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Angelina Jolie Meets With Aid Groups in Libya

Angelina Jolie Meets With Aid Groups in Libya

Angelina Jolie meets with an injured man during her visit to Libya to help aid groups on Tuesday (October 11) in Misrata, Libya.

“I will be meeting with officials from all sides but above all, listening to the local people in the street. I am here to express solidarity with them. It is the work of rebuilding and recovery that will determine Libya’s future,” the 36-year-old actress earlier told Reuters.

Angelina previously visited Libyan refugees in Malta and on the Italian island of Lampedusa back in June.

UNHCR sources have said Angelina is expected to be named Special Representative on the Afghan refugee situation “to help resolve the fate of 2.7 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran.”

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Photos: J Tanner/UNHCR via Getty Images
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  • ladys


    (Had to say it…)

  • Lurker

    Wow, I am first. Love you Angie. Keep doing what you do.

  • Lurker

    OK.I am second Lol. This is why I am one of her biggest fan.
    By the way, thanks Jared for this new thread.

  • pg13zombies with fuchsia blood

    she is happy to be away from crybaby pittstain. “lets do everything together, angie” , Angie says, “no!” i wonder which bodyguard is with her this time ;-)

  • Lurker

    So proud of Angie. How could one not love her. Her dedication is to be admired.

  • AJ Fan

    Angie is a beautiful kind hearted lady. I have always loved her for all the work she does for the UN.

    What a sweetheart, Brad is a lucky man. They are such an adorable couple.

  • Lara

    Such a wonderful inspiration, so strong and so caring.
    She knows what’s truly important in life.

  • gracie

    Now Angelina Jolie the U.N. goodwill ambassador jets to Libya

    Angelina Jolie can’t be accused of taking her position as U.N. goodwill ambassador lightly, especially over the past few days.

    The 36-year-old actress presented a humanitarian award in Geneva last week and she and Brad Pitt, 47, have just donated $340,000 to Somalia, but today she ramped activities up a gear and headed to Libya.
    By Amelia Proud

    Last updated at 11:17 PM on 11th October 2011

    The mother-of-six paid a visit to agencies bringing aid to Libyans in Tripoli and Misrata, she said in a statement provided to Reuters.


  • luvangie4ever

    I’m always delighted to find news of Angie when I visit Just Jared, only celebrity who’s actually interesting. The person she is speaks volumes as to how wonderful a mother Marcheline was since Angie credits her Mom for so much in her life. Love her and everything she does!

  • ebmo

    So proud to be a fan of this woman, she never forgets the true meaning of humanity!

  • Ana

    Can’t stand this woman! Everything she does is fro her glory…

  • world exclusive

    @pg13zombies with fuchsia blood:

    Her favorite bodyguard

  • MB

    haha i thought i was going to be first or 2nd for a change no such luck.

    I love Angie and am so proud of all the selfless work she has done for the last 10 yrs. Bless Angie she deserves it.

  • gracie

    The woman has a heart of gold and she is doing a fantastic job. Those in need appreciate your kindness Angie and are very grateful. Keep up the work. We love you.

  • Hopeso

    A true humanitarian in every sense of the word….god bless you Angie

  • Angies big heart

    Beautiful Angie…just love her.

  • pg13zombies with fuchsia blood

    @world exclusive: can you blame her? After being with a sniveling pittstain for so long she needs a MAN, baby. a rough and tough man,,, she is probably tired of the sniveling wimp.

  • sweet

    Angelina is extraordinary, but I feel she is quitting movies. She is taking more UN duties, not make more movies.

  • lila

    I want to see her going to palestine and hear from them or is she too afraid of the jews in hollywood?

  • naturegirl

    So naturally beautiful, so genuinely giving, so perfect. Love, Love, Love her.

  • Angies big heart

    Beautiful Angie!

  • Richard P

    God Bless Angie

  • world exclusive

    @pg13zombies with fuchsia blood:

    A bodyguard? she needs a billionaire to pay their whims

  • rose

    Photo op….4 pictures of Jolie, only 1 of the refugee.
    What is the point of her visiting these people if next day she flies on a private plane to her multimillion dollar mansion.
    To her is just a photo shoot.

  • EYES

    God bless Angelina; an angel indedd

  • EYES

    corr: /\ /\ * indeed

  • world exclusive

    I need to know the truth about this trip and the disappearance of Holly

    I’m going to FF….

  • AJBP

    There’s our Angie talking and seeing the sick. I love this woman for all she gives of herself.

    Did anyone see Ticky’s new nose job in the fedora pics lol .
    At least Angie is not spending her spare time( if she has any)
    trying to change her appearance for Heidi’s man.

    Love ya Angie . Can’t wait to see your movie in Dec.

  • EYES

    # 27 : bye then, be gone and PLEASE let the door hit you in your sucio face


    Angie is so beautiful, poised and humble!
    I admire this lady immensely.

  • macy

    Angie is doing what she has been doing for the past 10 yrs.
    Even with her 6 children and her Brad she likes to take the time to help the needy. And trust they love it. I have followed Angie for 10 yrs read her book Notes and am so proud of her. I hope she continues to act tho. I love her movies. No wonder Brad fell madly in love with her.

  • Cari


    Grow a brain please. These are the pics Jared purchased or chose to show. Other sites have plenty of pics of the refugees.

  • Huvsy Mcdogs B@rking Co.Ltd.

    Huvsy Mcdogs never stops to B@rking for SadspookSpinsterJen.

    SadspookJenHo loves Mcdogs and McStumpy McGreedy Forever.

    FF Mcdogs are happy for SpinsterJen’s Dog Food !!!

  • Jen

    This information about the JoliePitt Foundation is from 2009. The JoliePitt Foundation serves many, many charities.
    The Jolie-Pitt Foundation has donated over $4 million to causes since it was established, including $1,364,320 to Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, $100,000 to help build The Duk Lost Boys Clinic medical centre in the Sudan, $1 million split evenly among three organizations working with war-affected children, $1m to help Sudanese refugees of the Darfur crisis, $1 million to the Human Rights Watch’s work in Burma, $100,000 to Global Action for Children, $400,000 to Cambodia’s children’s causes and $150,000 to the Maddox Chivan Children’s Center.

  • AJP Fan

    LMFAO..hahaha #27 is running over to fcuked up females to find out the truth.
    Did i read that right >THE TRUTH..Is he/she nuts?

    Yeah i too, hope it stays over there where it belongs.

    Go Angie Girl!! Love u. Hope to see some pics of u and B out with the kids when u get home .

  • thelookoflove1365

    God Bless you Angie.

    Rose and Ana, fcuk off yout too beyotch. YOur bitterness toward Angie and whatever she’s doing is a reflection of your own miserable and worthless existence. Where is your proof that she used private plane to and fro? You are assuming BS. She mentioned on one of her interviews that she pays her own way and flying commercial.
    She does not have or bring personal photographer with her, m*oron. It is either from UNHCR or legit news agency who has to get clearance or permission to travel with Angie or UNHCR because of its danger.
    When her whole family travel for vacay or work, they used private plane and paid for them or the studio wil pay for their travel and lodging. Just like if one is working and needed to go some place for work or training. The company one works for paid for one’s travel/lodging. Geesh, why are you haters and trolls stupid? And why are you NOT ashamed showing your stupidity just because internet is anonymous. Get a life!

  • Noshiit

    She looks her beauty here. She just never stops year after year after year for over 10 years but the haters talk about it as if it is some old develish drama of a status keeper divorce compensation work or something. They are nuts.

  • mila


    Great post TLOL 1365, I can’t type that fast but ITA and love when somebody types the truth with all good points to the jerks who are here getting paid a nickel a post .
    tks Right On!

  • busted

    Beautiful woman..

  • gracie

    JJ, thank you for the threads but your site is playing up again.

    I don’t know if some of you have seen this video of Angie’s visit to the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa to thank its residents for taking in the estimated 20,000 refugees fleeing the violence in Libya and Tunisia. I think the visit was in the summer.

    She was interviewed by The BBC’s reporter Zeinab Badawi who joined her on the island. She lookes great and well informed. It’s a great video.

  • alana

    Amazing woman!!

  • ashby

    Angelina Jolie lives up to her name: beautiful angel. She is such an inspiring person.

  • Jen

    JP Fans Please do not forget to Flag and request poster #s 39 and 40 (same poster) be banned for good.
    Such filth is not to be tolerated by anyone.

  • pg13zombies with fuchsia blood

    @world exclusive: Surely Angelina doesn’t need a man for his money if you catch my drift. A strong woman like Angelina needs a strong man not someone she has to baby and coddle like pittstain. if she wanted to be the man in the relash she would be with a woman. please!

  • Huvsy Mcdogs B@rking Co.Ltd.

    Wow ! The Female First Mcdogs get HURTS huh ?

    Huvsy Mcdogs told SpinsterJen

    ” Just buy The Dogs to protect SpinsterJen ”

    “FF Mcdogs loves Jennypoop “

  • bones

    Great, but who’s gonna help anorexic Angie?

  • pg13zombies with fuchsia blood

    @bones: not Pittstain that’s for sure. He can’t even find help to fit his wig better so it doesn’t reveal itself on red carpets and photo-shoots.

  • Jen

    Troll is furious because no matter how many lies it and the FFer’s from the sewer try to spin, Angelina Jolie still gets GREAT press because she is a GREAT LADY.
    God bless you, beautiful lady. Your heart is as beautiful as your gorgeous face.

  • world exclusive GOT MENTAL

    world exclusive:

  • lol

    The FFers hate Angie is because they are jealous of her.