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Miley Cyrus & Joan Jett Duet on 'Oprah'

Miley Cyrus & Joan Jett Duet on 'Oprah'

Miley Cyrus and Joan Jett take the stage and perform together on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Wednesday (April 13).

The 18-year-old teen queen did a medley of the rock legend’s biggest hits including: “Bad Reputation,” “Cherry Bomb,” and “I Hate Myself.”

The Oprah episode was dedicated to the Rock Goddesses of the ’70s and ’80s and featured appearances from Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Pat Benatar, and Avril Lavigne.

Check out Miley and Joan‘s performance below!

Miley Cyrus & Joan Jett – Greatest Hits Medley
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  • AMD

    Perfect song choice for our little Miley, the child can’t sing a lick! Joan rocks as always!

  • http://h H

    No one will remember her 20,30 years down the line.
    What a disgrace having her there among real rock goddesses.

  • Susan

    Miley started off a little rough but sounded great by mid-song. Joan–phenomenal as usual.

  • Susan

    Miley started off rough but held her own mid-way through. Joan–phenomenal as always.

  • C

    Miley moved around very awkwardly on stage…

    Only thing I enjoyed about that was seeing Joan preform and hearing her sing.

  • Hanne

    What was Joan thinking?

  • Casey


  • Vanessa

    Why is Miley trying so hard to Be edgy and she a pop star who needs to stay in her lane and stick to song written by Disney people and why does she alway dances so werid she can”t dance and she looks stupid with her body suit what is she doing try to channel her inner britney spears

  • Gilmore

    Joan sounded amazing as always and Miley was well.. *_*

  • Allie

    I hope Miley watches this 15 years in the future and cringes with embarrassment.

  • janet austen

    miley is a sweet kid, but the teeth are SO FAKE WHITE and the 2 ft of extensions, its just rather dumb distracts from her abilities. she’s cute,but keep it a bit more real.

  • teri

    No one sings it like Joan!

  • Gaby

    For all the people trashing Miley… I am not even a fan of hers, but Joan Jett has said that Miley’s cover of her songs are her favorite of all the artists that have done the same. Joan obviously has better judgment on this topic since these are her songs. And I’m assuming she had something to do with Miley being there in the first place.

  • Warren

    Miley was hot and did great. I’m surprised they didn’t do ” I Love Rock and Roll” It was one of the best duets as their voices matched pretty well.

  • Karine


  • FunnyGurl

    Miley is talented. I think she did great. You have to at least give her that. Joan Jett rocks as usual!

  • D

    Joan Jett is HOT! Miley usually sucks but actually this type of song seems to suit her voice…Cherry Bomb didn’t sound all that bad..

  • Tara

    Wow…Miley actually pulled off Cherry Bomb. Totally didn’t expect that. She couldn’t quite get a grip on Bad Reputation though so the world isn’t totally topsy turvey!

  • kami

    good heavens, ppl stop hating on miley. leave the girl alone.

  • Lalalove

    Joan and Miley? I’m almost embarrassed to be the biggest Joan fan at this very moment. She’s paving the way, I guess.

  • ILJJ

    Joan Rocks! However Miley can’t sing and she sounded retarded trying to sing Bad Reputation. She has a country voice, not suited for rock n roll. Miley got the lyrics wrong on I hate myself for loving you, it’s “I just don’t like looking like a clown” not “but I don’t look like a clown”. Miley sucks!

  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    i didnt even know who JOAN JETT is (im young) … that is until miley started doing her songs and now she is singing with her i know what she looks like ….
    so you people gotta give miley credit for showing the younger people what rock is all about !

    ps: i loved it <3

  • Marcus

    I guess JustJared forgot that Salt & Pepa was on the show and did three songs?! Interesting…

  • char

    what kind of f*ckery is this?! who let miley onstage?! ugh.

  • Didi

    WOW! Miley SUCKS!!! She sounds awful….she ruined it for me!!

  • kerri

    I am a fan of Miley’s music but she just didn’t cut it for me. I suppose when you are singing next to someone like Joan Jett then you are going to be crushed. I thought Miley was trying way too hard to be tough it either comes to you naturally or it doesn’t. I think Miley has a long way to go for her music career but she will get there. I love her own music she has like Can’t be tamed and Who owns my heart.

  • Eliana

    Wow Joan Jett nice, but miley cyrus nonono
    Dakota Fanning Sings Way better “Cherry Bomb”

  • Britt

    NO Joan Jett!! Why?!? WHy, would you have Miley perform your songs. I’m really disappointed with this.

  • Miranda

    I don’t understand why Joan Jett would allow Miley to sing with her onstage. I just don’t think it sounded right. Miley sings pop songs not rock. I hate to say this but I would rather see Avril onstage with Joan.

  • Darkstar

    Talk about embarrassing for Avril, bet she didnĀ“t have a clue who Pat was before she land in the city. Avril have cover “Bad reputation” and even put it on her new album. Bet she went there (and canelled Lopez Tonight) with thoughts that she would duet with Joan Jett. LOL! what a punch in her face it must been.

  • Robert

    Miley Cyrus cannot sing and she has nothing do to with rock.