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'M:I - Ghost Protocol' Tops New Year's Box Office

'M:I - Ghost Protocol' Tops New Year's Box Office

Tom Cruise‘s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol held on to the top spot at the box office to kick off 2012.

The action film brought in a projected $40 million for the four-day weekend, while Jude Law and Robert Downey, Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows took in $22.1 million over three days this weekend.

Third place went to Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, with $18.3 million – the film’s expected to break the $100 million mark domestically by Monday.

Also making its debut in limited release was Meryl Streep‘s The Iron Lady, which fared very well at four locations and averaged over $55,000 per screen, Variety reports.

WHAT DID YOU SEE at the movies this weekend?

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  • Cash Cow

    Tom never ages he is almost 50 and looks closer to 35.

  • Me

    Yay for MI4! It really is an excellent film and deserves every drop of money it makes.

  • Champ

    I’m sick of Tom Cruise being in my face all the time. If it’s not his demented antics or his need to flaunt his “amazing” marriage to Katie-bot, it’s the desperation to be seen as “the” star of all time. I think the man has some serous issues, and I’m not being mean, just being honest. There’s something very off and needy about him, and his relationship with Katie is very, very, very strange and awkward. I haven’t seen MI4 and have no desire to, and I’m sick of seeing news about it everywhere. I guess the scientologists have covered all the bases they could so their top boy could be on top again. But I for one will not support the cult with my money.

  • Champ

    Forgot to add, he can’t act for spit. I think what drives him is “little man syndrome.”

  • thora

    it must be not half bad. 40 million is pretty good for a 2nd weekend.
    that means it’s getting good word of mouth.

  • Wow

    Wow – just checked boxofficemojo and mi 4 crossed 300 mil in less than two weeks. … Sorry ms Jolie, it looks like cruise DOES do it better

  • Ray

    I won’t give Tom Cruise a nickel of my money anymore. Crazy Scieno. Instead I saw Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr. Awesome movie.

  • i like gray cats

    @Wow: i dont get that jolie reference…

  • jessa

    @thora: it’s def getting good word of mouth. my friend just saw it and said it’s so good that it’s worth seeing a 2nd time.

  • stacey

    he looks really good 4 his age!

  • Whateva

    Of course “MI” will do good because it is a franchise like Batman, Harry Potter, etc. It was good but not as good as the first two.

    Also I think “wow” is referencing “Salt” but you can not compare a new action movie with a solo female star with a franchised male action movie. Unfortunately the numbers will always vary. However, if there is a “Salt 2″ the numbers will grow because the first one did really well for an intro to a new character let alone a female action hero.

  • Harley

    @thora: That’s 40 million estimated for the 4-day weekend. The film really hasn’t blown it away in total BO, considering it’s in IMAX. I expected much more than this by now. It hasn’t even reached its budget domestically, but it’s really getting a lot of undue hype in the press.

  • huh ok

    i dont get exactly why people hate him.
    it started when he acted zany on oprah when he met k holmes.
    and then ok, the scientology stuff.
    but scientology is not any more crazy than christian or other religious wackadoos.
    there a number of times when the guy has saved someone stranger’s life. and you’ve never heard a single story of him in a drunken brawl and such, being rude to a fan or denying them time/photo/autograph.
    he seems like a genuinely ok guy.

  • chris

    @Harley: it got good reviews from critics.

  • jacks

    I’ve seen Sherlock Holmes 3 times, it’s a really fun movie. I haven’t seen MI4 yet.

  • james

    @jacks: 3x?? why is there ever a need to see a movie that much? what a waste of money!

  • dundies

    Yup, I saw it. It was thrilling and actually very funny. I want to see it again and We bought a zoo :)

  • fox mulder

    @dundies: i can see that being a franchise too. sequel: we bought an animal sanctuary. 3rd installment: we bought an african reserve…………. part 4: still buying stuff.

  • Harley

    @chris: Where did I say anything about reviews? I’m talking about the box office. The box office is gettiing a lot of bogus attention because the PR wizards need to make Tommy-boy appear virile again. It’s really just a heap of hyped up double talk. The movie should have done way better, and might have if a more worthy actor were involved in the series. I think any momentum it’s gotten is simply that people are into “Mission Impossible” and not so much Tom Cruise.

  • either way

    @Harley: whether it was tom cruise or mission impossible, doesnt matter. the film is doing well -relative- to *current* industry standards (seeing as that going to the movies is expensive and less people go nowadays).
    and *conspiracy* is such a lame default put down.
    ive read a few reviews and reports about how it’s doing well from different sources (entertainment mag and NY times), so unless theyre all getting paid by his people than fine it’s a cruise PR conspiracy.
    but otherwise just concede that it’s doing well and stop the hate.

  • jacks

    With the family and then with friends. Anyway, what the **** is it to you, cow patty, what I do with my money??? FO!

  • misha

    hm, the actress needs some sort of shawl or something..umm…….

  • Harley

    @either way:
    AGAIN, PR Wizards. Case in point, Sherlock Holmes is also performing well but we don’t see a lot of preening and strutting about it. Oviously Tom needs it. Even New York Times attributes all the positivity to a PR blitz. At the end of the day, Cruise is still the wacko couch jumping scientologist who thinks they are the only ones who help people in the world, nobody else is fit to do it. He’s a brainwashed robot and his wife has become a robot, too.

  • Hmmm


    I think it’s a justified comparison given all the widely circulated media reports at the opening of salt how she took on a role meant for a man and Tom cruise, no less, and ‘breaking boundaries and stereotypes’ yadda yadda (while conveniently forgetting all the women who came before her who did the truly groundbreaking stuff).

    Mi 4 maybe a franchise but the 15 day haul is salt’s entire box office haul. And the first mi 1 (before it became a franchise) had a similar haul. the positioning of Jolie as a Tom cruise type who can hold her own or do even better amongst the boys… – well cruise just proved them wrong.

  • bag499

    LOL, Tommy-girl looks like my crazy grandpa! That picture looks like my grandpa saying “here, pull my finger.”
    I wonder if he’s wearing his secret high heels LMAO?

  • Rob

    @Champ: MI 4 is an excellent movie. You’re missing out just because of your hatred for Tom Cruise, a guy you don’t even know.

  • misha

    @Harley: sherlock homes isnt getting the ‘preening’ because it’s not the one that’s been #1 the past 2 weeks in a row! LOL get a clue!

  • ???

    @Harley: why would sherlock holmes be getting ‘preening and strutting’ for coming in 2nd??
    that doesnt even make sense.

  • sherlockholmesrox

    heyyyy all sherlock holmes is an amazing flick.
    it’s come in at the #2 spot 2 weeks in a row, right behind that horrendous MI4 movie with that weirdo.
    some people have even SH found it so great that they’ve shelled out their cash to see it 3x in the theater.

  • Harley

    @???: Because it’s making good money….do you have mush for brains or do yiu walk around with a permanent question mark over your head all the time? I bet your **** gets hard when you think about Tommy-boy being in “first place.” About 1/4 to 1/3 of that is because of IMAX – take that away, and it would be second place. Chew on that. Loser.

  • Harley

    @misha: Why don’t YOU get a clue, you brainwashed fanbot! Don’t you people even know how to think for yourselves? Do you rely on the media to do the thinking for you? M’kay, think about where Sherlock Holmes would be box office-wise if it had IMAX money. Think about where MI4 would be if it didn’t. Dolts. Simple math too hard?

  • lucy

    Ray @ 01/01/2012 at 4:17 pm

    considering that Tom owns his own studio and has more money than he knows what to do with i doubt that he will not miss you. nor will he much care that you won’t buy a ticket to his movie.

  • lucy

    to Champ

    if you sick of Tom being in your face all the time then i can fix that. just don’t come on this board anymore. better yet, when ever you see a photo of Tom just close your eyes and wish that you had his money.

  • mary

    you just can’t stand the fact that MI4 is doing well can you? well, i suggest you get over it and move on.

  • Harley

    @mary: Typical brainless, giddy fanbot. I don’t care if MI4 makes $5 or $500 million, as I’ll never see a penny of it, so it’s nothing to me. All I’m pointing out is how people allow themselves to be brainwashed by this type of contrived PR instead of thinking and seeing the truth for themselves. It’s YOU who “can’t handle the truth” LOL!!!!

  • shuster

    Hahahaha, it hasn’t even made it’s budget back domestically after 15 days. That’s so not good.

  • baaaad1

    I saw the first MI and it was awful and had no plot and made no sense so I won’t waste money on seeing another one. I’m hearing this one is even worse than the the others. Looks like Tommy wants to do a sequel to Tom Gun next. Looks like he wants to redo all his old hits since nothing else has made any money for him over the past 5 years.

  • http://j lohan#1

    Of course tom cruise rocks…bring on mi5

  • Boston

    Tom Cruise is one of those guys that never realizes that he is not in on the joke – because he IS the joke!

  • mary

    to Harley,

    Fanbot? is that the best you can do. for the record, i happen to work for a large PR firm in LA. it’s part of my job to promote upcoming films so i do know it works far better than you do. it’s our job to create the PR to get people to go and see a film. every film released, whether general or limited, has ads or trailer placed by PR departments of the studios involved.

    even Sherlock Holmes had a lot work done by the PR department that obviously did its job right because they convinced you to see the film. which means that even YOU fell “victim” to a contrived PR. how does it feel to know that you’ve been had?

  • Yay Tom Cruise!!!

    The film was good. I still luv Tom Cruise. I don’t care what any of the pansies have to say about him. I don’t care if he likes guys and girls either. I just care that he is a decent, kind and respectable person. That he is! I loved the last MI movie. This one and that one are my favorites of the franchise. Tom Cruise makes movies because it’s what he does. DUH!!! I will continue to support him. I like his action movies. I like him with his wife and kids. He’s doing the right things in life. I don’t agree with Scientology as a religion, but at least Cruise believes in God and tries hard to live right. I will never go against a righteous person. I think the only reason people pick on Scientology is because of its stance against “homosexuality.” Angelina Jolie is a full-blown bisexual, yet no one ever brings that up anymore. They completely overlook that aspect of her being. So why bring it up about Tom Cruise every second? Because people who are gay are deeply offended by him because Scientology has helped him live in the way he wants to live. They want him to toss the women from his life and embrace their lifestyle. He’ll never do it, and that alone earns my deepest respect. People have the right to choose their own lifestyles whether you like it or not. If you’re happy being gay, goody, want a cookie? Being born gay is no sin, but the lifestyle that goes with it will never make it past your Maker’s eyes. You Go Tom! Best wishes and continued blessings in all you righteously choose to do.

  • Harley

    @mary: Bwahahahahahahahahaha… god, I lost my breath LMAO! How CUTE that you claim to work for a “large PR firm in LA” and it’s your job to promote films. I find that very hard to believe after I reread THIS post: “Harley,
    you just can’t stand the fact that MI4 is doing well can you? well, i suggest you get over it and move on.”
    WOW, I bet you earn your PR paycheck in SPADES! That’s riveting PR right there. Sorry, gotta LMAO again….bwhahahahahahahahahahaha.
    But let me clear the air with you, Ms. Mary, PR Lady ……. I watched SH Holmes because I like the actors in that film and I liked the first one, and it wasn’t shoved down my throat every time I turned around. Face it, Tommy-boy is desperate, he virtually reeks of desperation at every turn.
    So I suggest YOU get over it and MOVE ON! Me, I’m going to go laugh some more because I’m bored as **** and you’ve given me some new material.

  • Harley

    Hey everybody, Mary works for a big ol’ PR firm in LA and is posting on a TC thread on JJ. She’s earning her big ol’ paycheck, methinks. However, if I were her, I’d be working a bit harder on those PR skills. Attend some seminars or something.

  • Harley

    @Lol!: No, as a matter of fact, I’m not gay. Is that your attempt at some homophobic bashing there? Seems incongruent coming from a TC fan. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with him being gay, that in fact is a non-issue, it’s just that you seem to be a fan because you sound offended, yet I sense a derogatory tone in your post. What gives?
    Tom Cruise attracts CHILDREN as fans. Amazing.

  • Crap

    I haven’t watched MI4 or Sherlock Holmes. Guess I win! Suck it, PR!

  • theresa


    I am no fan of Tom Cruise; never have been. I only went to see MI4 for two reasons. First, Jeremy Renner and second, Simon Pegg. I could have lived with a lot less Tom in that film. However, i think you’re wrong about him being desperate. The man has a net worth of 250 million dollars US. His salary alone for MI4 was $12,500,00 dollars US. That’s a fair amount of money. Then there’s the house he owns in NYC
    and the Fortress house where Tom has supposedly built a bunker to save himself and family from alien invasion which is weird.

    By the way, before I forget why exactly don’t you like Tom? You don’t have to say why if you don’t want to.

  • yep

    I have seen both Sherlock and Mission and enjoyed them both! I was going to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and didn’t make it – that will be my next movie! Happy New Years to all!

  • hihihi

    I’ve seen MI4 twice. I loved it, brilliant movie. And Tom Cruise is great! I am going to watch Sherlock as well, I loved the first and RDJ and Jude Law are awesome together.

  • annie

    It’s good having different opinons as long as people don’t make up things to justify their own opinion about something. Whether you like TC or not , MI4 has made over 300 million in 2 weeks domestic/foreign- they are expecting close to 600 million.
    The reality is , the movie is doing well- really well, why try to come up with different excuses to bring it down.
    I don’t believe he is unpopular, it’s the media that fuells everything, and a lot of people don’t care less about Scie anyway, as MI 4 has proven that. He’s a hugely entertaining actor and smart.

  • Frazier

    @Yay Tom Cruise!!!:
    Your entire post is hilarious. Don’t even put Tom Cruise and righteous in the same sentence.