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Adam Lambert: Kissing Tommy Joe Ratliff On Stage!

Adam Lambert: Kissing Tommy Joe Ratliff On Stage!

Adam Lambert locks lips with his bassist, Tommy Joe Ratliff, during his concert at JCB Hall on Wednesday (October 6) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 28-year-old American Idol season 8 runner-up rocked out in black leather pants, a purple jacket and a top hat with a large “A” on it.

“I wanna slay it tonight in TOKYO!” Adam wrote on his Twitter page.

The singer jetted in from Bali, where he enjoyed an exotic holiday last week. “Bali vacation was a rebirth! Such a beautiful trip. My heart is full,” he tweeted.

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Credit: Jun Sato; Photos: Wire Image
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  • pathetic

    abe lincoln meets uncle fester

  • it Figures

    The Japanese love freak shows.

  • JoJo

    Cute and sweet

  • rocknmovies

    David Bowie did it all better almost 40 years ago.

  • persian221


  • Sam

    LOL The media is acting like this is the first time its happen. They kiss at every show! Us fans love it!

  • Jory


  • Seatheflea

    Adam’s always hot!

  • Cindy

    Adam and Tommy have been kissing each other during the beginning of Adam’s ‘Fever’ song since pretty much the tour started in June… It’s nothing new, or that exciting; they just continue to do it because the fans go crazy over it.

  • Aani

    yea like he did that 70 times in the US almost every show what’s new!!
    that’s HOT

  • Lisa

    So funny that they’ve been during it all summer & now the media are picking up on it lol. I love their chemistry & how they seem to have so much fun playing off eachother (& this was FAR from their hottest or best kiss)

  • Roni

    Um, what is news about this? Adam has been doing this all summer and he says it gets Tommy lots of girl action so thagts why! We all know Adam helps out everyone around him before he helps himself! Why didnt you post the pic Adam posted along with his tweet? Now thats hot!
    Oh, and Adam is HOT kissing anyone so stop bullying Adam you ignorant posters saying gross, I for one am not going to stand for your bullying anymore! STFU!

  • sunny

    to rocknmovies – I totally love David Bowie; a true artist and genius performer. But vocally – gotta say Adam Lambert blows him away. Adam possesses the vocal chops of Freddie Mercury and the entertainer skills of Bowie – the absolute best of both!!

  • sweetart

    LOL. . your late, so 2008, but no time like the present to latch on to his coat tails. . how’s that workin’ 4 ya??

  • Randy

    Like you’ve never seen people kiss before! Grow up! This is old news.

  • jack

    this should make all the queer kids feel perfectly normal.

  • chrisbr1111

    I think the ladies like a little boy on boy action, lol. ‘Bout time they got it.

  • eternal runner-up

    If Adam had any talent he wouldn’t have to resort to all the gimmicks.

  • CJ

    Ha Ha..he’s been kissing Tommy all summer long on stage. In a recent interview he said they do it because it gets the females in the audience all excited and it gets Tommy a lot of action from the girls after the show. Tommy is straight.

  • duran

    @pathetic: Stop the bullying!!! Stop the hate.

  • Mouse

    Just Jared – always late to the party? This is OLD, OLD news. Adam has been doing this all summer – 71 concerts!

  • duran

    @it Figures: Stop the bullying!! Stop the hate!

  • anton

    @persian221: Stop the hate!!!

  • tacky

    tacky and terrifying

  • http://Website Stella

    Adam and Tommy’s kiss during “Fever” is so f@cking hot! Adam puts on an amazing show. I love that finally we have a male pop recording artist pushing the envelope like his female counterparts.

  • luna

    Back in the Providence show Adam tellingly introduced Tommy saying ‘he likes girls but he also likes this’ and they passionately kissed. It seemed like they just outed Tommy as bisexual right then. So, why Adam has backpeddled, I have no idea. Why would they think it’s more acceptable to see a kiss if it’s between a gay man and straight man vs a gay man and a bi man?

  • 123

    @eternal runner-up:

    Stop the hate! This is not “your opinion” this is just plain hate coming out of you!. Very negative and not true (by now there are thousand of articles from all over the world talking about Adam’s amazing and undeniable talent).

    If you really don’t like Adam (it is understandable) I will suggest you should go write positive messages on the site of another artist that you like.

    Expressing your negativity here, it’s a sign of mental instability, depression or out-of-control phobias. You should do something to improve your quality of life.

  • FeverForAdam

    Adam is very attuned to what his audiences respond to – and they LOVE this lip-locking antic. It’s just one moment during the concert. Don’t overlook all the mesmerizing moments Adam creates with his magical vocals and sexy dance moves.

  • staciegirlie

    @eternal runner-up:

    Is this what you said to Madonna and Brittany or were you to busy readjusting the crouch of your pants?

  • Naath

    this is not their first kiss, so for us it makes no difference glamberts ADOMMY’S ALIVE

  • N. Rayjd

    He looks ridiculouse

  • Laurie

    Adam and Tommy kissing, or any other “Adommy” moments with them together, are the HOTTEST, SEXIEST, and BEST parts of every show! They have so much chemistry together, and complement one another perfectly. But this is old news, they have already done about 80 shows on tour, and the kissing is a regular part of the show.

  • Jaejae

    Adam doesn’t kiss Tommy to get girls for him(I’m sure just being in the band would get him plenty of women). He kisses Tommy because he likes kissing Tommy and probably Tommy doesn’t mind it either AND the fans like it. I fTommy has even more opportunity to meet girls, that is just a by product(which is what Adam said in that interview) They are awesome together on stage! He has kissed Tommy at least half of the shows he did in the US tour. He and Tommy are hot together. but that is just the cherry on top of Adam’s huge talent.

  • Marua

    Aww, I love Adam & Tommy! That kiss was hot!!

  • kiki

    I love Adam, he is amazing and can sing and knows how to put on a show. He is brilliant!

  • amelie

    Adam isn’t stupid , he don’t ruin his career for a kiss on stage , he can gets how many kiss he want in privacy, he just want to show us , from kids to grandpa that the kiss is normal between 2 human being and for some homosexual relationship nobody have to take his life as the six kids from America . Even for that you stop the hate , could be the kid of anyone.

  • Mari


  • Mari


  • marlock276

    Nothing hotter than Adam kissing Tommy. . . or Adam kissing ANYONE for that matter. . . he’s the sexiest man alive!

  • boston61

    This frightening person is one of the big reason gay kids get bullied in school. He is terrifying. He is aggressive and menacing. He is a walking disease. He is a reason gay kids kill themselves.

  • Chauncey

    Apart they are both hot. Together they are scorching. I hope Lambert never stops kissing cute little men on stage. He’s talented, charismatic, and a media master. Love the guy.

  • boston61

    1 out of every 7 people are gay. 95% are not mentally ill like Adam Lambert.

  • http://@ADAMISAROCKGOD glória

    Adam and Tommy have been kissing since the beggining of Glam Nation Tour..even Before, on AMA. There’s nothing in this whole world more HOT than Adam and Tommy kissing and doing all that stuff they do onstage..They’re pretty hot and sexy together and have lots of chemestry.
    By the way, Adam said on that article, that Tommy gets ”lots of action” NOT ”lots of girl action”…so it can mean A LOT of things ;)~
    All I know is that US, Glamberts, love to see them together!! GO ADOMMY!

  • http://!! jenny from the block

    do what you want behind closed doors but this is just wronggg not to mention gross. i threw up in my mouth… two guys should not be kissing

  • boston61

    If you are young and gay and reading this you can live life with dignity and integrity. You do not have to be a whorish freak like Adam. Don’t worry.

  • boston61

    If you are young and gay and reading this you can live life with dignity and integrity. You do not have to be a whorish freak like Adam. Don’t worry.

  • http://!! jenny from the block

    okay that was mean I shouldn’t of wrote that. sorry if i offended anyone.. love who you love and don’t be ashamed of it

  • Isabelle

    It’s not about two men kissing, it’s about why does he have to pulled this guy for a kiss as he owns him and it’s part of the show. What is Adam Lambert trying to achieve by doing this on stage…entertain. Sorry! but get a room for crying out loud.

  • sarah

    EWWWWW !
    adam is so ugly and so desperate for attention

  • glória

    boston61 No, dear…Gay kids kill themselves because of homofobic ppl, just like you! Stop spreading the hate. oh! and your statistics are SO wrong…the whole world is FULL of beautiful and sweet gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender what you’re gonna do???lock up yourself in your room? Yeah!! that’s the idea !!!