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Jessica Alba Buys In Bulk

Jessica Alba Buys In Bulk

Jessica Alba and a friend go shopping and purchase a TV, 2 receivers, a DVD player and some water at Costco on Thursday (October 7) in Inglewood, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress is not satisfied with her body since having her baby and talked about her insecurities to British GQ. “There’s something so amazing about having a child. My breasts are saggy, I’ve got cellulite, my hips are bigger, but I love it.”

“I don’t get it. Every actress out there is more beautiful than me. I’ve never been comfortable showing my body off like that. I used to have anxiety attacks before I did the photo shoots,” Jessica said. “I’d never worn high heels or even dresses before I did movies. I wasn’t even allowed to show my stomach in the house when I was growing up – my parents were very strict. But this is the business I’m in, and it’s made me a lot of money, so I can’t complain.”

10+ pictures inside of Jessica Alba buying in bulk…

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  • Halli

    She’s so negative. Shut the f*uck up already you twat.

  • ka-blamo


  • yikes

    Agree#1: I can’t stand this hag….”oh pity me! I’m not really beautiful. My body is not perfect etc etc.” Yes Jessica, there are more beautiful and TALENTED actresses than you. You might have cellulite and wider hips, but you’re still a size 0. If you don’t want people to view you as a sex symbol, stop posing on the cover of magazines half naked. If she’s fishing for compliments, she didn’t succeed. If any, I hate her even more! grrr

  • Lala

    Did she just say she sold her morals to the industry? No wonder she looks so miserable all the time, I feel like it finally makes sense lol

  • hey ya

    “I’ve never been comfortable showing my body off like that. I used to have anxiety attacks before I did the photo shoots” ………..If she’s not comfortable with it, then why is she half-naked in 99% of her photoshoots??

    “But this is the business I’m in, and it’s made me a lot of money, so I can’t complain.” ………. and yet she still does??

  • xxx

    Oh she is such a cow. She would be working at McDonalds if it wasn’t for her looks and she complains about the attention but she still flaunts it and has basically built her entire career on posing half-naked and running around in bikinis??? It doesn’t make sense………. she loves it

  • Annie

    False modesty does not suit you, Jessica Alba!

  • mailey

    she is ridiculously disingenous. she could benefit from a couple of years of college. or i dunno what. something.
    looks like she was also raised to be a total a**. way to go.

  • April Snow

    What is she doing in Inglewood shopping. It is not a very safe city.

    I wish she would shop near her parents home. Perhaps I will run into her. I live near her parents.

    I like her. She reminds me of my daughter, who is about her age. Sweet girl.

  • Steve Jobs

    All she said just made her a hypocrite. Who will be saying those things if somebody offer a project of her to pose half naked? That should make her think that she does have body and the looks. Now that she said that she only makes her nothing at all. Such a hypocrite!


    I don’t think it was false modesty. Many beautiful models are very insecure because they have that pressure to live up to that standard and there is always someone who will tell you that you are not beautiful.
    I beleive that she is happy to be chosen and perceived as beautiful but still can’t comprehend that people find her beautiful because she probably doesn’t see her body and face as beautiful as people say she is.
    Many women don’t have the same perception about themselves than others do and many act exactly like Jessica, like tehy are always struck to be perceived as beautiful when tehy just see themselves as just Ok..

  • raena

    @ April Snow- WTF? perv. you’re like some old dude who wants to run into Jessica Alba- because she incidentally reminds you of your daughter? Am I the only one who has a completely negative interpretation of those lines??????

  • ak47

    she is an empty oL’ so + so.
    i thought her and the clever, hot piece of A c$sh warren were on the rocks?
    in RE: to the following retards:
    “April Snow”: you are out of your mind and a dumb f*ck.
    “WHO IS SALT: you’re a total perv + wacked out, yo. edit your sh*t before you post and correct all the mistakes. you sound like some doped up mo-fo.


    she is trying to come off as humble, but seems like she is complaining…exactly what she says she doesn’t want to do.



  • WhatWillTheNeigborsSay?

    Ohh.. does it mean you sell yourself like a prostitute, Alba? Where’s your self-respect?

    She’s an arrogant,dumb whore. She would do everything for money and compliments.. That’s so sad.

  • Lara

    Sorry Jessica, what you said is ridiculous and makes you look ridiculous. And it doesn’t sound humble at all (which was intended, I suppose). She’s stupid!

  • me

    how can she say so..i’m surprised..she is thin and has perfect body..her hips are not big,her boobs not saggy….she looks like she has never been pregnant…is she on drugs….i don’t believe that she feels insecure…before shoots…..but she sounds like she has been forced to be prostutute…c’mon….jessice we love you…but stop talking this shits

  • sd


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  • Lance

    Half Swedish woman.