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Zac Efron & Taylor Swift: Duet on Ellen!

Zac Efron & Taylor Swift: Duet on Ellen!

Zac Efron and Taylor Swift pull out their guitars and sing a duet on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing today!

The 24-year-old actor and his co-star from The Lorax chatted with Ellen about their dating rumors and what they really did for Valentine’s Day last week.

Taylor, 22, shared, “We are not a couple. He’s awesome, we are not a couple though. You hear people get together when they’re shooting movies, co-stars. But not like animated co-stars. You know what I’m saying. Oh my god, as we were recording our voiceovers on separate coasts we really connected.”

After hearing how Taylor spent her V-day, Zac said, “That’s so different than what single guys do. I went to a screening of a film that I did called Liberal Arts. Then cooked some dinner with a friend.”

FYI: Taylor is wearing an Oscar de la Renta floral cotton dress.

Check out the video clip below…

Zac Efron & Taylor Swift: Duet on Ellen!

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  • u know

    taylor swift cant sing btw
    its sad how bad current singers are

  • merlin’s mum

    Absolutely LOVED Zac singing!!! He is soo beautiful!! I adore him! Hater’s be damned!

  • lauren

    its kinda funny on ellen kinda calls him out about the shirt ”we only hook up once shirt” implying he has alot of hook ups?

  • bababa

    i love how he is saying “lets take a break!” ;)
    he is so sexy.

  • Stephanie

    I LOVE YOU ZAC! always have, always will.


    Squinty, girl, you’re just a faghag. Face it! Has she ever had a straight bf?

  • lauren

    well he’s not gonna say
    ”yea i’m banging/hooking up with lilly”
    like he’s really going to talk about his personal life, ellen or ellen’s research team prolly google/research his name and saw all the rumors and stuff. so yea.

  • kathy

    Sorry Jared but you heard things wrong.
    Zac said he cooked some dinner with THE friend which,he didn’t make it clear,is Lily Collins.You can see afterward he’s very shy about Ellen’s questions of HER name.And he’s not meant to say he’s a single guy,he’s just surprised by what single girls did on V-day as Taylor claimed.

  • nohumor

    He needs to take a shower. I have a feeling his armpits smell.

  • arogantitsbest

    i just think they are both super arrogant.

  • lauren

    @kathy did you even watch the video?
    jared is doing wht he’s being told to write. stop.

  • Whatever

    @kathy: Yup. I agree. He’s busted, cause we clearly saw pics of him leaving that movie with Collins. Friend, my a$$. Quit lyin’, Efron.

  • lauren

    can you just stop? why do you hate him so much?
    he’s not gonna say ” yea im banging/seeing lilly” it’s his personal life, so go sit down and sit in the corner.

  • nohumor

    @arogantitsbest: Maybe they just feel ugly inside aww how cute (ironic)

  • Yessssssssssss

    Sounds like Taylor wants a Chance with Zac.

  • Jennifer

    love taylor
    love zac

  • Yessssssssssss

    I know im late but why did he and Vanessa break up?

  • Whatever

    @lauren: And why are you so sensitive, lauren?? “Why does everyone hate him so much? What has he ever done to you?”. We know your whole line of crap. We’re just pointing out that NOW we know who he spent V Day with, and it wasn’t himself. Now, why don’t YOU go take a time-out in that corner and chill.

  • Tim

    @Yessssssssssss: because she is a cheating piece of scum!!! :)

  • merlin’s mum

    @Whatever: But really, what does it matter to you who he spent valentines day with? Who did YOU spend Valentines day with?

  • lauren

    i’m chill.
    i’m asking why are you being such a douche on here?

  • Rachel

    Aww, they are soo adorable:D And that duet was very cute:D
    Love you Zac:D

  • Sabrina

    Zac is such a weird fairy!

  • marcus

    For someone with a functioning brain,an hour with Taylor would be eternal torture.

  • Davido LegEagle

    @u know: @u know:

    The truly great country music artists who can sing—and there’s plenty of them—should be embarrassed that Taylor Swift is somehow regarded as an upper echelon country music artist. The girl is a woeful singer.

  • savannah

    adorable :D

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • http://google barbara

    They are really cute, it was nice hearing zac sing again, it has been, a long time.

  • Whatever

    @lauren: Because you’re a douche to Vanessa. Get it? Pay backs a b*tch.

  • lauren

    i’m a douche to vanessa because she’s fake, and i’m not a fan of her’s
    so why do you have to be an ass to me on here? go back to your precious vanessa posts.

  • lauren

    also @whatever
    you dont think all this lilly and zac (mostly on lilly’s part) that is some kind of fake pr thing? in order to get some press for her crappy movie coming out?

  • savannah

    Please, why do you even bring in Vanessa here? This is a post about Zac Efron and Taylor Swift attending Ellen show, not Vanessa Hudgens.

  • kami

    that was hella cute. zac has a good singing voice. but what’s with his ugly hair?

  • Whatever

    @lauren: Well, I think he’s a snake, a cheat, and fake as well. How do you like them apples??

  • aquarius64

    “…I cooked dinner with a friend”. Really? Dude, you’ve been spotted with Lily Collins-twice; be a man and own it. He’s making Lily look like a jump-off or at best a part of a harem. No wonder the gossip press is ginning up this “showmance”. I give it to Switfy’s team, it always makes sure she is portrayed as the girl guys chase after, not the girl doing the chasing.

  • Brad

    First of All Can’t wait to see Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Singing together on the Ellen show today. 2: This Zac and Lilly Collins Relationship I don’t know weather or not they are dating or Just Friends But if they are dating then That’s Good It’s time for Zac To Move On If their Friends then that’s awesome. But the Timing seem off to me A Little bit Because they both have movies coming out next month.

    I Have seen A Lot of people saying that Zac and Lilly Collins are just a Fake Relationship or some PR Move I don’t really know what’s going on between them but whatever it is I Hope they are both Happy. Only Time will tell If Zac and Lilly Collins are Dating or Some Damn Pr Move just to be Promoting Their Movie who knows But I Guess A Lot of people who live in LA Knows what Happens In PR.

  • Lovely


    perhaps because he prefers men and she was only dating him to cover up his homosexuality while they filmed those weird movies? I am not sure- just what I have heard

  • lauren

    how do you know he’s a cheater? a fake? and a snake?

  • lauren

    that’s because there is a tumblr blog posting info saying it is fake.

  • urbigfatass

    bums and homeless sit on street corners with guitars too !

  • sam

    “WE ONLY HOOKED UP ONCE” Good shirt for Zac. :)

  • stan

    Taylor is so beautiful/smart and talented. She is the perfect girl really. :)

  • Mia

    WTF?! Why are people so obsessed with whether Lily and Zac are together or not? Even in the Zac posts where Lily isn’t mentioned like this you’ve got people arguing back and forth. All this drama from one blurry set of paparazzi photos and one report. And now people are bagging on him because he wants to keep her name private? I don’t know if they are just friends or whatever but they seem to be trying to keep things private and low key and aren’t trying to put all their business out there. People should just let them be.

  • Sara

    Back at the beginning of Zac and Vanessa it was cute for them to keep it kind of secret and it was cute that Zac wore a bracelet or a ring for his ‘friend’ and now everyone is mad at him for not wanting to talk about his new girlfriend. But I don’t understand why. He hasn’t been dating her long why should he talk about her.

    Wish people would leave Vanessa out of it and not hate on her here or on her posts and if you are only here to hate on Zac because Zac and Vanessa broke up I wish you would just stop too. What you say is cause your mad about something you can’t change not what is actually happening. He wasn’t your boyfriend why can’t you move on like Vanessa. I want them both to be happy and they are.

  • Lake Vacations

    love Zac

  • lauren

    im pretty sure zac and lilly are for ”pr” and its not real?
    do you really think they are ‘dating?

  • ?

    This will open a can of worms but oh well. So I guess zac is never going to address his break up with Vanessa and just pretend the whole thing didn’t happen? I’d really like to get his side of the story, I mean we have Vanessa’s and it seems like this wouldve been the perfect time to do so. I’d just really like to hear his side.

  • Kathy

    Why are people making so much fuss about Vanessa and Lilly? This is about Zac and Taylor’s appearance on Ellen, and have any of you actually watched the whole performance and interview that this article is so clearly about?

  • Kathy

    @u know: Did you watch the duet? She sang on-pitch, and her voice was great.

  • vic

    just saw the ellen show zefron was really entertaining, great to see and doing his thing and comfortable doing it