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Kate Bosworth Makes It A Mochilla Morning

Kate Bosworth Makes It A Mochilla Morning

Kate Bosworth drops off a special package at the post office on Friday (October 8) in Los Angeles.

WATCH: ‘The Warrior’s Way’ Trailer

The 27-year-old actress toted around the Proenza Schouler Medium Columbian Mochilla PS1 Handbag. Cute!

The day before, Kate was spotted taking her pet pooch to the vet.

Find out more about Kate‘s fashion from Twitter. Follow her stylist, Just Jared, and Proenza on Twitter @CherCoulter, @JaredEng, and @ProenzaSchouler!

More pics at X17!

Just Jared on Facebook
kate bosworth mochilla 01
kate bosworth mochilla 02
kate bosworth mochilla 03
kate bosworth mochilla 04

Photos: X17
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  • Mary

    What has she done of worth EVER? Could you be anymore obviously bought and payed for, JJ?

  • JM

    Here we go again…

  • TrueBlade

    STOP IT!!!!!!! NO MAS!!!!!! Why is being worthless considers a talent in HW?

  • JM

    And what was she mailing? The cheap jewelry her 1 fan purchased from her lame website?

  • nicole

    Are you kidding?? Ha!!! Sorry but her jewelry, her career, her movies,etc all suck. I could care less about her “style” or “fashion sense”. Her stylist is awful too. What gives? This is just shameless promotion. If I am putting my name behind someone to promote the product and the people better be dang worth it. There not at all. Everyone is laughing at her site. So sad.

  • me too

    Her face looks ok some times but most of the time her face is like a mask and her legs are simply ugly.

  • TrueBlade

    Homegirl looks like she bought breastes. Maybe it wasn’t padding in the Idiots video. She didn’t have those in the Coachella bikini poses. AS could finally put down the binoculars.

  • nikos

    famewhore: yes
    ugly: yes
    scrawny: yes
    boring: yes
    talented or even relevant : no
    it’s kate bosworth…my first time commenting to tell u to STOP posting pictures of her. come on…..

  • watchitburn

    The only movie I remember her from is that surfer teenage movie, Blue Crush, sorry to say I have no interest in her career,she needs to leave Alex or vice versa, they just do not fit but its Hollywood, who knows.

  • A passersby

    Unless paps start waiting outside post offices, she def. calls them herself.

  • TrueBlade


    She’s mailing her last bit of self respect and pride. How does she look at herself in mirrors?

  • Kate Worthless

    Her again…..i’m not even surprised!
    yes, she calls the paps herself….which i believe is the most stupid thing a celebrity can do. and she’s not even a celebrity…she got “popular” because of her relastionship with Orlando Bloom…before that, nobody had ever heard of her.

  • Juno

    Why does she always wear the same ugly shoes?

  • A passersby

    BTW, I couldn’t find other pics on X17, maybe they have given the pics to JJ directly coz these two sites both on KB’s payrolls?

  • WhAtEvEr

    I don’t care about her Jewelery or fashion.
    Now kindly go away.
    Is she really this desperate to promote her jewelery? Using Askars and calling up JJ?
    L00k she’s even wearing the f..cking necklace from her website! -_-”

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • LisaM

    I don’t think anyone here gives a Sh*t that she went to the post office!!! Please stop wasting people’s time on nobodies!! lmfao!

  • Santos

    Four sets of photographs in the past two days. She’s got to be tipping off the press to promote her jewelry line.

  • boston61

    27 going on 47. Must be her Rachel Zoe diet.

  • pr guy

    This is what pay-for-post looks like. She has an arrangement with this blog to promote her new business venture, hence the incessant candids since she set foot back in Los Angeles.

  • Flo

    Wow she is really unloved. You’d think this site would stop posting pics of her soon?

  • Trinity

    Kate Bosworth always wears the same ugly clothes.
    Now she’s wearing the same ugly jewelry.

  • okay

    I am rolling over here… I personally think jared is laughing with us as he cash those PR checks.

  • vids

    @Flo: That will only happen when the checks stop clearing (see Rachel Bilson and Rihanna).

  • cute

    Cute girl but her hair is really starting to thin.
    She should change her outfits from time to time too.

  • Pixie still here lol..

    Common Kate couldn’t get any of your female celebrity frieds to wear your tacky jewelry OH……WAIT she doesn’t have any friends I mean ones that are not on her payroll so Cher doesn’t count or that best friend that lives across the world in Australia lol…….BTW Kate get a new stylist because once again your wearing a Crappy outfit with knobby knees and snicky ankle boots …Isabel Murant wants you to stop wearing her last seasons boots her sales are going down just from you wearing them lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GPS

    Lunching, taking dog to the vet, going to the post office… Lord, I wish my life was THAT exciting and glamorous… But I´m just a mere mortal and not a Hollywood superstar, who´s followed by paps 24/7… Dammit, Jared, stop making me feel like a total loser!

  • S&G

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  • Brightside

    This isn’t a post, JJ, this is an advert. You are advertising a product that is worthless. Why not just put a little tag up saying this is an ad! It’s certainly not news and it’s not celebrity gossip. Just an ad for a d-lister, paid for by the d-lister!

  • MissAnthropica

    All I can say about this is…… YAWN!!!!
    She really does look like the blonde version of Rachel Bilson, same shoes same sunglasses same calling of the paps. Same boring posts and that isnt a good thing.
    I am going to guess she will be calling them everyday now, with the dud film BFF & Baby about to begin filminf October 13th in LA.
    She will be posted here everyday twice and day along with Rachel.
    I can hardly wait!!!!
    Um not!!!! lol
    Rachel will most likely be playing her sister or something in a small supporting role since they look alike and not in a ” good way”.
    I almost thought this was the same post about Kate from earlier she is wearing that same ugly brown knit sweater. Yuck.
    Might as well be the same post.
    Boring and boring.

  • Don’t shoot

    Let me start by saying that I’m not a fan of this woman and even less a fan of her and Askars together. The jewelry thing – pay by month – whatever. I’m certainly not joining, so I really don’t care. Shameless whoring of it the past week, however.

    I will say this … I can appreciate that she must take really good care of the clothes she has and recycles them pretty well. She’s not an A, B, or even C-list celebrity and probably has to make do with what she has while adding pieces when she can. I don’t make diddly squat and am hard as hell on my clothes and shoes. No way those boots would make it past one season with me, although I do deal with snow and salt in the winter.

    Still think she needs to brush her hair and hope she powders those boots daily. Just thought I’d throw something sorta positive out there today admist the hate fest kicking for the last three days.

  • MissAnthropica

    @Don’t shoot: I couldnt give a flying f@ck about her and vampire boy from True Blood she is dating. I stopped watching the show after season one it got boring to me and I only ever liked Anna P. on it.

    I am no fan of his and no fan of hers.

    Although I dont hate her I just call the sh@t when I see it and this constant photo staging on hers is complete cr@p.


    Download True Blood. I downloaded Om Sara. Is easy and cheap.

  • slanted view

    Well, I do find it interesting that JJ has left out her MAN in this post and his linked stories, no? Or did Cher send the check in this time given her twitter shout out JJ? What the hell is with this woman – she gets pap’d at the post office? There isn’t a celeb in H’wood who knows where this is because they wouldn’t go themselves so you know she called X17 on this one.




  • slanted view

    @Don’t shoot: I won’t shoot. That was actually kind of funny. She gets 90% of her clothes for free because she’s a willing pap ho and gets her clothes named and will end up (surprisingly) in InStyle and other places for wearing them. But those boots…man they could do some walking and talking by themselves, no?

  • THE FACE……

    That killed a career……

  • Sarah J.

    Not even a mention of Meekus the Swedish Stripper?

  • Charmaine Watson

    Proenza Schouler Medium Columbian Mochilla PS1 would you know this JJ? Unless …?

  • Liv

    Why do people compare her to Bilson? At least Bilson does charity work sometimes. Can anyone really say the same for Bosworth?

  • best u can do

    ok ok hold on here this is now WHAT the 3rd posting on kate in what 3 days how much is she f**cking paying you to promote here piece of tack that she is wearing?

    and why have you not mentioned in your post for the past 2 days kate was seen enjoyng a QUITE lunch and concert date with her publicity stunt trueblood hunk BOYFRIEND Alexander A**hole. and you have also forgot to state FYI kate is wearing a jewel cheap tack necklace

    oh don’t tell me they have broken up again!!!!!!!! and thats why you have not mentioned them in yout post how stupid and thick of me
    just a quick mention to my pals HELLO KATES FRIENDS DON’T FORGOT TO POST A COMMENT lol

  • slanted view

    Ten imaginary bucks that tomorrow’s post is either some other fab concert she and Askars went to tonight (while she’s wearing the antichrist earrings or some such thing and he runs for the hills) or brunch! with more necklaces! and brown sweaters and boots! Gag, this is so predictable.

  • TrueBlade

    Her clothes are freebies that why she’s advertising them on JJ. How else would they know the brand and style?

  • Ihatekatemkay

    Hilarious that you don’t want us to know she’s paying you to make posts about her Jared….when you conveniently know her stylist’s twitter……

  • Ihatekatemkay

    SOUNDS TO ME LIKE KATE AND JARED ARE BFFS OR SOMETHING, HE TWEETED THIS RECENTLY: “Kate Bosworth’s stylist has joined Twitter. Follow her at @chercoulter! They just opened up a jewelry shopping site called!”
    This just confirms for me she tells him where she and alex will be and when! I SMELL A RAT!

  • intresting

    JJ how come there have been posts on kate boswh**e and alexander skarsgard for the past two days in a row. but when alex is without his wh**e he is no where to be seen. so well the hell is he then?

    but once again she finds time to get snaped at a post office thats very intresting

  • Crittle

    Holy Crap! Her mediocrity is awe inspiring. I’m still waiting for her to make Blue Crush 2, Superman Returns 2, 21 2. Can’t wait!

  • Sammi

    Aww how nice 2c all the usual crazies here, now 2 sit back and watch the inane hate spew , because every1 is so brave and perfect when its all done hidden behind a computer screen!!!

  • intresting

    meant to say where the hell is he then?

  • smelly vermin

    Another shameless plug for garage sale goods? Seriously? You know what? I say they should all stop pretending and just let their collective douche flags fly. Since we now know that they all like to sit around and laugh at the simpletons they call fans, why not just let it out. Get your disdain off your chest. You get to be the douche you are; we get to do the same. Trust, it’s very liberating. Here…oh, Alex? GFYS. Sound familiar? See how easy that was? You’ll feel a lot better. Nothing like keeping it real, Jenny from the Block.