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Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Pool Day with Suri!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise: Pool Day with Suri!

Katie Holmes spends some quality with her husband Tom Cruise as they take a dip in the pool at the Soho Beach House on Saturday (July 16) in Miami, Fla.

The 32-year-old actress showed off her bikini-ready body while her shirtless husband, Tom, 49, played with their daughter Suri.

Later in the day, Tom was spotted rocking out with a microphone on the balcony of his hotel room, giving other hotel guests a little preview of what’s to come in his new film, Rock of Ages.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at the pool…

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katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 01
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 02
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 03
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 04
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 05
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 06
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 07
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 08
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 09
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 10
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 11
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 12
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 13
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 14
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 15
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 16
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 17
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 18
katie holmes tom cruise pool day with suri 19

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  • deke

    Tom Cruise aka has been famewhore.

  • sad

    he’s become a joke

  • winterwren

    Yowza – this family looks so freaking dysfunctional.

  • Asha

    They are a cute family. I use to think Tom was keeping Katie locked in his basement like everyone else a few years back when she was pregnant but she truly looks happy. They should have another kid. Suri is adorable.

  • Jessa

    It’s one thing say to capture them on a public street. Maybe a hotel. But their private home is really disgusting. It’s really out of hand.

  • christi

    it’s a hotel, not his private home. a hat in the pool?

  • What a nerd

    Lmao he’s a dork.

  • pr person

    Rocking out with a microphone on the balcony?! Ewwww… what a tool!

  • pr person

    Rocking out with a microphone on a balcony?! Ewww… what a tool!

    They are at a hotel….he is being a famewhore at a hotel… not a private hotel….

  • pr person

    ugghhh.. . apologies for double post…

    should be “not a private residence”

  • YAYA

    I think Tom is practice for the film he is working on Rock of Ages…some pics of him as the character was released or he’s a dork like someone posted.

    The only issue I have is the pale skin. Are they twilight fan or what LOL

  • Texas Girl

    Every celebrity has to face the day when their looks, talent, and sex-appeal are over. Tom, you have reached that point. Your HUGE nose, pasty white sucked-in tummy and short stature have run its course – you just don’t got it any more Mister. TIME TO HANG IT UP. I’m sure a Scientology recruiter job is out there for you!!!!

  • tami

    Tom is so weird. Can’t he ever act normal?

  • tomie

    i think suri will have tom’s nose, but she is and will be very pretty, just not beautiful. i don;t get the hat though.

  • Riley

    Tom Cruise’s grandpa looking ass could use a razor, a gym , and a good hair cut. His wife and daugher looks cute though

  • Rainy Day

    He is supposedly playing Lee Child’s Jack Reacher from the book One Shot. Unbelievably poor casting. Reacher is 6’5″ and a hugely rough, masculine guy. And Tom is short and kind of girly. Who makes these decisions?

  • *Belle*


  • sela

    I wouldn’t want to hear all that caterwauling if I was a guest a that hotel.
    When I go to a hotel it is usually on vacation when I want to relax and have peace and quiet. If I wanted a concert, I would pay to go to one.

  • to sela

    Tom is narcissistic. Everything has to be about him.

  • Hardly

    Just when I’m really bored, the crazy Cruises show up and give me a good laugh. There is nothing normal about them. They make me laugh out loud.

  • The Weird Family

    As usual doing weirder things……

  • que?

    A hat in a swimming pool? Someone must have recently gotten facial work done.

  • Nothin Gay There

    The new Village People.

  • Question

    Where’s Tom’s mom? Has Kate replaced her as the new Mrs. Cruise?

  • S28

    I say Tom going bald or his hair is thinning at the top, why else would you wear a hat in the pool when your hair is wet and going to get wet knowing the paparazzi are taking pictures of you from above Angle. I’m sorry but the pictures of Tom on the balcony seem so stage and if the family is going to be staying in Miami for a while why not rent a house where they can have privately away from the paparazzi.

    Is it me or is Tom only photograph by the paparazzi in Miami when Katie and Suri are in town last week Katie and Suri were out of town no pictures of Tom now their back in town and we have pictures again very strange.

  • Dear Tom,

    The younger you act, the older you look.

  • Tammy

    I’ve never seen Rock of Ages. Is Tom’s character a washed up middle aged druggie rock star has been? That how he’s been looking lately. Should finally get an Oscar for that.

  • Rwbecca

    Is it me or is this marriage in trouble? They are not together at all! Just giving glare looks far away from each other. Wow some holiday together.

    With Tom and Kate and Suri.


    Now let’s try again to knock her up with my frozen spermies… but hurry because there’s not much left.


    What a putrid pair they make, no?

  • Charlene

    What a total a ss whole. LOL! I get that he might have to practice his moves for the movie but on the dam balcony!?!?! Somebody wants to be noticed!! I wouldn’t go see a Tom Cruise movie if he paid me. He’s a total jerk. He’s also old and ugly now. What a narsissistic old fart!

  • Alana

    These are the most obviously staged pictures of any celebrity I have ever seen ANYWHERE. Why doesn’t Tom just wear a sign around his neck that says “look at meeeeee!!!!” He looks like he’s desperate for attention. I mean rehearsing on the balcony?? Really!?!?! Not too obvious!!

    Anyone who DOESNT think these pics weren’t pre=planned, staged and arranged in advance with the paps is freakin brain dead.

  • Suri Jackson
  • omg

    i always laughed off those who said suri’s dad was josh but she looks just like him omg, thanks for the links. wow

  • Zoe

    Obvious photo-op.

  • annie

    I enjoy his movies- this One Shot sounds good I think the role suits him. Katie and Suri are cute.

  • M

    these pics look like Tom called for the paparazzi

  • AEP

    Holy Lipo suction on tiny gay boy! That whole family makes me want to puke.

  • Ali

    This dim wit wears sun glasses at night but not on a summers day. Gosh this family suck.

  • Isabella

    So he’s into hats now….

  • miapocca

    well allow them to enjoy thier dysfunction but that child should be kept out of society so my tax dollars wont pay for thier dysfunction

  • Eliza

    Just parading himself and his family around for PR. Otherwise he’d rent a private home and do his swimming and singing away from the photographers. He obviously thinks he’s giving everyone a big thrill. What an ego.

  • ILoveTheTruth watch this song it’s amazing :’]

  • CJLOVE23

    How embarrassing

  • coupon lady


    Suits him Annie? No way. He is nothing like Jack Reacher physically. And since when he acts he is always Tom Cruise, he won’t be able to BE Jack Reacher. For those of us who are fans of this series–this is awful news. If the producers wanted a middle aged A plus list actor to play Jack Reacher then they should have chosen Brad Pitt. Bulk him up a bit with exercise and he’d have least look the part. Terrible casting. Cruise is NO Jack Reacher!

  • lui


  • Jared – Stop It

    Please stop putting up pieces on them — so sick of their phony photo ops!

  • Question

    Why is Suri swimming in her PJ’s? Not the right fabric to get wet.

  • Lynea

    Ya gotta laugh at these two morons. They are so obvious with their preplanned pap stuff. LOL. Who practices with a microphone on the balcony in broad daylight then waves to the paps. If douchyTom wanted privacy he would practice inside. His “wife” is a bigger PRWh*ore than him if thats even possible. That poor kid! Her pajamas must been totally see thru after swimming. Isnt that what normal parents let their kids do? Let their kids where their PJs to the hotel pool. Yea. Sure. Right. FREAKS.

    The best part is people like the braindead annie and completely bats*it insane Romeo actually defend these losers and actually think these shots weren’t set up by Cruise and Holmes “people” for PR. Some people are so delusional and just plain stupid! LOL!

  • tomsnomad

    It’s funny how times change, ladies went mad for him in top gun and now I look at him and think…
    Dear Tom
    Please go away… the good ship ‘hotness’ has well and truly sailed and you are a stowaway on the good ship ‘middle aged spread’. Not even your lab project baby can stimulate any interest in you as a brand or an actor and your single defining career high over the last 10 years was wearing a fat suit dancing to ludacris.
    Despite your show for the paparazzi, you wife still has a face like a slapped arse. No one likes a show off, least of all a middle aged show off who is clearly grateful he has managed to claw at least a small part of his youthful buff body glory and then pull his stomach in.
    Please de-programme Katie Holmes and let her go so she can learn how to smile again and have a personaility of her own.
    Please stop thinking anyone gives a s#it you do you own stunts. We know! We get it!
    Please buy a 1000 acre farm in the farthest part of alaska and go and live there herding elk.
    Just go away you annoying, permasmile, twat..