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Brad Pitt Shrink Wraps Jonah Hill's Golf Cart

Brad Pitt Shrink Wraps Jonah Hill's Golf Cart

Jonah Hill has revealed that Brad Pitt is a master of on-set pranks!

The 27-year-old actor, who stars opposite Brad in Moneyball, filled David Letterman in on some of the silliness the two got into while on the set of the new film, out September 23.

“Earlier in the film, when we were shooting, he decided that I love the band Wham! I’m not specifically not a Wham! fan, but I’m not specifically a Wham! fan,” Jonah said.

“So I go into my office and there’s a framed picture of Wham! and…I walk outside after a dramatic scene and my beloved golf cart is shrink wrapped bright pink…he turned it into a Wham!mobile!”

Brad added personal touches including a decal reading “I’m Jonah Hill and I love Wham!” and a photo where he superimposed their faces onto a photo of the members of Wham!

Jonah Hill Talks Brad Pitt’s Pranks
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  • Orchid

    Very funny!

  • Orchid

    I love pranks.

  • he’s so funny

    looks like Brad is boning him in the pic

  • Worth bumping it up again!

    Hmmm…….”She doesn’t deserve it.” Really, Brad, really?
    Who doesn’t? Brad? Angelina can take pouches and kick a$$es, doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve it for God dam$n sake!
    Why do you always have the desire to protect the sad spook while letting Angelina fending herself against whole stupid media?

    Funniest. Sh!t. Ever.

  • mylies

    Brad will always be my baby

  • Tee Hee

    Now I think he is vain after all the clarification and re-clarification brohaha.

    Protecitng “Next door guy” good image too much, maybe?

  • Q

    brad so handsome

  • http://tkd slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    he say in interviw i drink in butter in morring

  • Alexander S

    go Awaaaaayyyy

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Love the vid and Brad. He is so hot.

  • Sonya

    I’m glad that Brad and Jen still friends and that he is defending her! It’s a lesson for divorced couples! Wish very happy for them (Brad with Angie and Jen with Justin)!

  • http://tkd slig o lambert ^_____^cute


  • thelookoflove1365

    Funny and cute story. I love me some BRAD PITT.

  • eggs

    Amidst all this hoopla, has everyone noticed that Moneyball is at 94% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes? Only two negative reviews!

    The hoopla was created by people who scored a 0 in reading comprehension tests.

  • thelookoflove1365

    Funny and cute story. Wonder what prank Brad played with his older kids. LOL.

  • http://tkd slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    he alot nothing

  • queen jolie

    hope this post show first post on this thread didnt show this tha new thread or the angie thread.hope some fans can help me transfer my post here.i don’t know how to do it.i just want to express my opinion abou this craziness brad had created.

  • http://na angierocks

    Okay brad on the yes and no game adorkable very funny and I think janah’s golf cart is presh LOL….so many brad threads and goodies can’t wait for more!

  • Passing Through

    Wow…I just read that R.E.M. broke up after 31 years. Seems like just yesterday that Michael Stipe was saying they started to name their LP Out Of Time “The Return of Mumbles”…for obvious reasons… Losing My Religion and Everybody Hurts are still two of my all-time favorite songs. R.I.P. R.E.M.

  • XIII

    At least Brad did not install a dancing light everytime Jonah switched on the ignition .

  • NO shiiit

    OK That is funny.

  • African Girl

    Lol! Cute story!!!
    I love that everyone who’s worked with BP and AJ talks about how down to earth they are.
    Seriously can’t wait to see Money Ball!!

  • Passing Through

    # 136 AWHODAT @ 09/21/2011 at 3:18 pm
    When Brad said in his recent VF article that during the marriage he was pretending it was something it was not, are people forgetting that in the original joint statement he issued with the fraud back in January 05, there was a sentence in it that referred to one of the parties having fraudulently represented themself??? (I’m paraphrasing here but i think PT and perhaps GC will remember).
    Actually…that wasn’t in the statement they release when they announced their separation. You can easily find that on Peeps’ site. The fraud claim was in a Wikipedia (Ticky’s bio IIRC) about their divorce documents. The entry said that the reasons for the divorce was listed as neither party was honest about their reasons for entering the marriage. The entry turned out to be bogus for several reasons. First, California is a no-fault state – and secndly…their divorce papers were sealed and being handled by a private judge. In other words – someone spammed Wikipedia. I think I saved that entry in a file somewhere…I’ll have to see if I can find it later…

  • Countdown to Moneyball

    Another EXCELLENT Moneyball review:

    Also, Moneyballers Chris Pratt (he was also in Wanted w/ Angie) on Conan at 11 PM EDT on TBS and Jonah Hill is on Jimmy Fallon at 12:35 AM EDT. Jonah tweeted that his Fallon interview is not to be missed. Also, heard Jonah on Stern this AM- her was GREAT- long interview mostly about how he got his start in show business, etc. Had good stuff to say about Brad & Angie. Howard asked him if he got stoned w/ Brad & Jonah (who had been very candid about lots of stuff, inc. his own partying during the interview) said NO WAY- he did have a few beers with Brad, but that was all.

  • wake up

    soo funny. not.

  • busted

    that story is way cute..

    Thursday is almost here..

  • http://na angierocks

    just read a sneak peek of Brad’s interview w matt lauer,ticky was mentioned again Jesus when is this going to end?This kind of PR can’t be be bought and somewhere huvane is peeeein w glee.Once again ticky cought a break.Anyone noticed she is draped in black lately,right.

  • lylian

    LOL!! There is a reason why Rich Cohen described Jennifer Aniston as the sad spook. And after Brad’s hatchet job, Jennifer Aniston is a DULL SAD SPOOK!

  • gloss

    Save Mr.Pitt!Now you are the most better actor of EUA!Latest years you make more and more good films! Y “love tree of live” and “Inglorius Bastards”! You are great, and I respect you and your family! I wish and hope you leave one Oscar for your children! God job, mister Pitt, I really love you!

  • http://na angierocks

    I was at terd’s site reading posts and it was ridiculous the hens are pathetic believing what he wrote.Terd’s been stirring shite again ugh.

  • ja fan

    Thanks brad pitt love you man


    Another thing that’s starting to annoy. The gay marriage thing. Okay Brad, you said it in 2006, you put ‘we’ in there and everything. Now shut. the. fck. UP. It doesn’t need to get referenced. You gave good reasons, you said 5 years ago that how your kids feel might change that, or not. You even said, if the laws were changed that wouldn’t necessarily mean you would tie the knot – because, as Angelina said, you both have tried marriage, and “a piece of paper is not what keeps two people together.” Now, anyone with a BRAIN in their head, knows that if Angie wanted marriage, they’d be married. We all know that Brad. The GAYS know that Brad, okay? OKAY? So saying the same thing, every few months, just because a ‘secret wedding’ story appears in the tabloids (that you don’t read), is ridiculous. I think it’s telling that Brad clings to that – it’s almost as if he needs to justify why he’s not married. Angelina has no qualms. She’s already said what she believed, and it’s at the heart of why they are not married – they don’t need someone to sanction their feelings, and make them legit. They decided to become a family and commit to each other while Brad was still entangled legally with the TV hag, and she was not going to lessen the import of their decision, by saying they needed to legitimize themselves with paper, now that Brad had dusted off Traniston. She said all of that in Namibia, at the presidential press conference they gave. Her mind was set then. I’ll never forget how sure, confident, and firm she was. I said then…oh damn, she’s not going to be marrying him for a while. lol. But you know what, it didn’t matter – the devotion and committment was there, and in a way it means more – as they have no social/religious/legal faux construct holding them together. They are together because they WANT to be. Period.
    So yeah, Angelina said that all that when Shiloh still was sticky from her womb. I think her need to NOT HAVE to be married, and Brad’s need to marry the mother of his children, or at least NOT feel guilty about NOT marrying – led to the pair of them coming up with the whole ‘we won’t get married until everyone can.’ Not that I’m saying that it’s not a genuine sentiment. I believe it is. I believe they believe that. I believe Angelina most likely used her best friend, Maddox’s godmother, and Brad thought about his friends that were lesbian/or gay — and they DO think it’s unfair, so that becomes yet another justification to NOT NEED it. …and so they USE that. They left themselves an out however, their kids. So Brad has brought that up too. But he vacillates, as one does, when you’ve never been that FIRM in your belief. That’s how you can tell Brad is the one who needed to be convinced to not marry initially. They’ve gone from Angie saying 3-4 years ago if the kids want us to, we will — to Brad saying during TOL promos, ‘we’ll probably do it as the kids want it,’….to Brad now saying on Ellen ‘the kids DO want us to (i.e., “they’re putting the heat on”)…but we’re still gonna hold out until gay marriage is legal?’ Correct me if I’m wrong, but he even has Ellen lock him into ignoring his kid’s pleas, and not marrying until a new gay marriage law gets passed – because she says, so if a law gets passed are you getting married the next day….well he can’t say, we’ll do it before a gay marriage law passes if the kids want it….because he’s ALREADY said the kids want it – so with that logic, that means he should be getting married now…and if he says yeah, we’ll do it the day after, then that means if he does it before then — then he’s not really serious about it…but then he’s already said, that wouldn’t matter – it’s about what the kids want….
    See, when the ideas are not your own, you can’t speak on them very well. Angelina probably feels bad that Brad is trapped into this corner. But she’s given him an out already – just say we don’t think it’s fair, but we love our kids and if that’s what they want we’ll do it…..then SHUT UP. It’s OVER. Why entertain this b*tch (Ellen?). …and why say this shit every fcking single time. Ellen’s an assskissing pal of Aniston’s – who’d probably dump Portia for Maniston’s homely ass if the opp presented itself, so she’s not interested in protecting you Brad, no matter what you think you’re doing for the gay folk.
    Furthermore, it’s said so often, that there’s a new hater element (maybe a gay hater element) who’s now saying you’re just using gay people to get out of marrying Angelina. Ridiculous on it’s face, as that presumes Angelina is waiting for Brad to pop the question, and feeling blue when he doesn’t. Hahahaha.But the point is, if it were any other woman, that IS what it would sound like. So yeah, SHUT UP Brad.
    stop referring to gay marriage in the context of your happiness. The first time was noble, the second time was admirable….the 237th fcking time, sounds like a poor excuse.

  • ja fan

    Brad is having affair with the young girl he working with.He does not care what angie thinks.

  • cjohn

    dude ths guy is so skinny now, i wish he cld go back to his fat nt sayin all fat , but his head is now biger than his body n it looks strange n to top it off i dnt recognise him

  • http://computer Susan

    @CLINIQUA: Usually you drive me nuts, but I’ll agree with you on the Gay Marriage, it is time for Brad to ZIP IT. Any fool knows that if Angie wanted to marry Brad, he would be Mr. Jolie by now. It does appear as if he is looking for an out in marrying Angie, the way he is putting it across.

  • Sherry

    Re the marriage issue, very interesting take Cliniqua. I think it’s the small town boy in Brad, wanting to make the his kids momma his legal mrs. He may have more deep ingrained hang ups than he cares to know about this issue. And yes, he needs to give it a rest.

    It is quite the PR game he is playing with Ticky. I wonder if he is determined to “kill” her with kind words, and she is too dumb to see the irony.

    Whatever, Angie is more than his match in every area, and he should not feel the need to defend his choices at every turn to middle America.

  • dee cee

    Maddox and Pax are a bad influence on him.. ha ha

  • Lurker

    WOW, how quickly can fans turn into foes? Lol. Why read so much into what Brad said about his ex? Is it upsetting that he referred to her once again as a “Dear Friend” Heck yes. Should I be upset with him and rip him to shreds… H@ell NO.

    Brad being the dumper must still feel like the bad guy, I am sure, there’s still some guilt associated with leaving his ex. Being told someone does not love you anymore pretty much blows and Brad knows this, I think he still feels some sympathy for his ex and would not want to cause her any more pain.

    As fans, we should take the goods with bad and not bash him on a public blog because we disagree with him. He is the same guy some of us were praising a few days ago when we thought he finally spoke ill of his ex wife. Just because we are into bashing Jen does not mean he should also do it.

  • hypocritematt

    hmm, why doesn’t matt lauer ask such questions of TLC’s human exploiters/child slaves and parent bashers instead of kissing KG’s azz?

    why doesn’t matt ask Jennifer why she continully uses the Jolie-Pitts including their children to hang on to her career? Why doesn’t Matt take a good hard look at his skeletons in his closet? Matt is one of the greatest problems in this country today….the media.

  • passby

    I watched the interview with Matt and I thought he handled it well. Brad didn’t say anything about Maniston except he didn’t want to hear it. To him, it’s silly and she is so irrelevant to his life period. Let’s move on–life goes on and it does not include the maniston.