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Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar Walk Off 'View' Set

Whoopi Goldberg & Joy Behar Walk Off 'View' Set
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Credit: Rick Diamond; Photos: Getty
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  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Yeah Whoopi! Yeah Joy! Bold and touch women. Love it.

  • Seth

    Bill O’Reilly is all that is wrong with the world.

  • saral

    Poor Joy and Whoopi. Apparently they have not been keeping up with the news the last few years. Yes, Joy and Whoopi, it truly WAS muslims that killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11. I cannot believe you didn’t know this! Have you both been under a rock??

    P.S. Joy, you are one of the 30% of Americans who are ok with the inappropriate mosque.

  • saral

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga:

    Have you been out of touch with reality girl? Yes, it WAS muslims who killed Americans. Geez. People like you should not be allowed to vote!

  • xforever1313

    @saral: If by Muslims, you mean Al-Qaeda, a radical Islam group whom many Muslim-Americans, including the builders of the mosque have rejected, then yes! Someone is badly misinformed.

  • rhonda

    did you all miss the muslims dancing in the streets after 9/11? political correctness will get you killed. must be able to discern truth.


    your a fool, they only reject it in public, if your bright enough check out muslim websites. They sending memo’s on how to kill YOU.

  • Teacher

    too many idiots on here……no matter what you say……they are still idiots,

    not all muslims are alike. Same as the christians, jews, whatever religion or cult idiots believe in.

    As u can see…religion kills!

    This is the 21st century and still so many people have the need to worship something, crazy!

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    MUSLIMS did not attack us on 9/11. 10 Muslim Extremist nutjobs who are going to have a fine day in hell attacked us. They also killed Muslims who worked in the towers as well. Like Whoopi said, Timothy McVey killed a lot of people in Oklahoma but I am not out demanding the heads of all White male radicals! Have we not learned ANYTHING from Nazi Germany and the slaughter of Jews? NOT ALL people of certain religions are bad. Evil comes in all types. When will we learn that we cannot take an entire group of people and blame them for something a few bad ones did. NOT ALL Germans are Nazis as not all Jews were bad as seen in the eyes of the Nazis either. Muslims did not attack us. Just like not all Christians can be blamed for the bombings of abortion clinics. What part of that is hard to understand?

  • Ravynwolfe Moondancer

    Extremists killed people on 9/11. How many of you realize that there were quite a few muslims that died in the twin towers? How many of you realize that many muslims across the sea are brainwashed into believing that all Americans want them dead. No wonder some were seen dancing. Educate yourselves please before it’s too late. Stop letting ignorant people tell you what is what. I would suggest you read Red White and Muslim by Azma (I forget her last name)..which is about a Muslim American’s life at the present time. Ignorance is what is killing us.

  • Ravynwolfe Moondancer

    @Teacher: It’s not religion that kills…it’s extremism, bigotry,ignorance. You could take religion away from it and man would find something else in place to kill for. It’s the basic fear of different that kills us.

  • Orchid

    Were the 9/11 attackers extremists? Yes! Were they Muslims? Yes!
    The 9/11 attackers were extremist Muslims.