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Paul McCartney: Engaged to Nancy Shevell!

Paul McCartney: Engaged to Nancy Shevell!

Sir Paul McCartney and New York businesswoman Nancy Shevell are engaged after four years together.

“They have the right chemistry,” a source tells People. “They’re both cool, chilled out and optimistic.”

FYI: This will be Paul‘s third marriage: He married Linda McCartney in 1969 and Heather Mills in 2002. Paul has five children: Heather, 48, Mary, 41, Stella, 39, James, 33, and Beatrice, 7.

The Beatles legend, 68, and Nancy, 51, started dating Summer 2007 in the Hamptons. Pictured here is the couple at the MET Ball on Monday (May 2).

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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • Cheery

    Holy crap, had no idea who this woman is, but 51?? She’s looks more like 38!

  • ugh

    some guys never learn

  • Lindsey Strauss

    I’m glad Paul McCartney is happy again and engaged after all that he went through with the Heather Mills fiasco.
    I adore my boyfriend. I’ve never been happier. I am just so, so in love. For the first year, we’ve been working out how to be together because our jobs are so crazy and all over the place. But I know he’s The One. That’s all I can say – he is The One. I’m totally in love. I’m so relieved I found someone I want to be with for the rest of my life. No more dating headaches. We both knew right away that it felt different. It felt very special. We were very comfortable with each other very quickly. It was a good sign. He makes me want to be a better person and I feel so lucky to have him.

  • blair

    Congrats….3rd times a charm!

  • ramze

    انا بحب هذا ممثل المميز و انا بشجعه

  • -n

    Demi Moore n°2 with a better face like a cute horse

  • rhonda

    hope he is SMART enough to get a pre-nup this time around. He was a total dope when he was with Heather Mills. she played him like a violin.

  • Lou

    Rhonda: The UK courts at the time of Paul’s marriage to Heather did not recognize pre-nups as legally binding. There was no point in him getting one as the UK courts were free to ignore it. Just this year a debate began in the UK about making pre-nups legally recognized in divorce proceedings but it hasn’t happened yet.

    So don’t bash Paul for not doing something there was no point in doing!!!!

  • NYC

    If you were Paul McCartney and could have any woman in the world, would you pick that????????

  • Taylor

    FML. Does he REALLY need to be married AGAIN? I mean, at this point in his life (grown kids; grandchildren), it kinda pointless. Linda was his soulmate, I guess she would want him to be happy as the rest of us…
    -Sigh- Tip: PRENUP

  • Lou

    NYC: What are you talking about? She’s beautiful.

  • OMFG

    You have GOT to be kidding me… -.-

  • Taylor

    Ok whatever. I’ll continue to pretend he’s single. Hahaha! :D

  • c

    i love The Beatles!!! best band ever, you just don’t get music like them anymore

  • Sandy

    Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. Women marry men for one reason; Money.

  • Diane

    No fool like an old fool. Paul should have married Jane Asher, not cheated on her.

  • Whatever

    Paul obviously didn’t love Jane as much as everyone seems to think he did. You don’t cheat on someone you love. Paul and Linda are/were made for each other. They had a beautiful life together. I guess he can use this chicks company.

  • rhonda


    he was still a DOPE, she made a total fool of him and his family.

  • Whatever

    Paul is the type of person who can’t be alone. It goes back to his mother dying when he was a child. Then his lovely Linda dying, I sure do hope she doesn’t break his heart. Sad, his first marriage was the right one, I just hope he’s happy.

  • mary

    congratulations! i only hope that the children Paul had with Linda like this woman a lot more than they liked his second wife. after all, they supposedly refused to go to that wedding.

  • to diane

    he didn’t love Jane Asher, why else did he cheat on her. Paul loved Linda whom he never cheated on. Paul and Linda were together all the time; they rarely if ever spent any nights apart. if Linda were still alive the two of them would still be married

  • theresa

    at least the children he had with Linda don’t have to worry this woman will get pregnant and have a child. i always thought that was one of the many reasons they hated Heather Mills; she had a child with their father. which means that they now have to share any inheritance from their father with that little girl. i wonder if any of the older children have any relationship little Beatrice. i would bet not; especially not Stella.

  • Asia

    She so ugly
    she $uck him long time….

  • NJ

    I know this woman
    A total snob for years.
    Down-to -earth?

  • Priscilla

    I don’t get why they have to marry, but this woman seems perfect for him. She is very rich in her own right and is more age appropriate. Heather Mills she is not.

  • Whatever

    Having your own money doesn’t mean you want more. Just saying. We don’t know these people.

    @to diane: I agree %100 with everything you just said.

  • Lou

    Ha. I can’t believe there are people on here STILL talking about how Paul should have married Jane Asher 43 YEARS AGO. Get over it, already. He didn’t love her. And they both found good partners. …

    To NJ: You sound like a charmer yourself. (Not.)

  • cam


    I don’t know what you are talking about. She is lovely & intelligent and classy. He has done worse (his second wife). We all loved Linda, but she has been gone a long time now. I’m sure his kids want him to be happy. Nice to see him happy.

  • ew old people


  • rhonda

    @ew old people:

    go listen to “whip my hair” and get back to us, this generation has got NOTHING to brag about.

  • danielle


    Actually he has said all of his kids Bea too have a really good and positive relationship with each other. Stella has also commented about what a wonderful little girl her sister Beatrice is.

    Do your homework hunny and do some research before you shoot your mouth off.

  • toria


    All the Beatles cheated. They had women coming out of the wood work throwing themselves at them. Groupies followed them from city-to-city on their tours. Jane knew it. All the Beatle wives and girlfriends knew it. She has never commented on her relationship with him as to why they broke up or the feelings they had towards one another. Marianne Faithful and a few others have said the two of them did not seem particularly suited to one another.

    If you are going to fall in love with a rock star, sports star or actor–you need to realize that their ability to remain faithful is seriously compromised by all of the women/men who throw themselves at their idol. There are groupies on each circuit that are well known to provide any service their idols want and they are known to be discreet and don’t sell them out.

    It is a miracle he remained faithful to Linda. Very rare in the industry. The fact that he couldn’t remain faithful to Jane just means for whatever reason she didn’t do for him emotionally what Linda did. She in turn appears to be happily married to Scarfe who is famous in his own right and also has a CBE (award of the British Empire). They have three kids and again appear to be happy.

    So why are you revisiting the 70′s? Paul has moved on. And so has Jane.

  • Fake

    he’s difficult, good luck to that marriage..she has the same nose job as his second wife…Paul is my least favorite Beatle.

  • whatever

    @toria First of all, I LITERALLY know all of what you just said. I was NOT the first person to mention Jane, look back and you will see it was a response to another comment. Say what you said to them. Not being mean.

  • Wow

    Ok then.

  • Residential Troll

    I guess he had to pick one who was a tad older than his eldest child.

  • Frozoid


    Yes, Jane Asher was smart and beautiful and talented. He cheated on her. She caught him in bed with an American named Francie Schwartz in his St. John’s Wood home in 1968. That was the end of the relationship.

  • Frozoid

    @Residential Troll:

    Actually Heather was Linda’s biological child with another man before she met Paul. Paul adopted Heather.

  • Sheri

    This woman looks like Kate Middleton in about 20 years … she looks great for 51!! And I don’t think she should sign a pre-nup … why should she have to pay the price for what Heather Mills did to Paul? Pre-nups make marriage seem more like a business transaction and you’re already telling your future spouse that you don’t really trust them …

  • Edison, NJ

    Sheri, Pre-nups protect people’s money/savings/kids’ assets in case there is a divorce. The pre-nup is signed way before the wedding, or should be.
    If Macca doesn’t have one, he’s a fool.
    btw, Yuck
    she can have him.

  • Postman

    @to diane: Are you sure? He wrote songs abt her. But anyway, they were young back then. They gre up and unfortunately, grew apart, wanting different things. That’s all. The fact is he did love her, but not anymore.