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Orlando Bloom Gets A Degree!

Orlando Bloom Gets A Degree!

Orlando Bloom receives an honorary degree from the University of Kent in his hometown of Canterbury, United Kingdom on Tuesday (July 13).

The 33-year-old English actor was joined by his fiancee Miranda Kerr and his mother Sonia Bloom, father Colin Stone, and sister Samantha.

“It’s a really big deal. It’s an exciting day for me,” Orly told the Press Association. “I’m really honored to be back in my home town. I have so many amazing memories of the cathedral and Canterbury. I have lived near the university so it’s like my playground. It’s a huge, huge honor and I feel chuffed, as does my mother – nobody more than my mother.”

This was Orlando‘s first graduation ceremony since missing the graduation at Guildhall School of Music and Drama because he was working on Lord of the Rings at the time.

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  • ihatebooks143

    Congrats to Orlando!!

    Look at them, isnt it nice to see them in one frame? <3

  • no name

    He’s like a teenager! LOL

  • ==


  • BEAN

    I love Miranda’s outfit! What a hot couple.

  • Dana

    Umm….is that Orlando’s sister in the blue skirt? Holy s/hit!!! OK, I’m not going to say anything more because I don’t want to be mean.

  • me

    congratulation Orlando!!!
    He and Mrianda are a really sweet couple! I hope he enjoy this day!!!!

  • meji

    David Suchet (the other guy in robes) seems to have worked out how you’re supposed to wear those hats.

  • me

    Orlando Bloom
    Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon

    produces in you an extremely strong inner drive and a keen sense of your own importance as an individual. A certain rigid inner pride keeps your self-respect always at a high level. Early on, temperament may be a problem, but as you mature cooperation is learned and a judicial and rather stern nature rules the personality. A very reserved individual, you often express yourself in quiet ways, always remaining perfectly capable of communicating disapproval without saying even a word. Most people think of you as a very reasonable person and in may ways you are. It is very difficult, however, to ever persuade you that you are wrong because of a highly inflexible core within. Often you may use the tactic of appearing not to understand the other person’s point of view, even when it is quite clear to you. You are very honorable, loyal, and devoted, with a keen sense of the sobriety of life, and of your duty as a part of it. Right or wrong, you hold to your first impressions of people, especially if those first impressions were not good. You are a very understanding of people and their problems, and while you usually can remain very much detached, you are a good listener and provide sound advice. Emotions never seem to interfere with your reasoning power.

  • Jem

    hehe a bit ridiculous.

  • Slig

    Beautiful miranda .orlando like old hes nathing

  • He looks Goof. LOL

  • loolooskiptomaloo

    Another degree of BS for Orlando Bloom. What was it in–Scenery Chewing and Overdramatic Brow Arching? Celebrity Posing and CheckWriting? Why is everyone acting like this is a genuine, hardearned accomplishment on his part? Like it is real or something? His mum’s all chuffed-for what? Getting there picture taken by some hired gossip pap? Does this make it real for them? Some family values, anything goes as long as at least a few people buy it most of the time. To bad for the other genuine graduates that day who sacrificed and worked hard for there degrees because there value has dropped along with there negotiable salaries. An honorary to say, Ian McKellen, would be one thing, but Bloom? What is this, clown college? Good thing his fiancee was there to help make sure he got some media coverage for it.

  • Com

    this is bullsh*t

  • lola

    So he’s a stubborn idiot so full of self-pride he’ll cut off his nose to spite his own face rather than admit or correct a mistake? Clings to fantasies? Sounds about right.

  • Like father – like son

    He wore a similarly foppy hat in Curse of the Black Pearl and still managed to look good, but he was young and handsome then. Now he just looks…odd and sort of old. He resembles his portly-looking father more and more as time passes.

  • Jaye

    lol he looks like a Shakespearean pimp.

  • lol@

    No kidding. Look at the two of them posing as if this is the real deal! bwahaha. Bet she’s fantasizing in her head that she’s at the Oscars.

  • Butter_Fly

    Wow. You could play frisbee with that hat.

  • carter

    Is she pregnant?

  • oshh

    His outfit is funny but no, her outfit is all wrong.

  • dars

    Only idiot haters could find anything wrong with these pictures.
    Orlando now has an honorary doctorate to go with his well earned bachelor’s degree. A BFA, honors, that he achieved despite his dyslexia.
    He is a local boy done good. Surrounded by loved ones, and making even the traditional silly hat and gown look darn sexy!
    The other doctorate recipients posed for photos, too. Are they famewhores as well? Or just Orlando, because he is posibg with his fiance? If she wasn’t there would you feel differently? Oh yeah, I’m sure of it.

  • ____

    What the hell did he get a degree for ??!!!! Science? Economics? Mathematics? Genetics?

    And trust, the most “chuffed” person there is Miranda who finally got her photo shoot with family Bloom.

  • no name

    @me: How do have time for this ?

  • YAY!

    Congratulations Orlando!!!

    BTW, Jared.
    It should read that Orlando Bloom gets ANOTHER degree.
    He has a BFA from Guildhall.

  • @22

    Doctor of Arts.

  • Like father – like son

    It’s a British thing – he doesn’t look any sillier than any other gent decked out to receive a similar honour. AMiranda looks lovely as usual.

  • Kathy

    He and Miranda look fantastic!
    And his family looks so proud!

  • @12

    Bitter, party of one, your table is ready.
    I know that you are bitter, as you obviously don’t have a degree of your own.
    Anyone who makes as many grammatical errors as you just did, can’t have had much education.
    And BTW, it wasn’t a “gossip pap” photographer. It was a journalist covering the awards ceremony.
    It WAS real.
    Get over it.

  • teehee

    Miranda, HIS FIANCE, is standing beside him, and his family.
    That’s why all of the haters are ticked off.
    These pics just shot down a few of their choice insults.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    I see the Delphi loons are in full force to prove how pathetic they are no need to do that we already know LOL.

  • yes!

    Congrats to Orlando and his family!

  • yes!

    Congrats to Orlando and his family!

  • more McDonald

    American are ignorants!

  • more McDonald

    Americans are ignorant!

  • Not all “Delphi Loons”

    Delphi loons? I’m sure not everyone who posts anything slightly negative around here is a “Delphi loon.” I admit I don’t “go bananas” over Orlando Bloom nor do I think he’s a particularly good actor, but I’m not a “hater” either (he really seems like a nice enough chap). But I certainly don’t identify with those posters over at Delphi. I’ve read some of their twaddle espousing all manner of ridiculous “conspiracy” theories which they seem to believe but can’t prove.

  • julie

    The sister was just standing there watching the pictures being taken, minding her own business, when she was forced into the picture. Come on people, you all know how that works, it has happend to you or you have forced someone to do it. You know when she sees that picture she is going to be so mad at whoever forced her into that pic. Also, everytime she runs across this picture she will destroy it. I have several pix in my past that fall into this category, have gotten rid of them. However they still keep popping up. LOL I even took one out of my sisters family album.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    To the person who was so nasty about Orlando’s looks:
    1. Post a picture of yourself so we can see how “hot” you are.
    2.That vest wouldn’t look good on anyone LOL but Orly makes it work.
    3.DUH Of course he won’t look like he did when he was 22 years old he is 33 but still a good looking man .

  • ????

    Miranda and Orlando smile as they stand on the red carpet.I think they donĀ“t goes well.

  • Sarah

    Lol, I’m not even a ‘fan’ but these two are too cute and perfect together.

  • beatriz

    There are some rumours that they say that she is pregnant … I think so.

  • tracy

    Didn’t she deny the pregnancy some days ago?

  • LDN

    Awww! Lol she must be soooo proud of him! Dyslexia didn’t stop Orly from getting a degree, congrats!!!! :’D

  • Jermaine

    Man, he did gooooood. Miranda is some goddess. Congrats on the degree son lol

  • Jayne

    Orlando does it all the time for me just so hot.

  • Lucy

    Normally I think she looks really strange but I must admit that with the photo taken from a distance her face looks cute and not like chucky. Anyway, nice one Orlando, good for you!

  • Awwww

    Doctor and Mrs. Bloom!

  • Di

    I enjoy very these authentic pictures, they seem to really support each other like a real couple. I like them because as if she is a supermodel and amazingly beautiful they look sometimes like us.Normal.

  • Di

    oh and congrats Orlando!!!

  • dont shoot me.

    The family portrait looks lovely, but Miranda in her short dress looks like she’s posing for a fashion shoot with her leg like that.

    I’m sorry I have tried to like her but its just not gonna happen. I think in 10 years from now when they’re divorced he’s gonna look back on this picture and wonder how he didnt see it coming.

  • @49

    She poses properly in a perfectly age appropriate little Summer dress, and you say that she looks like she is at a photo shoot?
    I guess she just can’t help the fact that she knows what to do with her arms and legs and doesn’t just stand there like a lump.
    She looks fresh and beautiful.
    Shame on her!