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Gabourey Sidibe: 'Big C' Screening!

Gabourey Sidibe: 'Big C' Screening!

Gabourey Sidibe steps out for a screening of her show, The Big C, at the Paley Center for Media on Monday (November 1) in New York City.

The 27-year-old actress was joined by co-stars Laura Linney, Phyllis Somerville and Cynthia Nixon!

Gab recently shared a picture of her Halloween costume over at her official Facebook page!

“I hope everyone is having a safe and happy Halloween!!! For all those interested, I went with a Vampire Princess…It’s pretty much Lady Gaga with fangs,” she wrote.

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gabourey sidibe big c screening 01
gabourey sidibe big c screening 02
gabourey sidibe big c screening 03
gabourey sidibe big c screening 04
gabourey sidibe big c screening 05

Credit: Roger Kisby; Photos: Getty
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  • Dan

    Gabourey Sidibe is extremely talented, Precious is a memorable film that’ll always remind me of inspirational quality. Glad to see her working on more, she’s beautiful inside and out.

  • Torino

    Inside probably, out? She has some major health issues, I am sorry but she is not healthy and pretty “chubby”, she is obbesse.

  • Jade

    Talented she may be but that doesn’t take away the fact that she clearly has health issues. Obesity is a leading preventable cause of death worldwide and it is quite clear that Gabby doesn’t think she has any problems considering she is still as heavy as she has always been.

    I know there are people who will say that those of us who comment on her weight should stop picking on her, that we shouldn’t ‘bully’ her…but really, what’s worse; not commenting on her weight and pretending she is a perfect picture of health or trying to make her see that she needs to shed the pounds if she wants to live a long and healthy life? And by doing the latter, setting a example for younger girls who may be looking up to her.

  • V

    Man the harpoons!!

  • annie

    She looks cute

  • CB

    Jade, you really think she’s not aware of her weight? Do you think she’s stupid? Obviously her weight is not healthy, but I don’t see the point of saying it every times she appears in a picture. It’s not up to us to make her realize something she probably realized by herself a long time ago, or something she’s already heard for years.

    Who says she’s done nothing about it? And where did you see someone pretend she’s the perfect picture of health? Saying she’s cute and talented, which she really is, won’t make any one change their mind about what a healthy weight is.

    So, really, why focuse on her weight every time an article is about her?

  • VC

    Gabourey looks a little smaller compare to her last picture thread. I think she is losing weight.

  • Annie

    I really hope she is losing weight. If not, imagine what she will look like by 40. Frightening.

  • kizbit

    @CB…She thinks it’s ok to be as big as she is. She has said it. I’m all for loving yourself, but when it puts your life in jeopardy, it’s time to re-assess. She has the good fortune to now be able to afford help in the way of a private chef and a personal trainer. I think it’s time she takes advantage of that before it’s too late. People focus on her weight because it’s an obvious problem. It’s not different than when people fear a very skinny person is anorexic.

  • Thai

    Hypocrites why did u censor my comment? Coz I said she’s a disgusting pile of fat shoved down our throats on every occasion possible?

  • Thai



  • Thai


    On what else should we focus since she looks as she does? On her inner beauty? I bet she has lots of it. Get real!

  • Thai

    As huge as she is, I doubt she can even reach her snatch… Gross!

  • CB

    @Kizbit: She just accepts who she is. What should she do? Hate hersefl for the rest of her life? Hide in a closet because some people may think she’s not a positive role model just by the way she looks?

    We don’t know what she’s been through to say that she accepts who she is today, so let’s not make any assumptions abut her weight, her trying t lose it or not… sometimes t’s a lot more complicated than just eat ealthy and exercise.

  • All about fashion

    I love Gabi, she is such a nice girl and has good energy. That is what matters

  • Annie

    @Thai – she looks as massive as ever, but sometimes very overweight people can lose 20lb and still look the same. I just hope she’s making some sort of effort, or this girl will not have a long life.

  • laverdadduele

    Oh no! Not the gross black whale again. I was pretty content not seeing her face anymore.

  • Dan

    @Thai: @laverdadduele: You can make numerous comments against her, but the truth is, anything you say makes her that much more famous because she’s talented and you’re just some online creep. She has done more in her life and earned more than you’ll make in your entire life, and she’ll live happily, while you stay on JJ trying to bring others down to your level of depression and anger. Enjoy it :)

  • HeyHey

    CB, I agree with you completely! Yes, Gaby needs to lose weight for health, but she is still a person who deserves to enjoy her life. She can’t step out and enjoy herself promoting her show, without these disgusting insults. People need to enjoy whatever life they have whether they are fat, skinny, or in between and some people are hell bent against her doing that. She doesn’t need to be at home crying, or in every interview championing weight loss advocacy, she wants to act, let her act. The constant insults are old now, we get it!

  • laverdadduele

    @Dan: Being morbidly obese is not cool or healthy, it’s gross and not something to be glamorized.

  • Kel

    Gabrielle looks great You are very talented

  • Noli

    @CB: You are exactly the person Who Says The OPPOSITE when it’s an anorexic girl!!!! you can’t see you own Hypocrisy!
    NO! She’s not a good role model!
    She’s has physical problems as well as mental problems! She can be cute, she can be whatever. But she’s not a good role model.

  • CB

    @ Noli: The fact is you don’t know what I say or think about anorexic girls because I never commented on such a subject, so I really don’t see the hypocrisy here.