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Jennifer Aniston Switches Up The Daily Show

Jennifer Aniston Switches Up The Daily Show

Jennifer Aniston arrives in a stunning Dolce & Gabbana dress at The Daily Show in New York City on Thursday (August 19).

The 41-year-old former Friends actress was promoting her new film, The Switch, which opens tomorrow August 20.

On the show, Jon Stewart shared that he asked Jen out and they went on a date in 1994 at a New York City Italian restaurant. He thought it was a real date but she “brought a lot of friends”! Poor Jon!

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston switching up The Daily Show

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117 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Switches Up The Daily Show”

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  1. 76
    OMG Says:

    By Nikki Finke | Saturday August 21, 2010 @ 12:03am PDT

    FRIDAY PM: There’s no consensus among my sources tonight over which motion picture is No. 1 at the Friday box office: newcomer Fox spoof Vampires Suck looks slightly ahead for today vs Sly Stallone’s action holdover The Expendables which should win the weekend for Lionsgate. In fact, the order of the entire Top 7 is in doubt. Some of the discrepancy has to do with factoring in just East Coast grosses vs including West Coast late shows. I may have to wait for numbers to be refined Saturday morning to definitively declare a winner. (That’s sometimes why I get these wild swings from hour to hour Friday night, in case you were wondering.) In all, there were 5, count ‘em, 5 new films opening in North America today with none of them probably able to break $15M by end of Sunday. Analysis coming:

    1. Vampires Suck (Fox) NEW [3,233 Runs]
    Friday $5M, Estimated Weekend $14.5M, Estimated Cume $21M.

    2. The Expendables(Lionsgate) Week 2 [3,270 Runs]
    Friday $4.8M (-64%), Estimated Weekend $14.5M, Estimated Cume $62.7M

    3. Lottery Ticket (Warner Bros) NEW [1,973 Runs]
    Friday $3.7M, Estimated Weekend $11M

    4. Eat Pray Love (Sony) Week 2 [3,082 Runs]
    Friday $3.6M (-57%), Estimated Weekend $11.2M, Estimated Cume $32M

    5. Piranha 3D(Dimension/Weinstein Co) NEW [2,470 Runs]
    Friday $3.6M, Estimated Weekend $10M

    6. Nanny McPhee Returns (Working Title/Universal) NEW [2,784 Runs]
    Friday $3M, Estimated Weekend $9M

    7. The Other Guys (Sony) Week 3 [3,472 Runs]
    Friday $2.9M (-47%), Estimated Weekend $9.5M, Estimated Cume $87.5M

    8. The Switch (Miramax) NEW [2,012 Runs]
    Friday $2.8M, Estimated Weekend $8M

    9. Inception (Warner Bros) Week 6 [2,401 Runs]
    Friday $2.1M (-37%), Estimated Weekend $7.0M, Estimated Cume $261.2M

    10. Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Universal) Week 2 [2,820 Runs]
    Friday $1.5M (-65%), Estimated Weekend $4.5M, Estimated Cume $20.2M

  2. 77
    Fan Says:

    I dont think she brought up as an upper class , sophisticated person, is that guy in blue shirt her PR? stephen something? he is there to give her some sort of signal when she says something uncool? Why doesnt he draft a book which contains words, phrases or how to talk probably in public? That would eliminate a lot of embarrasment for both him and jenny?

  3. 78
    LMFAO Says:

    8th place?????? That’s the BEST she can do with a movie she exe produced???!? It’s not like her movie had real competition this weekend like Salt did with Inception. She was the only “name ” to open a movie this weekend and this is the BEST she can do???? Where is HER fan base??? Why do you people not support this “america’s sweetheart”? The only time her movie does well is when she has a strong MALE lead. The Sandler movie will do well because it’s an ADAM SANDLER movie. The reviews are stating JASON BATEMAN carries this movie and she fades into the woodwork. Angelina CARRIES her genre, why can’t anustain carry hers???? 8th PLACE!!!!! LMFAO !!!! I hope the goddess circle is ready to prop her up. Or maybe her non exsistent European boyfriend.

  4. 79
    ww Says:

    get away from my face W H O R E whats u up to ***** REALLY go go you GRAND MOTHER you r 41 go take care of ur kids if u have****** just GO HELLL , STOP trying to YOUNG N HOT your NOT!!! UNDESTSND !!!!! ……………………..DUMB !! iam really wanna kill my self CUZ I FELL SOOOO SICK OF UN FROM YOU N 4ROM S H I T!!!! JUST UR DISGASHTING FACE MAKES ME SICKKK!!!

  5. 80
    Not Impressed by JA Says:


    Jen is being called boring, forgettable, and a wannabe in reviews for her new film ‘The Switch!’ Even her 10-year-old son is a better actor say some!

    It looks like Jennifer Aniston’s new film The Switch is DEFINITELY not going to do as well as Angelina Jolie’s Salt — the reviews are horrible! The Boston Globe says, “movies never had a star as depressing as Aniston” and the New York Times calls her boring, bland, and a “walking vanilla milkshake!” Even her 10-year-old costar and movie son Bryce Robinson is a better actor says Time Out New York!

    It doesn’t stop there either! USA Today says Jen keeps picking, “forgettable roles in forgettable movies” and points out Jennifer Lopez already did this same role earlier this year in The

    NEED I SAY MORE!…….lmao

  6. 81
    O Says:

    shes soo silly and rediclous, even shes nt funny as she think ! in freinds she wasnt funny only he was is feepy,joey,tshander,monica-rowse. sorry but *** rachael no at allll …..n plz jen we all know u feel soo jealous from angie cuz she is of course better than u n pretteir ….u kinda mean yes your much mean i hope ppl see that…….

  7. 82
    lulu Says:

    1. Vampires Suck (Fox) NEW [3,233 Runs]
    Friday $5M, Estimated Weekend $14.5M, Estimated Cume $21M.

    2. The Expendables(Lionsgate) Week 2 [3,270 Runs]
    Friday $4.8M (-64%), Estimated Weekend $14.5M, Estimated Cume $62.7M

    3. Lottery Ticket (Warner Bros) NEW [1,973 Runs]
    Friday $3.7M, Estimated Weekend $11M

    4. Eat Pray Love (Sony) Week 2 [3,082 Runs]
    Friday $3.6M (-57%), Estimated Weekend $11.2M, Estimated Cume $32M

    5. Piranha 3D(Dimension/Weinstein Co) NEW [2,470 Runs]
    Friday $3.6M, Estimated Weekend $10M

    6. Nanny McPhee Returns (Working Title/Universal) NEW [2,784 Runs]
    Friday $3M, Estimated Weekend $9M

    7. The Other Guys (Sony) Week 3 [3,472 Runs]
    Friday $2.9M (-47%), Estimated Weekend $9.5M, Estimated Cume $87.5M

    8. The Switch (Miramax) NEW [2,012 Runs]
    Friday $2.8M, Estimated Weekend $8M



  8. 83
    lulu Says:

    She was everywhere the last 2-3 weeks, not missing a single talk show from east to west coast. and THIS IS WHAT SHE GET ! hahahaha…………………..

  9. 84
    Katsaridoula Says:

    it looks like she HAS TO have her hair flying into her face, otherwise she’d not be comfortable to face other normal looking people. These pictures are a god example. Also, it looks like she’s bought herself two pairs of identical shoes, but in a different colour – beige and black – (see her dark blue, shiny pyjamas outfit). What a boring person she is.

  10. 85
    from karen to Mel Says:

    just posted on Mel who knows (lol…at that titles. she knows sh&t)

    see this is the problem Jennifer has.. you nuts are more obsessed with everything Angelina and that is why Jenny’s wittle movie just bombed..maybe you should stop talking non stop about Angelina and support this fading star..Angie is doing great.. She has a great partner in Brad and 6 adorable kids..
    And you nuts need to wake the hell up. There is no Brad and Jen. The man is not in contact with this woman..

    LOL.. and why do you fools want to see the twins so bad. The fans are not worrying at all. But you nutters are obsessed with their children.. Sick.

    Mel.. get ready. waiting for the spin on this latest BO Bomb from Aniston.. Now she and her PR guru will blame Jason. Because nothing is ever her fault.

    What a great Saturday.. I’m sure my post will be deleted.. but I’ll post it at JJ so you and the other hags will be able to read it..

  11. 86
    QQQQ Says:

    @Je suis fatigue:
    just compare Angie with Jen.Lopez, She too popped out two kids and have almost JA’s age. She looks so healthy and well kept if you compare her with AJ, Many celebrities have kids, like Heidi Klum, JLO, Jen,.Garner,Jada Pinkett Smith, compare AJ with all of them. Dieting and excercising are a normal practice among actors & actresses. Even normal people do that.

  12. 87
    ManistH0n Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is a loser. She has the nerve to discredit other stars saying they lack a sensitivity chip when she is insulting a group with the R word.
    Well guess what stupid woman : you are the UNCOOL R*TARDED who lacks a sensitivity chip and several dozen of IQ !
    Your ex was right and said it better : ‘I only date stupid women” !

  13. 88
    SALT Rocks Says:

    This guy is so right on the money.

  14. 89
    SALT Rocks Says:

    SALT Rocks @ 08/21/2010 at 10:56 am +2

    This guy is so right on the money. Read theory #3.

  15. 90
    leah Says:

    Well once again her movie did terrible. It came in as #8 and was not running against anything big and exciting. She is a waste of time. Seriously this women can not act to save herself. She makes a fool out of herself b/c her vocabulary sucks at a grade 5 level.
    Jen did not have the common decency to say ‘I am sorry’ for using the R word and who the ell does she think she is that she doesn’t think it necessary to apologise for insulting a large % of ppl who were born with an illness they fight against every day. I am not overly educated but trust i wouldn’t use the R word in conversation like she did without noticing how disgusting it sounds and not only that how wrong it is to say . If i should ever make that mistake tho which can happen to anybody i would be the first one to aplogise with 100% meaningful remorse. Looks like Jennifer Aniston is beyond that train of thought. She makes me sick. It looks good on her to see her shittty film fail. REAL GOOD! All of her films are flops .
    She is on tv and on covers of mags staying relavant b/c of a divorce that happened 5 plus yrs ago. She can’t act and yet has the nerve to talk about how wonderful this crappy movie is and the fact it is her first time
    directing and how proud of it she never shuts up about.
    The broad should hang up her hat dump out the blue contacts, give her blonde dyed locks a break ,go back to television if they will have her nahhhhhhhh just be honest with herself and stop making goofy stupid movies ppl are tired of paying money to watch garbage films b /c you have to know how to act for ppl to enjoy a movie and this chick can’t act as we all know so time to retire as scary as it sounds.

    buh bye Jen…humongous phoney

  16. 91
    ManistH0n Says:

    Mini skirts and Babs impersonnification didn’t do the trick to save that movboe.
    Finger in the ass promo and p0rn pic stunts are what’s work best for her product.
    Maybe she should just consider a career change in ….p0rn, once and for all so that that wonderland body her fans are so crazy about will actually serve a purpose….not to mention, she will improve her poor napalm skills….

  17. 92
    Knock Out Says:

    Holy crap. Look at her legs. She has a hot body, a cute face, and a fun personality – the whole package.

  18. 93
    Corey Says:

    While I have nothing against Jennifer Aniston, after being dragged to this yesterday by a friend who is a big fan, I can honestly say that she cannot act. Either that or she does not know how to choose projects for herself. This movie is really ridiculous and she is not believable at all as a mother for some reason. Also, Wally switching the sperm would be a huge violation that would probably land him in big legal trouble and they do not even address it at all. This poor woman just keeps making the same bad movie over and over again. Do not waste your money. The theater was half empty and it was only the opening night. That is one hour and 40 minutes that I will never get back Even my friend, the big Jen fan had to admit that it was a crap movie and a waste of out rime and money.

  19. 94
    ann Says:

    omg, jen looks stunning!!! she’s so beautiful and hot!!! what a body!!!! the dress is amazing!!! poor jon!! funny story!! I NEED to see the switch!!!!!!

  20. 95
    Je suis fatigue Says:

    @QQQQ: I don’t need to compare Angie to them. I compared her to Jen in response to another poster who compared their bodies. PAY ATTENTION! sure people in hollywood diet bu tManiston diets and exercises everyday. .Angie doesn’t have to diet. she’s naturally thin.How many women wish they could whatever they want without having to work out

  21. 96
    Je suis fatigue Says:

    @Knock Out:
    who calls a 41 year old woman cute? Cute is for puppies and 2 year olds. If she’s the whole package, why do men keep leaving her?

  22. 97
    From Perez Says:

    “Poor Maniston!
    Despite the film’s wide release (in over 2,000 theaters) and despite the massive amounts of promotion she did (magazine covers and lots of TVs), Jennifer Aniston’s new movie, The Switch, failed to even open in the Top 5 at the U.S. box office this weekend.
    In fact, the film made just $2.7 million and should only make $8 mill for the entire weekend.
    She is just not a film star!
    In other news, the Angelina Jolie-driven film Salt recently crossed the $100 million mark domestically, one of only less than a handful of women that can carry a film like that. “

  23. 98
    nnpl Says:

    New Aniston’s nick name: Jen Air (for airhead)

  24. 99
    woot Says:

    She can’t even act maternal! she had no connection to the boy I’m told. I guess she was right when she said on Leno ” sometimes you need kids in movies” she needs to open her heart and feel something otherwise she is sinking. From her movies, to her mannerisms in interviews I think it’s not looking good for her privately. Thing is she is so fake, it’s actually impossible to pinpoint anything she fully cares about and supports. Who is Jennifer Aniston?

  25. 100
    Hypocritical Aniston Says:

    A group of mothers of special needs children has started an email campaign to get Lili Claire to REMOVE Jennifer Aniston from their Honorary Board of Directors (her name appears first on their list). Lili Claire’s Mission Statement is the following:

    “The greatest wish of every expectant parent is to bring a healthy child into the world. Recent studies indicate, however, that every year, 6% of children are born with a neurogenetic condition such as Williams Syndrome, Down Syndrome, or Autism.

    As a legacy to Lili, The Lili Claire Foundation helps to ease the challenges these families face by providing a unique and comprehensive blend of support services through our Lili Claire Family Resource Centers, operated in partnership with the finest university hospitals across the country.”

    Mothers of Special Needs Children are OUTRAGED that someone on the LC Board would have so little respect for special needs children as to use the R-word, AND refuse to apologize for it.

    You can help by emailing or CALLING Lili Claire Foundation and DEMANDING that they PUBLICLY remove Aniston’s name from their masthead.

    The Lili Claire Foundation
    mailing address:
    3435 Ocean Park Boulevard #107, PMB #305
    Santa Monica, CA 90405

    Call: 310-396-4355
    Fax to: 310-396-2127
    Email: staff at

    Every email will be greatly appreciated and keep public attention on her outrageous behavior..

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