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Orlando Bloom Gets A Degree!

Orlando Bloom Gets A Degree!

Orlando Bloom receives an honorary degree from the University of Kent in his hometown of Canterbury, United Kingdom on Tuesday (July 13).

The 33-year-old English actor was joined by his fiancee Miranda Kerr and his mother Sonia Bloom, father Colin Stone, and sister Samantha.

“It’s a really big deal. It’s an exciting day for me,” Orly told the Press Association. “I’m really honored to be back in my home town. I have so many amazing memories of the cathedral and Canterbury. I have lived near the university so it’s like my playground. It’s a huge, huge honor and I feel chuffed, as does my mother – nobody more than my mother.”

This was Orlando‘s first graduation ceremony since missing the graduation at Guildhall School of Music and Drama because he was working on Lord of the Rings at the time.

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  • @49

    You mean that 10 years from now, when he’s divorced, he’ll look back and say to himself “how could I marry a lady that poses like that?”

  • .

    She poses like a model. Why do you complain?
    That’s as if you expected a professional cook to make fantastic omelettes at work and disgusting ones at home.

  • @51

    Yes, that’s exactly what they meant!
    That’s their “logic” for ya!

  • @52

    “She poses like a model. Why do you complain?”
    Because she looks great, and is included in the family picture.
    They had to think of SOMETHING to complain about.

  • lifeoftheparty

    I still don’t get it? Can someone explain how this engagement/wedding is suppose to last? I mean when (if) they marry where will they settle down UK or AZ or US? If and when they have kids will it be in the UK or AZ? Will one give up their career to rear the children?… I know they have the money to go where they like but – how many couple from different countries with very busy schedules and lifestyles keep it together – at least past the first 2-3 years?

  • Melody

    He’s really adorable in his cap and he’s aging far better than Brad Pitt…..of course, Pitt is in his 40s, but still…..he looks like a homeless bum these days. I’m proud of Orlando, he’s not in and out of drug rehab like a lot of celebrities and he seems to be very well grounded. Congrats to a guy who deserves it!

  • dont shoot me.

    Geez not much sympathy for people with a different viewpoint here.

    I said I tried to like her, it didnt work, and I cant help but feel he’s making a big mistake.

    That said, why is everyone here so riled up at the fact that 1 anonymous poster doesnt worship her. Get a grip.

  • @57

    That is so true i agree.

  • DL

    Brad Pitt looked awful with that grizzled “old billy-goat” beard, I’ll admit. But have you seen him now that he’s shaved the beard completely off? He looks GREAT again and as hot as ever (well, in my opinion anyway). And you’re right, he IS 46 as compared with Bloom who’s only 33. I used to think Bloom was handsome, but imho he doesn’t look to be aging as well as either Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. Maybe if he’d shave off the facial scruff too…

  • Oh ob

    Its funny because there is no pics of miranda with his mum or sister 2 gether. Just that one with the family.

  • Funny?

    @Oh ob:

    How is that funny? There are no pictures of Orlando with just his mom or his sister or dad, etc.

  • :)

    Sexy & adorable couple. Love them both! It’s nice to see them together for such a special occasion.

  • @60

    His mother and father must really HATE him!!!!
    I mean, that’s your reason that there aren’t any pics of Miranda with just his mum or sister, right!!! That they can’t stand her????
    So they either hate Orlando too, or your logic doesn’t hold water. Unless you are a proud hypocrite, and willing to twist your reasoning to fit your agenda.
    Which is it?

  • Hmm


    I’m guessing they will live in the US – LA or New York since it would be the best home base for both their careers. Then they’ll have to learn how to compromise and think of each other (and the kids if they have any) in order to make the relationship work … just like us “regular” folks. I do wish them all the best though. They both seem like nice people.

  • @64

    Very true.
    Both of their careers are centered, or can be centered almost anywhere. It’s not like one of them has a nine to five job in Sydney, and the other has a nine to fiver in LA.
    They will work something out.
    They already have three years experience in the art of the compromise.

  • aw.

    cuuuuuuute! lol.

  • sandy

    Congratulations Orlando!
    For receiving the doctorate, and for getting engaged!

  • Jayne

    So why can’t they stay in the uk i mean orlando always said the uk is hes home and that he will never move . he has done a green home here.

  • lol

    looks like she woke up 5 minutes before these pictures were taken!
    yay @ the swollen face!
    she also has saggy knees, pretty sad for someone that young;

  • always working

    This time it was ALL about him. Not about her. He got something important. HIS family was there. And all of them ( including HIM – an actor, and his sister –actress) managed to look like ordinary people taking ordinary photos for the family album. They were not acting or pretending. They were not doing their jobs. The only person who was working there was Miranda. She was posing like for the magazine. Nothing from her side was spontaneous in any photo. Crossed legs, angled head, posing, posing and posing. Don’t tell me that she is not able or capable to make one ordinary, normal photo with the man of her life and his family. This family photo with her leg behind (like she is making one for panties and bra) is ridiculous. Was she trying to steal the show? It was not the red carpet. She should show some respect for this event and behave NORMAL. I am hardly waiting for their wedding photos. Imagine how big Miranda’s show it is going to be. He will be there too, but who cares.

  • Lily

    @always working:

    I noticed that too, especially the one with the bent leg. Considering she’s such a presswhore, we’re lucky she didn’t show up in a bikini……

  • @70

    No surprise at all. Didn’t you see her pics last year at that hotel opening? She posed with her arms up in the air as she was doing a shoot or about to receive an oscar…so fake and staged.

  • @70

    Yes, it WAS all about him. He was surrounded by loved ones on a very special day.
    And Miranda can’t help that she automatically poses properly. It’s automatic. If she was really ‘working it’, she would have had her hand on her hip and her booty thrust out. She looks like a normal, very pretty young lady here, who just happens to know what to do for a picture. That was an “ordinary” picture for her. Everone does something a little different for a picture. I know that I look better when I keep my chin down a bit, so that’s what I do when being photographed. And if it’s a full length picture, I know to put one foot in front of the other. It just looks more attractive in photographs. Since I know these little hints, does that make me a show off, too? She certainly wasn’t “trying to steal the show”. In every picture, she is standing just a bit behind him.
    And these pictures were NOT just casual photos for the family album. These were taken by news agencies for publication.
    I think that you are just reaching for something to complain about.
    But my favorite was…
    “Imagine how big Miranda’s show it is going to be. He will be there too, but who cares.”
    You just described EVERY wedding in the history of the world!
    A wedding day is technically about both of them, but it IS the bride’s show. You’ve never been to a wedding if you don’t understand that one.

  • HUH?

    Miranda looks demure and lovely in these photographs.
    There isn’t a darn thing wrong with any of her pictures.
    IMO, if the other two ladies would have taken a step back, and posed in the same way that Miranda is, it would have been a family picture worth framing. As it is, mum is stading too far in front of him, and Sam just way too far forward, and should have been standing differently. She looks like a lump, when we know that she is more attractive than that.
    Such a shame.

  • @70

    Actually Orlando is posing as well. At least he is when he has his lips slightly open for the picture with David Suchet. I think both of them have been schooled by PR in how to pose for official photos, and they just do it without thinking very much whether it’s strictly appropriate.

  • Oh ob

    It funny because there is no pic of her with hes mum or sister and if they were family pics there would be more i have to agree with always working because she is. And we are lucky she did’nt go there topless she likes doing that a lotttttt.

  • mimi xo

    @dont shoot me.:

    That’s because Morlando’s fans live vicariously through their idols. So sad, poor idiots.

  • @70

    That’s called professional deformation, and there’s nothing wrong with it. You should look it up, it happens to everyone, when they do/behave in their daily life like they do/behave at work, and it’s something unconscious and automatic.
    Still, one has to wonder if you realize how crazy you sound judging someone for the position of her leg.
    It may be his show but TO YOU it’s her show. People were commenting on how funny Orlando looks, if he deserves that honour or not, etc until you made this her thread.

  • @don’t shoot me

    I believe nobody attacked you. Unless you feel really hurt when someone disagrees with you, in which case you should probably not comment on public forums.
    Someone should tell you all that playing the victim is a bad strategy when you are not a victim.

  • http://justjared kingofpopforever

    Orlando is posing too it was a public event were photographers came to take his picture he has been in the game for over a decade now and knows how to play the game. OF COURSE THEY WERE POSING GIVEN THAT THEIR PICTURE WAS BEING TAKEN AND NOT FOR A PERSONAL ALBUM.Is this the best you Delphi loons can come up with? That is the only thing you found to complain?LOL come on you are boring me.

  • sara

    I don’t get the big deal. I guess that’s because it ISN’T a big deal.
    EVERYONE in the pictures is posing. And unless it’s an ‘action’ shot, everyone in the world is ‘posing’ when their pictures are taken. samantha is ‘posing’, too. Unless that you think that she spends her life with her hands clasped in front of her.
    Everyone poses, it’s just that some are better at it than others.
    My goodness the Delphites are desperate.
    All of this ‘posing’ hub-bub proves that.

  • LOL!

    -Miranda will never be a successful model = Miranda in the top ten on the Forbe’s list of highest earning models for the last three years in a row
    -Miranda is going to be dropped from VS = contract re-signed and they are using her more than ever
    -Miranda is just a catalogue model = walks Balenciaga
    -Miranda will never do HF ads = signs with Prada and Jil Sander
    -Miranda is just a friend with benefits to Orlando = engagement
    -Miranda will never be accepted by his family = a happy family picture at one of Orlando’s most important events
    See, they ran out of things to complain about.
    So all that they have left is…
    -Miranda is *gasp* posing for a photograph!!!!!! = Miranda looks right at home at Orlando’s side.
    This is TOOOOO dam*ed funny!

  • Multiple residences?

    Maybe they’ll be like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paredis and maintain homes in several countries. One in the U.S. (related to work, plus he already has one in L.A.), another in the U.K. (where he also owns a home), and perhaps another in Australia (to be near her parents and her work with David Jones?).

  • @83

    I’m sure that’s exactly what they will do.
    They can afford to have a home on every continent.
    And they will probably keep Miranda’s apartment in NY, too. That way they have access to both coasts.

  • He’s so hot

    OMG enough with the stupid arguments! Two GORGEOUS people take pictures in which they look GORGEOUS and it pisses people off. That is called jealousy.

    Who cares what will happen 10 years down the road. Look in the mirror. What will your life be like 10 years down the road? Some of us will be divorced or in a crumbling marriage. Some of us will be having babies. Some will live in a different city from our spouse but trying to make it work. Their will be losses, joys, birthdays and cake. And some of us will still be happy and in love. None of us know what will happen with them. They will go on their own path and figure it all out. Good luck to them.

    Orlando, you are wonderful and good and those of us who are fans will keep loving you and supporting you. I can’t wait to see you in 3 Musketeers!

    For the people who are not fans, why do you come here? To talk trash? That’s pretty pathetic and sad. Try spreading love instead of hate. And if you don’ like Orlando, that’s ok. But why so ugly and negative? Why does he bother you so? This place is really bizarre.

  • @85


  • Around the World

    Their kids (if and when they have any) can become world travelers like the Brangellina Bunch.

  • Normal?

    @always working:

    She should behave NORMAL, should she? Well, perhaps behaving NORMAL is not sizing her up inch by inch and analyzing how she stands and theorizing as to how that affects the other folks in the picture.

    I mean, come on! Are you for real?!

    I didn’t even notice her stance until you pointed it out.

    How do you know she wasn’t shifting her position, peeling the heel of her shoe from the grass, trying to indiscreetly scratch her knee … purposefully piss YOU off? LOL

  • Agree!

    @He’s so hot:

    *also applauds*

  • Chuffed!

    I like the word chuffed.

    Congrats Orlando!

  • Oh ob

    Just because some dont like the way miranda goes about things does not mean there not fans of orlando in the some just want the best for him.

  • Oh ob

    Just because some dont like the way miranda goes about things does not mean there not fans of orlando some just want the best for him.

  • @92

    I wouldn’t really think that making irrational, critical, hateful comments about the woman that he loves is what’s “best for him”, do you?

  • hmmm

    Doutzen got pregnant after dating a guy for eight months.
    Since you haters are calling Miranda a coniving woman for supposedly getting pregnant by a guy that she has been with for 2.5 years, what does that make Doutzen?

  • Oh ob

    I dont think having my say about miranda was that hateful just being a fan that does not like what she does and does not want him to get hurt or used. May be im wrong but it is just the way she does thing and says thing. I never call her any thing that bad.

  • @94

    What? Doutzen’s man isn’t a famous actor, she dates a DJ and of course never ‘used’ his name to be more famous, they have always been very private and rarely wen to events together.

  • Eric

    Poor Mrs. Bloom. It must be devastating for a mother to know that her future daughter in law has been in more laps than a napkin.

  • @95

    You’ve said a lot of hateful things about Miranda.
    On this page alone, you said that you were surprised that she didn’t show up topless.
    That is a hateful statement.

  • @94

    Doutzen did use her former boyfriend for publicity. Remember the pic of the two of them in Vogue last year, or the year before. And she was *ahem* ‘caught’ at the beach several times by paps with both the last boyfriend, and with this one. Yes, she is the bigger name in the couple, but she hasn’t been any more private than Orlando and Miranda. The big difference there is that Orlando’s fame dwarfs Doutzen’s, so more photographers will go after him, which means more pictures.
    The name that I was thinking of for Doutzen is ‘stupid’.
    She’s always been heavy (for a model) through her hips and thighs. She is just genetically predisposed to carry a lot of her weight there. If she is able to lose the baby weight, it will be a miracle. She may have just retired from modeling.

  • @97

    OH EM GEEEE!!!
    THAT WHOOOOOORE!!!!1111!1!!!!!!111!1!1!!!!!!!