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Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogen: '50/50' Trailer!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogen: '50/50' Trailer!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets his head shaved by Seth Rogen in the trailer for their upcoming movie 50/50, in theaters September 30.

50/50 is an original story about friendship, love, survival and finding humor in unlikely places. Joseph and Seth star as best friends whose lives are changed by a cancer diagnosis.

The film draws its emotional core from director Will Reiser‘s own battle with cancer.

“Ideally we wanted to make a film that would be as funny, sad, and hopefully as honest as the experience we went through. As soon as the script was completed, it quickly became a passion project for all of us. It helped us come to terms with Will‘s struggle as well as our own experiences,” Seth said.

50/50 also stars Anna Kendrick and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Seth Rogen: ’50/50′ Trailer

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  • kerri

    I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt he is an amazing actor. He just keeps getting better.

  • Erika

    I luv a shaved head!!!!!!!!

  • lee

    Fantastic trailer! I can’t wait to see this, although I’m pretty sure, I’m going to bawl my eyes out. Love JGL!

  • MAry

    aww thsis movie looks soo cute..i can’t wait to watch it..i know im going to be crying by the end of it

  • MAry

    aww this movie looks soo cute..i can’t wait to watch it..i know im going to be crying by the end of it!!!

  • imnottellingyoumyname

    can’t wait to see this movie!

  • eyda

    <3 it;) looks great, funny and sad at the same time, I think its a great inspiration for everyone;) gotta love Joe <3

  • Actor

    the movie looks really good, but JGL needs to try harder. He’s acting this character the same way he acted in 500 days of summer. This is basically Tom, but with cancer.

  • Madhatter

    You made me nervous- and then I watched the trailer.
    I am happy to say you were wrong.
    Um, I can happily agree that his face is the same as 500 Days of Summer- no major unfortunate plastic surgery mishaps.
    But, he has a frenetic energy in that movie where as this one it is the absolute complete opposite…
    I notice your name is “Actor.”
    Could it be there is a little jealousy/envy thing happening with you here combined with mental laziness?
    Maybe you should change your name to “Newspaper Movie Critic.”

  • Polly

    Seth acting in another movie about a friend with cancer?! At least this one seems better than “Funny People”. Love JGL.

  • @Actor

    Talli, your vendetta against JGL is really tiring. Why can’t you accept that there are people who don’t share your opinion, instead of ragging on Joe on every blog that posted this trailer?

  • kerri

    @madhatter: I loved your comment :)

  • Maggie

    I’m excited about this one:) With all the crap out in theaters right now, this is like shining hope to me haha

  • Actor

    @MadHatter I think he has pretty much the same energy here. His intonations are exactly the same. His reactions are exactly the same. It’s only a small flaw in the movie so it will still be watchable, except I’ll just think Tom has a case of bad luck; first summer dumps him, then he gets cancer. George Clooney has made a career out of playing the same exact character so I guess Joe Levitt is going for the same thing.


    He is really handsome

  • teddy

    James Franco is amazing. I can’t believe he shaved his head for the role.

  • AnonymousDiva

    “Actor” apparently didn’t see 500 DOS, since his comments make no sense.

    Either that or he really IS jealous and stupid.

    Rather pathetic.

  • Dude…

    Looks good!

  • Super Cool

    My mom has cancer so I’ll definitely will not see it.

  • Super Cool

    I definitely will not see it.

  • ren

    whats with the personal attacks just cause someone has a different opinion? grow up will you. I cant say i disagree, i see a lot of similarity between this movie and 500/Summer

  • Super Cool

    @Actor: JGL is a good actor. One the best in his generation.

  • Super Cool

    @ren: Have you seen 500 DOS???

  • ren

    @Super Cool: yup have you???

  • AnonymousDiva

    500 DOS was about a very immature young man who needed to grow up & stop living in fantasy land. This film is about a man who’s already mature and has to deal with cancer.

    How on earth could anyone possibly say with a straight face that they’re too similar?!?

  • ren

    @AnonymousDiva: oh well i didnt see it that way. in 500 days he was going through the 4 stages of dealing with a break up. here he is going through the 4 stages of dealing with cancer. i guess what i’m saying is that even though he deals with different circumstances he behaves exactly the same in each movie.

  • Nicole

    What?! Joseph’s hair </3

  • Yasmin

    @ren: you are comparing 500/Summer ( a movie) to a trailer?? wow, how immature.
    Don’t you think you need to see the whole movie first ?
    Besides Tom and Adam are similar characters , both 27-year old guys, having girlfriend and friends. To that point it is similar, so how could Joe act differently?
    And yeah, Joe’s face is the same in every movie, he actually can’t do plastic surgery to have different face.

  • Super Cool

    @ren: What kind of person compares a break-up to cancer! Have you lost your mind?

  • ren

    @Yasmin: i have seen the movie. so you’re telling me every 27 year old on the planet earth who has friends and a girlfriend is exactly the same person? they dont have their individual personalities? they dont have their own individual flaws? their own individual idiosyncracies? we are all different in some way. JGL is an actor. He should be creating different characters rather than playing the same ones.

    @Super Cool:
    i didn’t compare cancer to a break up. leave it to a simpleton to misunderstand my words.

  • AnonymousDiva

    No, a simpleton is what ‘ren’ is for comparing a young man’s immaturity to a grown man’s dealing with cancer.

    To say they’re the same is absolutely ludicrous, “ren” aka “Actor”.

  • ren

    @AnonymousDiva: yet i never did that. if you took the time to read you would see i only said they both go through the 4 stages as in shock denial rejection and acceptance. nevermind the fact that you are imposing the idea that he was immature in 500. what was so immature about him?

  • AnonymousDiva

    Well, let’s see…..he projected his own fantasy onto a woman who did not want a relationship and was clear about that throughout their time together. He expected her to conform to his own fantasies about what he saw as the perfect woman. He was focused almost entirely on how he was affected by their relationship, rather than how she was affected.

    If you don’t see that as immaturity, then it’s clearer now why you don’t get how 50/50 is so different: because you’re immature yourself.