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Bar Refaeli: Cabo Bikini Babe!

Bar Refaeli: Cabo Bikini Babe!

Bar Refaeli takes a dip in the pool while she vacations in a bikini on Tuesday (December 28) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The day before, the 25-year-old supermodel soaked up the sun while laying on chaise lounges with some gal pals.

Last week, Bar did some last minute Christmas shopping at the Grove in Los Angeles.

Bar‘s on-and-off-again boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio stayed behind in L.A. for the holidays and visited a museum with some friends.

20+ pictures inside of Cabo bikini babe Bar Refaeli

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bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 01
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 02
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 03
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 04
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 05
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 06
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 07
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 08
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 09
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 10
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 11
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 12
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 13
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 14
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 15
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 16
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 17
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 18
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 19
bar refaeli cabo bikini babe 20

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  • Kate

    @@funny: ummm it you dont like her why are you googling her? weirdo!!!

  • poorleo

    I’ve never once seen other model fans talk bad about Bar, yet all they do is bring up others in all their posts. Can’t Bar stand alone in her “greatness”? oops wait a minute, she has none! Her biggest claim to fame is Leo and his ex. Is that all you Bar fans have to talk about? really? sounds like a lame celeb to follow! HAHA At least Leo fans have his career and movies to discuss and model fans can look at modeling pictures. I kinda feel bad for the Barflies! they seem BORED. Leo,Leo,Leo,Leo,Leo,Gisele,Leo,Leo,Leo,Leo blah blah blah. BORINGGGGGGG. Does Dancing with the stars want her?

  • AAAA

    @poorleo: umm you see, that’s just the thing; There would be nothing to post or discuss without Leo or others being mentioned, lol. She has done nothing on her own worth mentioning. Talking about others keeps them from falling asleep at their computers.

  • Barf + Her 7 Dwarves

    are in Cabo: Saggy (boobs), Chunky (thighs), Puffy (face), Stringy (hair), Snotty (attitude), Frumpy (clothes), Lazy (work ethic), and Dummy (I.Q.). Oops, that’s 8. What can I say, the woman is blessed.

    Prince Chumpy (Leo) has yet to show. It would be funny if he stood her up for New Year’s Eve (“Sorry, babe, I’ve got business that can’t wait” as he bangs the hot secretary), but i wouldn’t bank on it. If guy friends, booze, sun, music, and other women to oogle and flirt with are there, chances he will be there too.

    Here’s hoping his work saves him and puts him on the right track again. He’s turning into Jack Nicholson and he’s not even forty yet.

  • Kate

    @Kate: Please read funny’s comment before minusing me. lol I don’t support Bar, I was calling her fans who google models they hate, weird. that is all.

  • done

    @Barf + Her 7 Dwarves

    What is the matter honey? Did Leo rejected you or something? There is time for you to recover from your deluded state of mind. It is time for you to join Lindsay in rehab. I am sure you will be able to get a better understanding about your secret crush on Leo. lol

  • Gis

    Gisele just got slammed by a science group about her comments on breast feeding. Even Gisele says stupid things and even Naomi too lol. However, Gisele was pretty dumb when she made those comments yikes…

  • Here we go again

    Is this a Gisele thread? Nope. Why do the Flies always bring her up? Threatened?

  • Elliptical

    She really needs to get out of the pool and get into the gym. The thigh and that butt cheek are…. not good.

  • found this

    Naomi was spotted in Los Angeles a few days ago as well. Cool!!

  • bye bar


    What’s a matter baby, honey, sweetie, dumbarffreak, you can’t handle a little fun at your primitive friend’s expense? She certainly has it coming. Maybe she should try using her pea brain next time she opens her mouth.

  • Lauren

    thanks for that link of Naomi. If you guys noticed the pic of Bar was from December 27. Naomi was spotted in LA on the 26th and Now she’s in Mexico. I think its obvious that they are all in Mexico now… i think they all left Los Angeles on December 26th. Even leo’s bodyguard is there lol. Leo has not even been spotted in Los Angeles since the 26th if you guys noticed. The thing has happened before when Bar is not spotted with leo yet leo was still there.

  • bye bar

    She should do something really revolutionary and try exercising her brain for a change. I know it’s small and inadequate, but she should at least try if she aspires to be a public figure. If she’s too lazy to bother, she should at least apologise for past stupidy and keep her mouth shut from here on out.

  • bye bar

    Only you would notice such trivia, obsessive barffreak. Who cares, Leo is not going to magically turn her into a decent person or give her talent. She will continue to drag him down, however. Too bad for him.

  • ouch

    Wow People will not let Gisele’s breast feeding comment slide. She angered quite a few people with those comments she made. Oh well i guess everyone says silly things once in awhile lol.

  • Shekel

    Damn Bar is looking so unbelievably amazing in that bikini. Lucky Leo lol.

  • Nice try

    No matter how many times you bring up the breast feeding comment it won’t be the same as calling a country “primitive.” Being an enthusiastic first time mom is not the same as discriminating against a whole country. As always, Barfly, you fail – epically.

  • bye bar

    Giselle was half right — breast feeding is generally better for baby, and if you can do it, you should. But not everyone can, or not for a year. But I’m no Giselle fan. If you want to take her to task, so be it. Just don’t try to compare it to Barf’s “primitive” remarks about Egypt.

    There was nothing right about saying that, AND it was further confirmation of her arrogant, ignorant, racist attitude. If that’s how she talks in public, on tv, I bet it’s a lot worse in private.

  • Anya

    hey idiots I couldn’t care less about plain jane Bar or horsefaced Bundchen, all I simply said was at least Bar resembles a woman and not a farm animal.

  • emilie

    i will not support Leo until he will break up with her zionist racist girlfriend and all his rich friends and miss blood diamond. i prefered the modest Leo, he was better than now, i’am really deceived by him. he is really changed.

  • seal

    TOTALLY RIGHT WITH EMILIE, i’am not suprised why he doesn’t have any nominations for his work. even if he is a great actor , in real life he is really strange and moron because he is still dating a moron and a racist . i just find her comment about the egyptians, this is ridiculous to say that and she didn’t appologies yet for her comments.
    she is in mexico to think that everbody will forgive her or forget her comments about egypt but she is totally wrong. i think many people on the street if they meet her would call her racist.

  • wowsa

    wow theres some sick jealous b–ch on this thread get a life i can only imagine what you look like if you can say all these things about this gorgeous girl!

  • Donnie

    Wtf this sl*t is what JJ calls a model,..she looks like a 45 year old tripper from Texas..named Dallas ..she ‘s gained a lot of weight and mushed out..I’m sure Leo fu*ks her with the lights off! ..and that ugly personality to match the face…lol. Barf go back to your trailer park.. YOU AIN’T GISELE B*TCH!

  • Donnie

    @wowsa…we know your some nutzo Barf fan trying to defend your poor excuse for a model…I’m a dude and the facts are in…Barf looks tragic…let it go…losers! She’s lookin more like Zipi….everyday..

  • The 411

    Uggghhh…Ironing board in a


    Two things come up:
    - Bar is the only one who looks at the cameras constantly. Everyone else are talking or ignoring the cameras. Even Naomie Campbell. Why look at the cameras and why posing with your hands on your waste like that? Nobody else does it.
    - Cindy Crowford is better looking with 40-something AND more fashionable. I honestly didn’t recognize her back, I thought that was 20-something girl. She has such a shiny hair, and a great robe matching her (dare I say it) sexy but still elegant bikini. Plus the hat is great…


    Oh well and one more thing:
    Some people over there actually READ books. This is also a way to hide from the paps you know. If you hate them so much you even hit them and hide your face while with Leo, why not just sit down and read a book? They will not have enough material to make decent photos then. But no, she has to walk around parading, so that they can get pictures of her in any possible position.
    Its just sooo staged

  • melinda

    Isn`t it just lovely that the barf freaks keep bringing up Gisele`s comment and how it angered people but she conveniently forgets about barf`s comment on Egypt that showed how shallow and ignorant she is. If you keep slamming Gisele for what she said it`s fair if you discuss barfie`s `Egypt is primitive` comment. So, come on! What`s your take on it, dummies #157 & 165!
    Has anyone else noticed the pattern? The self talker posts something new and within minutes someone with a different name reacts in the same manner, same writing style and `they` start a conversation. Then we have the guessing based on that what info and we have to suffer through what the self-talker barf freak thinks and assumes about it. It`s always the same. It doesn`t take a rocket scientist to figure out it`s the exact same person who always posts about them as a couple. Obviously she knows that`s the only interesting thing about barf…
    The 8 dwarfs? LOL! That was funny and so true! LOL!

  • Always the same tune
  • Where are you LDC ?
  • melinda

    That`s the latest engagement rumor that was denied but apparently the denial didn`t make it to the UK. LOL!
    Where are you, LDC? Aren`t you paying attention to the barfie freak on this thread? She knows everything based on photos and sightings. Haven`t you read her theory on Leo being in Mexico but he had to go back to LA possible on Vlad`s private jet? She has it all figured out! LOL! You can read it on his freaky yuku site and I assume on bellazon as well. Isn`t that reliable enough for you? On yuku it was said she looks `immensely happy`. She sure looks immense but immensely happy? As usual she looks more relaxed since Leo is not around so I can just imagine how Leo looks wherever he is. LOL!
    Just look at this photo. I would say immensely b*tchy, left out, sour lemon, disaster… etc.

  • elsa

    @Where are you LDC ?:

    old old news and pictures. Leo in Inception set, and Bar in St. Tropez.

  • hot lady

    Leo will be in his late 40′s some day and people will still be having these same never ending arguments about his love life… The same thing with George Clooney is happening and he’s an old a$$ man already, almost 50 and there’s some looney theories going on about him and Elisabetta too, which is insane to me. These men can never catch a break from the crazy fans… you guys should worry about your own lives, and stop caring so much about what famous people are doing in their private life. It’s fun to discuss, but the negativity has got to go… time for some positive outlooks.. Judging people only gets you nowhere but to misery ville ladies.. Bar is not my favorite person either, but I don’t feel like the hatred/jealousy or whatever this is should keep going on after so many years of Leo being with her. I don’t understand how y’all don’t get tired of it…

  • me

    @the worst has happend: Yikes, I thoght the same thing, please, please let us be wrong

  • LOL

    Im not a Gisele fan , nor Bar’s (I like Candice and Miranda) but seriously I don’t see the need to compare them 24/7. I don’t see Gisele fans doing it (I dont think they even like catalog models) so Bar fans seem angered and jealous over something….wishful thinking she had half the career of her so called “rival”? get over it. aint happening. I am sick of her name being mentioned when she herself isn’t even in the pictures/article….lol Now I know who bashes her on here…the barflies. you gave yourselves away. aww too bad. If you were smarter you could have stayed inconspicuous. Why the barflies look her pictures and articles up is beyond me. I once liked Bar but her obsessive crazy fans KILLED it. (as did her lack of caring for her OWN career) So next time I come here please lets see more Brooklyn Decker or Esti or Tori Praver, Irina Sheik being mentioned….AKA Bar’s REAL rivals.

  • LOL

    @ouch: good or bad her media attention put her #1 Forbes list AGAIN. haters make celebs more relevant with the click of a mouse. Bar’s comments won’t even make it past the internet, that’s how insignificant and unfamous she is. lol

  • KK

    @Anya: yes she does resemble a farm animal. a Pig! or a street rodent such as a chipmunk. Her fat saggy cheeks look stuffed all the time. Everyone has an animal equivalent. Pigs/chipmunks arent exactly beautiful animals either….maybe cute, but not beautiful or majestic, just like Bar.

  • LOL


    I hope the Barflies don’t have audacity to begin comparing her to Cindy or Naomi! oh lawdy, that’ll be the day. You are so right though, these REAL Supermodels are in their 40s and look more in shape and toned than Bar does. I can’t imgaine how much she will let herself go by that age. When they were 25 they were perfection. Well they also had careers so maybe that’s why. They didn’t have time to sit around and gain weight and follow their celeb bf’s all around. They worked! (still do more than Bar does actually) LOL
    Oh look Barflies got me making non-existent comparisons. oops

  • french


    It’s maybe old pictures but it’s a recent news (they even put the news pics). In the article they say that Barf has denied the rumor of break up and she said it’s normal and healthy for a couple to have some separated moments

  • IloveLeo

    @melinda: . Even on bz forum they constantly make insinuating posts about her in Bar’s topic. LOL Its sickening and a little scary.

  • IloveLeo

    @@funny: google Bar. everyone thinks she is an average butterface unworthy of the title model, let alone Supermodel!

  • guest girl

    @french: Her comment on being separated is not new. She said that after they got back together after their 6 months break up. The comment and the photos might be old but it’s about a current situation.
    @190: yuku and bellazon are creepy places. It’s easy to figure out who is the one who posts there and here as well. Almost exactly same comment and the same guessing game.

  • IloveLeo

    @french: Hi french. what do u think of Barf’s new pictures? Isn’t it funny the barf fans get excited over pap pics, like they are actually modeling photos? I find that hilarious.

  • xx


    no recent news. they are talking about an old Bar inteview to a Israel magazine. You can read her words in People magazine (march 2.010),,20354544,00.html

  • french


    I think she is so ugly on those pics and as usual she poses for the paps ( it’s probably her who called them). Her fans are excited about the pics because she has no jobs anymore.

  • bb

    lt does seem like works dried up

  • CandiceAdriana

    you fans want to keep playing compare games? ok you asked for it, LMAO:

  • Where are you LDC ?
  • CanadaGirl

    @CandiceAdriana: What that graphing shows is that GB has consistently been a news draw. Bar has had a peak moment during the SI cover time-period, but GB trumps her almost across the board in all countries and languages, with two exceptions. Thanks for taking the time to do that for us.

  • CandiceAdriana

    @CanadaGirl: No problem, I did one for Adriana,Alessandra,Cindy,Naomi,Miranda and they all trump her as well LOL. We will let the 4 Barflies continue thinking Barfie is the most loved,beautiful,famous,popular model on the planet.,lmao.