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Armless Pianist Wins 'China's Got Talent'

Armless Pianist Wins 'China's Got Talent'

Liu Wei, a 23-year-old man who lost both of his arms when he was 10, has won China’s Got Talent!

Liu was in an electrocution accident but still pursued his dream of being a concert pianist.

He captivated CGT judges when he auditioned by playing Richard Clayderman‘s “Marriage D’Amour” with his toes!!!

Over the weekend, Liu was crowned the show’s winner at Shanghai Stadium, where he performed James Blunt‘s famous ballad “You’re Beautiful.”

Check out his amazing story and performance!

Pianist Liu Wei on China’s Got Talent
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  • ne


  • mailey

    aw, that’s great :)
    he’s rockin the emo hair. luv it.

  • Christina Aguilera

    his performance is not amazing AT ALL

  • rock n roll queen

    hes simply amazing,just the strength he has to overcome his natural disabilities and even peoples racism and be who he dreams to be is remarkable

  • BionicArmy

    This is terrible performance both the piano & song. China’s not got talent just about “touching”

  • Yvonne

    slow. news. day.

  • Brightside

    Well, I’d like to see you play the piano with your toes! How typical of the able-bodied to put down a truly inspirational performance by someone who has risen above the challenges that his disabilities present. I doubt there are many here that would do the same. I wish him all the best with his career and his life and hope he doesn’t have to suffer from too much prejudice and negativity from the able-bodied but very small-minded community.

  • Butter_Fly

    And here I am proud of the fact that I can pick up a pencil with my toes! But it’s great that he was able to continue to do something that he loves!

  • xula

    so inspiring & brave- i don’t know if i would be courageous to live after an accident like that… what a spirit.

  • Steve Jobs

    I salute this man for making his life meaningful and an inspiration to others. He may continue to pursue his dreams and do not let others fail him. He loses only his hands but the talent lives on.

  • lindsey


  • DarkEmpress

    I am definitely going to learn to play the piano now. My grandma tried to teach me when I was younger but I was too lazy to put in any real effort and learn. Now, she’s passed away and I wish I had learned from her, but seeing this guy without any arms playing so well makes me want to go and learn for real now.

  • Minni

    what an amazing person. He plays wonderfully with his toes!!

  • Andrew le

    Such a beautiful human being. Those negative comments should be ashamed yourself.

  • pradalicious

    is this A JOKE?

  • XYZ

    Better dead than this way. How does he have sex (if he does)? How does he take a piss? Theres nothing inspirational in this, absolutely nothing. Mabe for the religious nuts and total idiots. Would u sleep with his such a guy? Would u take care of him like u would of a little baby? Oh, isnt he cute when he eats with his feet? Cretins…. I hope he wont live that long, hes a burden to everyone including himself. This is the truth, stop painting it pink.

  • citizenstrange

    Represented by the Broadway Danny Rose Talent Agency.

  • ravynskye

    @ XYZ

    Um, yeah… I’m a chick, and I’d do him. XD;;; He’s cute!

    As for the HOW of it… WELL, LET’S SEE… A girl could be on top, or doggie style would work JUST FINE.

    There are many ways to overcome such things, you just have to be creative. ;)

  • Psyren


    I pity anyone who has to know you in real life.

  • Leo

    wow such thoughts ! you must be horrible in real life !

  • Pandora

    Some of you are such sick puppies. I applaud this guy. He’s made a plus out of what most would deem a minus. Great stuff.

  • Nancy

    Hate to burst people’s bubble here, but this is fake; not the part of him being armless( which is truly unfortunate) but the actual piano playing….I have been playing for 15 years and I can tell you that the notes to the song and where his toes hit the keys and when they hit the keys DO NOT match at all…I’m pretty sure some might give me a thumbs down but its cool…I understand that ignorance is bliss….

  • fatburner

    perfect control in his feet

  • kelly

    Wow, makes me feel bad not doing something useful when I don’t have the same handicaps as he does.

  • HK

    @XYZ: Why would he be a burden? You know nothing about real love. dont you?

  • Anny

    He is a good sample to all of us
    Those who said awful words should be ashamed of yourselves!
    Maybe he’s not a talented pianist but he has soul and spirit
    If u guys know his full story,for sure, it’ll be a heartquake!!!

  • CY


  • wing

    if u can not be as brave as him,then u hav no qualification to give any critique!

  • sciaticapain

    it’s great that he was able to continue to do something that he loves!