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Rihanna: 'S&M' Video Premiere!

Rihanna: 'S&M' Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Rihanna‘s video for her hot track “S&M“!

“Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it. Sex in the air. I don’t care, I love the smell of it,” she sings. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.”

For the video, Rihanna reunited with director Melina Matsoukas, who also worked on Ri‘s “Rockstar 101,” “Rude Boy,” and “Hard.”

WHAT DO YOU think of Rihanna’s “S&M” video?

Rihanna – S&M
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    i have no problem with the video


    let her be sexy while she is sexy


    it’s been banned in 11 countries? wow8l


    @SET: i agree.she is free

  • Kai

    Why am I the only one disgusted by this video? and I am not a prude at all. KIDS WILL BE WATCHING THIS

  • Go Rhi Rhi !!!



    @Harajuku: TYPICAL HATER

  • Sarah

    Some critic said he hoped Rihanna would get out of this dark stage… I love it! She may be bad but she’s perfectly good at it! HOTT

  • de_de

    i like the video but rihanna need to slow down a little bit she be doinn to much. im tired of these abuse videos to we already kno chris brown whooped ur a** get over it

  • de_de

    @Go Rhi Rhi !!!: Rihanna is very talented and i believe she ais goinn places and can be doinn more than wat she is doinn now

  • brittle

    Sadism is pleasure in the infliction of pain or humiliation upon another person, while masochism is pleasure in receiving the pain otherwise known as S&M.

    Watching this video I have lost the little respect I did have for Rihanna. She goes public about how she wants to protect women from physical abuse and give them hope, but then she comes out with a video like this? No, when you’re not having sex it’s not okay to hit but while having sex it’s perfectly okay. Chris Brown should be patted on the back, hell, I want to hit her in the face after this. She’s a twisted girl and definitely sending the wrong messages to her young admirers.
    Did anyone else get a sickening feeling when she was tied up dressed as a little girl? No wonder this is banned.

  • Amandaissosickoftheb.s

    this shit sucks! the song and video sucks! rihanna is phoney, so phoney its not even funny. she is just using this domestic violence shit as a platform to boost her career. she wasn’t abused, she is making that clear in the lyrics she sings and the videos she does. no abused woman acts like this, and i know alot.

  • ana

    the video is to sexual she needs to go back to the classi sexy not the sexy slut one

  • korchas

    wow banana is to much

  • Cara

    Seriouslyy? That’s the music video that’s soo “shocking” that it’s being banned left and right? Give me a breakk! I’m sure there’s a million more music videos that are just as scandalous. And don’t give me a buncha crap that our children shouldn’t see this, because if that’s the case your kids shouldn’t even listen to the words.

    I think it’s a great music video and it’s already getting a ton of attention. No publicity is really bad publicity. Rock on Rihanna!

  • Elizanae

    @Philly11: wtf

  • Anna

    This video reminds me of Lady Gaga – Telephone with the sexual demons and such. Rihanna would have been better off doing something else, something more original. I love Rihanna, and this song infact, but I just don’t rate the video to highly.


    why is this banned again? MTV & all the haters need 2 take the stick out their butts….so what she ties up the “press” (that continuously hates on her) & whips them…..she’s giving the big ol symbolic finger 2 every1 who talks junk about her & I DONT BLAME HER….shake the haters off & keep making ppl talk

    the album is awesome start to finish!


    @brittle: STFU….damn ppl sure do read too much in2 stuff… for a crap load of ppl 2 be hating on Rihanna, I see u sure cant keep your eyes off of her….HATING NOT IMMITATION IS THE BIGGEST FORM OF FLATTERY


    @whatever: ur a hater. the end


    @Anna: oh & lady gaga is SOOOOOO “original” huh? STFU Anna u sound sofa king stew ped


    @WHORIHANNA: u a typical h8n ass bitch….move on, ur irrelevant. For a person who CLAIMS to not like Rihanna u sure do follow ALL HER MOVES & KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT HER….or u THINK u do.

    HAting is the biggest sign of flattery…..ur a fan & know all her songs.
    LOL admit it u loser


    @Liizziie T: u hit the nail on the head!!! PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID & MISSING THE POINT OF THE VIDEO….the people she has tied up are clearly the PRESS that talk so much sh*t about her & she put a ball in their mouth to SAY STFU…THIS VIDEO IS GIVING PEOPLE THE MIDDLE FINGER & THEY’RE TOO DUMB TO REALIZE IT

  • Sandralouise

    Wicked you go girl!

  • Nani

    Both the song and the video are great. I like her way of flipping the media off. She has all the right in the world to do so, to express herself just like the media has done against her. I don’t see why this video is banned. I’ve seen worse, content wise. This is pg-13 compared to other vids yet they dont get banned or flagged. I’m just sayin’…….

    I <3 it.

  • whatever i dont care

    really shes getting bad at her songs because shes trying to hard and i really song but the video she need stop wats she doin

  • fefe

    omg it rocks!!!!

  • teyter

    chingon e videolastima k lo estan sensurando e n kasi todo el mundo por k son tan pinches ojetes siendo k es una hermosurael video esta jenial y mas ppor la interprete guapisima rihanna esta demaciado hermoza por k lo acen

    “““““ “““““
    “““““““““` ““““““““““



  • A-raz

    Alejandro by lady gaga was 10x’s worse! That video should be banned! This video is not even bad at all. No one complained about umbrella, she was naked in that. Give me a break people.

  • http://camy_frumy Camy

    eeeee suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupeeerrrrrrrr tare melodia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cat

    This is ridiculous.
    First of all – this is not s/m (sadism/masochism), this is rubber fetish, bdsm and puppy play – to say a few.
    Second – it’s not that she’s into it – it’s trendy. Hey, people who actually are into bdsm are seen as sick, rapists, wirdos and shit… and this is just hot?
    Though it is good that she makes such a choice – most peole’s picture of bdsm is very, very out of place.

  • Princesa Ariella

    omg obsessed with this songg… :) i love riri.. !!!!


    not a bad video….i don’t get why it’s banned in 11 countries. Na Na looks gorgeous as usual. Fun to watch.

  • yummy

    I love it!

  • http://facebook keryn

    it says illuminati princess where she the graphics pass behind her its so freaky u have to look really hard

  • ibnu

    really rihanna,,,
    very like this video,,,
    i can’t stop watch…
    great video from rihanna….

  • http://@GenesisLyric7 Ja’Nelle

    I love it! Not sure why its banned in 11 countries but ok whatever! Ri Ri is doing the d*mn thing and loving it and so am I. Get it get it Rihanna! Oh and just a thought has any of Lady Gaga’s videos been banned…um HELLS NO! So stop the madness and let her be the creative woman that she is ;-)

  • runawayjapan

    i love this song. i love RIhanna. she is doing an amazing job. she loves sex. i love sex too. she is just expression herself in her music. which is awesome. Dont ever stop sweetheart. dont let them get to you. be who you are and never change!!!

  • cybotron

    this video sux

  • cybotron

    this video is sux

  • Chelsie Jones

    personally, i think this video is amazing! she is such an idol to loads of girls. look at her! she is incrediable. after that recent insodant with chris brown, but know look at her after all of it. she is by far one of the most incrediablest females in the musical industry. she is one of my idols, i have to say! i am so happy she has come back, and showed us that what chris done to her has made her stronger! i be truthful, i am abit of a chris brown fan myself, but rihanna is by far better than him! i want to be like rihanna, i need to be like rihanna. she has everything. looks, i heard she has a amazing personallity, and her voice is incrediable! keep it up rihanna. bravo.

  • quiotie

    i dont think ppl r getting the point of the vid…she is making fun of the media and rude remraks that ppl say about her through out the whole video…smh s&m stands for someone who likes 2 give pain and receive it as well…maybe she is sayn she feeds off the negitive things ppl say and she can dish it back out…i <3 the video & the song =)

  • stormy

    How weak is this video??? An to think this is the same person who was crying boo hoo that her boyfriend beat her up??? Yet she then makes this kind of video?? Come on open up your eyes everyone this is nothing but a weak stunt to try to cash in on a weak carreer. I feel sorry for the women in the world who honestly have been beaten and they know how false this so called woman is.

  • heather

    I love the video and song.. It is perfect for people like me that like is ruff……….. chains and whips rock….

  • Tay

    @faye: because it may be sick, but men kind of like the whole, innocent girly thing. mix that with a little bit of sex & bondage, & you have every man’s dream.

  • Tay

    @faye: because it may be sick, but men kind of like the whole, innocent girly thing. mix that with a little bit of sex & bondage, & you have every man’s dream.

  • Tay

    @faye: because it may be sick, but men kind of like the whole, innocent girly thing. mix that with a little bit of sex & bondage, & you have every man’s dream.

  • Tay

    @faye: because it may be sick, but men kind of like the whole, innocent girly thing. mix that with a little bit of sex & bondage, & you have every man’s dream.

  • Tay

    @faye: because it may be sick, but men kind of like the whole, innocent girly thing. mix that with a little bit of sex & bondage, & you have every man’s dream.

  • Tay

    @faye: because it may be sick, but men kind of like the whole, innocent girly thing. mix that with a little bit of sex & bondage, & you have every man’s dream.