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T.I. Headed Back to Prison for 11 Months

T.I. Headed Back to Prison for 11 Months

T.I.‘s probation was revoked Friday (October 15) by a federal judge, who sentenced the rapper to 11 months behind bars.

T.I. was arrested last month on suspicion of drug possession while he was on probation after serving 10 months for federal weapons charges.

During the hearing in an Atlanta courtroom, T.I. begged the judge for mercy and admitted he “screwed up.”

“I want drugs out of my life. If I can get the treatment and counseling I need … I can beat this,” he said.

T.I. reportedly has two weeks to turn himself in.

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  • Halli

    It was just some weed. America is wasting so much money putting people in prison for dumb violations like having weed on you.

  • Samii

    he hasn’t even been out for a year….
    maybe there is more to the story they are not telling us.

  • vinha

    I like him, but he’s so stupid!

  • Steve Jobs

    Hope he will get over this, and really meant what he said. Drugs won’t do any good it will just put our lives miserable. If anyone is sincere with his thoughts and promises I am sure, everything will go well.

  • [marie]

    Dummy… Moving along people.. nothing to see here…

  • snickers


  • megan

    wow come on! he just served 10 months. how idiotic can one be?

  • julie

    he’s cute, i like him, what about paris hilton and linsey lohan, why are they not back in prison? Huh? answer that, not saying that what he did was right, but they all should have to pay, not just him.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton get a tap on the hand IF THAT. Lindsay is free. Paris is free after having cocaine in her purse?! TI: gets 11 months. Something is really wrong with this picture.

  • mickey

    I guess his, “I’m a hero and an upstanding citizen because I saved someone from committing suicide” stunt didn’t work.

  • Leila

    sucks for him. i like him tho.

  • Dan

    @Ms Bar Jolie Gaga: This is why I came to this page to begin with, I wholesomely agree. I HATE it when people pull out the race card, but this just might be an occasion for such a thing. Paris and Lohan are rich white girls, and more power to them for doing whatever they do, but T.I. asked for help, yet got none, he only wanted another chance yet he got 11 months in prison. Is it because he’s black? It could be many things, but it shouldn’t be for violence. He’s famous, he’s not going to participate in a drive-by, he seems to be a really nice guy. Whatever the case may be, he deserves help and he obviously has the cash to pay for rehab or other methods. Terrible judgment call on the judge’s part.

  • ImJustSayin

    Instead of locking the brother up, send him to get help with his issues. If there is no rehabilitation in jail then why send him there. He needs a treatment center and after treatment people surrounding him that will encourage him to do the right thing, Tameka! Dont let him ruin his life like this. When you see him slippin, catch him, dont let him fall!

  • WTF

    T.I. so sssstttttttuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiippppppppp. Just got released from jail recently, no.1 movie and finally got married and now this.

    WWWWWWHHHHHHHHYYYYYY, now I have to wait for any new music…….

    Talented guy but wasted opportunities…

    SORT YOURSELF OUT when you finally come out again!!!!!!

  • xx

    I like him But america is stupid. put lindsay/paris in before him

  • Jolentini

    Check out my new video “If tomorrow never comes”

  • keri

    that’s what i don’t get. people like lindsay and paris get off scott free yet t.i. gets his butt sent back to jail for some weed and such. entertainment news show talk about everything else, this is something they need to look into and ask what’s the difference between their situations and t.i.

  • Zoe

    Might I add that Lindsey and Paris have racked up more mug shots than this guy. I think Lindsey has 5 and Paris has 4.

  • sara

    Damn Damn Damn

  • semanfinder

    @keri: they are white

  • BEN

    Well, he asked for it! And it is just a matter of time before the law breaks down the door of Marc Anthony and JLO because he is a well known heroin addict like all SP!CS are.

  • keep movin

    it was the charges that ti was charged with , ti, has had plenty of chances without going to jail – however once you go to jail and BREAK your probation – you have to go back and serve the time of the previously and new charges! therefore the length of stay – not 30 days! robert downey jr also had to served time after a certain point of so many charges against him along with other stars. however i agree that get special treatment. look at perez hilton – not be charged like any 18 year old would have been putting up doctoring miley’s photo like she didn’t have panties and putting on the internet! high school kids go to jail for sending photos on their phones – yet a media/tabloid site knows the law and isn’t charged. no fair to every young person!

  • miapocca

    hmmm addiction is a hard disease that can kill YOU TI..MANUP and get cleans, you have many good qualities, dont let the drugs take all the talent family etc away from you….

    How come lohan and Hiltong are walking around free? is is a difference in state laws

  • miapocca

    hmmm addiction is a hard disease that can kill YOU TI..MANUP and get cleans, you have many good qualities, dont let the drugs take all the talent family etc away from you….

    How come lohan and Hiltong are walking around free? is is a difference in state laws

  • ++Logan++

    This is BULLSHIIIT!

    Skankks like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton get out of jail time so easily and this poor guy is goes back to jail for “suspicions” of drug posession. The world is messed up.

  • yoyoyo


    they found him with ecstasy and he tested positive for opiates