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Suri Cruise: Testing Lipstick at Holt Renfrew!

Suri Cruise: Testing Lipstick at Holt Renfrew!

Suri Cruise does a bit of shopping on Wednesday (February 2) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 4-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent time at the cosmetics counter of Holt Renfrew with mom and tested lipstick colors on the back of her hand.

Earlier in the day, Katie, Suri, and Katie‘s step-daughter, Isabella, stopped by Starbucks!

Katie and Suri are in town while Tom shoots Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in Vancouver.

FYI: Katie is wearing a D&G fur aisle jacket.

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Zoe Moon

    Suri is so gorgeous. I am not surprised that she is testing lipstick. She is such a fashionista.

  • NAME


  • maria

    what a beautiful kid

  • rsm

    why cant they take her to a park or library? they are TRYING to raise a brat.

  • dee

    why cant they take her to a park or library? are they trying to RUIN that little girl…? pathetic.

  • missy b

    Suri is just a little girlie girl, nothing wrong with that. I saw photos of her at an equestrian center a few days ago so it’s not like she doesn’t have other interests. People should stop being so mean to a little girl!

  • http://Tja Sligo ^ __ ^ cute


  • Meghan

    She’s a gorgeous little girl and I’m sure she will turn out just fine, but it seems she is growing up too fast. What happened to running around barefoot outside and lemonade stands? Lip stick and Starbucks can wait until she’s a little older in my opinion…being a kid only happens once, it’s something to embrace

  • KC

    Children of celebrities should be off limits. Regardless of who her parents may be she is a private citizen.

  • Frida

    How sad is it that all she seems to do is go shopping with her mother? Like someone say, we hardly ever see her at the park or fun kids activities. Sure that might not mean she doesn’t get to go to them, but it doesn’t seem to be very often compared to other Hollywood kids. Does this girl ever get to be a kid and not just a prop?

  • mailey

    so she is just really girly.
    that’s just how suri is.
    deal with it.

  • zzzz

    It’s great that Suri is accompanying Katie to go makeup shoppping. Hopefully she will urge her mother to wear it, and, of course, we all know she is an expert at selecting appropriate things for poor, hapless Katie. Maybe that coke can sized rectangular topknot Katie wears is a Suri creation, and, of course, Katie does as she’s by the Cruises.

  • debbie


  • Susie#1

    JJ: Just because paps take these pictures, doesn’t mean you have to publish them. The (great unwashed) public doesn’t need to see Suri Cruise comparing lipstick colors, nor should she be snapped every time she’s in public. What we’re seeing is the making of a self-entitled super-brat.

  • Suri Jackson
  • maxigirl

    i want a little diva like Suri.

  • Same ole song here.

    Frida and Meghanareright.

    Also,Suri should be in school.

  • marta

    people should stop being so rude when talking about 5 yrs old, there are situations when she looks weird or is carried etc. but trying a lipstick is really normal even at this age

  • Romeo

    They already take her to parks and museums, #4 and #5.

    I highly doubt a parent is trying to raise a brat or ruin them when they take their kids shopping.

    Right, #6.

    Don’t say that about a little girl, #8.

    You have no idea how she’s being raised, #9. So don’t pretend to know or care.

    You can’t assume how she’s raised based on paparazzi photos, #11. She’s never a prop for anyone.

    Exactly, #12.

    Could you wait until she’s at least a teen and is arrest for DUI before you accuse her parents of creating a super entitled spoiled brat, #15 and #17?

  • anonmus

    i always tried on my mother’s make-up when i was that little. nothing wrong with it.

  • Sunshine

    Ummmm…maybe if you had gone to school instead of playing dress up all of the time you would know how spell “anonmus”. I see the same future for Suri. She and Violet Affleck are the same age and Violet seems so bright. Suri’s main talent is “spotting a dress from a football field away”. Awesome!

  • baby

    JJ do they pay you to take these shots everyday?

    No One cares!

    The golden goose has laid an egg.

  • Toni

    You shouldn’t call her spoilt – it’s not her fault she is being raised this way. It’s very sad, because she is such a beautiful looking child, but at this rate, will grow up to be another Paris Hilton – with no understanding of the value of things, and possibly, relationship problems….

  • annie

    So Suri only goes shopping…..let’s see
    Tons of pics of Suri at the park, laughing running around, being chased by her parents , jumping off things, being whirled around by her grandmother.
    lots of pics , of her coming out of ballet, and art classes, the museum. the theatre, the zoo, running with her mother on a track, at a petting zoo.she’s at her parents work all the time , on a cruise ship, aeroplanes helicopters, seen her on trampolines with her mother, jumping around together, also jumping around with Connor and Bella, pictures of her on a swing in a park somewhere in the world with her dad, going into an art shop with the Beckam boys. We’ve Suri walking down the street in Germany getting aquainted with little dogs, along her way and Disney world, where she looked like all her Christmases had come all at once , that’s how happy she looked.
    Then you have the outings at Starbucks, sipping hot chocolate, resturants with her parents and exploring different cities.
    and we have seen lot’s of her little friends, one in paticular where she shared hugs with.
    Thank god all this is documented………and all you come up with, is Violet coming out of school everyday.
    What a life Suri Cruise has!

  • Jokergurl

    I just wish the paparazzi would stop stalking this kid (if this was my kid I wouldn’t put up with cameras in her face for one second she should have bodyguards (the cameras DO NOT get in the faces of the Jolie Pitt children, (their bodyguards are armed) they stay away, this may be a zoom lens but I have a feeling these vultures follow them into the store.a Saying nasty comments about this little girl, “She’s a brat” Really? whose fault do you think that is? HER PARENTS, not her fault. Seriously she’s just a child, if you feel like you have to trash a child over the internet you really need your head examined.

  • Romeo

    Quit comparing kids and pretending you can predict the future, #22.
    At least wait until she’s actually a troublesome teenager before completely judging her parents.
    People obviously care since these threads are always hits, #23.
    Read my second comment to #22, #24.
    Don’t bother, #25. They only see what they want to see.
    Agreed, #26.

  • all


    changed your name, huh STAR FOX?

  • connie

    Agreed, Suri really does seem to have been exposed to so much. She is still very young. Hopefully, she will have fond memories of all these place and things she has been able to do and see.

  • DanIsMyMan

    @ annie:
    Why are there so many so many pictures of this kids life? That is the problem.

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    oooooh my god!!!She has never been cuter than now!!!Suri is the cutest!!Very pretty!!I love her!

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    @annie: @Romeo:

    And you two, there are tons of pictures with poor Suri being dragged from place to place obviously not wanting to go. Tons more of her covering her eyes, her ears and hiding her face from the paps. A parent that truly had the child’s welfare at heart would protect her more. Tom and Katie drag her out for the paps to take pictures of. If her parents were more protective she would have a more normal life. You know Brad Pitt (and whether you like him or hate him he is right) once said that he didn’t want his kids to think it was normal to have someone taking their picture all the time so they tried to make sure the kids led a life sheltered from the paps as much as possible. TomKat obviously feels it is normal for a young child like this to have their picture taken constantly, to have websites devoted to her fashion sense, to have blogs like JJ posting pics ad nauseum. Tom has even thanked the paps for some of the beautiful pictures they’ve taken of this child. How sick is that? She is like a couture gown to them–bring her out for photos whenever you feel like it and then tuck her back in the closet when you want your privacy.

  • lala

    what suri cruise needs is a butt spanking and a face slapping the looks that little biotch always has on her face are obnoxious enough to make anyone throw, instead of being raised in the normal phases that children need to experience life she is called upon by her parents for advice and direction, in return they allow her to induldge in adult behaviors and rewards, a four year old shopping for lipstick putting colors on the back of her hand are beyond pathetic, she should be playing with other kids and enjoying being a little four year old instead of concentrating on being a four year old adult, she is not only spoiled she is obnoxious, somone please give this little brat some harsh disipline and bring her back to the planet of reality because right now she lives in a fantasy vision that will only continue to make everyone unable to stand to be around her she is pathetic and she knows it.

  • isabella

    i agree suri needs her butt blistered so she cannot sit down, wipe that dirty little smirk she has on that fug mug of hers she is not even cute, her personality sucks the life right out of every photo of her, and makes the world hate her, already the world hates this little bitch thanks to her sick parents that have everything in their heads backward

  • nicole k

    it woild be so nice to see katie take the lipstick away from suri and tell her “NO” that she cannot have or wear lipstick or any other adult item that a four year old has no business even knowing about,but unfortunately katie is too frightened of suri to be able to do the right thing and place some proper limitatiions in her life, this little girl has NO boundaries in her life and all children need boundaries to be balanced, suri will be one of the most unbalanced children ever born thanks to her brainless parents



  • sped

    Such horrid and hateful people to make such comments about a child!!

  • annie

    and all these awful comments because a little girl tried some lipsticks on the back of her hand?

    @ robobride
    you know suri doesn’t like the paps when they are in her face, but as long as there is a distance it doesn’t seem to bother her, and even tho she does hide her face , although more in the night than day, when she arrives to their appartment in NY, and as soon as she goes through the front door ,she doesn’t care less, ( i’ve seen her on video) so it’s probably not an experience she takes with her, when the paps are out of sight.
    also, your friends the jolie -pitts, only come out with their kids when there is a movie to promote. this is where they parade around with the kids and start handing out donations……..don’t deny it either, because it’s true. I swear if I could only find those pics of maddox throwing himself on the ground in a massive tantram, wonder what comment that would evoke.
    your eyes seem to play funny tricks on you, like seeing people with dirty hair.

  • ellie’

    Such good parents …Suri is a happy beautiful little girl….

  • article on Katie

    ” Why do so many people dislike Katie Holmes? ”

    ” Is Katie Holmes truly so terrible? Well, she’s probably not all that great. In recent weeks, she’s been the subject of toxic rumors that her new thriller, “Son of No One,” was such a bomb at Sundance that audience members stormed out — a tale eagerly lapped up by legitimate news organizations like Reuters. The Hollywood Reporter observed, “When Katie showed up on screen, there was a collective groan. She plays the wife of a Queens cop and she was completely miscast. They have her cursing a lot. And when she swore, there were chuckles.” And even though other critics who attended the screening have since offered differing accounts of what really went on, the fact that such a rumor started — and took off with such vigor — gives an indication of how little Holmes is regarded by audiences and the press.

    Maybe the speculation was based on the blink-and-you-missed-it failure of her last Sundance outing, “The Romantics.” Or perhaps it was the mixed reviews for her 2008 Broadway debut in “All My Sons,” a performance that prompted Ben Brantley to observe that Holmes delivered her lines “with meaningful asperity, italicizing every word.” Or maybe it’s her freaky husband.


    Sure, a big part of the umbrage — and the bottomless tabloid fascination — concerns Holmes’ seemingly Svengali-like mate. For years, rumors have swirled that Cruise, learning nothing from Japanese horror movies, “auditioned” several comely starlets for the role of his offscreen leading lady before connecting with Holmes. But it’s not so much Cruise himself as the notion of a woman who would at best so easily surrender her religious convictions and personal ambitions that makes Holmes such an easy target for shudders. She may possess the Little Miss Perfect vibe that Gwyneth Paltrow practically invented, but she lacks Paltrow’s air of steely achievement. And she certainly inspires considerably more vitriol than her Oscar-winning predecessor, Nicole Kidman.
    Instead, despite her fame and opulent wealth and weird religion, she hits a nerve because she is that familiar, one-in-every-crowd mom — the woman whose worshipful marital devotion can be summed up with, “We do collaborate on everything at home. But I mean, he’s Tom Cruise!” She’s that lady, the one who dabbles in fashion design even though her company’s website has zero images of its wares. She’s the woman who seems, but for one or two different life choices, the sort who’d totally be dominating on “Toddlers and Tiaras.” She’s the one with the husband everybody really hopes doesn’t tag along on the play date, the one who, on the day after you’ve missed your child’s bedtime because you’re working overtime to pay for orthodontia, swans onto the playground to complain she’s thinking of firing her maid. It doesn’t matter if it’s true. What matters is how wholeheartedly audiences swallow it. Katie Holmes may be a well-rounded woman who happens to truly adore her beautiful daughter and movie star husband. But while she is no great actress, when she does her dead-behind-the eyes Stepford shtick, she’s chillingly convincing. ”

  • it’s Robo-Bride


    First off, I’m not a JP fan. I do read the blogs and that particular quote stuck with me. Just as Tom Cruise excusing dragging her out all the time stuck with me–he said it is what it is. NO Annie, it is what you make it. Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy were both much more popular than Katie Holmes and much more photographed yet they managed to provide their kids with privacy and raise children that seem somewhat normal in spite of being rich and famous. For whatever reason Tom and Katie can’t seem to put this child’s needs first and do the same thing. DO YOU REALLY REALLY think it is HEALTHY for this child to be paraded out like a cute puppy for all these photo ops? And how can a rational person NOT think these are photo ops. We go weeks at a time not seeing any photos of this family who according to Tom can’t escape the paps. He has escape routes out of his home/compound. Do you think when we don’t see this child for weeks on end she is being kept prisoner? No she is not. She goes out and about to see family and friends and to do activities without the paps. You may feel the JP’s exploit their kids and charity work-maybe they do,maybe they don’t–haven’t kept track of them and their movie openings. However, I do think when the press is bad, out comes Suri. When they need press, out comes Suri. Katie tries so hard to look as though she is doing normal things with this child. Ha! She could sneak out of the compound with Suri, grab some STarbucks at one not on a pap watch and get back home before anyone was any wiser, but instead she make sure that they are photographed.

    And Annie, my eyes aren’t playing funny tricks on me–Katie frequently does have dirty hair. You can easily tell when you blow the pics up as it is greasy. Clean hair has a much different look.

    So feel free to accuse those of us who feel TomKat is raising Suri to feel that she entitled to be a brat or a diva or spoiled or whatever of being JP fans, Kidman fans etc. Most of us are not. We just call out bad parenting when we see it.

    And no, most of us don’t agree with cruelty to a child by posters who wish awful things upon her. But this child is over indulged as anyone can see by pictures, by hearing Katie talk about Suri and her wardrobe etc. Katie, instead of Kidman, should have played in the Stepford Wives–because she is truly one lobotomized woman. She sold her soul for love supposedly. Gave up her religion. Dumped her friends (and you can find quotes from many of them who said one day she was their friend and after meeting Tom that was it), gets parts she has no business getting, has a fashion line that is horrendous and wouldn’t have gotten off the ground if she wasn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise. She is vapid, silly, and annoying. And like any fly, you swat it.

  • mira

    Im from indonesia.
    We love suri. she is so cute n adorable. and many pregant woman in here want to her baby girl like suri.,include me.
    Suri is a little girly girl n thats so cute..

  • annie

    @robo bride
    why is it alright for pictures of gwen staffani at the park with her sons, and she poses for the paps, like both her and her husband kissing Kingston on each cheek, why is it alright for her to pareade her son on the catwalk at her fashion show, or his father taking a 4 yr old kid to a fashion show.WHY IS IT CUTE for kingston to wear nail polish , have his hair dyed every week, and wear the most ridiculous clothes ever put on a little boy.
    jessica albas daughter is photographed much more than suri lately, and she’s doing the same thing katie and suri do.
    well let me sum up what a pap said ………katie is nice and suri sells!
    how come the paps are there for halles daughter, or celeb kids snapped ggoing to church or birthday parties , or everything else.
    why are other people snapped in new york with their kids, or how did Heidi get photographed on picnics with her kids, or the afflecks going to breakfast with their kids, and violet in her pjs………but that’s ok isn’t it. it’s ok for everybody , but not for katie or suri.
    well let me tell you something RB, and that’s ……..i feel so sorry for katie, because she never got a bad wrap , , every body praised her looks, and even her acting most of the time wasn’t rubbished like it is now.
    even tho i like tom…. and i do like tom, yes in a way i resent what has happened to katie since she’s been with him. he’s messed it up his family big time.
    yes he did look like a nut case the way he went about scientology , in that video i’m the first one to admit that, and at times i’ve even thought that maybe katie has suffered a depression, paticularly just before and after the Morton book.
    She seemed so thin and drawn , and it wasn’t just me, a lot of katie fans thought that.
    everything that tom has done wrong is thrown back at her and her daughter………..and you’re one of the people who does it all the time.
    Do you want to know the truth? actually i’m surpised that they are still together, and why?…….because i could never imagine myself coping very well in my marriage where everyday i’m told to watch my back, or i was #4 on some list, or have people talk about me in a nasty way and ridiculing my child.
    yes there are things that tom has done that make me skeptical at times, things that i personally would not have liked my own husband to have done………..but at the same time, maybe he is a good husband and father, that’s why i always , whatever i sometimes think , i give him the benefit of the doubt.
    Is he a proud father to suri……yes…..enourmously so , i think, but the same goes to kidman.
    he at least said after suri was born …..that he now has 3 beautiful children, more than what kidman done, so i appreciate that in him, and i believe he meant it with all his heart.
    well let me tell you something else i think……….and that i sincerrly wished tom stayed with nicole, because they were so well suited, in my opinion, both close in age , both ambitious, and both drama queens…….and when you read nicoles interviews, it’s like sh’e reading a scripy, maybe katie talks about tom and suri, about clothes , but all nicole does is tell the world, how she is still in love with TOM.
    SHE HAS NO BUSINESS , IN TALKING ABOT HOW GREAT HER MARRIAGE WAS, HOW TIGHT THEY WEREOR HOW SHE BECAME A CELEBRITY BECAUSE OF LOVE……..hey Keith how does that feel……of course she covers herself by saying Urban is her soulmate.
    Her mannerisms to Urban are the same as Toms were to her , and Toms to Katie and Penelope, that’s why i wish she was still with Tom, and newsflash , if her marriage to Tom was as good as she continually wants to make out , or at least tries to convince herself that it was, he wouldn’t have dumped her so quickly for Pen Cruise, or any other reason that’s gone around.
    SO there, now you have all my thoughts, arn’t you lucky.
    I’ve often thought that Katie doesn’t take advantage of herself, all her great attributes, and things , and maybe just maybe she will be one of these people who will never make the most of things, for whatever reason, but you are really harsh on her……for all the wrong reasons!

  • christina

    Beautiful suri.. I’am a big fan of u.
    So funny to see u trying lipstick behind ur hand n u look serious,..oohh u r really a sweet n smart little girl.
    May u always be happy like that….
    I love katie cz she always looks beautiful even without makeup.,I like her teeth, looks very sweet when she smile.
    From: Australia.

  • maria anabella

    Surii… cute and adorabble.
    Many childrens in the world more spoiled and so brat, but they get older they have a good personality. They are just children.
    Yeahhh… Maybe u’ve forgotten just how naughty u as child.
    So…..Dont judge her too early….

  • Amalia

    Amazing suri…..cute n always adorable.
    When i was little I also like to wear my mother’s lipstick.., it is a beautiful memory to be.remembered.
    Dont judge personality suri too early.. she is only a child.
    Maybe u’ve forgotten just how naughty u when u were child., u should be ashamed to judge a innocent child.

  • Ramutya

    I opened JJ just want to see the latest photo of suri. My Mother loved her too. In indonesia many women who want to have daughter as beautiful as she. They said want to have a daughter like Tomkat’s daughter., and some even gave their daughter names Suri too. Its like Suri’s fever in here. Suri has been an inspiration and a dream for many women. Suri is very famous in indonesia more than any other hollywood celebrity kids..
    In indonesian Suri means the Empress. We call her Permai suri.
    Terima kasih. Suri saya menunggu kamu liburan di pulau Bali.

  • Bella

    @ramutya Glad to hear ur comment. I also liked suri, even though sometimes i was confused by her parent’s the way of thinking but suri only a kid. I think only a loser who judging a child

  • Caroline

    Much love for suri. The most beautiful little girl i have ever seen.
    From France.
    Oh oui suri.. Lorsque vous revenir a paris?

  • sissy

    U say suri is a spoiled brat just bcoz she likes to dress up, like shopping n getting lovingly of his parents. Then how about shiloh???? bradpitt ever spent $10.000 for a one time shopping in paris for a tomboy shiloh, n shiloh also had a hobby collect dead animals, doesnt that disguisting??? I dont think so cz they r only a child, all they do is so amazing…
    Beautiful life with rich parents who loves them.
    I Love suri n shiloh, they r the Great kids.

  • carlissa

    Super cute…..
    Suri like an angel :)