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Blue Ivy Carter: Beyonce's Baby Girl!

Blue Ivy Carter: Beyonce's Baby Girl!

Beyonce‘s newborn baby girl is named Blue Ivy Carter – and a famous friend of Bey‘s spilled the beans!

“Welcome to the world Blue!” Gwyneth Paltrow wrote on her Twitter account on Sunday. “We love you already.”

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Gwyn also addressed a fan who asked whether the name was Ivy Blue or Blue Ivy by saying it was the latter.

Blue was born on Saturday (January 7) in New York via a scheduled C-section, according to E!

There you have it – we can’t wait to see Blue!

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  • Dina

    Congrats to them!

  • Courtney

    If mother and child were healthy why would Bey have scheduled a c-section unless Blue Ivy was preech. congrats to them like the name it’s original and not too outlandish like some celeb baby names have been lately but wasn’t she 5 weeks early


    BeyondFake is now a “mother” congrats… I guess >.>

  • Bobo

    I hope the innocent child and the surrogate are ok.

  • VNY

    Awww, yay! Congrats! Although…I was secretly hoping it was Ivy Blue and not Blue Ivy. I just think Ivy’s prettier…but I guess Blue isn’t too painful as a celeb baby name, lol!

  • Sheena

    Congrats! Her surrogate just gave birth! Bey can remove the pillow in her tummy now.

  • elisa

    blue ??? seriously??

  • http://deleted julie

    Congrats to the surrogate first. I suppose B. just kept a great body. Baby has a beautiful name, only hope she does not take after her father, pray she looks like the mother.

  • Sarah89

    Congratz to them! :) I like the name Ivy

  • Sarah89

    Congratz to them! :) I like the name Ivy

  • lisa

    I guess since Gwyn named her child “Apple”, Beyonce wanted to name her child “Blue”. At any rate, congrats to the couple!

  • What

    People, what are talking about? What surrogate? It is not Beyonce’s baby?

  • What

    People, what are you talking about? What surrogate? It is not Beyonce’s baby?

  • Fox

    Ivy Flop Obama Blue is better though

  • sneg

    I have never believed all the talk about Beyonce faking her pregnancy. It seemed like a ridiculous idea. But I have to say that I’m wondering now. She hardly looked like she was showing. Looking through her pictures on this site over the past few months she seem to wear clothes that made her look big but not necessarily pregnant. There are a few where she looks very obviously pregnant but then there are pictures of her afterwards looking smaller. Well it’s really none of my business either way and will have absolutely not effect on my life so I really don’t care.

  • a fan

    I love it. Welcome baby Blue and God bless the Carters.

  • Annie

    @VNY: I’d have gone with Ivy Blue too, to me Blue Ivy sounds like an old lady brand of perfume but Ivy Blue is cute – still, it’s Bey and Z’s kid and obviously they thought different, so congrats!

  • essie

    blue ivy carter?? lol omg

  • taylorrr

    @Sheena: loool… true ^^^

  • i like gray cats

    Apple is a loads better name than Blue IMO.

  • oOoOo

    Blue?? Really?? Is there no nice name left or what

  • Elaine

    For those who think Beyonce was faking her pregnancy, and all this surrogate BS you guys are annoying. She was pregnant (it’s not so hard to tell and so what if her pregnancy weight went up and down, I didn’t even look so big when I was preggo). Anywho she had her baby, CONGRATULATIONS TO HER & JAY-Z, simple as that.

  • bella

    Out of the infinite names you could possibly name a child I hope one day hey share the meaning behind their eureka moment where they go ‘blue! It’s perfect!’ because I’m not getting it.

  • Triesh43

    You are an idiot. A scheduled C-section is not done only if there are issues. If Beyonce was overdue by a week or so, then they schedule a C-section because the baby would has grown to it’s full capacity and you don’t want to keep the baby in more than 14 days past the due date.


    @Triesh43: or she was just too lazy to push it out.

  • Copyeonce does it again

    @bella: She probably got it from ALICIA SILVERSTONE who named her son Blue Bear. Or maybe she thought no one would notice the similarities since the name ‘Blue’ is so common (sarcasm). Smh…

  • ms REALIST


  • Reader

    She had a scheduled c-section because she didn’t want to get too big. Many celebs have those because in the last montch of pregnancy a lot of stretch marks and weight gain happens and I guess she just put her looks over her babys health.
    Also didn’t she give an interview about how awful it was watching her sister give birth? And about how she wanted to wait a long time before having kids because she didn’t want to go through birth?
    If you can’t take the pain don’t have a baby.

  • anon

    I like Ivy Blue better. Anyway, how come she’s had the baby so soon? Didn’t she announce the pregnancy on an awards show a few months ago?

  • Beyonce Fan
  • roxanne

    Stupid name. Probably peer pressured by her “BFF” Gwyneth to follow in her moronic footsteps.

  • Xtina403

    I dont understand how people can be so hateful! seriously guys, GROW UP! Congrats to the New Parents! And may god bless both of them and their Baby Girl Blue!

  • Xtina403

    If you no nothing of pregnancy or of being pregnant, then you really have no comment on the situation. Sceduled C-section can be due to a Breached position of the baby or an over due date. She also Could not have been dilating. So to prevent any serious complications for mother and child maybe a scheduled c-section was necessary. #READTHEFACTS!

  • Cheryl

    Why the hideous name? Seriously, why?

  • elisa

    seriously guys, STFU! There are pictures of B & Jay Z while in Croatia and she had a baby bump! So stop with the surrogate mother thing and congrats to the two of them!

  • sarah

    I wonder if the baby came out with a huge blond wing lol!!!


    I hope a magazine with enough money pays the surrogate to spill the beans..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEEE

  • James


  • confused

    WOW looking at that picture JJ posted, Beyonce used to be black!
    She sure doesn’t have that skin tone any longer. What happened? I thought Beyonce was a proud black woman. Why did she bleach her skin?

  • mimi

    She announces and six months later has a c-section baby. She looked pretty healthy to me, I hope it was a legitimate c-section and that it wasn’t because she wanted to save herself from the pain of birth..but since she has so much money she can do whatever she wants like have an entire floor of a New York Hospital to herself…how full of themselves are these people. There are some babies in that hospital who proabably don’t even have a crib to come home to!!!

  • ajdklas

    And they add to the long list of Hollywood’s dumbest child names…At least that baby can go by her middle name IVY when she realizes how dumb BLUE is.

  • lafamepoma

    Congrats, Bey and Jay, curious name ^^ I send kisses and hugs

  • Sugar

    I dunno…did yall see the video of her on Thursday and they way she was pulling her jacket over her stomach and then how she hopped in her SUV like it was nothing? And if u look back on pix of her in like June/July when she was supposedly 3-4 months she has NOTHING! not a bloat, teeny bump, doesn’t even look like she ate too much pasta the night before…NOTHING. Dont believe the hype….

  • A

    @Copyeonce does it again: Alicia Silverstone’s baby is named Bear Blue, not Blue Bear lmfao

  • oslec

    Bet she can’t wait to sell the baby photos to a magazine for $100 GAzillion Dollar$$!!

  • yyyyyyyy

    How did you have the baby so quickly,he announced in Aug. now suddenly has already.Why jared remove my comment??
    and change the picture

  • http://shalysewright shalyse

    okay srsly, thats JUST RUDE, and such a RACIST thing to say about someone, and especially a BABY. ignorant ppl now a days…..

  • bobo

    Everyone go to the Bossip site and look at the up close photos of her like a day before she “gave birth” in the scarf. It looks like nothing is there.

  • yyyyyyyy

    oop Im wrong I didnt know this was a new post
    anyway Blue Ivy is a terrible name. I didnt think she would
    would give a name like that..I thought she would give a name like hers

  • roflmao

    Maybe she will bleach the baby before she shows it to the world, give it a blond wig and put blue contacts on it… lol!!