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Katie Holmes: Kaboodles Toy Store with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Kaboodles Toy Store with Suri!

Katie Holmes and her camera-shy daughter Suri (in a D&G Junior jacket) head to Kaboodles Toy Store on Tuesday (March 1) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Earlier in the week, the mother-daughter duo bundled up and grabbed drinks at Starbucks and some cupcakes at a local bakery.

Katie, 32, is reportedly suing Star magazine for $50 million after the tabloid ran a January cover story with the headline “Addiction Nightmare: Katie Drug Shocker!”

“Of all the fabricated stories that continue to be published about me, this instance is beyond the pale,” she said in a statement (via L.A. Times.)

“[They] knew this outrageous story was false and printed it anyway to sell magazines,” she added.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Jennifer Meyer initial necklace in “S” for Suri and J Brand “Bette” high-rise wide leg jeans in Wonderama. She carried a Max Mara “Margaux” tote!

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50 Responses to “Katie Holmes: Kaboodles Toy Store with Suri!”

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  1. 26
    tellaB Says:

    She wouldn’t have to sue if she lived her life privately and stayed away from where the paps are. They’re are big stars in Hollywood with children and they manage to protect their kids and keep them from being photographed. Katie walks around in front of the paps looking like a zombie and now wonders why people think something is wrong with her. suri looked happier when Katie was gone and the nannies were taking care of her.

  2. 27
    Wonder Says:

    I think you were referring to my post, #14, not #15. If Suri wasn’t feeling some distress then why is she trying to cover her face? I do doubt it’s because she just does that for no reason. Then you state, that there is nothing for Katie to do about it. Well, obviously you don’t have kids! Good mother’s have very protective instincts and want to protect there kids! For you to say that Katie should just remain calm and act like nothing is wrong is crazy! There IS something wrong! Her child hates being photographed day after day. This has been so clear for years! Ignoring it is to live a lie. Then you tell me I should wait before I comment. Maybe you should practice what you preach! You clearly don’t have children and should not comment on something you know NOTHING about!

  3. 28
    lane Says:

    @Suri Jackson:
    WOW! Suri looks sooo much like him! Can’t deny!

  4. 29
    Bear Says:

    This outfit is wretched!

  5. 30
    ?? Says:

    There are pics on Pop Sugar and Katie Holmes has this stupid smirk on. Same stupid smirk… so tired of this woman and her crooked face showing off. Shes so GROSS.

  6. 31
    connie Says:

    Katie and Suri walked from there hotel 2 blocks to Starbucks and the cupcake store with the bodyguard. Suri, wearing her nightgown!,0,0#14

  7. 32
    dani Says:

    Well, what will be interesting if Katie carries on with her STAR lawsuit–she has to prove she was defamed etc.etc.–and STAR can fire back. They did not say she was on hard drugs etc they said it was due to Xenu auditing et al. So they can demand that Katie and Tommy show the Xenu auditing machine, herbal supplements etc. and the Xenu doctrines. Xenu won’t like this.
    I think she will lose. And possibly the Cult will be in for more criticism.
    Not saying I agree at all with the National Enquirer or STAR or any other rag that makes up stories, but strictly from a legal stand-I think Katie may be on shaky legs.

  8. 33
    tellaB Says:

    Katie will lose this case just like David Beckham lost his. This is a waste of Tom’s money on legal fees. Beckham is now being asked to pay the legal fees of the people he tried to sue.

  9. 34
    Madhatter Says:

    I am glad she’s suing. The “press” shouldn’t be able to say whatever they want.
    There are things printed about celebrities that I KNOW are fake but, the average American is quite dumb and believes whatever they read, or are told.
    Thus, the need to sue for slander, etc.

  10. 35
    huh???!!! Says:

    You’ve been diagnosed with a mental disorder…right?

  11. 36
    go away Says:

    Katie Holmes has turned into a DISGUSTING human being.

  12. 37
    eliza Says:

    Half of Hollywood could sue over headlines in the tabs. It’s hard to win cases like this in the US, and it could bring lots of Scientology practices under scrutiny if Katie has to testify. That I’d like to see.

  13. 38
    it's robo-bride Says:

    Well, I’ve noticed since she filed the law suit she is trying to look better. Maybe the picture on the front of STAR really woke her up to what a mess she looks likes when she doesn’t even take minimal grooming steps! I actually think she looks good here.

    And ANNIE if you are around–I don’t begrudge her being the Kamiseta girl, but don’t understand it the choice as she is not a teen and most of their clothes look like they are made for the pre-teen-to early 20′s group. She is, what? 32–I think she is too old to pull off most of the pieces. H&M would be more her style if she wants to represent a clothing line for the young.

  14. 39
    Virginia Says:

    The paparrazzi is crazy.
    The picture of suri playing, is taken through the window because we don’t let people take pictures of kids.
    You never see her with other kids because you only see her when she is getting chased by photographers. And this was a 5 o’clock. Not a lot of kids in school then
    And they have come to our store before. And Katie is an amazing mother. And they try to protect suri from the pap. If you try and tell the paparazzi to leave and they start yelling about their rights. This one guy tried telling us he was a tourist.
    At least once Katie and Suri are in the store they are a little safer, except for the creepers in the window. By the way, it was really nice on Granville Island yesterday. :)

  15. 40
    Jolly Folly Says:


    And exactly why is Katie an Amazing Mother? You throw out a statement like this, but don’t back it up with anything. Most of us feel that the child would be better served by not being paraded to the paps. Are you saying there is absolutely no way in he-ll that Katie and Suri could have gotten to your store without paps? They couldn’t have called ahead to go in the back way? They couldn’t have arranged to go after hours on the sly? This is hardly a “normal” environment for a child–parading her down the street with paps following her. A truly concerned parent would make sure it didn’t happen so regularly.

  16. 41
    begging for katie to go away Says:

    An amazing mother… theres THAT word again. AMAZING mother who carries her 5 yr old around in a blankie and gives her a bottle. The way it looks to the public, actually, is that Suri has something wrong w/ her and Katie covers it up by talking the “amazing” crap and putting her in expensive clothes as a distraction.AND.. The kid isn’t at all striking when shes in play clothes… she looks like any old kid.

  17. 42
    annie Says:

    @robo bride
    must admit, I found it a little surprising too, but I think they want to change their image and expand. the pics were cute tho and that style suits her, and that’s how she always wore her hair, and with tight jeans, little tops and tummy showing a lot of the time.
    And to be honest, she should make a bit of an effort, because whatever people think she was given a big compliment by Max Mara, AnnTaylor, Kimaseta, and her clothes line has been getting positive write ups. and as much as i like katie , i never want to see that grandpa cardi again.

  18. 43
    what?? Says:

    I can’t believe Katie has everyone thinking this little girl is a style phenomenon. REALLY?? People, it’s not hard to look stylish everyday when moms constantly FILLING your closet w/ all these goodies! I am a stylist by trade, and I go all out for my kid w/ designer stuff from J.crew, Petite Bateau, Bonpoint…all the same stuff. And no matter what she puts together, she looks amazing and gets TONS of compliments b/c its steller stuff and kids look very stylish mismatched. THAT is the key to all of this. A whole website dedicated to her “unique sense of style” please! She’s a rich kid w/ a shoppaholic mother. Style icon.. no.

  19. 44
    jolly folly Says:


    I agree totally. While I can’t afford the designer stuff, I shop at low to mid-range stores for my granddaughters and manage to put together some striking outfits for them. We walk down the street and strangers stop to tell me how cute they are and what darling outfits they have on.
    Gee maybe I should develop a website dedicated to their “unique sense of style.” One that most people could afford since the clothes come from Target, Old Navy kids etc.
    Even if I had the money tho, I’m not sure I’d dress them constantly in designer things–I want them to be more than a shopaholic like Katie and Suri. You know–go to a regular (not xenu) college, learn something, be something that they have developed on their own rather than daddy and mommy’s money buying everything for them.

  20. 45
    danielle Says:

    @jolly folly:

    Ah, but you forget that Katie proclaimed to the world when Suri was two that she was an amazingly strong woman! And just recently that Suri is amazing and will do great things. She is magickal. Amazing isn’t it?

  21. 46
    kaka Says:

    Miss the “old phony” Katie Holmes… the one where she was prancing around the parks of Berlin and chasing Suri in Paris like a Burberry Ad… at least the pics were phony and cute. She totally sucks now and giving that kid a blanket and bottle are far from cute. Katie always putting on a show though!!!

  22. 47
    someguy Says:

    Poor Katie, Tom is forcing her to sue the Sun and do the same stupid things he does.

  23. 48
    crazy toms wify Says:

    planned publicity tour to the toy store… Katie your gross.

  24. 49
    carlissa Says:

    Mommy is cute, Suri is superrrr cute

  25. 50
    ??? Says:


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