , his situation with his GF?

  • UK
  • danisbi

    so this is now a guiness mendel threat? I’m out anyway!

  • Gina

    Hmmm…great news. so that they really received money for making movies as I bet. now they have $1 billion for producing movies.

    “Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc is talking with potential strategic partners to revive the studio with a stand-alone plan that may involve overhauling top management, said two sources familiar with the situation.

    A representative for MGM declined comment when pressed by Reuters.

    One source familiar with the studio said debt-ridden MGM — which is pursuing a stand-alone plan after an auction for the studio drew disappointing bids — has talked with Summit Entertainment, Spyglass Entertainment and former Yahoo Inc executive Terry Semel.

    The stand-alone plan, which involves filing for a prepackaged bankruptcy, is being studied and would involve $1 billion in capital, including $500 million in new equity and a mandate to make anywhere from four to 10 movies a year, sources have said. [ID:nN07188713]

    Two other people familiar with the situation said on Tuesday that revamping MGM’s management, including replacing CEO Mary Parent, was being mulled in its negotiations with strategic partners.

    “Clearly they’re interested in having new management,” said one of those people.

    “I think it would be very unlikely they’d go forward without changes in management and staff,” said another person familiar with the creditors’ views.

  • No gay bar already but Bond

    Babs must be happy after finding MGM puts an end to problem with their financial situation and took the money from investors (strategic partners).
    If they want to start Bond, Hobbit and other projects, they have to do it progressively. In realistic views: if they want to make Bond with EON so they have make him more cheaper, not $250 million like in case of Casino Royale. Budget of the next Bond would be about $150 million.
    If Babs and MGM agree on that one so they can start working on Bond this summer. Just wait and watch news coming next weeks.
    When posters said that MGM is put in auction and will be sold I said MGM won’t be sold and will stand on their own feet. Then MGM announced their stand-alone plan. When posters said that MGM has no money for producing movies I said that MGM will find help in some investor. Then a lot of people moved around MGM and offered the money, but not for buying the company but for producing movies.
    Now, when MGM loaned the money from partners it’s logic that partners expect their money back in next years (usually it uses to be about 3-4 years). If MGM has to return money so they have to work on movies – Bond, Hobbit, you kno wthey released a movie this time and are gonna to release another movie in few months. Decision about time of filming Bond depends on the new management – partners who put money in. Babs now can demand a half money for Bond’s budget and decide when release of Bond will be.
    It seems according to changes in MGM it’s cut the claws of Daniel and already no, no gay bar but pretty hard work on Bond, boy.

  • winnings

    always great news and I always win my bets.
    If I win my bet about Bond shooting in the summer.. don’t be surprised. just wait a few weeks for news and watch!
    Have a nice all day, boys and girls, gays and lesbians!

  • winnings

    people hard laugh at Prince William and his Kate and their no marriage. If you remember I put bet that actor Vince Vaughn will marry his fiancé until three months and I really won. Now I put bet on that William will marry his Kate next year. Hm, so then wait long time for it.

  • to Gina

    go away, pleeeaaase with your silly bets.
    Bond will NOT start (do you understand NOT, NOT, NOT start) this summer. C&A will be the movie for Daniel this summer and that’s just great regarding to the excellent cast.

  • guinness

    um, I think there should be a vote on Skarsgard tee shirt and Dan’s tee shirt!!! who looks better? cuz they do that with women-comparing the 2, correct?? and we all know who looks killer in his tee!! and out of it!! OMYGAD!!

    anyhoo, I loved the comments on this one, I know we have posted this, but a little more info here and there helps understanding the plot or what it could be. I love these…”appropriate tagname”, and…Dan is serious, they don’t know if he could work well with the director… WHATEVER!!!

    I just cant wait for Han & Dan scene!!! Dan is gonna be soooo hot in this… punchin’, rollin’ around in the tumbleweeds, shootin’, ridin’, rollin’ around in the dust, whipin’ his whip(he can borrow it from Olivia and use it with me……crap, dropped my coffee….)

  • daniel

    No. 26 · Samantha

    I have known Daniel Craig for many years, way back to the time, when he was still with Heike Makkatsch. There is no doubt, he is straight, but what he looks for in people – male or femals – is their character not their sexual preference. He likes this music, yes, plus – in a gay bar – there is more peace for him.

    No. 25 · adman

    The more we enjoy our freedoms, (what few we have) the more these straights like to mix it up with us, without cares that teh ghey will rub off. Fine. I’m not complaining, I used to live blocks from the Roosterfish and never saw a guy that hot in there, so yes, come on in and play. What’s wrong with good company?

  • Dan’s Dad on Twitter

    I thought coq au vin was love in a lorry.- Victoria Wood.
    Smile it can only get better.


  • guinness

    i am trying to smile… thx Dan’s Dad!!! I could love that man too! (as a father—–ah, maybe!!!) really–thx for posting him–I needed it today.

    If gay hasn’t rubbed off on me yet, hell—I should be a switch hitter already–that is why I know it is in the genes and ya can’t make a chicken a cat!! or something prophetic like that.

    And I love that post–about Dan liking someone for their character and not their preference! Cheers.

    DTM–what you got for the web scour or are you in the ashes??
    Hi DIH. Hi Mendel–chk in later! And Hi anon poster who is on the “Dan is a real person who is real and does real mortal stuff” team!

  • Daniel is Hot

    Yes, Dan’s father is a real character. We kind of get to know him through his twitters. We can see how Daniel gets his “real” character. I could not open up your post Guinness so don’t know what you posted but I am sure it was good anyways – as always. Good to hear from the poster who knew Daniel.

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “we all know who looks killer in his tee!! and out of it!! OMYGAD!!”

    Oh yes – (chorus) Dan the t-shirt man!
    And his tee on my bedroom floor :)

    Thanks for the link. I really liked the teaser trailer for the comic book – can’t wait to see the first teaser trailer for the film!!! I wonder what type of soundtrack they will be using – this could lead to some seriously good music, too!

    “ya can’t make a chicken a cat!!

    Hahaha, exactly. Not even if you try to give that chick a few whiskers ;)

    to ‘Dan’s Dad on Twitter’

    thanks! He is indeed such a character, if Dan has only half his wit, he would be a great guy to hang out with!

    to DiH

    “We can see how Daniel gets his “real” character”

    I’d love to listen to a conversation between the two!

  • Mendel

    Lucky Gemma:

    “The former Bond Girl adds: “I’ve seen a few bodies now, Daniel Craig and what not, but it still takes me by surprise. It’s always nice to see something like that.”

  • Guinness

    Gemma did NOT strike me as striking. A great agent for her, yeah. And Jake looks delish himself-thx amiga!!! luck-hee Gem girl—yeah, professional comments.. poor young thang. wtf? i picked the WRONG profession!!!

    WHOLY carp would it be hysterical to hang with the Craig men? wow. but you have to admit, Dan is pretty funny to listen to–his sarcastic wit–with age he may surpass father!!! But to be served by father Craig at the bar, and at the same time to sit next to Dan and laugh with my throat showing and putting my hand on his arm-”oh, dan that was good-you are as clever as the barman”, a sly comment for both at the same time…….. yes, a dream made in heaven my dear!!!! a freakin blast that I am sure Sats has had the pleasure to fluster both. luckhee beeyatch.

    The sound track is gonna be AMAZING I bet. do they have Hans Zimmer? IF they don’t–I refuse to go. period. seriously. won’ t do it. not gonna do it, not gonna see it. “Difficult Dan” should demand him to do the music for it. or else. ha! I would sooo Diva their ass.

    HEY! When is the crazy house supposed to premiere tour?

  • Mendel

    to Guinness

    “i picked the WRONG profession!!!”

    Hahahaha, yes! Although, I picked the right ones for me – can’t act my way out of a paperbag, lol.

    “WHOLY carp would it be hysterical to hang with the Craig men? wow. but you have to admit, Dan is pretty funny to listen to–his sarcastic wit–with age he may surpass father!!!”

    Yes, that gives him time to amass as many funny quotes as his Dad!

    “I would sooo Diva their ass.”

    LOL! Zimmer would be a great choice! I imagine some fusion between orchestral music, country and electronic…

    “When is the crazy house supposed to premiere tour?”

    Crazy House will premier sometime in 2011. On the IMDb site, they have some distribution news:

    Warner Bros has taken Morgan Creek International’s Dream House for five territories: UK, France, Spain, Australia/New Zealand and Latin America.

  • Guinness

    I always wondered why actors look sooo different when their movies come out and they go to the premieres to get papped. patience and a good memory as to how filming went are also needed; although that time between filming and actual showing may heal any wounds or bad feelings so as to have a great interview and say good things about everyone they worked with!!! I would have to do a journal or something….”today the grip man gripped too hard and I had to Diva his ass”!! or, “Dan and I got our belts stuck together–he wore his fav studded, and i wore my venus fly-trap one and maaann–it unfortunately ruined all production for a day and Dan and i were left on the set alone!”
    DIH–it was a trailer for C & A , same info, some comments were funny. and that ridiculous pic of the cowboy with the mumps. wth?
    ok. too much jug’o wine…. same time same place friend. (ah, how many jobs you got? so much time to party so much!! i have a feeling i should be envious…but NOT.) cheers~ thx for the DH update.

  • Gina to 289

    To 289,
    dear friend, maybe silly bets but always won bets.
    Each Bond had to sacrifice other projects and work on Bond and if the new management who have money decides to produce James Bond movie so the movie C&A goes to ice and you’ll watch it without Daniel.
    Read This:
    Yesterday I talked about Mark Strong that he clearly wanna a part in the bondmovie and look, a similar thread on mi6.:
    I think Mark would make an excellent cast in the bondmovie, too. Hopefully Daniel will work with him in the summer