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Jennifer Aniston: Inova Alexandria Hospital Visit With Jill Biden

Jennifer Aniston: Inova Alexandria Hospital Visit With Jill Biden

Jennifer Aniston visits the Breast Care Center at the Inova Alexandria Hospital at Mark Center on Monday (October 3) in Alexandria, Va.

The 42-year-old actress was joined by Second Lady Jill Biden, producer Kristin Hahn, and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius during the tour, which commemorated Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Later in the evening, Jill was expected to deliver remarks at the screening of Lifetime’s Five, which Jennifer helped direct.

Jennifer screened the project, which is an anthology of five short films about the impact of breast cancer on people’s lives, in NYC last week.

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Credit: Kris Connor; Photos: Getty
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  • dd


  • seriously

    Before all the bashing begins just want to point out what great work all the women are doing bringing awareness to breast cancer good for all of them keep up the good work!

  • hilda

    Really Jeans to something like this. A little more dressy would be more appropriate. She looks like she is scared she is about to be quizzed hahaha!!

  • http://computer WOW

    How much did Aniston donate to the breast cancer center, for a least one woman who can’t pay for the treatment? Photo op. She is a SMOKER, the wrong person to be talking about breast cancer, now if it was LUNG cancer I would understand. What can a fifteen minute film do for women with cancer?
    Jennifer don’t help her own Mother who suffered a massive stoke, a few weeks ago, instead the State of Cali will be footing the bill again.

  • yes

    thanks to all the women for bringing awareness.

  • great

    such a caring and generous person

  • Filmwry-tur


    Agree…great cause.

    Who cares…what Aniston is wearing, doing with her personal life, I appreciate anyone doing something to bring attention to this.

    Seriously…the hate over this woman is sickening to me. I don’t know her and she has not done anything to me personally…so I applaud her work here…

  • Marieme

    Oh I see. Now that she has a movie to promote she’s suddenly very concerned about being seen as a breast cancer advocate! How caring! How typical.

    Write a check for $10 million, Jen. That’ll convince me.

  • akuaK

    Being invited by the Second First Lady and Secretary of Health and you wear “JEANS”…very inappropriate…these people know how to dress for award shows but have no clue that jeans is so not right for this occassion.

  • Tommy Boy

    How great that jennifer is so involved with breast cancer. An honor to be invited to DC by Jill Biden. Great work Jennifer!

  • Tommy Boy

    @akuaK: The 2nd First Lady and the Secy are always supposed to be dressed up. Nothing wrong with what Jen wore to walk thru a hospital.And I’m sure protocol would have dictated that Jennifer confer with the powers that be as to what she should and should not wear. And I’m sure that at the premiere tonight in DC, Jennifer will be dressed to the nines!

  • Asha

    Man I wish I would have known. I live a few minutes away from Alexandria. I would have gone to see her :(

  • kc

    which one is supposed to be the pretty one?
    aniston made a fool of herself no doubt. she’s incapable of speaking a coherent sentence unless it’s read from a script or cue card. and even then…….
    we all know she’s a famehoing hypocrite, anything to bring attention to herself. such a phoney.

  • meh

    No matter what good someone does when some one is filled with so much hate they will still try to find the bad in their action!

  • Tommy Boy

    @meh: You must be referring to the idiot above you, kc.

  • شات حلا

    who are we to judge this woman who is trying to help other people etc…..

    this is only about breast cancer, and not about her private life….

    only Allah will judge us.

  • saio

    last time i checked she is not in paris for a fashion show, she is in a freaking hospital talking about BREAST CANCER. she is not suppose to dress fashionably for this event. l

  • brenda dubois

    the level of hate she receives is just unhealthy. at least she’s actually doing something, not hiding behind her computer and insulting people she doesn’t know.


    I will not pollute this thread with my bashing duty over Maniston but talk about my personal experience with cancer.

    Cancer should be everyone concern. One of my sister’s best friend of 20 years, a divorcee of 39 has a boy…the most intelligent, protective precocious, lovely 12 years old boy. A little man very protective towards his mum since they live the two with each other and he often take the place of a little man.
    This little boy had headaches for the last couple of months and we all thought he had migraines. He was so blubby, full of life and humourous including with us, friends of his mother.
    Two weeks ago they found he had a brain tumour…2’5″ in his head. He just undergone a surgery but the doctor told his mum that she should prepare to burry her only son within the enxt couple of month. She is devastated and don’t know how she will go through this, how she will survive burrying her baby., We keeptaking turns to assit her daily, even sleeping there…until he passes away
    All you ladies, mothers, fathers, keep your eyes wide open, check yourself, check your kid and don’t underestimate sometjing that appears harmless. A simple headache that is recurrent can be the symptom of that motherf0cher smooth criminel that kills our loved ones.
    If there is a cause you should put your money in, you should stay aware with with development of cures, it ‘s this one. We need to find cures and stop this criminal that kills hundreds of thousands a year, every year..

  • Nola

    She doesn’t need to dress up to visit a freaking hospital. I am sure even if she had dressed up, you would have found fault in what she is wearing. At least she is out there helping others and not spewing hate for people she doesn’t even know.

  • truth.

    The level of hate is what she deserves. You get what you give and just look at her and her friends. She is so unreal and uses these opportunities for her own movie promotion. Aniston will always be a loser in my eyes. Karma. She has only negative karma based on her own actions. Think homewrecker, liar, phoney etc. Oh wait all that just rolls off her back. I think not.

  • tiny

    people are so freaking DAFT. fashion is a better topic than the serious issue at hand. come on now.. breast cancer affects a lot of women in the world. people die every day from cancer and jennifers jeans is a better concern to most women commenting here. you guys are just sick sick individuals. thanks jen and everyone putting an effort in fighting this disease. i lost my grandmother to breast cancer and i will continue to help in any way possible to find a cure for breast cancer. like jen said, if we can put a man on the moon we sure can cure breast cancer not just breast cancer but all cancer.

  • kc

    she’s not there to bring awareness to breast cancer. she’s there to showcase her directing “skills”. when has she ever cared about anything other than herself? use ur brains, lemmings, think.
    i actually donate money to breast cancer not use it as a platform to promote myself. i have two family members who survived breast cancer from early detection. i am not insensitive to the cause. as with everything else aniston does, she somehow makes it all about her.

  • مفكرة العرب

    doing something, not hiding behind her computer and insulting people she doesn’t know

  • not healthy

    Dear Jared…..I wish if it was not so much to ask if you could monitor some of your post and remove hateful bashing anyone is entitled to their opinion however their is a difference between opinion and plain bitter hate because of personal feeling…..I for one clicked on this post because of the wonderful awareness these women are bringing and i did not like scrolling down and reading people writing such hate for personal gain.. No one on this post should be talking about Jennifer Aniston’s personal life because personally you do not know her she has in no way harmed you personally….I get it okay people are passionate about their icon and so on however bashing this women will not change anything she will carrying on living her life just like any other person being a keyboard warrior will get you no where……..

    What i find funny is if any of you who write hateful comments about Jennifer were to actually see her on the streets i can guarantee you that you will never approach her and say all that you have written on this post to her face. Because who isn’t brave behind a computer screen?….

    Anyway’s i only came here to thank all these women for raising the awareness and affect breast cancer has on women!.

    i do not want to argue with anyone so just if you do not like what i have written please simply ignore it.
    Thank you!

  • ???

    @kc: Actually they are promoting the breast cancer film as a short film in order to bring awareness so of course you are gonna sit their and try to think bad of it but just to let you know she was not the only director so was Demi Moore and Alica Key’s so they must also be doing it for personal gain hmmmm??? Just because you do not like someone does not mean they have no good in them

  • Jen

    “See Brad? I’m not dull and boring and pathetic!” – Jen

  • lol

    Ticky really wants to be Angelina. She copies everything of Angelina. LOL

  • Sceptical

    If you tell me that Jen did NOT get paid for directing her segment then we can talk. There is always something in it for Jen . . . She’s got a hundred million dollars and yet she puts on a Breast Cancer t-shirt and asks others for donations. She shows up at the hospital only because it is tied in with a screening of her show. We would have more respect for her if her motives were completely selfless.

  • ???

    @lol: Yeah god forbid that anyone else does any good because Jolie owns that just like the color black! ahahaha

  • Lucy

    Apparently Jennifer Aniston is obsessed with Angelina Jolie.

  • Wait a minute

    I thought charity was NOT Aniston’s thing.

  • ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    her idol is angelina…..copy copy copycat…..

  • led

    she looks like she is bored and has no clue what is being talked about.

  • dianad1968

    Where are the other Directors who co directed with her? As usual, she and her PR b*tch are hogging all the attention. Way to go FRAUD.

  • dianad1968



    She is probably praying and hoping no one asks her any questions about breast cancer, because I am 99% sure she knows nothing, nada, zilch about the stats for breast cancer.

  • Ghost

    Wow !!! What a pathetic fake…



  • tina

    There is so much Jen bashing here because this site is so ridiculously pro Brand. There is nothing this woman could do that would shut the loons up that post here.
    she looks radiant and very happy. I am thankful you are bringing attention to a very important cause.

  • Appletini

    @Wait a minute:

    Charity is not, but self-promotion is!

    Hey Jared, where is the Brad & Angie take Maddox paintballing post?!

  • sharon

    @akuaK: If she would have showed up dripping in diamonds dressed to the nines you’d call her a snob. Get over it haters. BTW…Jen has donated to different organizations over the years. Only difference is she doesn’t call the pap’s before showing up. Also, give her credit she is donating to a cause in the USA!!!! she’s helping AMERICANS. Not people in other countries. She’s FANTATIC!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sharon

    @lol: Hey, Einstien Angie only helps out other countries….followed by a movie crew.

  • So

    Will she play paintball with her midget boyfriend next?

  • So

    Will Jen play paintball with her midget boyfriend next?

  • Thelma

    Perhaps she can quit smoking to set an example and back her new found commitment to the fight against breast cancer ( from a sister of two victims and one survivor of breast cancer). Educating women about the proximate causes like diet and life style s critical!

  • geez

    Brad is right. JA is dull.

  • guest

    great job!

  • Ange


    HA…….. No doubt you’re as evil as your idoles. You’v tried so hard to show the world how Jealous you are.
    Look at youself in the mirror prior to comment someone’s look.
    Based on study. Haters’ look is as ugly as what in their mind.
    If you want to look as beautiful as sweet Jen, Just don’t hate good people and watch your mouth.

  • GAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeans? What a classless nobody!!!

  • goopsterino


    last time i checked she is not in paris for a fashion show, she is in a freaking hospital talking about BREAST CANCER. she is not suppose to dress fashionably for this event

    Who said anything about dressing “fashionably”. I want anyone going to a hospital with two government officials to be dressed APPROPRIATELY fcol !!!!!!!!!!!!!