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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian look like one big happy family, holding hands his two sons — Mason, 6, and Jake, 3 — while strolling along the beach on Saturday (July 17) in Malibu, Calif.

“Skipped rocks on the beach this morning [with Eddie],” LeAnn tweeted. “Now off to do a show. Hope to see some of you on Phoenix tonight!!!”

She continued, “Watching a beautiful moment between a dad & his maybe 8 month old little girl. He’s walking her slowly into the ocean & she’s loving it!”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian‘s beach family fun…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian beach 04
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231 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Beach Family Fun!”

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  1. 76
    anon Says:

    Leann you should have stayed off that twitter page,, just read on there that you have picked out an album cover,, did you pick that from you right or left nostril. Have a sweet day you too eddie

  2. 77
    gwen Says:

    So once again LR tips off the paps.

    This is why LR is in so much trouble. Because sites like this pat her on the back and tell her that stuff like this is cute and then when she gets hit with a dose of reality she can’t take it. Thanks JJ for giving us even more reason to dislike EC and LR.

    Didn’t EC blast his wife for being spotted on a beach with her kids?
    So does that mean EC is not being child focused, isn’t that what he said in his custody petiton? So JJ how come you didn’t address this issue? Why is okay for EC to be spotted on a beach with his kids when he blasted his wife when she was spotted on a beach? Can someone please explain how EC and LR were able to go several weeks without being seen? Because when EC and LR do not want to be seen, they know how to evade the paps. So this was set up by LR. And how is EC protecting his kids from the nature of tabloids when he allows LR to use them for her own personal gain? What a great dad!!!!!!!

    Hey JJ, while you are posting about LR tweets and her one big happy family with EC, has EC even paid child support?

    Wow, didn’t LR say that our opinions don’t have any bearing on her life? And look folks, LR can’t stand the fact that people still don’t believe that EC loves her so she shows on a beach with EC once again.

    Oh so that is why LR has tipped off the paps so that they see her recreating the photo of EC walking down a street with his wife as they held their son’s hand? It’s because she felt some “compassion” for a disabled girl? Now if LR had any compassion this photo-op would not exist.

    BTW, didn’t EC say that he wanted privacy? So is it really a good idea to keep refering to LR tweets where she once again tells all of their business and invites the paps along.

    So now we are supposed to believe that EC and LR are a “happy family” because they take strolls on a beach? How many happy families have to pay JJ to validate them. Leann should have left the tweets alone and not called the paps because this is going to backfire major, espeically since it has gotten out that EC isn’t paying child support.

    So EC can allow LR to exploit his kids for her concerts and albums, yet he doesn’t want to pay child support?

    Wow, where did all of these LR supporters come from? It’s just CBME posting under different names.

    BTW be careful, CBME is on the babycelebrity site using Sam’s name.

  3. 78
    gwen Says:

    What Family?

    LEANN Money and EC?

    Oh I get it, that was what Leann told you to write, right?

    Isn’t EC still married?

    Those kids don’t belong to LR and EC has behaved less than a father, seeing as how he has once again not kept that promise he made to his kids.

    But it is nice to see that the media perpetuates LR and EC bad behavior and in the end make it even more worse for them.

    Could JJ be even more insensitive?

    What a great family. EC uses LR for her money and EC in return allows her to use his kids despite the fact that he isn’t paying child support.

  4. 79
    gwen Says:

    If Leann had bounced back CBME wouldn’t be here and on every site trying to compensate for LR low fanbase by posting under different names and LR would not still be trying to promote herself by using EC kids.

    Why is CBME thanking JJ? JJ is just doing EXACTLY what Leann paid them to do. And now LR and JJ have to watch as this little photo-op backfires.

    CBME why are you on the baby celebrity site using SAM’s name? JJ must be very proud of the fact that you have to stalk other posters because you still can’t get people to buy what JJ is selling? So how many more posters did you intimdiate?

  5. 80
    gwen Says:

    Family FUN:

    Translation: The public still does not believe that EC loves LR, so LR thinks that she can change things once and for all by setting up this “happy family” photo-op and paying JJ to sell it as such.

    So how will LR react when she learns that the public is not at all impressed by these photos or of the media’s lact of sensitivity. If LR cared about those kids, then LR would be encouraging EC to break those promises to his kids over and over.

    LR probably doesn’t happy in those photos because someone probably called her out for using those kids.

    Surprisesly, where are those photos of the girl that EC and LR saw?

    There wasn’t a girl, LR is just once again stepping on the backs of others because she is just that low.

    Serouisly, how can JJ still continue to be so insensitive? No sees them as a family, especially since we all know that EC has those kids around just so that he can get gifts/trips from LR. So who wants to bet that in exchange for his little photo-op. LR either takes EC on a trip or on a shopping spree?

  6. 81
    nina Says:

    Why are you always accusing someone in your posts? Are you trying to get these posters banned? You seem to be the one causing all the trouble. What difference does it make to you if Leann and Eddie are together?

  7. 82
    Diane Says:

    Isn’t she wonderful, isn’t she beau-ti-ful? :)

  8. 83
    charity Says:

    saw the pictures on the nose picking page. so nasty nasty. thought at first that that the picture had been doctored,but no there are about ten of those pictures telling a story.Hope Leann will not be trying to teach those kids any manners unless it’s a class in what NOT to do. And this is the woman who is going to potty train. How’s that going for you, Leann? And why isn’t their unemployed father doing that. Oh, wait he is at the gym doing what all red-blooded unemployed men do. Pumping up, so maybe he can get himself a really good-looking woman. Tom-cat, that one ,right up his alley. Borrow money from your mistress and pay your child support. After all, if she hadn’t chased you so hard, you might not be in this mess.

  9. 84
    Eddie Cibrian Says:

    Leann should dump me because I am only dragging her down. Jennifer Aniston will marry me and let me be her baby dady so she can be my sugar mama and get me an acting job.

  10. 85
    anon6 Says:

    Troll is dragging out the SM/BG files. No imagination and all that work can’t be wasted. Transparency plus. Thank you ZOE!!!

    It’s good for the reason it adds more posts on LeAnn’s threads. Thx !!!

  11. 86
    Fran Says:

    LMAO at the Eddie Cibrian nic, too funny!

    Have y’all seen these pics? I wonder if Eddie sucks her fingers, ewww…

  12. 87
    EddieCibriansBalls Says:

    Leann, let GO, that hold is killin’ us! Cripes woman, Eddie’s not going anywhere, he loves this new laidback rich lifestyle. Just let up on us huh?

    Thank you.

  13. 88
    Diane Says:

    I just thought of something! Eddie & Brandi Cibrian made adorable kids, can you IMAGINE what two squinty eyed adults with bulldog traits on Leann’s side is going to look like, if they have kids!

    THAT will be interesting. I’m sorry, but I always think of “Wilbuuurrr” when I see Leann’s face.

  14. 89
    Utter Desperation Says:

    Troll is totally desperate at this point.

    LeAnn has you by your……

  15. 90
    Racy Says:

    Wow! Things are getting really low for the troll. When the only thing you have to criticize and make fun of is someone’s finger in their nose. LMAO!! wHERE ARE ALL THE BIG BRAGGING THINGS YOU HAD IN THE PAST. GETTING PRETTY SLIM ON LIES YOU CAN TELL NOW HUH?

  16. 91
    Diane Says:

    I don’t know, the peeps over at the PerezHilton message board on his site, and on HuffPo, Popsugar, etc. are all dying at the nose picking pics bwahaha – they think it’s disgusting! I LOVE getting others to see it that haven’t seen it yet.

    Racy/Anon – maybe Leann will give u a raise if you ask nicely for your wunderful loyalty to her. LMAO

  17. 92
    Diane Says:

    Oh, just read that Taylor Swifts new album comes out in Oct.

    Too funny, Lele doesn’t stand a chance in the sales dept. Poor Eddie, he needs her to make some extra dough for him in case he doesn’t land another acting gig right away. heehee

  18. 93
    Troll2010 Says:

    I’m a troll, Anon & Racy are Lele trolls, we’re all trolls! We all fall down….

    Have you guys seen these pics, LUV them! I might have to build a whole website around them, hmmm….yeah, that might work. I’ll post a link to it when it’s finished. I can do the veneers/nosepicking fansite, that’ll work!

  19. 94
    anonymous Says:

    Troll that’s only you on those other sites ….laughing at yourself pretending you are having convos with non-existent others. Number is up and your tweets are down to ZERO!

  20. 95
    charity Says:

    It’s so sad when a celeb is brought to their knees by their nose. But, then again ,Leann’s nose with her finger in there digging for morsals is a rare and wonderful sight for the rest of us mere ordinary people to view. I only hope that EC has seen all ten of her nose pictures and he never never ever sucks on her fingers. Remember so well, the picture in the restaurant of her sucking on his finger. Little did he know her finger nose picking trick

  21. 96
    Racy Says:

    If you people and your favorite subject aren’t enough to turn off any celebrity in Nashville, I will be surprised. They will realize what trashy people can and might do to them in the future. Don’t you wish that all a troll and his few had to use to put you down was your finger in your nose? Pitiful.

  22. 97
    Troll2010 Says:

    Oh Anonymous, I mean Racy (er, Leann) – don’t worry, I’m doing up a WHOLE website, get it? Twitter is still there for me, seemyprofilepic

    But I’m liking the idea of a website devoted strictly to Lele’s veneers and those nosepicking pics, a fansite, if you will. I found a free website hosting (angelfire), so now all I have to do is create it!

    Honestly, I’ll be putting up a link in a few days for your viewing pleasure. I plan on putting a link to my new fansite, and of course link it on the bio portion of my Twitter Page for “seemyprofilepic”. Gotta go, it’s time to create my very own Lele fansite!

    You gave me the idea, thank you very much.

  23. 98
    Troll2010 Says:

    I should thank Leann too, oops, I already did – to her minion Anonymous/Racy. But really, without Leann digging for gold in those RARE pics I wouldn’t have the material for the site.

    Other country singers aren’t worried, silly. They don’t have pics online and for public consumption of THEM picking their damn nose, they use tissues when they know they’re being photographed by paps. Lele is so stupid. haha

    Justjared has 10 of those wonderful nose pics…oh, the possibilities to link those on my new fansite. Can’t wait!!

  24. 99
    anon Says:

    well just maybe the PEOPLE in Nashville are as disgusted with EC and LR as the rest of us are and don’t you forget that the ordinary people are the ones who are buying their albums. Do you think a Nashville celeb will say “don’t buy my album because I support LR” I think most people were just sick and tired of LR shoving her affair in everyones face on her twitter page. All the blame for this sad state of AFFAIRS can be laid at LR feet. She actually thought that the LITTLE people would be happy for her .after all, she is the PRINCESS and what the PRINCESS wants the PRINCESS should have

  25. 100
    Troll2010 Says:

    This really intrigues me too, what do you think Racy/Anonymous?

    Comparison pics:

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