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Alexander Skarsgard: True Blood Premiere with Kate Bosworth!

Alexander Skarsgard: True Blood Premiere with Kate Bosworth!

Alexander Skarsgard gets the support of his girlfriend Kate Bosworth at the premiere party for True Blood Season 3 held at Hollywood’s ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome on Tuesday (June 8).

Kate, 27, wore an eye-popping Preen “Petal Bra” dress, Samantha Wills earrings and Sergio Rossi pumps. Alex, 33, suited up in Tom Ford.

Playboy‘s July cover girl Natasha Alam stars in the upcoming season of True Blood and was taken aback by all of the naked scenes.

“I’d never done nudity. I had to overcome a few things in my head to do it,” Natasha shared. “[Then] here comes Alexander Skarsgard. He drops his robe, and he’s not wearing a sock – nothing. He’s just totally out there, walking around as if nothing’s going on. I was like, ‘If he can do it, I can do it.’”

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth supporting boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • Lovely

    Aww, they both look lovely. Cute couple!

  • commonsense

    Her leg is like an average person’s arm


    And yet they still don’t walk together. These two need to grow up and get over themselves. If Steven and Anna can walk together like an actual couple, then so can these two phonies.

  • just say no

    Very misleading Jared.
    She was there but they did not walk the red carpet together.

  • cute

    Cute girl. Ugly legs.

  • cute

    That guy is very handsome. He can do better than this scarecrow.

  • abby

    Could still be just friends – just saying. Add alcohol later, maybe there will be a picture together?

  • beats

    He’s a player. He’s keeping his options open.

  • ness

    wow. Eric has been good for her ‘career’. Well played.

  • Diamond

    Jared, Love your blog but it’s your on the payroll of Kate Bosworth.
    This was True Blood and Alex’s night. He wasn’t even photographed with Bosworth at the premiere yet you made the whole story about her.

  • Fox

    What a cheap looking dress. Take a look at the gorgeous blonde (initials G.P.) above to see how to dress classy, Kate.

  • Naty

    He’s amazing! I can’t wait for the new season!!
    Kate is cute but has a weird ugly smile.

  • Nora

    Alex has a great body .. but unlike most of the girls i don’t see any handsomeness in his face !!! hes average !!

  • Relativity

    @ness: Being on her knees for Ryan Kavanaugh has been good for career. Being linked to the hot guy sure helps with the publicity though.

  • true blood

    Alex looks good but a bit thin.

  • Question

    Hey, this is the premiere for True Blood. Can you show us pics of other cast members? This isn’t the premiere of THEIR movie you know.

  • yucky

    Alex looks UGLY.


  • Nayalah

    *whistle* Jealousy? Are you there? HEllooooo? oh I find ya!!!! you’re in several comments here….she’s STUNNING!!! Stop trying desesperatlety to Fool yourselves. Hypocrites!

  • FUG



  • Hmmm

    Fugly dress, really bad. She also has to have a major weave happening, she does not have that much hair.

  • Saks Girl

    @abby: It’s odd. They don’t act like a couple, more like ongoing friends with benefits.

  • essence

    @Nayalah: If you consider a waxy faced Kristen Chenowith stunning, then I agree.

    She used to be a pretty girl back in the days of The Young Americans.

  • angel

    I can’t believe Im saying this (esp since Im NOT a KB fan), but she actually looks great here. Shit, that was the hardest thing I had to type, but it’s true.

    Oh is someone wearing a padded bra? Sorry I couldn’t resist.

  • always

    The little buddy that couldn’t.
    At least she gets some press out of it.

  • Listen

    I think ASkars looks pretty good. Maybe a tad tired and too skinny but still pretty good.

    KB is looking rough. The dress is trashy; even she’s better than wearing her bra as a top.

  • whysosleepy

    WOW, intense bags under his eyes.

    He looks a hot mess!!!!!

  • Megan

    I agree they need to stop being so douchy and grow up and walk together as a couple like Stephen and Anna, and Deborah Ann Woll and her boyfriend, and Sam Trammell and his girlfriend…even Ryan Kwanten walked together with his mom…clearly she was there with him because everyone else that was there who walked alone didn’t bring a signinficant other – they just showed up stag. So douchy….I really am hating these two right now.

  • ness

    @Relativity: “Being on her knees for Ryan Kavanaugh has been good for career.”
    ew. I had to google that, he’s a producer… so, Bosworth is like Gretchen Mol ;)

  • FUG

    He looks a hot mess.

    He needs help with those bags under his eyes.

    Hot mess.

  • Beau

    Now I love Alex, but does he look like he may suffer from wonk eye to anyone? haha I know that’s horrible to say, but I just noticed it

  • omgew.

    ummm, wtf is up with his eyes?????

  • jak

    the worst he has ever looked. ew.

    and no comment about that ugly woman.

  • missal

    Kate looks great, but her dress is UGLY!

  • Nelly Fang

    No doubt about it.

  • Hmmm

    amazing what a ton of makeup and fake tan will do

  • Nicole

    SUPPORTING??? Hahahaha…you mean riding the publicity train like crazy. She is such a sh*tty actress that she doesn’t go to movie premieres and she has pissed off the rest of the world of those who count that she doesn’t get invited to anything else i.e. CFDA awards anyone? oh yeah she had prior engagements. or gpaltrow was there!!! Anyways this little homewrecker shows up to everything he does and just ruins his image. His IQ has to be only 40 and below. I will still watch True Blood but he has just become really gross after her stank is all over him.
    Come on JJ find Sam Worthington and put him on here more!!!! And stop with the Kate Bosworth posts. I agree this was his night and you made it all about HER!!! Really, JJ!! Really????? Is Alex that desperate??? Well, I guess he is since he is dating this tramp!!!

  • monice


    This is his coming out party, his moment ….and he is ruining it by choosing the most anorexic, talentless, mediocre boring ,wash out bimbo he could find!!
    Something is not right, he can do better,
    can he?

  • Nicole

    BTW what happened to his eyes??? Good Lord!!
    And what is the deal with Ryan Kavanaugh?? Heard they dated at one point but is she still doing him “favors”. Just like the favors she did for Chris Martin.
    And that dress is not cute at all.


    maybe I am the only one, but I actually think they look good.
    They both look like man and woman, not boy and a girl. I find Alexander pretty mature. i don’t know about her- but i like her dress and I think she is ok.
    If they are an actual couple they fit together I think.

  • monice


    I couldnt agree more!!
    I am too very disappointed that on his taste, I though he had better taste; she looks anorexic, she is a wash out, the only reason she is in the tabloids now is because of Alex, otherwise this website or any other would bother. I stll like TB, though

  • arminette

    I find her clothing choices are not always conclusive, but this time she is very pretty. The dress suits her very well, even if it is true that her legs are skinny. I love her eyes!
    And he is very handsome by far less closely!

  • LisaM

    There’s nothing more I hate than that of a no- talent wannabe A-lister riding the coattails of an actor who has pure talent. It’s a shame that she feels that she needs to hook up with famous actors just so that she can get noticed. When she was with Orlando Bloom, everyone knew who she was only from him. When she dated that british model James Roussoeu, no one cared about her at all. She she obviously dumped him for Alexander, knowing that he’s extremely popular. If he really thinks of her as a ‘girlfriend’ not a friend with ‘benefits’ then he wouldn’t mind posing with her on the red carpet.

  • Crittle

    So…I guess Kate and Skarsgard were the only ones to show up to the True Blood premiere. I mean that’s what it looks like based on this post. Boo, eclipsing the show’s premiere with this ‘couple’ that didn’t even walk together.

  • Fishy

    You’d think they would make this huge display of “see? we’re a closely knit couple!” Instead, we get this weird thing. Obviously the only reason she’s there is through him, and he won’t walk with her? This is beyond pathetic, normal people walked in with their dates. But I guess she’s only good enough to leave with and go somewhere else, eh?
    I can’t help but laugh at this, really.

    Also….. no other cast members were there? (ridiculous). You know Anna, Stephen and Alex posed together and all that, where are those pics?

  • Sara

    Yeah, these KB posts are a bit much. I mean, come on! There were so many other people there, but based on this post you’d think KB was the only one who showed up for Alex’s premiere.

  • GPS

    Who is that chick with the insane smirk on her face? And who´s that miserable-looking guy? And how does JJ always know what trashy designer clothes the “celebrities” on his site are pimping?


    Wow I posted comment 20 Minutes ago and I am already -8! You guys are fast, can’t deny that ;)
    I agree on one thing though- if this was because of True Blood then why are no other pics of cast members included?
    And one more thing – So the Playboy cover girl has problems with nudity – where this world goes to… ;)

  • memememe

    ok, what i don’t get is – if she & Alex had decided not to show up together – why did she have to walk the red carpet at all? It obviously wasn’t just about showing support for her latest orgasm-source. More like trying to remind people about her existence by showing up to an event that she knew a lot of people would be paying attention too. If i had been his girlfriend (ahh cue gloriously filthy fantasies….) i would have just snuck past the cameras and gone directly inside. This is part of Alex’s work, and if they weren’t going to behave like a couple and walk in together – the least she could do was be discreet and not try to steal the limelight by dressing herself up like a christmas tree in a bra and parading herself around as if this was her own movie / tv-series.

    Speaking of which, she probably totally tried to outdress Anna Paquin (i havent seen pictures of her from this event though – so thanks, Jared) which is pretty classless in itself since the main focus should have been on the two leads anyway – Anna and Stephen, that is – and it should have been Anna’s night to shine as the lead female actress. Kate obviously spent a lot of time planning that outfit – just as well she had something to occupy her time with, what with not working and all.

    And Kate – we all saw your bikini-pics. Yoiu ain’t fooling anyone with those “curves”

  • Liv

    I love how JJ centered this post around Bosworthless and her boyfriend, not Alex and the rest of the cast of True Blood. They happened to be there too, since it was the premiere of THEIR show.

  • p.b

    well jj u did it again u made the post about KB & not ASkars, what is he her pet pooch. KB puts AS on a lead & takes him to the TB premier tellin him that all the pics have to be about her & not about TB show or cast,or himself, then KB tells pet to SIT, LAY down & ROLL over LIKE A GOOD PET SHOULD & make sure all jj posts are about her and not about him at all (after all she is the star NOT ) not him. your check is in the post jj. IT WAS HIS & THE TB CASTS NIGHT not hers she is a has been & a wannabe fame whore.
    i like ASkars as eric he plays the part well, but its time that jj gave him the lime light for his acting & not this crock of BS, about her HE is the STAR NOT HER .