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Rachel Bilson: I Auditioned for 'Tangled'!

Rachel Bilson: I Auditioned for 'Tangled'!

Rachel Bilson grabs a hot drink from Starbucks with a friend on Wednesday (November 9) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress, who covers the November issue of Nylon, told the mag that she auditioned for the 2010 animated movie, Tangled, which featured the voices of Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi.

“I sang ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen, and I went in before Mandy Moore!” Rachel revealed.

“I was totally mortified. It was just me and her and her husband, Ryan Adams, who is an amazing musician. I was like, ‘Hi!’ You can really sing!’ I felt like such an a–,” she added.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a pair of Goldsign “Jenny” high rise selvage slim leg cuffed jeans in Debut.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson grabbing Starbucks with a friend…

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  • tweet

    i love her

  • Super7!

    Lol, Jared you can’t ever think of titles for your posts? You’ve used her interview from Nylon about the last 5 times.

  • Sophie

    I have to say, I actually do really enjoy her new show. Didn’t think I would, but it’s cute! I mainly love watching for Zoe and Wade!

  • just me

    It was not worth mentioning she did not get it. It just excuse not to menion what really going with her relationship. Which is nothing at all.

  • @just me

    @just me: Do you realize her relationship is hardly ever talked about? You don’t like when it’s talked about, so why do you bring it up? Just don’t talk about it. Simple.

  • CoffeerunRachel

    @Super7!: Well its hard to come up with a title when there isn’t much to talk about with her. What is he suppose to put. Rachel Bilson Coffee Run?. How many times has he had to write something like that already about her, that and a title about coffee would be boring.

    Bringing up how she auditioned for a major Disney movie and then didn’t get it is slightly more interesting. You work with what you have and what you have is a Nylon interview from a few weeks ago now and Rachel getting coffee. The only other new news would be the poor ratings for Hart of Dixie on Monday. Somewhere around 1.4 million people for the night. The worst returns so far. But JJ isn’t going to put that as they title. That goes from boring news about coffee and a flopped audition to bad news about poor ratings.

  • From Paris with Love

    Awful outfit and shoes.

  • Connie

    She looks so adorable! I like her sweater! Did anybody else who watched Hart of Dixie on Monday have problems? The station kept tuning in and out to commercials every couple of minutes, so I couldn’t watch it! Hopefully that won’t happen next Monday. Looking forward to next week’s episode.

  • verity

    I bet sure (a 101% percent at that!) that if Josh Schwarts is somehow connected w/ the movie Tangled; she would get hired immediately if it just an *extra*.

  • Super7!

    @CoffeerunRachel: It’s not just for Rachel’s posts, all of his title names are so dumb! C’mon Jared, use your brain and think outside the box!! LOL!

  • tristgrey

    She auditioned for Tangled?!?!
    Of course she would be bypassed unsurprisingly… anyways what a freakin’ nerve!

  • call me crazy but…..

    @tristgrey: Why are ya so derogatory? Why shouldn’t she audition for Tangled? OK, so she didn’t get it but she went out there and tried! She gave it a shot! What the hell is wrong with that! I think it’s a point in her favor that she went ahead and gave it a try even if it didn’t succeed for her. More of us should act that way, coz if we don’t try then we’ll never know whether we could have done it or not!

    That jumper she’s wearing, I had a bedspread exactly like that! OK for throwing on the bed, but seriously never considered wearing the darn thing.

  • Madhatter

    re: Her story, it’s nice that she has a little self-awareness.

  • Mowglie

    GOOD FOR RACHEL!! I’m happy for her!! She is becoming her own!! Hahahaha to the haters!!

  • lol

    @Mowglie: She is becoming her own what exactly? She tried out for a part and DIDN’T get it!!! Mandy Moore did.The film went on do to pretty well and Rachel Bilson got stuck back on tv again with Hart of Dixie. Yeah she really becoming something alright. She is an actress on a show that won’t make it past it’s second season!!! and then she will be the constantly unemployed actress Rachel Bilson again.
    It almost sounds like in the interview Rachel Bilson was trying to hint that the reason Mandy got the part is because her husband Ryan Adams was there and not because Mandy has serious talent of her own.
    No Rachel your the only one that needs other people to help you get work. Like hanging out with Josh Schwartz’s wife above.
    To me she is just the brunette Kate Bosworth except Kate is smart enough to date a director like Micheal Polish to help get herself work. Maybe Rachel’s friend can set her up with her own Polish that way she doesn’t have to use Josh all the time to get work. At some point Schwartz is going to get tired of doing her all these favors. Rachel was at her best on the OC as Summer Roberts but only because she was pretty much playing herself.

  • call me crazy but…..

    Or CW might drop the underperforming GG and pick up HOD for a couple more seasons. The extra exposure does Rachel B’s career prospects no harm and she’s then picked up for another show! Meanwhile, Hayden C’s work dries up coz his acting was never his most notable quality, and there are always younger and more passionate players out there that the directors will hire. See we can all predict the future!

  • lol

    @call me crazy but…..: I was basing the fact that Hart of Dixie might be canceled because it is now in 7th place again out of the 10 scripted tv shows it is up against on Monday nights. A site showed all of CW’s programs and what they pull in for advertisers both Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie are under $50,000 only Nikita and Super Natural is worse.Super Natural does have mostly male fans so there is difference because of that. Super Natural would most likely survive another half season to wrap things up.
    Gossip Girl is actually slightly ahead of HOD now fpr the reason. Both are more likely to get canceled than just one. GG will probably get half a season to wrap things up like One Tree Hill did and then thats all she wrote for GG. Hart of Dixie hasn’t been on long enough to have ratings that are already this weak. Nikita is in it’s second season and experiencing the “second season slump”. Super Natural has been on for something like six seasons and is just running out of ideas. Gossip Girl should have been canceled already but now is out of interesting plots and has low ratings with no buzz. If Hart of Dixie stays as it is and doesn’t get more buzz/ratings around it then it most likely would get canceled. Along with several other shows. Not just HOD. CW seems more concerned about keeping Ringer(Sarah Michelle Gellar) since they showed a marathon of it last Monday on Halloween than keeping Hart of Dixie (Rachel Bilson). In my opinion Ringer is a dud too. It’s really boring.

  • Sophie

    @lol: Between Hart of Dixie and Ringer, they are both not doing outstanding jobs. I personally find that Hart of Dixie is doing better, I don’t watch it that much, but with all the Ringer marathons the CW has had, it should be doing way better. I think the only reason Hart of Dixie dropped from being at its series high a couple weeks ago is because a) the week it had off, they put Ringer repeats on instead of hart of dixie and b) they decided to air the halloween episode after halloween. I don’t blame Hart of Dixie for that, I blame the cw. It seemed it was finally gaining and retaining an audience then they screwed it up.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LMAO!! If she didn’t know how to sing why would she audition for a Disney movie?? God she’s an idiot!!
    Honey the only jobs you can get are from Josh so no need to waste your time on auditions that he isn’t part of!!

  • Say Cheese!

    She is soo mugging for the cameras here. She is just another fameaddict playing her game. Like so many others in Hollywood these days.

  • Say Cheese!

    Sheesh how long did she let the paparazzo walk like two feet in front of her.Look coffee in their hands then no coffee. It’s like magic. You would think at some point she would just tell them to go away after a couple of photos while she walks around with her friend. Instead of letting them tail her on the sidewalk. Then no one would know she is a ” famous actress” because the look on people’s faces in the back round is like ” who the hell is that?” They probably thought she was Mila Kunis,Natalie Portman, Lea Michelle or some other brunette with a big career still. To be tailed around like this.

  • tweet!/mrbradgoreski
    Brad Goreski best known for working on the Rachel Zoe project went to a Vanessa Bruno event last night and of course Rachel Bilson was there to kiss some booty. She even dragged along her stylist Nicole Chavez . Nicole sat next to Brad. I wonder if they are trying to get his advice for their Shoemint line. HA. Rachel is always wearing Vanessa Bruno clothing when she gets photographed. So does Kate Bosworth and a few other actresses best known for what they wear and having their pictures taken.I would bet a pretty penny Rachel has an arrangement with Bruno that she gets stuff from the line as long as she is photographed a lot and plugs Vanessa’s brand. Sitting next to Brad is about as close as Nicole Chavez will ever be to being as good of a stylist as Rachel Zoe. If thats an outfit Nicole put together in the pcitures above for Rachel, then Nicole should really reconsider being a stylist! Because that hair, sweater,boots and baggy jeans look crazy together.

  • maya

    jill is pregnant that’s great <3 her

  • baby fever

    Nicole Chavez is pregnant too, so Rachel thinks she’s next.

  • gilmorie

    She always proves that dumbos are not “always” blond, tall and beautiful. She has become a celebrity w/ just ALL influential connections and hardcore marketing buffing up on a 0 intellect talent level. Her infinite cluelessness & shallowness screams MORE of eventually hitting the dirty-cougar-wagon instead of being a wife/mother material.

  • trevise

    OMG… that face!!! Baaarf… Vomiiit… Blurrrp…
    I’ve seen better looking & hotter LA Valley Chicks huh!

  • aww

    @baby fever: I hope so! Hayden and Rachel would have such cute babies!!

  • not likely

    @baby fever: @aww: Rachel recently said in an interview she isn’t ready for children yet while she still working as an actress and in fashion. Honestly I think that is just an excuse. Nicole is on her second child. Josh’s wife is on her first. If Rachel wanted to be married and have kids she would. She is 30 years old now, not a kid anymore. Jamie King on Hart of Dixie is at least married and still manages to work on Hart of Dixie without issue while working on other projects.
    Jamie even mentioned she wanted children one day just like Rachel back in 2008 but then never got around to it. At least Jamie is married and a lot closer to starting a family than Rachel is.
    I think Rachel Bilson is going to turn into a Jennifer Anniston type of actress where she is still single and known for dating younger men. While still claiming she really wants a family at 40 plus years old. If something is at the core of you and so important in your life you just do it, like being married or havings kids. You don’t make excuses because nothing else matters but what you really want.
    Even Hilary Duff is married and is expecting her first child. Even losing a role as Bonnie in Bonnie and Clyde. Why, because thats what Duff wanted most marriage and children. The career came second. To be fair though Duff did manage to marry a really really rich husband. Who is both an heir and hockey player so Hilary doesn’t have to work anymore.
    So Rachel Bilson having children anytime soon is unlikely. In 5 to 10 years she will probably be still saying she wants kids in an interview. Just like Jennifer Anniston and several other cougar actresses.

  • call me crazy but…..

    @not likely:
    Well how many younger men has Rachel Bilson dated then? I mean, if she’s so like JA.
    Ya know it’s just as likely that her and her bf’ll tie the knot sooner or later. Five years down the line she and Hayden could be married with a kid on the way. She’d still be only 35. Which is the age at which most US women these days are choosing to have kids. Women are waiting longer to have kids these days.

  • pics
    More pictures of Rachel from that day.
    The paparazzi followed her around for a long long long time it seems. I wonder why?