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Dita Von Teese: ITV Studios Stop

Dita Von Teese: ITV Studios Stop

Dita Von Teese looks pretty and polished as she leaves ITV studios on Monday (November 28) in London, England.

The 39-year-old burlesque beauty was spotted arriving at London’s Heathrow airport on Sunday.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Dita Von Teese

You can enter a contest to meet Dita at Cointreau Prive in London next month – click over to Facebook for details on how to enter!

Have you checked out Dita‘s exclusive photo shoot for yet? She posed for us at NYC’s Royalton Hotel!

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  • Rose

    the use of fur is pathetic, disgusting and demodé

  • Jack Reigert

    Dita should really make the most of her prime and wear something a bit more exciting instead of concealing her incredible physique.

  • loub

    fur is amazing. she looks fab I LOVE fur!!!!

  • Rose


    So u love fur? Pathetic loser, I hope that you’ll be skinned alive

  • Rose

    @loub: So u love fur? Pathetic loser, I hope that you’ll be skinned alive

  • Glow

    She always looks so polished, but goodness I’d hate to have to be THIS pulled together….everyday and I’m a “girly-girl.” I guess Jeans and flip-flops is not in her vocabulary.

  • Rose

    @loub: So you love fur? Pathetic LOSER, I hope that you’ll be skinned alive

  • lol

    @Rose: Moron, she wears VINTAGE fur, from the time, where fur shops with stuffed animals fully exposed were something normal. These days we dont accept it, so if someone buys modern furs now, I dont aprove it, but she cant get into some time machine and tell people from 50s – hey, killing animals will be very unpopular in future, dont do that. Fur from the past makes no difference to me, everybody knows shes a vintage girl, so thats pretty obvious to me no one will go and get the fur coat, because she wears it, that wouldnt be the same, her furs are older than her.

  • Rose

    @lol: you moron, that I know, she dresses according to the 40s, but she lives in the 2011 to 2012, so, I do not care what year flayed animals do to her coat. It sucks!.
    she is not an old woman stuck in the time when skinning animals alive was the norm, she is a young woman who dresses in clothes that in the current era are unacceptable

  • lol

    @Rose: Ok, think about it again when you wear your leather shoes or leather handbag, because i dont believe you wear only faux ones, no way in hell, it pisses me off when people like you dare to judge someone just because shes a celebrity and everyone see what she wears every day. I would like to see whats in your wardrobe or on your plate every day, oh wait, i wouldnt.

  • Michelle

    @lol You are an idiot. Leather shoes and handbags come from an animal being killed to use every part of it’s body. We are eating those animals, not killing them for the sole purpose of taking their skin. Fur comes from animals that are skinned and the rest thrown in the trash. Animals are sometimes even skinned alive…and designers are buying fur from China that has been proven to be from dogs. The fur business is [particularly heinous… and vintage or not, wearing fur sends a message that fur is desirable.
    The point is, we don’t need it…it is a fashion statement.

  • Michelle

    And to be honest, I can’t stand this woman anyway….she is trashy but called classy…not my idea of what a woman should be….which is completely phony! Even her stupid invented name. I am sorry for her past abuse or whatever made her run from herself, but, she should not be a role model or icon of any kind!

  • Rose

    @lol:” I would like to see whats in your wardrobe or on your plate every day, oh wait, i wouldnt”, .that is supposed to be funny? F- loser!. i’m done with you

    Michelle, smart girl with fashion sense, good for you!

  • lol

    @Michelle: in China dogs are normal food, so your point being? You cant judge other culture just because its different than yours, so dont go there. Awe, am I an idiot? :) Interesting. I know something about the history after all, its just so stupid to judge someone wearing 50 yrs old fur. I cant stand Olsen c.unts, they wear modern fur coats, and i hate them exactly because I do know how animals are killed to get their fur. So thanks for the info, but its nothing I wouldnt know about, oh well. In the past no one cared about it, so i dont see the point to not use furs from that time in positive way, is it better to just burn it and waste so many animals lives? Its already done, she had nothing to do with those animals, she didnt want to get a fur coat from designer, so animals would be killed especially for her, so she can be so fashionable. Olsens do that. And Ive nerver said shes a role model, i just dont like judging people and being so hypocritical same time. So what we use skins of animals killed for food? Do you know how they suffer being killed for food? What kind of difference doesnt make then? Pointless conversation, you are just too stupid to get it, but fine, judge Dita for wearing fur, that will help all animals for sure, if you really care about them so much, move your ass and do something for real maybe.

  • lol

    @Rose: Haha, keep trying, I dont make a conversation with myself, after all, michelle ;) awe, im sorry, rose, i mean c.unt, whatever, same thing :)

  • Alexandra

    That’s fake! It’s too smooth to be real, and when she was working with the PETA she sad she’s not wearing any fur…

  • rachel

    New fur for western fashion is terrible, i do however have old fur.
    I don’t eat meat, eggs or dairy;
    but I think those who do eat meat and are saying fur is awful should get of their high horse.
    You eat cows because it’s ok to eat a cow if you wear it’s skin AS WELL ,
    But not ok to kill for fur and make the rest into dog food or throw away?
    oh come on… what logic is that?
    I’m not making excuses for the fur industry as it is disgusting but, this sort of hypocrisy from meat eaters is ridiculous.