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Beyonce: Baby Bump in the Big Apple!

Beyonce: Baby Bump in the Big Apple!

Beyonce shows off her burgeoning belly in a tight black dress on Friday (October 14) while out in New York City.

Earlier in the week, a rep for the 30-year-old entertainer shot down rumors that she was wearing a fake baby bump.

Julianne Hough recently told MTV she’s “obsessed” with Bey right now “just ’cause she’s not only an amazing performer. She’s kind of what I want to do.”

“She sings, acts, dances – the whole thing, but she’s an incredible business woman. I think she’s going to be one of the most iconic people of our decade, which, there’s not going to be many of those because people filter in and out,” she added. “She is so smart and she knows how to handle everything, so she’s my girl crush. And she’s so hot.”

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Credit: Daniel/Thornton; Photos: INFdaily
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  • brenda

    I’ve seen the video of the collapsing baby belly, have to say looks very suspicious. I can see why people think it’s fake.

  • Mikeg

    Is she really THAT stupid??? the pictures are ridiculously suspicious…

  • ???

    I love Beyonce. She is very beautiful and very talented. One question though,doesn’t her skin seems to be getting lighter and lighter? Whats that all about? Seems kinda strange to me.

  • LaCroix

    Seriously..all this talk of a fake bump.. but what about this woman walking around with a man holding her umbrella? How vain & shallow is she? and her bump changes shape every time I see her.. who care what Julianna Hough says..
    Beyonce doesnt write her own music, steal lyrics, steals concepts, choreography.. she does not do anything she creates on her own. how is that an icon? This woman is a hack at best.

  • seriously?

    What a big DIVA someone actually has to hold her umbrella for her urghhhh !

  • WhatATool

    She is not the first savy celeb to carefully craft their career, why so much hate?
    I am not a huge fan but I don’t hate her, she is beautiful and wish her well.

  • laverdadduele

    The mystery of Beyonce’s belly continues…what a load of c_rap, why would she lie about something so serious as a pregnancy? Kudos to Jessica Simpson for keeping her pregnancy under wraps.

  • ellie

    LOLLL, love all the haterz and how ballistic they get when they see our BEY…. success is nothing to be ashamed about. Guess all these haterzzzz are also LOZZZZERSSSSS. GET USED TO IT, CUZ SHE WILL BE AROUND AWHILE, LOLLLLLLL.



    someone has the windows movie player and knows how to edit videos so that morons like you have something to talk about… HAHA

  • Barbara

    All women who have been pregnant know that the belly is not the only place to get bigger. Especially the breasts, arms, butt, so if she is trying to pretend she carried the baby we will know. Oh wait, don’t forget the thunder thighs that appear…lol

  • blabla

    I really wonder if she got something going on with her bodyguard?

  • Ginger Bread

    She’s not due till February right?!…… Is she having triplets????

  • jane


    Some women never gain much weight. Victorian Beckham never got big thighs.

  • jane

    She is so beautiful, and yes she IS pregnant.

  • realist

    You’ve got it going on, Bey. Let the jealous b*tches be jealous.

  • opi

    I also think she’s faking the whole pregnancy thing. There’s even a blind item on dlisted, that puts Beyonce as one of their top guesses, when it talks about someone famous pretending to be pregnant. First of all, you can kind of tell when someone’s pregnant. They kind of change, not just looks wise, but you can see they’re affected by the pregnancy. She looks the same, no pregnancy glow, no changes in her body, and no changes in her outlook/behavior. And sorry but a pregnant woman who’s 5 months along, cannot sit the way she did in that interview. She is clearly wearing a prosthetic belly, the fact that she made that oops face in the interview reveals it all, and the fact that she had a huge bump at the MTV awards, and then a few days later in Croatia, her stomach is nearly flat, and it looks like she’s just puffing it to make it seem like she’s pregnant. Her baby bump is constantly changing. But this narcissist/histrionic will never admit that. She’s been conning people since the beginning of her career by stealing other people’s music, writing credits, and video treatments, and she’ll continue to con people. She’s vain and shallow, and only cares about her body, and doesn’t want to “ruin” it by having a child on her own, so she’s using a surrogate, and reaping all the benefits by pretending to be pregnant.

  • justsaying

    Hopefully until Bey “has” the baby she can stop making appearances. Because it true that ever time you see her that bump changes. If fans find out this was a hoax they are gonna be so disappointed.

  • Gigina

    are you kidding ME?!?! look how HUGE her boobs are! unless she got fake boobs to go along with the ‘fake’ pregnancy, I don’t think you can say her body hasn’t changed.

  • Lenny

    @ Gigina, have you heard of a push up bra?

  • Jane

    If she’s crazy enough to fake a pregnancy, I would say she’s crazy enough to get breast implants. Real baby bumps can’t collapse like that, and no pregnant woman can bend over the way she did when she sat down. Impossible.

  • A

    @???: She has always been lighter skinned. She also tans.
    Black people get lighter in the winter and darker in the summer just like white people.We all have melanin.

  • sam

    She’s just a shallow idiot, who thought she could outsmart everyone. Maybe learning about what pregnant woman can and can’t do would have helped her scam along better. She got the “waddle” down in that interview…so shallow yet again. She thinks pregnant woman waddle, can barely walk, yet they can seemingly bend over completely forward…An idiot. A narcissistic idiot at that.

  • Armani

    Why in the world would she fake a damn pregnancy she is BEYONCE GISELLE KNOWLES-CARTER she has nothing to gain from faking her pregnancy you people who believe the rumors are soooooooooooooooooo freakin retarded.

  • amensister

    pregnant or not she looks ridiculous

  • beyonce is smart

    It’s very clear that she had some type of extra padding in her dress and when she bent over it folded as her not as big belly went down into the nether regions… Beyonce has been in this game so long because of good press. she has never really had anything bad said about her except her copying. She wouldn’t due something like this because faking this doesn’t out weigh her totally messing up her entire career. She probably got pregnant in like July/august but feared that people would say that she is using it to boost album sales so therefore lied about when she conceived.

  • Kesly

    Ohh please bitches! Stop hating! She’s the most beautiful pregnant eveeeerrrr!!!! BEYONCÉ U ROCK GIRL!


    It doesn’t matter what she does it still looks FAKE because it is FAKE..

  • meeeeeee

    @???: No, it does not seem to be getting lighter to answer your question. She’s been high yellow all her life.

    All ya’ll do is try to dog people, start or talk sh!t on this site. I better find another celeb gossip spot before this ‘low-life hater trait’ rubs off on me.

  • meeeeeee

    @Jane: Uh pregnant women can sit the way she did. Not all women are dramatic and weak with the inability to sit without dropping back to be seated. The bump has to be a few pounds heavier (than Beyonce’s) to get to that ‘can’t seat down properly’ stage.

  • MummyAustin

    I’ve read everyone’s comments, seen the video in question and several photos of her belly. Oh and I’ve got two children. Firstly, it’s completely possible to sit forward when you’re five months pregnant, I was still doing it when I was full term! Being pregnant doesn’t mean you’ve lost that ability.

    You also don’t always put on weight on your arms, legs, bum… I only grew inches on my chest and stomach.

    And finally, the pregnant stomach can go a funny shape when sitting down at the sort of gestation. I’m a uk size 6 (so hardly big by any means) yet my belly just looked fat when I sat until about 28 weeks or so. Also, does nobody take into account the fact that her dress is a little slack around so could explain the so called fold as she leans forward…

  • Gigina

    duh, of course I have. but even in the best push up bra, her boobs don’t have that shape/largeness.

  • roxanne

    She is proof that money can’t buy you taste.

  • saywhaat

    I think she should just admit that she’s not pregnant. Its getting to be too humiliating to see her in that hideous big sponge in her belly. In that stage or whatever she’s in she could not afford to stoop and get anything from the floor anymore. a pregnant bellies are not flexible or will wrinkle or sag like a bag in anyway. The baby is already form and sometimes it toughens the belly like you are trap with a big bowling bowl in your gut.


  • OK….the shoes…

    …Look at the heels. She really shouldn’t be wearing shoes like that when she’s pregnant. What if she falls? But I guess it’s more important to her to look fashionable than thinking of the safety of her baby. Or maybe she doesn’t have anything to worry about since her bump is fake. Hmm…

  • jia

    Pregnant women wears High heels. Stupid!!!

  • LaCroix

    I do not get why people say ” you a hater” Listen up.. this is not hate this is reality.. you know? Im not clouded or starstruck by any celebrity I do not hold these people in high regard. In fact I look at them just like my regular neighbors as if I would look at any one of you difference is they are in the spotlight, they have responsibilities children look up to them.. I think you should try to live your life & be right. not by having a grown man that you probably pay to hold your umbrella.. how could anyone even remotely like a woman or anyone for that matter that behaves that way? Maybe she should stop performing for $ to terrorists & donate some of that money to cancer kids, or homelessness or go to Africa & help there?

  • Lewsie

    @LaCroix: Ive read both your comments and I have to say I agree with you so much on everything! Now she’s going to stop singing and try to get that Oscar that Jennifer Hudson took from her! You know, as an struggling actress myself it’s kind of annoying when singers/models always try to get their hand into acting. All of them know that is where the real money is & that is why they do it. NOT for the real passion inside them. If it was so then she would have tried to be an actress first. Anyway her acting is horrible. But that part could have gone to a better actress. You know?

  • Annie

    IMO she just doesn’t look pregnant. She doesn’t look pregnant in her face. I realize not all women retain water in their face during pregnancy, but I dunno, she just doesn’t have that ‘pregnancy glow’ I’d expect her to have in her second trimester she just looks like her usual self.

    Plus the umbrella, ugh, Bea, get over yourself. Even royalty carry their own darn umbrellas. I never used to get why people didn’t like this woman, but now I’m starting to see it, especially during this pregnancy/”pregnancy”.



    That man is her bodyguard. I don’t know what world you live in, but men usually hold umbrellas if they’re with a woman.

    You’re such a bore. If you don’t like the woman, you don’t have to comment.



    Black people’s skin tone changes through the seasons just like white people. We’re not aliens.

    Beyonce has always been light. Look at her baby pictures, even look at her mother.

    She admitted on the Tyra Banks show that she sometimes tans and wears bronzer.

  • http://britany811 britany

    hey pal shut the hell up are you like like a professional singer or something? No i guess not. Stop dissing beyonce just because you have something crawling up your ass. She is a good damn singer and actor and thats all there is too it. Love ya B.

  • meh

    She is not stupid, but she’s convinced her fans are.
    So pathetic.

  • meh

    @Jane # 15

    According to what I see she already put a lot of weight on. Her legs are so thick…and look at her knees. She definitely won’t be another Victoria or Giselle.
    I think she is pregnant, but she put on the fake belly to maximize her announcement effect to steal the show at the VMA since her last songs and videos suck. It was too big to be real. And now she has to keep on doing it till she reaches her seventh month.

  • Annie

    She’s always had relatively thick legs though. Looks the same to me.

  • beyonce is weird in my opinion

    Christina Aguilera’s voice and tone changed after she gave birth to Max.
    Her voice has been much, MUCH deeper ever since. Which is good, her lower register is amazing when she sings.

    Christina’s appearance and stamina also seem to have changed slightly.

    If Beyonce really is pregnant (and is NOT using a surrogate)… I kind of expect Beyonce to go through some of the changes Christina or even Britney went through.

    If Beyonce’s voice and stamina remain exactly the same… that would be suspicious…

    To the people who say a fake pregnancy would be absurd… we are talking about Beyonce here, some who wears wigs on a daily basis, fake butts, steals some credits and songs and whatnot…
    So many celebrities are so strange! LOL Remember when Britney shaved her head? They’re all weirdos! Nothing shocks me anymore.
    THAT INTERVIEW of Beyonce was a complete mess and didn’t make any sense, you all have to admit it! Something is not right here!!!

  • ha ha

    One day she will get old and sick and wont be able to wipe her own ass, someone else will have to and she will wish she was able to hold her own umbrella.

  • Elease

    @jane: She’s also very thin when she’s not pregnant silly. You can not compare Beyonce’s body to Victoria’s, duh! Beyonce naturally has thick thighs, and thick over all. For Beyonce’s features (ie- nose, face, lips, legs, butt) to not show any weight gain at 5 months is soooo odd. Her boobs do look in your face, but check out her outfits from her last tour, they look the same to me, she’s probably wearing another bra.

  • elease

    @jane: She’s also very thin when she’s not pregnant silly. You can not compare Beyonce’s body to Victoria’s, duh! Beyonce naturally has thick thighs, and thick over all. For Beyonce’s features (ie- nose, face, lips, legs, butt) to not show any weight gain at 5 months is soooo odd. Her boobs do look in your face, but check out her outfits from her last tour, they look the same to me, she’s probably wearing another bra.

  • elease

    @jane: She’s also very thin when she’s not pregnant silly. You can not compare Beyonce’s body to Victoria’s, duh! Beyonce naturally has thick thighs, and thick over all. For Beyonce’s features (ie- nose, face, lips, legs, butt) to not show any weight gain at 5 months is soooo odd. Her boobs do look in your face, but check out her outfits from her last tour, they look the same to me, she’s probably wearing another bra.

  • Simmy

    It’s not even raining outside ..take a look at the photos no one is holding an umbrella out there besides Beyonce.. what is that about?