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Gerard Butler is Number 79

Gerard Butler is Number 79

Gerard Butler heads out for lunch wearing a shirt featuring a large number 79 on Thursday (February 17) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier this week, the 41-year-old Scottish actor arrived back in the United States after promoting his film Coriolanus at the Berlin Film Festival over the weekend.

Gerry is confirmed to star in the sequel to his hit animated film How to Train Your Dragon, which is up for the Academy Award for Animated Feature!

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Photos: WENN
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  • Cheryl

    Looking very sexy bebe.

  • Manny

    Wouldn’t 69 be more appropriate for Butler? :P

  • W

    Why does he always dress like a 25 year old?

  • Nuts

    I wonder if anyone would have recognized him without the paps being there.

    I keep hearing about his amazing charisma…I wonder if he turns heads even when he strolls by.

  • http://Ka Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Really 97? Im 1

  • Amy R

    He doesn’t look as happy in these pics…He was also seen last night at The Redbury Hotel …he didn’t want any photo’s to be taken.

  • Anna

    Hes has more sex appeal !
    I f-cked him half!

  • Anna

    I was dreaming about him but i can still see his heart ineed to find him then tell him

  • Double you


    Because he can…..

  • Tippi

    sssssexy !!!

  • Sarah

    Yeah 69 indeed.
    This is so much better than imdb. At least I don’t have to look at EvilEMpress regurgitate Glenn Becks talking points. She is like the John madden of fox news over there.

  • Amy R

    So do you think he’ll go to the Angels and Demons Party at
    The Playboy Mansion tonight?

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    i don’t know what chick STILL see in him. he always looks a mess.

  • stella

    79 shirt seems to be the new Ralphie. LOL. I like his hair. Wonder what he’s listening to.

  • jillyro

    Yuck, never looks cleans and seems like he would smell. Needs to take a shower, shave and comb his hair. Too old to be doing the grunge look.

  • So Swedish

    New thread already!?

    Wow, JJ is almost becoming Gerrys new fanpage. I love it, thanks JJ!

    He looks good, a bit stressed maybe. As I´ve said before, love the longer hair.

    Btw, my cake pops looks adorable and taste yumyum… :)

    @Amy R
    I am sure he is invited, and many probably hope and expect him to show up. I guess it depends on his mood.

  • a question

    is he gonna to be at the oscars and possibly presenting? i hope so. i like to see him all dolled up.

  • stella

    I was looking at that LAC video from the last thread. I remember it well. It’s water way under the bridge now, but I thought he acted as tho he was on some medication that didn’t agree with him. I can’t understand why Rupert or whoever was in charge at the time even let him do the interview. He was obviously out of it. I don’t think he was disrespecting anyone. He was off in lala land.

  • sandy

    @stella: I don’t think anyone could stop him. Imagine the poor fool who tried to tell him he couldn’t do something. Remember how angry he got when Alan was just talking a little loud on the phone.

  • observation

    It seems to be his hair is steadily getting llighter. I think he’s having the dark stuff trimmed a little quite often and is going to be all natural pretty soon. A girl can hope anyway.

  • oldbutnotdead


    I never found the video people are referencing. But he travels too much, has sleeping problems so that would not surprise me. When he is rested and happy he sounds fine. Where was that situation when Alan was on the phone? Was that in Glasgow? I heard him yell at someone.

    @nuts I have read accounts of people seeing him in person, and they confirm the charisma; a 6’2″ man of about 41,goodlooking, fit and around 200 lbs, will turn heads anyway, Gerard or not.

    Gerard has excess energy, perhaps that is part of what people see. He did a lot of fighting as a youngster, and very likely has a temper, but has gotten better. He is amazingly patient with his fans most of the time. (except for the British women who pinched his butt!).

    As to the way he is dressed, most of the Hollywood crowd, and the NY crowd seem to dress that way in between the red carpets, regardless of age, and Gerard loves sports. He looks perfectly clean to me, so someone has personal issues I guess!

  • Dorothy

    @Amy R:
    “He doesn’t look as happy in these pics…He was also seen last night at The Redbury Hotel …he didn’t want any photo’s to be taken.”
    why do you think he didn’t want his picture taken?
    was he with a girl?

  • Jasmine

    He looks so damn awful now.

  • stella

    @oldbutnotdead: This is a video of the salvageable part of the interview. In a latter part, he actually seemed to go to sleep, right while talking. But like I said, it’s water under the bridge now.

    I agree about his clothes. He looks just fine to me and we all know how superbly he cleans up!

    @observation: It does seem lighter, but don’t hold your breath. My bet is the first day he walks onto the PTF set, it’s going to be dark again. But we can hope that it’ll be natural for Mavericks. Afterall, the character’s name is “Frosty.”

  • stella

    OMG, I forgot to post the link. I must be getting old.

  • Manny

    I agree the interview is the past… but definitely part of his past. Posted the link for those who didn’t think it existed.

  • themask


    …so according to you, a man of 41, handsome and fit …cannot wear tshirts and cargo pants??????? …wow…I thought this was year 2011 not 1011…I guess I was wrong.

  • wtf?

    Personally, I didn’t like the darkened BH and PSILY look to his hair and the attempt to look so much younger than himself. I know , i know in PSILY it was a timeline thing….but still. meh

    I think his fans can accept a more natural Gerry, and at this point in his career I think he can tell the studio heads that too.

    Give me a more natural, true to life, grey haired, wrinkled , slightly pudgey, loveable, manly featured Gerry any day over a made up one playing 30 ish.
    Embrace it Butler, please, if I must see you in another rom com, leave the hairdye and bad shirts at home…..

    .oops bad shirts are the real Gerry…snort

  • :S


    his birth year and his favorite pastime
    the age he acts most of the time

    = 79!

  • rachel

    I agree with those who wish he’d just let his hair go natural. Richard Gere had gray in his like Gerry from when they were in their 20s and they always dyed Gere’s hair for movies too. Finally, he wised up. He looked much better when he finally went saltnpepper and now silver.

    Gerry has such gorgeous hair, it’s a shame to color it.

  • KDHT

    Article on Mavericks. There is supposed to be a photo of Frosty, but it’s blank in the version I get.

  • redOctober

    I think he should let the natural colour of his hair show and trim it a bit shorter …

    …but, of course it’s my opinion and he’ll do what he wants regardless.

  • stella

    @redOctober: That’s a good hair length for him…not too short and not too long.

  • amanda

    He seems tired in that video, maybe he was on some kind of painkillers but I don’t see him being disrespectful to anyone. We all have bad days where we just don’t feel like doing anything or dealing with people. I have them too. No big deal.
    The video you linked in the last thread doesn’t exist anymore it has been removed. Sounds a bit strange that you would link to a dead link. And those comments on JJ don’t surprise me; they usually overreact and say that he behaved or did something a lot worse than what really happened. So unless we could see the video and judge for ourselves, I can’t really agree with anything you say about that incident in 2009. I would very much like to see that video.

  • So Swedish


    You should´ve warned me for the angry eyes staring at me when I clicked on the link!

    I agree, that length suits him very well. Looks a bit more well groomed. But I like his current hair length too. I hope he doesn´t cut it off too short.
    And not to color it either.

  • amanda

    While I was watching the video Stella linked, I came across these videos I haven’t seen in a long time. Sometimes it’s good to revisit old material and see it again from a current perspective.
    very interesting interview
    he says he likes doing low-budget movies (he just started with Evil Twins then)
    and he wasn’t trying to act sexy or masculine like he does in his other interviews, especially with women. This is possibly how Gerard really is when he is not pretending or acting.
    But He seems uncomfortable seating on his butt, I wonder why? Maybe he was in pain, as he always says he is in after “300″.
    I wonder where we can see the whole 70 minutes of him on the panel, does anyone know?

  • amanda
  • redOctober

    @So Swedish:

    …sorry about the angry stare…lol…

  • Linda

    Ha ha, my thoughts exactly!
    My old pervy neighbour used to wear a t-shirt with the words “69 – Try It You’ll Like It” last summer. Yuck.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    I think that’s an old vintage Celtic shirt..He’s a big supporter of Celtic..the Football (soccer League) in Scotland..He looks good..abit too thin..but good..

    Good luck on all his projects..

  • Interesting

    this is the same t-shirt he wore in Brazil or Uruguay 6 weeks ago, why is anyone surprised to see it again?

  • stella

    On facebookk:

    Peter Franc I found out that Gerard? Butler is speaking at the Mid-State campus in Wisconsin Rapids on March 15. He is coming as a motivational speaker and there is autographs afterwards,

  • stella

    Cancel your flights. The guy just posted that he made a mistake. It’s not Gerard Butler. It’s some LeRoy Butler. LOL.

  • Interesting

    I believe Lunch girl from NYC is Lunch girl from LA.
    They look almost identical
    This new video surfaced
    here are pictures of LA lunch girl from last month
    type Gerard Butler in the search and she comes up on the 5th row
    there are also pix of his home – a sky view
    I don’t know, they look identical to me.

  • @stella

    Framo had probably already bought a ticket.

  • CJ
  • CJ
  • rachel

    @Interesting: I think he was wearing it at the outdoor luncheon with the dark-haired woman back in LA too. It must be a new favorite of his. He can now switch it out with the Colorado one. He is a character.

  • nyob

    LeRoy Butler is a former NFL football player and famous for pulling off the “puntrooksie” while in college. I would rather hear him speak than Butler.

  • missis

    I don’t know how long you guys here have been GB fans, but does anyone remember the “F/ck me I’m famous”-bracelet that he wore to the premiere of Dear Frankie many years ago? I remember the phannies at forum were quite shocked, LOL! ;)