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Katie Holmes: Manhattan Mama

Katie Holmes: Manhattan Mama

Katie Holmes flashes a smile as she leaves her apartment in New York City on Wednesday (March 9).

The 32-year-old actress bundled up in a Max Mara trench coat and J Brand wide leg jeans for her day out on the town!

Last night, Katie and her 4-year-old daughter, Suri, watched a performance of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway.

FYI: Katie is carrying a Max Mara “Margaux” tote and wearing a Jennifer Meyer Diamond Initial Necklace.

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  • Chelsea

    Wow, is she actually wearing makeup? AND she brushed her hair? Nice to see her put a little effort into her appearance.

  • yuck again

    Always has the smirk on like she has a secret.

  • cancangirl

    I wonder if that side smirk is nerve damage from when Miscavige slapped her.

  • KH

    Going to buy more pacifiers.

  • Real World


    Unless she is modelling something (which doesn’t appear to be the case), we don’t need to know all the details about her clothing and accessories for goodness sake!!!! Who cares???!! Can’t you do your advertising separate from your posts?

  • ck

    To be fair, she actually looks acceptable here.

  • Sun

    is this a fashion blog now?

  • ginny

    Batsh*t crazy biatch managed to get a babysitter today! She needed one last night! FREAK!!!

  • Laura

    Beautiful mama.. always love u kate.

  • reinna

    U looks so nice, I like ur coat

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    She aneed running with the devil to be happy

  • pr person

    She is so stupid. Who brings their almost 5 year old to a play, at night, that isn’t meant for children?! DUH! She has to be the dumbest mother on the planet!

    Can’t stand her! UGH!!!

  • Beating a dead horse

    Isabella must be babysitting the feral child,Suri.
    The magical one. So amazing one.

    Ok,ok,Katie does look nice here,pulled together.Decent.Normal

  • Sassy

    Where’s Tom’s Mom? And where oh where is Shelley Miscavige, wife of the cult leader, David Miscavige??? No, seriously, WHERE IS SHELLEY??

  • yuck

    PR people definitely telling her to smile.

  • Katie STOP showing off please!

    I actually liked the bob haircut… she’s back to normal, boring Katie. Nothing striking about this woman, I don’t know what people see.

  • annie

    Katie looks great here!
    Can’t imagine what it must be like being surrounded by 20 paps, at close proximity, cameras flashing and having them shouting at you, and your child ,who totally can’t stand them. I think Katie gets anxious for Suri, and Suri picks up on it. Suri seems very attached to Katie, and goes everywhere with her, at the same time when she’s with her nanny, even tho she’s anxious about the paps, she puts her dead down and bears it, where as I think she plays up a bit with Katie and knows she’ll get picked up. Kids play up for their parents, but behave for other people.
    Saw an E! special once, about DC and they interviewed a man who worked behind the scenes , who said that Katie gets a bit scared when people surround her, or run towards her. While he was talking they showed a DC set pic of everyone connected with the series….Katie was sitting on his knee. According to him , she used to get very anxious, and this is going back a while.

  • Romeo

    Get a life, #1.

  • ali

    With the weight loss and straight long hair she looks like all the other 30 something actresses in Hollywood. Nothing unique anymore.

  • anonymous

    She looks really nice like this. If I had as much money as she does I would dress like that all the time. It looks so much better than the stuff she sometimes wears.

  • fame ——

    LAUGHING alllll the way to the bank. This woman is quite possibly the shallowest human being on the face of he earth. She make my skin crawl.

  • Toria


    Annie, I’m just curious–how can you defend Katie/and/or/Tom for forcing this child to walk the pap walk? Having worked in media I know there are dozens of way a “star” or “politician” etc. can avoid the paps. Katie seems to go out of her way to attract them. She walks out the front door right into their arms and continues strolling along while they chase her. You do know don’t you that she and Suri could leave most of the venues that they are in in privacy if she wished??? You should also know that with her status she could ask that stores open early or late. Or let her know when they aren’t busy. She could easily get out of a building and take Suri to the park without the paps following her. And yes they would show up when notified by someone, but at least they would be out of the limelight. Both Katie and Tom seem pretty adept at sneaking around LA without paps. Or do you think the weeks that we don’t see them that they are hold up in their estate and don’t go out???
    What I see and others on this thread and many others–Katie and Tom deliberately court the paps to photograph them and Suri. Personally I think it is a shame that poor Suri has two parents that use her as pawn for their own uses.

  • The Anti-Romeo

    Of course Katie looks good. She’s away from Tom Cruise and back in NY where she gets to work on a play. She obviously had the hair and makeup people stop by. Katie is at her most miserable around her nutbag contract husband who is still in Vancouver. But then again, thats what she gets for signing a contract and selling her womb to the highest bidder.

    Tell me Katie? What is it like being married to a man who uses slave labor rather than pay a fair wage to people? There’s proof out there, you know. Pictures, documents, FBI testimony. And he’s cheating on his taxes too! How does it feel to know that the FBI and IRS are watching his every move? Sweetie, if I were you, I’d take the money he gave you and run cause Cruise is going to jail along with his best friend David Miscavige.

    And Romeo…..don’t say there’s no proof. There’s a TON of proof in the form of testimony, pictures and documents. You ought to get off sites like this and take a look. Your IDOL is a criminal.

  • no way

    Double like to your comment Toria… they KNOW how to escape. Each photo is planned. They decide when they want to be photographed b/c they obviously leave Manhattan w/ out being photographed! I think the are giving Suri her “fame” in doses.. thinking its ok to throw her into it on there scheduled terms. Obviously Suri is extremely affected, and should be kept out until she CAN handle it better. They think she is being a “pro” at it buy “handling it”-as tom has said…spewing lies like she is “raised on it” crap. They are completely delusional w/ that one (shocker)…as w/ everything else.

  • annie

    @ toria
    I don’t know to be honest if there is a parking area at their apartment building, so they don’t come out the front, but I have seen pics of Katie coming out of back entrances of buildings , not that it made much difference, the paps were still waiting.
    Suri doesn’t like the paps, but she is not distressed by the paps. She walks around with her eyes closed, she pulls her coat over her face, puts her hand at the side of her face, so she doesn’t have to see them, covers her head with a blanket, but if she’s in a shop, away from them , she looks at them, and once I saw a video of Katie who was carrying Suri, and the paps were following them, but at a distance, and Suri was turning her mothers head around to look at them!
    JJ didn’t show the pic of the paps waiting outside , but other sites did, you should see how many there were camped outside that apartment.
    That’s their home when they are in NY, I believe they made extentsive renovations, and Katie said that they put a kids gym for Suri……why should they leave because of the paps, they are the intruders here.
    There should be a law that says that paps HAVE to be a certain distance away from celeb children, not 20 or 30 surrounding them like a pack of wolves.
    I did another post earlier, but didn’t register when I pressed submit, so please excuse if it decides to make an appearance.
    I could be wrong but that’s the way I see it!