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LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Babe in Cabo!

LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Babe in Cabo!

LeAnn Rimes wears a barely there bikini as she hits the beach with husband Eddie Cibrian on a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 28-year-old singer and her 37-year-old husband spent time together in a jacuzzi and walking hand in hand in the sand.

LeAnn and Eddie shared a kiss as they went through security at LAX airport before heading to Cabo.

LeAnn was also recently in NYC with Eddie celebrating his new NBC show, The Playboy Club!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian in Cabo…

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Photos: GSI Media
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235 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: Bikini Babe in Cabo!”

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  1. 126
    Jayney Says:

    Jayney from Down Under here – agree with you TJR – a few gifts don’t mean a thing unless it’s backed up. Like I said a while ago – Leann and Eddie – we would all have a little more respect for you if there were fewer holidays at exclusive resorts and more public show of ensuring the family you deserted were taken care of. It’s okay to go on about what a great Daddy Eddie is but money isn’t short in your new family is it? Would like to see a tweet about how you are helping out the old family. Seems like it is so easy to discard a family and then think that it is acceptable behaviour to publically say – “well it happened – couldn’t help it as I didn’t know any better and look at us now – living it up in luxury”.

    My prediction – there will be new photos of the children at a soccer match or being dropped off to school and then a whole lot of tweets about school lunches and homework.

  2. 127
    gwen Says:

    Wait, WEWE is STILL tweeting about EC kids, even after EC made it VERY clearby trying to sue BG if the kids made cameos on her show that he was opposed to his kids being exposed to millions and millions of people? Seriously, so why would we believe that EC is in love with WEWE just because he frolicks on a beach with her, when he won’t even abide by his own words concerning his kids being exposed to the media and paps?Great job EC, he opposes his kids being on BG show, yet he allows WEWE to tweet about them knowing full well that it will end up on some blog or in some mag. So how does EC explain that to a court system?

    Does WEWE think that shopping on line for EC son will make up for the fact that EC ditched his kids for Cabo? What a great image to send to his kids, based on WEWE tweets, EC only spent 4 days with his kids in a span of 2 weeks, so how bad does it look when those kids see photos of their father living it up in Cabo when he didn’t even care enough for them that he ditched them so that he could surprise WEWE early in NY? Why even bother asking for joint custody when that lowlife isn’t even going to take it seriously? I get the feeling EC only wants joint custody so that he can control BG and pay less child support to BG for the kids.

    WEWE Rimes is just plain sick. Now she is using the bad weather to draw attention to her honeymoon with EC and this is why no one likes WEWE. She is also trying to draw attention to herself because she is jealous of how TS and her fans raised 750K for charity. Funny, how come when TS fans are prompted to do something, they do it. Whereas WEWE fans always seem to disappear when she needs them.

    We know that WEWE isn’t sincere and doesn’t care about the bad weather that is going on. How? If she was sincere about the bad weather, she wouldn’t have kept tipping off the paps so that the media and press could see her and EC frolicking on a nice, sunny beach in Cabo. If she doesn’t want further backlash it would be nice if WEWE would refrain from releasing anymore photos of her and EC in Cabo.

  3. 128
    Vivienne Says:

    Quiet here at work so here’s my 10 cents worth: “bonus mom” WTF? Not even close to a mom Leann. If you have any idea at all of what it felt like to be a mom, you would have thought twice about having an affair with a guy with children. You would have waited until he had become single again. If you were even close to being a mom, you would have known how hard it is to tell your children that their daddy isn’t going to be living at home anymore. No Leann – sorry – finding it so very offensive every time you use that term to describe yourself. Not all your fault though. A real daddy doesn’t spend his time getting his leg over anything that’s on offer either. You are the ones who have to sleep at night. Had a number of your albums Leann – they are now binned as of tonight.

  4. 129
    gwen Says:

    Just when you think that WEWE and EC can’t stoop ANY lower they manage to do. When all else fails and WEWE and EC still can’t make the public like them or believe that they have this fairytale romance, what do WEWE and EC do?

    They STAGE a Tornado Benefit (where we all know they will slobber all over one another on the stage) where WEWE sings and guess who hosts it, Eddie Cibrian. Wow, so now they think that hosting a tornado benefit concert will make people accept their romance? Seriously WEWE and EC LAY LOW. I can see WEWE doing the concert, but why is EC hosting it? So now we are supposed to believe that WEWE and EC are madly in love and that EC isn’t cheating on WEWE because they host a charity benefit together? This isn’t about charity, it’s about WEWE using charity so that she can stage more pda and photos with EC on the beach in Cabo.

    Seriously, who wants to bet that WEWE and EC kicks this benefit off by leaking birthday photos of EC son’s birthday? Is this why EC was so opposed to allowing BG to let the kids make cameos on her show because they were waiting for an opportunity like this?

    NOTE TO WEWE: More backlash will follow because now WEWE is using the victims of the tornados to hype up her album and single so that she can release it, show the world just how much she and EC have REEL LOVE, justify exposing EC kids to the media and press after EC tried to sue BG if the kids made cameos on her show, and of course SWF and taunt BG.

  5. 130
    gwen Says:

    Here is the article from Contactmusic:

    Leann Rimes – Rimes Staging Tornado Benefit

    Leann Rimes and her new husband Eddie Cibrian are staging a benefit show to raise funds for the victims of America’s recent tornado disasters.

    A spate of storms hit southern states, including Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, on Tuesday (24May11) – just two days after a powerful twister claimed more than 120 lives and devastated whole neighbourhoods in Joplin, Missouri.

    The bad weather occurred just weeks after tornados swept across six southern states in April (11), with more than 200 people dying in Alabama alone.

    Rimes, who hails from the southern state of Mississippi, was stunned by news footage of the disasters – and she has now decided to take action to raise money to help the survivors of the storms rebuild their lives.

    The singer is organising an event in Jacksonville, Florida and she will take to the stage to perform at the 5 June (11) gig, while Cibrian will host the gala.

    In a post on her page, Rimes writes, “I’m doing a benefit acoustic show in Jacksonville, FL on June 5 benefiting the tornado victims of AL. (Alabama) and MO (Missouri). Details to come and Mr. Cibrian will be hosting. Lots of fun auction items too!”

  6. 131
    gwen Says:

    So is that why WEWE invited the paps to the airport with her and EC and People mag to the beach with her and EC and then made sure that her delayed honeymoon with EC was a topic of just about EVERY media outlet and the #1 story on People mag because she was oh so concerned about how tornados were causing havoc?

    This is how we know if WEWE is sincere about helping tornado victims:

    a) If we don’t see ANYMORE photos of her and EC in Cabo, then the public will believe that WEWE is sincere. People have lost their homes and families, so why would she continue to release photos of her and EC living it up in Cabo without a care in the world? That just defeats the purpose.

    b) WEWE stops tweeting about EC kids. Shouldn’t charity begin at home? EC doesn’t want his kids exposed to the media unless of course he can benefit from it. As we can see, WEWE is still tweeting about those kids, so we know that this event isn’t about the victims of tornados, but about WEWE need for attention. Why would WEWE keep exposing EC kids to the media and press?

    c) Don’t use EC son’s birthday party to promote the event and don’t try to use this event to justify exposing EC kids to the media and paps. It’s not okay to tweet about those kids just because she is doing something nice for the world.

    d) Pick someone else to host the benefit because all anyone sees this event as is an attempt to shove her farce with EC down people’s throat. We don’t want this charity event to turn into another Playboy party where WEWE sends twitpics of her and EC making out in the trailer, dressing rooms, and stage. And we know that this will happen. She needs to drop EC from the list and stop trying to use EVERYTHING and ANYONE to sell her relationship with that jerk.

    f) Is WEWE trying to make fund raising benefit into a competition between her and TS? Since TS and her fans raised 750K and TS got recognized for it, WEWE thinks that she can upstage or outshine her by doing the same thing? Seriously WEWE if this is the reason for doing this benefit, then back out now. Why not just donate some of the money that she is spending on this Cabo trip and EC shopping spress?

  7. 132
    Catherine Says:

    Hi – I always wonder who these benefits are really for (the celebsrities or those affected) and how much of the money is distributed. I work in the public health sector and I know that it is alway best to donate directly to the American Red Cross – they ensure that the money donated is directed to the appropriate services – it takes two minutes to text a donation of $10 (you can donate as many times as you like) or phone them direct.

  8. 133
    Luca Says:

    mboobs and his dude!!!!!!!!!

  9. 134
    gwen Says:


    So is this how WEWE and EC are going to get their REALITY TV SHOW? They are going to do a Charity benefit together?

  10. 135
    Kel Says:

    Give your donations to Red Cross or Salvation Army.All she wants is another photo op.

  11. 136
    Shay Says:

    I wouldn’t give that ho a dime for any reason. Give directly to tornado relief fund.

  12. 137
    gwen Says:

    Wow did you see who is starring in TP new movie(BTW, TP movie sounds just like a altered version of TD Jakes movie, NOT EASILY BROKEN with some minor detail changes-married man vs a man who is about to get married)?

    Thandie N (Beloved, For Colored Girls, Crash, The Pursuir of Happiness)

    Rebecca R(Ugly Betty, X-men)

    Gabrille U(Bring it, Daddy’s Little Girls, Love and Basketball)

    No wonder WEWE is trying SO hard to let EVERYONE know that EC is her hubby. So this benefit with EC is to let those women on the set of TP know that EC is her hubby.

    EC character in TP movie doesn’t even have a name listed on the cast list yet, so let me guess that means that he is playing a minor character just like he did in Not Easily Broken. I hope that TP didn’t give EC the same character plot for his movie. In Not Easily Broken, EC played a gigolo who was going through a divorce and who was trying to hook up with the single mother(her son played on the baseball team that the guys coached).

    Surely TP could have picked someone better than EC for the simple fact that WEWE and EC are going to make this movie ALL about her and EC. When it comes time to promote the movie, we can already predict that WEWE and EC are going to be bombarding the internet like crazy. They are going to try to upstage the movie with a pregnancy just wait and see.

  13. 138
    Kelli Says:

    She is a self promoting loser who has a career in the toilet. It doesn’t matter what the two of them do, the public hates them as a couple and is basically disgusted with them as people in general. She seems to think that photo ops, public PDA’s and this “benefit” will win people over. She is so wrong.

  14. 139
    Kelli Says:

    If she wants to help, she would be better off donating money herself. She can’t even sell records anymore. It isn’t like she would be a huge draw even for a good cause. Having him host the event is hilarious. They really are a giant train wreck.

  15. 140
    Shay Says:

    @Kelli I agree, why doesn’t she just donate her money to the tornado relief fund? Because she has to get a big photo op out of it.

  16. 141
    gwen Says:

    This is what WEWE quoted on her twitter page:

    “Just like you drive where you are looking, you live where you are thinking. Focus on your problems, you drive to worry.”

    So how come WEWE isn’t taking the advice that she posted? Instead of exploiting EC kids and the victims of tornados and tweeting about how happy and content she is in her farce with EC, WEWE needs to focus on the problems that she is having in her relationship with EC so that she doesn’t have to use twitter, People mag, and Dailymail to drive her relationship with EC.

  17. 142
    gwen Says:

    Did anyone see the cover of People mag?

    Wow, just wow. Wow.

    Kim K gets engaged and it makes the main cover of People mag, but when WEWE gets married because it’s the “greatest love story of all time” People mag gives WEWE a section off to the side and they didn’t even bother to frame it in the nice little borders (and because People mag was so worried that the issue wouldn’t sell, they had to put Mick Jagger on the cover). That in itself says a lot. WEWE #1 mouthpiece, won’t use EC and WEWE as their main cover. Why won’t People mag put WEWE and EC as their main cover? Are they waiting for the pregnancy to do this? Or perhaps it’s in the works, WEWE and EC stage a charity benefit and in return People mag/In Touch/US Weekly gives them the main cover?

    WEWE can’t be happy over the fact that People mag gave Kim K the main cover for her engagement. I smell a “EC loves me because…” photo-op coming, you know because WEWE cares so much for the misfortunes of others.

  18. 143
    Jessica Says:

    Brandi is SO SEXY Marla Maples and Adrienne Maloof voted hotter!! hahahahaha

  19. 144
    betty Says:

    @Jessica So What!! Leann would never have even been in the in the competition. These are all classy ladies. Something Leann wishes she had.

  20. 145
    Esther Says:

    I’d hardly call this a honeymoon being that they’ve been vacationing/honeymooning from the very beginning, from the very get go, nothing new here.
    And WE KNOW who paid for it–how shameful of Eddie. He has proven to the world at large that he is spineless and walks with a tail in between in legs…..he is NO MAN.

  21. 146
    Esther Says:

    Why would you ever comment on TMZ’s ‘Who’d You Rather Be?’, trying to be negative towards Brandi , when we’re ALL going to throw back in your face how ugly LeAnn is???? DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

  22. 147
    Shay Says:

    Esther look at Leann, she’s man enough for both of them lol.

  23. 148
    Esther Says:

    @ Shay
    You’re right!!! But actually LeAnn is more of a man than Eddie, cuz just like a man, she picks up the bill–EVERYTIME!!

  24. 149
    Shay Says:

    Esther that’s sad but true, Leann wears the pants and Eddie’s the trophy wife.

  25. 150
    Krissi Says:

    @esther @shay – I am sure you two are beautiful models, and have perfect bodies.

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