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Gerard Butler Jets Into JFK

Gerard Butler Jets Into JFK

Gerard Butler arrives at JFK International Airport on Thursday (July 21) in New York City.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor had been spending time in Italy, where he attended the Ischia Film Festival.

Gerry was honored at the annual event with the Actor of the Year Award but also squeezed in some time to go sightseeing around town.

Gerard has three upcoming movies, Machine Gun Preacher, Playing the Field, and Movie 43, but he’ll also soon start production on the How to Train Your Dragon sequel!

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  • mb

    I like his shoes!

  • gb

    Love him

  • http://ja slig o lambert^_______^ cute

    hahahah how look at camera hahaha

  • Anna

    handsome man in the earth. i<3 him

  • shelly

    He looks awfully good for a guy who was sick! :-)
    That’s a nice watch, too. I wonder if he got it during his trip to Switzerland.

  • kelly

    wow he looking good need more rest but looking hot gerry love those pants

  • GerryLover

    Most beautiful man on earth!

  • GFW

    Yay! He’s back home!
    He’ll need to beat the heat. It.Is.Hot.Here.

  • clover

    Yummy-yummy, Gerry-Berry! :0)

  • IRMA

    Welcome home, Gerry!

  • A True Fan

    He can’t land into the US without being hounded already. Pathetic paps. Yes, he looks great but ticked off … don’t blame him.

  • Paisley

    Welcome back to the states, Gerry honey. You’re looking much more rested than you did at Ischia. The downtime in Switzerland and visit with your folks appear to have rejuvenated you, which is a good thing with all of the different projects you’ve been involved with and those that have yet to start!

  • Paisley

    @shelly: I was thinking the same exact thing – Gerry looks quite fit and healthy as well as rested in these photos. Now if we could just get him to smile again…

  • curious cat

    Rarely was a new thread needed so badly.

    He looks like himself, off duty. Casual. His hair is fine, his clothes are fine, his shoes are fine, his watch is fine. His facial expression is fine. Who knows what his expression reflects at that moment?

    What in tarnation is there to pick apart here?

    That video of the crazy woman on the last thread woud be considered libel, I’d say. OBND? I guess the stars she targeted and everyone else who sees her rants knows she’s off her rocker, nobody in his right mind believes her. But do we need that?

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

  • so gullible

    @A True Fan: Then fly into LaGuardia or Newark where the paps don’t tend to hang out if it’s a big issue……….he should not be surprised to see paps in JFK, there is a contingent that sits there EVERYDAY

  • niknoks

    @so gullible:

    You can’t fly into LaGuardia from London but you’re right, he could have gone to Newark. Although, I don’t think he looks that bothered, he just looks a bit knackered.

  • from WO

    facebook post … he doesn’t sound heartbroken to me
    on the plane yesterday, stewertess comes up, “there’s a guy in 1st class who wants to meet you.” ehh, what?! “I think you should, it’s Gerard Butler” Soooo, spent the next 2 hours up in 1st class having a wee chat with him. What a nice guy! he gave me his number to “text when your settled and we’ll party”

  • gross!

    He always looks SMELLY!

  • Fabk

    @from WO: He seems to have a serious OCD, combined with an inability to be alone. Its rather sad that the girl seems so thrilled, unaware of the industrial scale on which he operates.

  • dargabriel

    Gabriel says, HISTORY repeating itself, from past lives with Butler, he will unfortanately get held back behing the heavenly curtains next time around. He looks awful, he does not look rested, he looks sickly and unhealthy. Good luck to you Mr. Butler. Dargabriel



  • 3

    @dargabriel: Totally agree with you Dar, he looks like the last dog at the race and he lost the race.
    You are totally right, past lives with Butler has caught up with him.
    Wonder how he will handle this latest setback. Smoke and mirrors as usual. Thanks Dar for all you have done to try to help Butler.

  • GFW

    He isn’t heartbroken. That’s how some wish to cope. They need to see him ill, sad, tired, fill in the blank.
    Can stewardesses take two hours to chat?
    who left Paisley a message at the old thread :o)

  • Buttout

    @gross!: You picked the wrong day to pick on him. Sometimes he is unkempt but not this time.

  • Me2

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeey… new thread!!

  • Midsummer’s Eve

    He hasn’t even hit the ground and he’s hitting on the PYT on the airplane! Anyone else a bit disturbed by the lack of concern on the part of the Mother? Is she totally unaware of his rep or is she more concerned about her daughter “reaching for the stars”! Astonishing!

  • redOctober

    Indeed he looks a lot better than the photos in the last thread.

    …bright eyes .

  • 3

    The one thing you can say about Butler is that he never shows guilt or regret. He hides most of the normal emotions. He lives his life in a bubble of water from denial.

  • Manny

    Hey Dense Dora – the stewardess was talking to a passenger who was not in 1st class. I guess reading comprehension is not taught in your galaxy…
    I see the gray t-shirt is a new staple. Two threads in a row several days apart, same gray t-shirt, or did he buy a six-pack? At least we know he packed light…

  • Mellifera

    To be fair, I don’t know anyone who gets off a plane and looks good. However if Mr B had given me his number and told me to text him later, I’d have given him MY number and told him to text me when he’d cut/dyed his hair, had a shave and chewed some nicorette gum.
    @RedO: that paragliding picture in the last thread was awesome! Where did you find that? You are so good at finding stuff :-)
    @Lolita: can you believe it, yes 7500 earthquakes and still counting. But we’re not getting as many big ones now, its actually been really settled. Yay!
    @Curious Cat: thanks for the offer of a bed! But we just bought a new house (part of the reason I’ve been so d@mned busy lately) and will be starting to move in later today! (considering its 4.30am here I should go to bed, my cousins will be here in a few hours to start shifting, d’oh)

  • redOctober


    Congrats on the new house! ; D

  • GFW

    Oh. Okay, I stand corrected. Just reading fast busy at work.
    So he saw some chick in coach that caught his eye thought about it then called stewardess over requesting her presence in first class, and they allow this, (because he’s Gerard Butler of course), then after chatting her up deciding she’d fit the bill, hands over his number because I suspect she’s new in town? Does he hand out his number so easily? And did she not have one? Doubt it. What’s with having chicks call him? Oh, I know, it’s 2011 not 1939! Why does he want women to make the first move so often? I know he’s shy but this didn’t come across as that but pretty aggressive. Hope she calls! Could be a great start to sweet romantic love story, his own.

  • curious cat


    The Facebook poster didn’t say the stewardess chatted for two hours. The passenger who was told by the stew that GB wanted to meet her did. Allegedly. Who knows if this is even true or some fantasy? It goes on and on…and on…and on.
    She doesn’t indicate what they talked about for two hours. Come on.
    Not sure a fllght attendant is supposed to move someone into first class if they haven’t paid for a first class ticket or were authorized to be upgraded for some reason. But it’s some years since I was a stew, I know it happens, I broke a lot of rules too, including yelling at a planeload of panicked passengers in a cabin fire to SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. Bad manners but they obeyed, and it got the place under control so we could put out the fire. From my conversations with FAs I know they still break rules and fall out of line, but the stew could get in trouble for moving someone to first class if there were a company spy aboard. Unless GB paid for the upgrade, which seems unlikely.
    The more I think about it, that facebook blurb sounds like a fake. Text me and we’ll party? Isn’t that what we’re led to expect he says? But having said all this, if it happened to me, (not that it would, I have no illusions, trust me) sure, I’d grab the chance to spend two hours on a plane trying to get a handle on what he’s about, and I’d report my impressions and profound insights in a little more detail to y’all. :) :) (Yee haw!) Have a great weekend and take the Gerry juice sparingly.

  • May God Bless yoou all!

    Prov 16:16
    New International Version
    How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!

  • curious cat

    sorry, babies,I got started on the airline thing and felt compelled to say something irrelevant to this thread. Some will be bored, some will find it interesting.
    I met some incredible people, real life heroes, in my short career in the airline business.
    As a young, green stew in the American south, I was assigned to what they called hedge hoppers and puddle jumpers, the kind of flights Southwest Airlines does in the old tradition, even taking attedance on one flight I was on a year ago to figure out what passenger was missing.
    My first trip was was with a veteran stew who taught me so much. At one stop,the ground crew was in such a hurry to get the flight out on time they wouldnt wait for us to get full oxygen bottles, which we didn’t have..
    My senior stew stepped off the plane on to the tarmac and said she wan’t going anywhere until they brought oxygen bottles. She would not board the plane. I was astonished. She told me, legally, they can’t leave without two flight attendants and I won’t go. They can’t fire me because they are violating FAA regulations and they know it. We have to have oxygen. Her attitude was this could be theh flight where someone has a heart attack. We can’t take this chance just to be on time. But she would breatk the rules that didn’t matter. She was a renegade.

    That gutsy woman left a lasting impression on me. I can still see her standing on the tarmac, this small, slight woman, refusing to board the plane, holding up the departure and forcing the airline to get oxygen bottles.

    There are many brave women I’ve met who have taught me many things about standing up for what’s right.

  • Cloud9

    Facebook post …
    Gerard Butler just hailed me a ca–LOL–No wait, it was for him, but we got to share it!! It is SO hot so I did. We talked all the way from the airport to where I got out chatting away like crazy. Guess what??? He gave me his number and said, “You sound like you know NYC very well– here’s my number– text me and we’ll party.” I was like wow-oh-wow really, really??? I do know this city like the back of my hand, sure! Then I got out walking on Cloud 9 and he went home. LOL I’m going to call him, yes, I am! Oh-my-God, he’s dreamy. Looked tired, but dreamy.

  • XXX

    Gerry was out with his friend Ronnie last night.They were in 1 Oak and then they went to Ritchie’s.

  • dargabriel

    Th@3: thank you, although Gabriel has been the spiritual father in all of this , Butler is a very stubborn individual and trust that he will have the wind knocked out of his sails more and more as time goes. How can ppl see a happy man here, he is not and I’d be willing to bet that comment about the flight attendant was false. He doesn’t look rested much lesss healthy, I really do see Gabriel giving him a battle. He is losing it, its been slowly comming, then he will surrender, however there is much spiritual healing and love that he must learn, gods work. Love,dargabriel

  • dargabriel

    Christ al mighty, everyone on here doesn’t see the truth, look into his soul, take a long hard look. He’s not happy and exausted. I would really hate to see what all of your forms of happiness represent, my Good GOD its all fake on here, ppl see what they only want to see and absolutely what they want to believe. Gerard is killing himself to make his mark, he’s dying inside without his other half, He’s yearning for true soul love, he needs her strenght to be whole and glow the complete soul light. I can assure you his other half has more of the positive light then he does right now, due to his agenda, getting while the gettin is good, money,money,money. I’d be willing to bet his mama put the force around him while he was home and knowing how stubborn he is, he still does his own thing, but he must listen, she means the world to him, but also has her own power, just look at how beautiful margret has aged she is a GODLIGHT. Dargabriel

  • leiozzo

    @curious cat:

    Of course it’s a phoney post. Bona fide quo vadis veni vidi vici pope pius VIII habeus corpus post mortem et cetera. Just like me, phoney to the core. Gerry likes middle age to senior hags like myself because I know how to use babelfish to appear “elite” and multi-lingual. Gerry should be calling me so that I can res ipsa loquitur his Scottish peenie.

    I am non compos mentis, as always.

  • niknoks


    “I see the gray t-shirt is a new staple. Two threads in a row several days apart, same gray t-shirt, or did he buy a six-pack? At least we know he packed light…”

    Needed room in his suitcase for his cigarettes…. far more important than clothes. ;-p

  • Cloud9

    I’m back to share more -oh please don’t hate me

    from my fb wall I just posted a while ago. haha I just woke up *giggle*
    “I called him! He answered saying come over honey. He called me HONEY! Oh, what fun we had! *giggle* I couldn’t wait. I got dressed pronto. His number burned a hole in my palm. I couldn’t file away the note. *giggle* We met at Richie’s. He doesn’t drink but he let me! zoom-zoom *swoon* I even met his friend Ronnie who stole a few glances but got a scowl from Gerard. *giggle* I won’t say what happened next. NO way! *giggles*”

  • curious cat

    @Midsummer’s Eve:

    Excuse me? Was there mention of a mother or her being PYT? I must have missed it, but I miss a lot.

  • curious cat

    @Cloud9: @Midsummer’s Eve:

    Excuse me? Was there mention of a mother or her being PYT? I must have missed it, but I miss a lot.

  • curious cat

    I don’t believe a feffing word of this.

  • curious cat



  • curious cat


    I am so glad you are surviving the mess. I assume you bought a new house with some kind of insurance money from the knocked up one. Bully.

  • so gullible

    @from WO: Wonder if she mentioned her rather good looking boyfriend to Gerry or if this story is even true.

  • GFW

    Hummm, from cab to counter at the speed of light? Wonder if he slept in too? :o/ :o\ (peers around for know it all Brooke whose lost her attention seeking audience whose news is so last month)
    who has a NYC “dot” with Gerry as my office mate is in Brooklyn :o)

  • so gullible

    @Cloud9: you have a link this is sounding somewhat suspicious or he’s restocking the Blackberry with conviction