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Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: Munich Mates

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: Munich Mates

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz hit the red carpet for the premiere of their film, Knight and Day, at Gloria movie theatre on Wednesday (July 21) in Munich, Germany.

The 48-year-old actor signed autographs and met with fans who came to scope out their favorite stars. Cameron looked super chic in a Bottega Veneta dress and Pierre Hardy shoes!

Katie Holmes told People earlier this week that Tom and daughter Suri continually inspire her.

“Every day my husband inspires me, my family…my daughter,” Katie shared. “We’re always sort of creating new things, whether it’s a party or, you know, a script or a movie…We try to have a very creative household.”

FYI: Cameron is wearing a ring by Joan Hornig Jewelry and Jennifer Meyer Jewelry Thin Bangles with Stone. Also, Tom is wearing the IWC Vintage Ingenieur Automatic watch!

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz at the Munich premiere of Knight and Day

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Credit: A-way!; Photos: Splash News Online, WENN
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  • Alaia

    What’s up with Cameron Diaz’s style? She used to be so much fun on the red carpet! Now she’s an absolute bore. Not only that, her recent film projects haven’t been so interesting. She used to mix comedy and drama well. The Box wasn’t very good and Shrek the Third and Knight and Day…I have no words. To top it all off, she’s ruined her face with botox. She just doesn’t look the same any more. It’s a shame.

  • !

    Tom looks good.

  • KellStar

    They’re still promoting this dud?

  • thats_right

    I seroiusly can’t stand Tom Cruise on any movie he plays in, but to be honest I really enjoyed watching Knight and Day a great 2 hour action movie Tom Cruise looked so great I was kind of wow, Tom and Cameron had a great chemistry together, I truly recommned all of you as a non fan of Tom Cruise to really watch that movie, what a great chemistry they had, Kate you better watch out lol no wonder Kate was always on the set lol

  • trish

    Two over-the-hill actors trying to look young

  • pr person

    Who cares?

  • danielle


    Sorry — whether the movie was good or bad makes no difference to me and many others. We will not support the cult this man promotes. And I’ve read that in any of his films he generally has enough power to demand the producers employ scientologists when possible AND at least on his own films he demands that the cult have a tent or trailer so that they can minister to the both the followers and try and indoctrinate the ones that don’t believe.

  • Butterflier

    Sorry Katie, you’re not fooling anyone with the blather about your “creative” household. Did it hurt when they put the microchip in?

  • Dieter

    Just had a wank on Cam’s full round booty. Totally came !!!!!

  • Kaz

    Wow good why not marred and leave scik katy

  • Slig


  • !

    It was not a good movie. The scenes where he drugged her and turned up in different countries were silly. How did he get her there.
    But he still is very charasmatic and handsome, even tho you did notice that he has aged, which of course is natural.
    Cameron looks like a boxer, whose face has been rearranged , by too many punches!

  • From Paris with love

    pic #8 the guy checking out her @ss LOL

  • suris friend

    Nice of Cameron to talk about what a good family man Cruise is. Too bad he had to buy one.
    Who’s your daddy, Suri?(We love you JJ but you’re going to have to cough up the funds for the inevitable nose job)

  • Camila

    oh come on while thes ridiculous american diss the movie, in Brazil, everyone is watching and loving this movie, the people who don’t like cam & tom will only come to diss, I guess they didn’t even watched the movie before judging, most of you just come to here to get enemies, cause nobody likes to see their celebrities being dissed, I guess when The dears of america, Twillight Saga guys get aged, and every diss them, you ain’t gonna like, cause once upon, cameron was loved by too many too, look at the past!!!

  • truth

    @suris friend
    don’t you think that josh jackson would have an inkling that was his daughter. go back and have a look at the pics from Batman Begins, not the ones that suit you, but all of them. Katies tummy is as flat as a pancake. suri looks like both tom and katie. give it up.

  • Camila

    It’s not a shame, or she wouldn’t be showing her BEAUTIFULL smile!!!

  • Camila


    i can’t see, cameron has neve done nothing with her face, she’s just nice maked-up, and if it’s true? will it do some difference for you?

  • Camila

    and beyond all that, just jared is becoming a bad site, cause, when I opne a new tab for seeing images they stop loading, and with these rude people , nothing helping!

  • Pac Man

    Don’t believe everything you hear and you’re not supporting anyone’s beliefs by watching an unrelated movie, #7.

    She doesn’t care, #8. Remain ignorant. She’s having a blast with her life.

    You’re such a creep, #14.

  • Lucas

    she’s looking gorgeous, and It’s a nice movie for who like comedy roles,
    “The scenes where he drugged her and turned up in different countries were silly” how do you explain people becoming wolfman , or vampire in movies?? comeon , it’s a movie, who cares about these ridiculous dramas?????

    My favorite picture isnt there, but I loved this I found in a forum, her smile is beautifull(for me at least)

  • Camila

    @Pac Man:
    if she doesn’t care why are you dissing her u.u?

  • Camila

    sorry pacman this wasn’t for you

  • how confuse people

    hey @Camila:
    Hey girl take it easy, you don’t need to defend her, and to reply the wrong person for this LOL, you might be suffering with people talking bad about her, I suffer too LOL, I LOVE SARAH JESSICA PARKER!!!! and it’s the samething in her page!!!

  • Shakira

    Great movie. A funny romantic comedy with action. Easy to like and watch. I loved it and these two are both great pros. Good flick.

  • Munich girl

    A friend of mine went to beergarden two days ago and she said Tom Cruise was sitting there, with his bodyguards, eating tranditional roasted pork. Funny :)

    Otherwise, his premiere in Munich, in the cinema am Stachus went pretty unnoticed

  • Munich girl

    Gosh, there is something wrong with this site, I could not finish my post. Anyways, the pictures you see gives you the impression there were many people, but they were mostly journalists or folks who happend to be at Stachus (a square in Munich).

  • suris friend

    Sorry pacman. My life’s goal is to not upset you.
    Maybe you’ll like these father/daughter photos better:

  • ???


  • suris friend

    1)I’m also bothered by the fact that JJ doesn’t seem to care, but I’m hoping it’s because he either can’t fathom that Katie could go along with the lengths that Tom took to shift the timeline(buying the sonogram machine to monitor the baby, etc), or he knew and Katie wanted to keep the baby so he followed her wishes and stepped aside.
    2) I appreciate that you actually took the time to NOT be like pacman and rationalize your position on the subject; however, at the time of the premier, 06/06/2005, Katie would have probably been around 10 weeks along, maybe 11. How much would she have shown at that point? And although her belly varies in shots, I would not call it flat as a pancake, not to mention the odd cut of the dress.
    Here’s a front and side shot:front:

  • truth

    @ suris friend
    there were premieres all over the word, and all different dresses, you can’t judge by the cut of this dress , go check.. ‘as much as you might want suri to be Josh Js, what sort of a man would give up his child knowing who she is. if that is then the case, which i don’t for 1 min believe it is, then suri is better off with out joshua in her life, since he doesn’t have the guts to aknowledge that she is his daughter . i liked joey and pacey together, but not katie and joshua, that’s real life, not dawsons creek.

  • Taxgirl

    @truth: I don’t know who Suri’s biological dad is, but I’m sure it’s not the dumbass Mr. Infertile Cruise.
    As for Joshua, he and Katie WERE real life friends,or so he thought, until Tom arrived.
    Joshua has always refused to discuss Tom and Katie, only saying that he cares but shes moved on to another place in her life.
    A couple of months ago I saw an interview where he actually laughed at how ridiculous Tom is. Joshua did not say anything negative when the interviewer made a Tom and Katie comment, but Chris Rock said what he thought and Joshua actually laughed(at Tom, not Katie).

  • tannttu

    I looooove Tom Cruise. He’s awesome!
    I’d marry him.
    And the movie was awesome too.
    Why they never come here :((((((((