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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Fan Friendly in Brazil!

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Fan Friendly in Brazil!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart take time to pose for photos and sign autographs for fans at Rio de Janeiro International Airport on Sunday (November 14) in Rio, Brazil.

The pair were getting ready to leave the Brazilian city after spending a couple of weeks there to film their movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

Last week, Rob and Kristen filmed a scene in which they kissed in the middle of a crowded street!

Over the weekend, the Twilight twosome stripped down to their swimsuits to film scenes in which they jumped into a lake, presumably for the “waterfalls scenes.”

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  • juneyes

    Please make this movie be over. Please!!!

  • Thaís

    Great couple.

  • Bella

    this pics have a few days…. kinda old story… no new buuu

  • marah

    the pic of Rob jumping into the water is not Edward scenes, he was not on sparkly make up and Kristen’s hair was short and pulled up, defo not Bella.

  • wow….

    Lmfao. Ugly and talentless. Poor things.

  • ZARA

    Why are you suddenly reporting on them Jared whilst the talented Pretty Little Liars cast is left for JJr?

  • t

    Twilight also appeals to older women. 50% of their demographic is teen girls and another 50% is middle aged women…that was the exit polls after the Twilight screening.

  • http://c3li4bless Caecilia

    all the best 4 you… RobSten… !!!

  • Helena

    You cut out the girl with the big boobs next to Robert. Why?

    Anyway, I think they make a make a cute couple, but the films are so bad.

  • Liz

    if u don’t like them,what are you doing here? move on!!

    u like it or don’t,it’s one of the biggest movies,and ppl love it!!!

    i so love them! i’m glad they’re together,they fit each other!
    soooo cute!!;x and Brazil…ohhhhhhhh Brasil so much love there!!

  • rocknmovies

    Love Rob and Kristen together. Best couple of the moment. We will miss Brazil and all the pics.

  • Thai

    I think there whole love story is a hoax, probably meant to hide other things about them. U can call it also Hollywood attention whoring in order to distract u from the real problems. Its not actors fault by all means, most of them are just puppets on a string. They do what they are told.

  • ven

    Dear Thai, Rob and Kristen are not after publicity they even hate paparazzis. They don’t want to be photographed in their private moments. and that alone means what they have is REAL plus of course there are lot of proof about the relationship.

    I am even skeptical before , somewhat jealous because I love Robert but as I followed their day to day updates , I realized that they are true and I have come to accept it and love Kristen as well

  • michelle

    average looking 2 girls and robert..

  • Arkansas

    They look really cute together when they are smiling and nice to the fans! I really love this side of them! Kristen looks so happy now.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …since when do they like their fans?! many times have we actually seen them pose with a fan? ahahahahah

  • wire

    They’re very sweet and cool, I like’em.

  • Molly

    Rob and Kristen are such a cute couple. They are so unHollywood and seem very down to earth. I hope they never change.

  • Rio

    Sweet couple MY ASS!Pathetic people,pathetic fan for having idols like those.

  • Janie

    The waterfall scenes had already been shot earlier in the week JJ. The swimming was just Robert and Kristen swimming. We don’t even know that Edward and Bella even swam during this shoot. They could have just laid on the beach in the swimsuits.

  • Jack

    I lov so much

  • whocares

    this is supposed to be edward? seriously? what happened to this man???

  • http://google angel

    @wow….: i think that robert paternson is hot

  • http://google angel

    i think that robert pattinson is hot

  • lizziewants

    We get it, haters, you don’t like them. Perhaps not commenting on their photos will be a good first step towards not being so obviously pathetic and jealous of them.

  • Angelica

    Hmmm I think its pretty pointless for ppl to be arguing ova these ppl who cares if they are together or not? Also who cares if they are fame whores? Which I think they arent they are a bunch of cry babies specially Kristen who keeps talking about how she cant wait for twilight to be over and how she hopes ppl dont base her career off this shit (which if it wasnt for twilight no one would even kno the chicks name)…but yet you ppl are riding her like no tomorrow when she compares being famous and bein shot by paps to being raped? Come on ppl she can careless bout yall or Twilight…Rob at least has some since to laugh and take it all in stride….

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  • Grace

    Please ,don’t watch the movie if you don’t like it.

    thank you

  • http://natura2012 victória

    that luck is next to two famous international and cut but