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Jennifer Aniston: People's Choice Awards Presenter!

Jennifer Aniston: People's Choice Awards Presenter!

Jennifer Aniston hits stage at the People’s Choice Awards 2011 on Wednesday (January 5) at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old actress wore Dolce & Gabbana and presented the award for favorite comedic star to her Just Go With It co-star Adam Sandler.

Adam joked about the black eye he was sporting, saying, “I wanted to see the Black Eyed Peas and the lady thought I said, ‘Black eye, please.’”

His rep later explained he got it while playing basketball.

FYI: Jennifer accessorized with vintage gold jewelry from Fred Leighton.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston at the People’s Choice Awards 2011…

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Jeff Kravitz; Photos: Getty, Film Magic
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  • Jen Fan

    Jennifer is more beautiful than you haters will ever be.

  • besane

    Anyone who couldn’t tell Aniston’s SLURRED speech at the award yesterday, is in denial. But then all Aniston fans are in denial to how shallow, selfish and totally irrelevant this woman is, and coat-tailing and capitalizing on the fact that she got dumped by a super star.

  • Celeste

    “Jennifer is more beautiful than you haters will ever be”
    . I know… But here’s something weird … this is the only site where people hate a lot to jennifer. thank god they are not many, because the world could be really sad with so much hate. It is also true that this is the only place where Angelina has so much support ..Weird, because shes a great woman too. I like them both (jen and angie)
    neither are the best actresses … one is typecast in romantic movies and other in action films, Them both rarely were in dramatic movies. And Jennifer or Angelina, no matter what tomorrow they will will be remembered as a star of romantic movies (jen) and the other as a star of action movies (angelina) But both are beautiful and great women.

  • dd

    Why does she Slurr her speech? Does she have a speech impediment?

  • Dana

    she is a very nice person . I apologize to the majority of people here who think different. But this is my opinion.

  • besane

    Sounded like Vodka or/and Weed.

  • truth is

    @truth is: So your doctor truth doesn’t know anything about a heroin addict. If someone who is addicted to drugs specially heroin don’t have the ability to focus on his/her life. And even alcohol can do that too. That is why they end up dead or in mental hospital. As for Angie, at the age of 35 she accomplished everything, from being a mother, a partner to Brad, UN Ambassador, pilot, and now being a producer, director and writer at the same time. There is no way an addict can achieved those things. Okay, lets compare Angie and Jen, who have more achievements during their last 6 years period. Most people know who is the loser, the one who is stuck in 1998, the one who is so dumb, got dumped many times, kicked it to the curb, guys call her a SPORT F*CK and a NO-BRAINER ONE JENNIFER ANISTON. Probably, that Doctor is Jen’s new therapist. Good luck to his/her new client, Jen.

  • carolynlee

    @Class Act Jen: and John Stamos would want her why ? Nobody else does . They know something that you obviously don’t .And since HW knows much much more about the actors and actresses than we , the viewers do , then I will conclude that JA is undesirable .

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Celeste @ 01/06/2011 at 12:38 pm

    AMH is not dramatic.
    Changeling is not dramatic.
    Alexander is not dramatic.
    Beyond Borders is not dramatic
    The Good Sheperd is not dramatic
    Girl Interrupted is not dramatic

    How about animation. Shark Tales, KFP 1 & 2. Beowulf.

  • truth is

    Jen, YOU’RE THE NO-BRAINER ONE either you’re the interviewer, interviewee or just reading the teleprompter you still cannot get it. Gee Jen, how old are you? how long you’ve been in this business? See, that’s what vodka will get you. It will empty your head. Anyway, vodka or no vodka your brain has already been proven it’s empty.

  • ollie

    To “truth is” 40 is only old when you’re 12. I guess that’s YOUR age.

  • bridgetonowhere

    Jen looks fantastic as any one with half an eye or brain can recognize. Haters are wrong to think they elevate Jolie by belittling a lovely person like Jennifer.


    Here she is……………. @
    thank you for the video, Jen is, again, very beautiful, naturally beautiful, without too much makeup, and what body, my god, I can not wait to see how she is dressed, January 16

  • Jan

    I still don’t get the personal hate toward her. She has never done anything to any of you. If you do it because your a Angie fan she would tell you to stop hating on Jen. Isn’t her thing being a humanatrian. Hate or pettiness is not involved in her life. If the people on this site were more like Angie and Jen their would be no meanness. Or hate.

  • bebe

    Even Jenifer Aniston appear anywhere. She still look ugly and plastic. Her face is long like horse face, her chin is so ugly. If I ugly like her. I will hide my face and never appear any where

  • bebe

    She look ugly with those fugly wig. Ugly face, ugly hair like a frame stuck on her face

  • tammy

    Do you know Jenifer Aniston is a plastic women now. Her face smooth with botox. Her boobs bigger with macrolan injected. Her nose smaller with rhinoplasties. She is 100% plastic

  • humblepie

    Bebe, I suspect you are definitely more ugly than Aniston on the outside AND on the inside. It’s obvious she isn’t ugly no matter how many times you deny it. What is the purpose of your hate? Do you feel obliged to hate her because Jolie has contributed some money to some people you know or care about? You should realize that if you truly want Jolie to be loved by all, you must stop the campaign of trying to humiliate Jennifer. It just continues to make people dislike Jolie.

  • tammy

    No man want her except man digger

  • tammy

    Plastic Jen look sexy with fake boobs, fake is fake can’t think it’s sexy

  • tammy

    She look ugly like a bitch

  • Caroling

    Tammy, you sound sexist from the dark ages. Is your only reason for living a man in your life? Can’t you stand on your own two feet and look after yourself without depending on a man? You are pathetic. The truth is that Aniston doesn’t want any of the men she has been seeing for far. When you marry a betrayer and jerk like Brad you really have to be careful the second time around.

  • tammy

    Jen looking good because she is plastic women fake from head to toes. Her caree is going down to the hill and flop flop flop

  • tammy

    She need to cut off her hair. It’s not fit her no more. She is old middle-aged women. She need her hair short. Also she needs to wear dignity clothes without showing too much legs and boobs or arms. Just showing a little bit.

  • boo

    I get nightmare to see Jenifer Aniston face on every magazines. Please please Enough!

  • Jina

    She look weird with masculin smile. Just like half women and half man. Eww…

  • cox

    She look like a man with well-built muscle and her face with masculin smile. She look like athelete man

  • lola

    She was born with dark hair and she look good wih that. Why she changed to bright blonde? It’s make her face look weird. Greek is Greek. Why she tried to ignore her root?

  • erica

    she looks stunning!


    tammy @
    you must, be confused, with angelina, right?, look good, Jen is natural, except the nose, it has been retouched, but she did, never hidden.,
    the haters, you are also wrong, and mad that your idol.


    ya estan aqui todas las z-o-rra-s a restregarse en el barro insuLtando a toda una señora como es DOÑA JENNIFER ANISTON.
    Venga ratas soltad vuestro veneno ,deshogaros y por favor MARCHAROS DE AQUI.



  • http://deleted lovelydee

    She looks great.

  • StuckBeing20!

    she the highest maintenance trying hard to get “the natural” look. amen.


    haters ,go to see the tourist ,skeletina needs you …because TT is a flop…

  • from shilou..

    my mom needs rehab ,,,omg …and who is the blonde girl ??? she looks more beautiful than my mather…

  • naturegirl

    Her age is showing, like her friend handler she is beginning to act and talk like an old boozer.

  • Glee


  • yep

    jennifer was awesome at the people’s choice awards! love the outfit and the gold necklace was amazing! she did amazing! i am looking forward to seeing just go with it! jen continues to move forward! she has such a humble spirit that is so unusual in this day in time. i wish her only the best!

  • Marcelo

    I love her healthy fresh look,Jen is hotter than ever.

  • Marcelo

    I love her healthy fresh look,Jen is hotter than ever.

  • ron

    Still just being Rachel. Rachel hair, rachel mannerism, rachel, rachel, rachel….she will forever be rachel green of friends.

  • just saying
  • jaytee

    Ooooooh!! Jealousy, thy name is Lisa!! You just PRAY you’ll look that good at that age…

  • beauty

    She was drunk. Definitely. All bottles of her perfume have been sent back to her, so she probably drank all that in combination with vodka.

  • JANE

    She looks lovely! And whoever thinks not….
    When was the last time you saw yourself in the mirror?

  • yep

    @ron: isn’t it wonderful to create a character that everyone will always remember. it has to be very rewarding! great actress! rachel!

  • marlene

    she was drunk???

  • laruj


    Most 29 year olds would die to look half as good as Jennifer Aniston. She has a great figure, beautiful hair, and she is a……


    and I rather admire her independence.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    laruj @ 01/07/2011 at 11:23 am

    GMAFB!! Her body is not something she was born with. If it was, I agree. You do realize that anyone can achieve MANiston’s body if she wants too, right? With delication and a well balanced diet anyone can achieve that body or better.

    I’ll bet you most 29 year old wouldn’t want the wrinkles, big pores, & rough skin on her face.