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Natalie Portman: Beachwood Canyon Baby Bump!

Natalie Portman: Beachwood Canyon Baby Bump!

Natalie Portman shows off her growing baby bump while going on a hike with some pals at Beachwood Canyon on Friday (February 4) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress carried a “Ballet Beautiful” water bottle, paying homage to her Oscar-nominated role in Black Swan.

The day before, Natalie covered up her baby bump with her purse while heading out to lunch at Square One restaurant.

10+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman hiking with friends…

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natalie portman beachwood canyon baby bump 01
natalie portman beachwood canyon baby bump 02
natalie portman beachwood canyon baby bump 03
natalie portman beachwood canyon baby bump 04
natalie portman beachwood canyon baby bump 05
natalie portman beachwood canyon baby bump 06
natalie portman beachwood canyon baby bump 07
natalie portman beachwood canyon baby bump 08
natalie portman beachwood canyon baby bump 09
natalie portman beachwood canyon baby bump 10
natalie portman beachwood canyon baby bump 11
natalie portman beachwood canyon baby bump 12

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  • C

    I swear she got huge overnight

  • YAWN

    Little Miss Perfect again … major yawn … ZZZZZZZ

  • fredpop

    she was good in black swan, but that was it. cant wait for her to drop out of the public eye once she gets the oscar…. and she looks like a beatle; pretty, but like a beatle.


    She looks like she’s a pregnant teenager aged 16 y-old max.
    If she wants to do a remake of JUNO it’s now or never !!!!

  • Hilary Cavallari

    I turn 30 next week which I’m excited about and I see it as an achievement that I’ve got to this age without getting married and having children. Not that I’ve got anything against either, but I have been with so many guys who have said “You’re mine. Let’s get married and have kids” and I have always said no because I have always wanted my independence and my own life. This year hasn’t been easy, but now that I’m in a good place with having a great job and a toyboy and I’m in the best physical shape of my life, I am looking forward to giving all that up. I wasn’t in a relationship that fulfilled me until now and what I did in the past was selfish. I take responsibility for everything I’ve done. I hate that people got hurt. But I don’t regret the outcome – a committed relationship with my toyboy. I’d love to have children in the next couple of years because the result is so worth it and my toyboy adores them. He is only 22, but I am really surprised by his maturity. But he’s got his career and things are going well, so I wouldn’t want to put him under any pressure. I don’t feel the clock ticking. If it happens, it happens. It’s a whole new world.

  • down

    I used to love her… =/

  • Tellar Vergara

    Even though she has become extremely overexposed recently along with other actors like James Franco, I’m so happy for her that she has found happiness in her personal life and attained considerable success in her career. She must be over the moon! So far, unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with men with no backbone, who make promises they cannot keep. A lot of men don’t know how to handle a strong woman. I am a 34 year old divorced woman with a young daughter and it would be nice to have a son as well. We’ll see. I’m dying to have a baby. I’d like two. In fact, my biological clock is already ticking and I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just becoming a physical need now. I just really want a baby! I want to reproduce so bad! It’s less an intellectual decision than a physical calling. My body feels like it’s asking to reproduce, to have a huge belly and carry babies.

  • 88

    She is “showing off” her stomach just as much as she is showing off her sneakers. For goodness sakes Jared.

  • rsm

    @Hilary Cavallari: are you on crack? wtf does this have to do with nat portman?

  • http://deleted lovelydee

    She’s looking rather big lately
    like she’s gonna pop any day now.

  • Veronika

    She said she’s due in the summer? No chance.

  • 2n

    @lovelydee: Pop? Shes not a ballon. She is carrying a child.

  • twill

    @C: Thats pregnancy for ya. I woke up one morning and my stomach was much larger than the night before.

  • Courtney

    babies shift positions all the time and she’s about 5 months so that would make her due in early-mid june which is technichally still spring. she may have pregnancy issues that are making her gain more weight than is recomended for a woman of normal weight Nat is supposed to weigh between 107-140lbs normally and at this point in pregnancy your supposedto gain a pound a week so she should’ve gained about 18lbs if it’s a single baby which likely it is as women her age have twins 1 out of 1,000 live births unless they run in the womans family where a first time mom over age 30 has a 1 in 300 chance of fratneral twins and indentical twins are 1 in 550 chance

  • elise

    4 months, huh? …..I’m guessing more like 6, maybe even 7.

  • Mirror-On-The_Wall

    BTW alleged reports reveal Nathalie Baby Daddy had a live-in g.f when she got knocked up..Portman always came across smart and intelligent, but she may have settled for Kevin Federline 2.0

  • sue

    Kate Hudson is 4 months and you can hardly even see a bump

  • jess

    I’m excited for her to win an oscar. Then we can see if that “Oscar curse” crap is true and her baby daddy leaves her.

  • Mirror-On-The_Wall


    No way! Exception to the rule this time, the babydady was a nobody before being hired to choreograph the sets onscreen. Grinding bodies all day all week got Miss-Goody-Two-shoes got knocked up, and had to buy herself a fiance. The fiance had allegedly left his live-in g.f for Nathalie*Money is Power or she would have been crying in her skirts after he left a note on the dressing table..

  • Courtney

    um every woman carries differently and it’s Kate’s second pregnancy not her first. not every woman that wins an oscar doesn’t lose her boyfriend/husband after she wins neither Eva Marie Saint or Joanne Woodward lost their husbands after winning an oscar infact Eva Marie and her husband Jeffery are still married and so would Joanne and her husband be if he were still alive. just because Natalie is nominated for an oscar doesn’t mean she’s going to win it nor has Meryl Streep and she won twice

  • Krizzy

    I’ve been a fan of Natalie since 1999 and it’s still unbelievable for me seeing her pregnant!

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!

    Why shes cry???

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!

    A a a a a a a aaaaaa

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!

    Woman cry

  • Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!!


  • Jasmine

    I don’t remember her being on this site (or in the public eye) very much until she announced her pregnancy/engagement. Now, everyone stalks her, cataloging her “baby bump.” Kind of disturbing.

  • April 6

    She’ll have the baby in April and lay low for a couple months to be with the baby. Just say’n.

  • nini

    she is not comfortable having her pics taken by the paparazzi . each pic into her personal life i can tell by her expressions she doesn’t like it .
    this is the lucky part about not being famous is u don’t have to be stalked by the paps for your pics each time you go somewhere .
    a lot of famous people feel violated by the paps and want their privacy just like any other normal human being would .
    but i guess each person feels different about the situation

    i personally think there should be laws to protect them from the paps going too far with bullying , taking pics of their kids , etc.

  • Anastacia

    @Kaz simply Amaazing !!!!!! don’t you want to do smothing with your life?? try to learn english for example …
    Natalie is and will always be gorgeous!! I’m so happy for her and wonder how the baby will look like^^ I hope it’s a girl with her mom’s dna :D

  • Helen

    How did she get so big overnight? I mean she had a tiny bump, then a bit more of a bump and now woah it’s much bigger all of a sudden… twins?

  • Uxia


  • lorri

    she looks HUGE and old and ugly she has no glow to her as a pregnant woman does shes a liar and and phony her so called fiance will drop her once this baby comes and natalie will once again be alone because shes a big b—- and a big loser.

  • Peterbilt

    My goodness the paparazzi randomly “find” some Oscar nominees quite often these days don’t they. Miss Goody-Two-Shoes looks way more than 4 months gone. Methinks some little lady isn’t so good at math.

  • Peterbilt


    UH Sorry he’s not the baby’s daddy.

  • Margot


    Then Natalie should refrain from agreeing to a major 24/7 campaign for the Oscar. Do you see Nicole, Michelle, Jennifer or Annette all the time?

  • elliemae

    She’s due way before “summer”. And, it’s a GIRL. Just watch.