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Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree

Bar Refaeli pops into the Roots store to pick out some items with a friend on Wednesday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 25-year-old Israeli supermodel also stopped by the Giuseppe Zanotti boutique to check out some heels.

At the beginning of the year, Bar rang in 2011 with boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

FYI: Bar kept warm in a Louis Vuitton scarf and carried a Chanel bag.

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli shopping in Beverly Hills…

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288 Responses to “Bar Refaeli: Beverly Hills Shopping Spree”

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  1. 276
    bzfrks Says:

    Miranda=Leo. She is the one with the career and she carried his. Just like Leo carries barfie`s. But what`s the point of comparing them? They are married with kids and they are not bothered to be seen together red carpet or not. Nothing like Leo and barfie.

  2. 277
    leo Says:

    leo seems to have a knack for models. some successful, some not so much. I google Kristen Zang and she has about 2 model pictures just like Barf does. All the rest were of her and Leo……just like he and Barf….lol

  3. 278
    Observer Says:


    I like your opinions makeover. I find reading about celebs and how the media portrays them and manipulates the public fascinating. I feel bad for some fans who believe what they read and start defending their favourite celebs as if they were saints!!
    What makes me laugh is when some celebs comment about their photos on the most famous gossip sites and start complimenting themselves!!

  4. 279
    MAKEOVER Says:

    @Observer: thanks observer, sometimes i think i am talking to a wall here – a very stupid wall. but i think perez hilton’s book about hollywood should be required reading here. i found it on the street- i live in a neighborhood with a lot of people from the publishing industry and they leave books they dont want out–and yeah, he said they definitely read all the gossip sites and are very conscious of how they are seen, etc. and they do their own pr- not only that, bar’s team has been outed here and other places. her best friends, brother, and even she herself has posted on JJ. that’s why its so damn interesting! its like you are talking right at them, not just to a bunch of nobodies. i think kevin connolly has been posting against bar again- here and also on ted casablancas awful truth. someone named kevin dissed bar on this thread and praised blake on ted like two days ago- i can see the wingman not liking the high maintenance selfish girlfriend- he’d have a lot more fun and a lot more play himself if leo was single. he has access to leo’s side of the experience and doesnt seem to be too keen…

    oh well.

    as for miranda and orly- she should have just waited, he was willing to marry her anyway, and he looked miserable and stressed a long time after the baby was announced. she could have maximized her modelling career too if she waited. women are stupid sometimes. i also dont hear her coming on jj and insisting she is drop dead gorgeous no matter how many other people say she isnt.

    miranda actually is cute anyway. bar isnt, especially here. the more they yell “bar is drop dead gorgeous they will get married soon, deal with it !” makes me more determined to poke a hole in them.

    just for a minute, run a simulation. if bar was actually pretty, not just in a good light, if you are feeling kind cute, but really pretty, if she did some charity work that was hands on like volunteer at an animal shelter, if she seemed to have opinions that werent received or had a sense of humor, was able to act, not just you know franchise walk-on fill in the blanks stuff like transformers, we would probably like her. just a bit of originality, actually being pretty, unique dressing, or had some kind of talent, we would think she was a step in the right direction. if she had done her military service and worked on a flight crew, or a medevac team, or learned how to break down a M-16,
    we would probably like her. as it is, its hard. give us something real to work with, just dont yell at us and expect us to like her when you yell she is beautiful, damn it, accept it! when our eyes dont tell us that.

    remember the old commercial for shampoo or makeup that said ” don’t hate me because i am beautiful?” that is how i feel here— i just want to say “dont worry about it, *****, you’re not and i dont.”

    she looks like a spoiled rich girl like the blair character on facts of life- pretty but also rich and told she is over and over- spoiled, shopping in beverly hills, and the rich spoiled boy likes her for the same reasons.
    kind of like anna lynn mccord on 90210. but she isnt all that pretty otherwise.

    try picturing bar at 30. now 35. now 40. what do you see?? its going to happen one of these days…the lines are going to get deeper, the plastic surgery more noticeable…oh well, its not my problem but i like talking about it.

  5. 280
    MAKEOVER Says:

    ya, bilson’s cute, i just have no idea who she is. a bunch of people on here i’m like- hunh? i dont watch tv, that’s the basic thing, and i also hate reality tv cant watch them for five minutes the people gross me out. ihad no idea who spencer and heidi was until recently i was doing some craft work and had the tube on for background noise…then i found out.

    oh, and adi, the reason why i seem to have “different voices” is that those are actually OTHER REAL LIVE HUMAN BEINGS ON OTHER CONTINENTS AND OTHER COUNTRIES posting here with much the same opinions. i may write a lot, but i dont try to make it seem like there are more of me. i use differentnames to avoid being monitored out, but its all me, one person.

    you see, i know YOU try to make it look like there are numerous people posting for bar, but its ALL YOU. since you do that, you expect other people to do the same thing. I am not pretending to be other people. and no, i am not answering myself, i am posting new thoughts or comments. try and keep up, really ! i know it must be a drag coming on here and having to think of new defensees over and over…so here is my question to you….

    why not just GET A REAL JOB??? i mean you could be dog groomer. there is a school in manhattan–sell plumbing supplies. drive a cab !
    work in the real media. be a teaching assistant. I mean, sell shoes for christ’s sakes. or is this just so much fun???

  6. 281
    MAKEOVER Says:

    i just saw the hawaii pix- went to moe jackson- they look hideous. he looks cute, if slightly chubby, she looks awful. and miserable. and her legs look huge. he looks happy, but i think he likes being out innature…

  7. 282
    MAKEOVER Says:

    ithought they were ina boat paddling together – didnt see pix- they just kind of look posed and lame there like someone put em up to it. his shorts arent as horrible as usual. looks kind of cute with his hair messed up. so german looking sometimes !

  8. 283
    wtf??? Says:


    why do you keep dissing poor Orlando Bloom all the time? comparing Bar to Miranda would be a sacrilege too I guess since Miranda is the one with the successful career as well…so it can go both ways.

  9. 284
    not happening Says:


    I wasn’t really trying to compare them to Orlando and Miranda, I was just using them as an example b/c Miranda used to get a lot of hate on this website b/c of her relationship to Orlando bloom…and now when you read her threads there is mostly positive comments. I was making the point that once these two decide to get married or have a kid, people will most likely give up with the Bar hate, that’s just the way it usually works, just like with Miranda Kerr…

  10. 285
    bzfrks Says:

    `once these two decide to get married… people will most likely give up with the Bar hate` Now that`s what`s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I truly hope they will break up soon but even if they don`t I doubt anyone is going to change his or her mind about barf. Look at their new thread. Leo fans are turning against him because of her so you have to be out of your right mind to believe that anyone who still couldn`t accept the fact that Leo is dating barf by now is ever going to like her. Pointless comparison, pointless comments!

  11. 286
    here Says:

    hmm… so the ratings are gone!… i bet it’s his/her PR at work… still it doesnot change the fact that WE HATE HER and ALWAYS WILL… go back to sagi Bar…. sooo…

  12. 287
    Emma Says:

    From everything I have read about the lovely Bar, she is just not a very nice person. And lets not forget she is a Isreali draft dodger. I think she and Leo have convienient relationship…she gets her picture taken and publicity and he looks like he has a girlfriend!!

  13. 288
    Emma Says:

    @MAKEOVER: I’ve been reading through your posts and just wanted to pass on some positive feedback on your well written posts!!!

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