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Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Disneyland After MTV Awards!

Blake Lively & Leonardo DiCaprio: Disneyland After MTV Awards!

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio went to Disneyland with a group of friends after Blake made an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (June 5)!

The 23-year-old actress and her rumored beau, 36, went through a private entrance to the front of the line on StarTours after 11 p.m., Us Weekly reports.

A Disneyland spywitness spotted Blake, Leo, and the group taking photos of each other with their cell phones on their own private trip on the simulation ride.

Blake, Leo, and friends were spotted later in the evening on Main Street outside a penny arcade before going through Downtown Disney and heading out of the park.

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  • mason

    i dont understand the special treatment and why they cant just go through the front like everybody else.
    if they act like normal people, most will treat you that way.
    they really are full of themselves.

  • Tara

    LOVE this couple, thanks for any updates about them!

  • ck

    “A Disneyland spywitness spotted Blake, Leo, and the group taking photos of each other with their cell hones…”

    I wonder if you could see Blake’s face in the pics ;)

  • amanda

    this is just stupid. Leo and blake used their VIP treatment? how pathetic is leo now in winning this girl with VIP treatments and Blake seems flaky now with money and fame thrown at her.

  • Maddy

    This is the FIRST American girl Leo has dated since Kristen Zang. They broke up in 2000 then Leo had 2 five year relationships with Gisele and Bar. There was a mix of girls inbetween I assume but only flings.

  • Q

    Leo can do so much better!

  • LMS

    I really don’t understand what happened with Leo.. He used to dislike the media and everything and right now he’s dating Blake, who is really becoming a famewh***..
    At least when he was with Bar they used to hide all the time..

  • torrance

    all the girls he dates looks exactly the same.
    tall and blond.
    he obv has commitment issues tho.

  • gaga

    One good thing I have noticed coming out of this break up: Less Barf pics already!!!!!!! I knew she was nothing without Leo.

  • Dasha

    Ugh, i’m so sick of them, i love Leo i really do but damn what is wrong with him? he can do so much better!! Please end this fling already Leo and move on with a decent woman!!!

  • Puleeze

    What a-holes

  • jessa

    i kinda prefer barf to blake.

  • mikshane

    still think leo should be with kate.
    but she’s not tall and skinny enough for him.

  • madison

    @mikshane: no he cant be with kate. she is intelligent and actually has talent. he really should change the types he goes out with. he’d be more successful i think relationship-wise. but he doesnt because he doesnt want to settle down or commit so he chooses girls that are fling material, not marriage material.

  • Huh

    1. Why did JJ and Us Weekly miss the fact that these VIPs made a 6 years old give up his or her front row seat so they can take it?
    2. There`s nothing wrong with adults going to Disneyland but this duo gives the sugar daddy – arm candy vibe and that makes the whole thing kinda creepy. Or the fact that the group contained people mainly in their early 20s?
    3. Is it just me or there`s not a day without a Leo+flakey report. Wherever they go the media ( = Us Weekly ) reports it.
    What happened to Leo? What`s going on with him?

  • Lee

    I agree…LOVE this couple. Hopefully we will get a summer of fun from these two.

    So what’s it gonna be: Bleo? Lake?

  • rowley

    @Lee: i like Leo+Flakey.

  • Mlef

    Oh sweet Lord, she’s already pregnant…lol

  • MaisyRL

    the only reason why i don’t like this is b/c it shows that Lively was successful w/ her strategy: date an A-lister to get media/publicity and get ahead. though it’s too early to see the rewards (Career wise) of being w/ Leo, I’m sure she’ll get some roles based on her relationship w/ him.

    and that sucks bc she has NO ACTING TALENT. Lively tried to warm up to Ben Affleck, and he was smitten, but he was also married. Jennifer Garner put a stop to that before it could go any further. Then Lively attached herself to Ryan Gosling (w/ all that Golden Globes/Oscar hype he was getting for Blue Valentine) but he realized what she was up to. That didn’t go anywhere. She charmed her way into being Anna Wintour’s lapdog and Karl Lagerfeld’s muse. (at least this makes sense b/c Lively looks like a model. that’s a career she would excel at imo)

    she tried to attach herself to movie roles out of her league…like meeting Leo/Baz for the role of Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. Come on! THANK GOD they didn’t cast her b/c she was sweet and great to look at. But somehow…it paid off. Bc now Leo is dating her…and she’ll reap the benefits of this association. i wonder, does Leo not see this? maybe he doesn’t care? Lively is not a gold digger…she’s an honest to goodness famewh*re.

  • eWW

    commitment phobe
    That’s what he is . Time to grow up DiCaprio

  • bella

    @mason: “if u act like normal people, most will treat u that way”. agreed. see connelly&bettany + watts&schreiber.

  • camden

    @mason: agreed. it’s not like he’s justin beiber. or the backstreet boys (their fans are still quite rabid). and he’s not even leo ca. 1997/titanic.
    so they should chillax, come off their high horses and drop the special treatment.

  • june

    she’s ugly. Looks like Gisele (minus the talent of course)..ugly wide nose, small ugly eyes, plain jane face..that mole on her face is especially ugly..My eyes are burning, they cannot stand to see another sight of Blaaaa.. *vomits*

  • Vicky

    Hey just leave the guy alone and besides as if this relationship is real.We don’t know what is goin on behind closed doors and he looks so depressed.Everyone is arguing that he should finda real lady name me a real lady…women have become sluts.I am sure he is looking.

  • Ruth

    gaga @ 06/07/2011 at 2:13 pm +2

    One good thing I have noticed coming out of this break up: Less Barf pics already!!!!!!! I knew she was nothing without Leo.
    She is working hard on a new campaign in Israel. Don’t worry about her – she earns more than all of us put together.

  • sur


    it is evident! he likes her.

    and there are a lot bar-leo pics enjoying their holidays together last year in Italy (Sardinia)

  • nica

    @sur: gimme a break. a similar-looking blond could park herself right next to him right now and he’d like her too.

  • @26

    … and were there reports about them almost every day? With photos not minding the attention? NOT THE SAME at all. Something is off with this thing between them… whatever it is.

  • Michelle

    Vicky @ 06/07/2011 at 2:40 pm -1

    Hey just leave the guy alone and besides as if this relationship is real.We don’t know what is goin on behind closed doors and he looks so depressed.Everyone is arguing that he should finda real lady name me a real lady…women have become *****.I am sure he is looking.
    I’m not surprised that he looks depressed. He is dating a young woman who is using him for her career and whose naked photos were spread throughout the net. At least his last two serious relationships kept themselves private and there was never any hint of scandal. He has just started dating her publically (obviously they have been together for longer because he was cheating on Bar) and already we have an ex-boyfriend posting such pics. Who knows what is coming in the future. Why don’t men in his situation (A-lister) choose classier women?

  • Attention

    Isn’t he gay?

  • MadamCougar

    Honestly, why are we all getting so upset? Just like the last one, this latest one is merely a “speed-bump” for Leo. When he gets tired of the airheads and s*x-on-demand that these classless girls have provided in exchange for some work, he will date someone with class, intelligence and self-respect. In the meantime, he can keep his standards (or lack thereof) just what they are now. Why worry about dating white trash when you are only hunger for hamburger? When he is ready for lobster, no one else is going to compare to what he ends up dating and marrying. I am old enough to know how men like Leo turn out and I give him about another year or two plus several more bimbos before he meets someone that is going blow his mind. Until then let him play with the puppies…lol!

  • ffa

    two young girls was in front and they used their VVIP treatment to push the two girls away from their seats and this was not reported in any US weekly and JJ! why? the duo who was with 4 others Lively’s 21-24 year old friends was treated like a king in Disneyland after midnight too and not once but three times they push people away from their seats because they want to be in front.

    Leo is having his mid life crisis right now hanging out with flakey nudely. I dont like her, i used to when she just started but i can see how she has changed in a lot of ways and most of it was through connections. Anna Wintour introduces Blake to Karl and she got to be part of Chanel. Blake’s Time 100 most influence people was written by the director or the movie she didnt get because she’s dating Leo. Dumped her ex boyfriend of 3 years because he was not famous enough (he’s only 24, give him a break)

    I am not keen with this relationship and if it last more than a year, i am wishing them well because Leo will be 40 soon and he needs to settle down with Flakey. They’re a match now. She’ll be miserable and Leo need some dump blonde to entertain him

  • donie

    @Attention: Hi homo. Who are you sucking now? lol

  • http://ja slig o lambert^________^ cute

    leonardo so cute and great

  • ká simply amazing !!!!!!!

    leonardo gorgeous :)

  • vivi

    brraapp NEW rihanna Graphic posted here:

  • a better day ahead for america

    Leo robbing the cradle?

  • heyy

    An astrologer said on a some Leo threads back that Leo would meet his soulmate this year, and he would get engaged in August, and get married in November. That persons gotta be blake or else hes gonna have to meet her, like, RIGHT THIS SECOND!

    If this is true, I wonder what would have made him get married so fast. A surprise pregnancy perhaps??

  • to amanda

    @ 06/07/2011 at 2:03 pm

    i work in reservations for a major hotel in NYC. this is nothing, trust me!! you would be surprised at some of the things that VIP guests ask for and get. the reality is that money talks.

  • to LMS

    @ 06/07/2011 at 2:11 pm

    it was always Bar that insisted on the low profile; not Leo. it caused problems between the two of them. Leo would want to be on the red carpet at a major premiere but Bar wouldn’t. in the end, it was one of the many reasons they broke up

  • Theresa

    Michelle @ 06/07/2011 at 2:48 pm

    did you not consider that it’s Leo who is using Blake.

  • leolovergr

    @to LMS: what drugs are you on? cos they sure are taking effect fast!!! lol!
    bar was the most incredible famewh*re ever… until of course we were ‘introduced’ to the delights of delively!!!

  • ???

    @Michelle: `obviously they have been together for longer because he was cheating on Bar` Why don`t you tell us why is it so obvious? You must have proof other than rumors reported by gossip sites. Please, share.
    @40: What are you talking about? Where did you get stuff like that? Vivid imagination? Bar wanted to be more low key that`s why Leo was hiding when leaving clubs even when Bar was not around? Covering his face even when Bar was not around? You don`t make sense!
    @MadamCouger: Honestly it doesn`t seem like this guy is ever going to have taste for lobster. By this age he should have shown at least signs of that…
    @ffa: I think Leo has been having a mid-life crisis ever since Gisele kicked him to the curb. But with flakey his crisis seems to be peaking. Leo will be 40 so he needs to settle down with flakey. ?????? He doesn`t NEED TO and he doesn`t need to do it with flakey. What are you talking about? Clearly this guy doesn`t care about what he should or needs to do. Look at him. He does what he feels like doing.

  • donie

    @to LMS: Ha ha ha That is the funniest thing i ever read from barfy comp so far. She doesn’t want a red carpet with him huh? She begs and begs him to take her to red carpet so many times but he declined her and the only thing he could offer her was to join him on the back stage event. lol. That is why when they broke up she finally went her way to canne and attend Mel gibson movie premier to make him jealous. Imao. Barfy fans crack me up all the time. She wishes she was on the red with him so she can sell a wardrobe. Ha ha..

  • justforfun

    sigh leo breaks my heart once again… i was just getting over the fact that he was dating Bar but here we go again… Blake is pretty but he’s so much better. C’mon Leo! you need to date someone up to your level!!! Giselle was wonderful for him.

  • Showmance

    I admit first time I gave a thumb up to donie. Bar was low-key and Leo didn`t want that? Sure. We saw how low-key she was in Cannes… or when Leo wasn`t around her. Give me a break!
    @Theresa: Good point. I think it`s mutual and they are using each other.

  • LMS

    @to LMS:

    agree! It was Bar who didn’t want to be known as DiCaprio’s girlfriend.. she said it soo many times.. She said that “no one needs to know how we kiss” .. that’s why she wasn’t with him at the red carpet..

    I doubt Blake will do the same.. she LOVES publicity!!

  • LMS

    And at least Bar never took nude picsof herself :)) well who

  • Brainy box


  • donie

    @LMS: She said that because he told her so. Yes, of course she doesn’t want to be known miss dicaprio because she want to be known for her talent. The only problem is that she doesn’t have one. Can’t act (session) can model (Runway model) or not articulate (Egypt primitive). At least blake have done something to become famous and was inch away to be co-starring now her famous great actor boyfriend. How did bar got introduce to leo? Party in vegas. LOL. This by itself is enough to separate this two. IMOA..