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Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!

Brad Pitt: LAX Arrival!

Brad Pitt is greeted by a mob of fans at LAX Airport on Friday (March 23) in Los Angeles.

The 48-year-old actor flashed a smile for onlookers as an escort led the way through the airport.

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“It was a bit of a blur because New Orleans will do that to you,” Brad said to Ellen DeGeneres on her show (via People) about his first trip to the city in the 90s. “I fell in love with the place. The people. The music. It’s in the air.”

Brad recently hosted a fundraising event for his charity the Make It Right foundation in the Big Easy.

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  • CAM

    Looking Good Bradley Pitt.

  • yes

    love this man!

  • anustin

    gorgeous poppa.

  • anustin

    happy and!!!!!

  • anustin

    babies and ur momma in joyful day!

  • anustin

    keep em up poppa pitt, got 8 mouth to feed.

  • anustin

    so proud of ur work,brad.bless ur heart.

  • Brad!

    So gorgeous and happy- he’s like walking sunshine!!

  • anustin

    ur gorgeous baby momma so happy to see u making her famous OSCAR pose in front of ur DOOR. cute.

  • anustin

    then u lick and sniff all the way up!

  • anustin


  • anustin

    aahhhh sweet!

  • anustin

    can i have a piece of ur hair,brad.i mean not on ur head.

  • ting

    Mr.Pitt is so cute.

  • African Girl

    Lol..Anustin, you may have to stand in a long line. You know someone, having realized dressing like him would not make her new boyfriends BP, is probably holding her breath for a piece of BP…any piece. The new one certainly looks like he needs. Lol!

  • hopeso

    Beautiful man i wish it was all of them i have been looking for Ange all week

  • Love The Shoes

    Whenever Brad walks into a room “HE’S SO FINE” should start playing. Brad at almost 50 beats the heck out of 20 and very early 30′s something Brad for me.

    accept for Tristan.

  • busted

    He looks good. Wonder where he went. Maybe something to do with Twelve Years a Slave. hmmm you never know

    There pics of Angie flying yesterday too. Busy couple.

  • dawne

    Wonder where Brad has been. That pic of Angie flying ……she could not have been flying that low……….looks like you could reach up and touch.

    Trolls had a simulataneous psychotic episode last night………….we know Angie’s fame over the leg sent them into an emotional spasm……………their fameho idol has flashed every body part for years and no one seems to notice.

    Ticky is just wallpaper and they can’t stand that…………they actually think there is an equality among these two women………..that is their first mistake.

    Tiocky and her little dumpster diving gigilo are not the mega power couple that is Brad and Angie and there is now no hope Ticky can elevate herrself to Angie’s level on any level………….that is what is pizzing them off….

    as Ticky flopped yet again Angie set the twitter world on its tail because she shifted one leg. Ticky would love to have that power and allure. To really cement their psychosis Angie’s peaking while Ticky’s career is ending. Gotta pizz them off to the max. Loving it. TEAM JOLIE WON.

  • teri

    A wonderful man, love this family.

  • Dc

    Wonderful Brad. He looks so good. Happy to see pics of one of the jolie-Pitt – I miss them.

  • briseis

    Isn’t his smile just like a ray of sunshine? Thank God the first posters are fans and not the haters — I think they have lost their minds in the latest Angie thread.


    aniston IS A WHO*RE .
    aniston IS A HYPOCRITE.
    aniston IS A MAN-FACED WHO*RE.
    aniston IS A BAD ASTRESS.
    aniston IS AN UGLY WHO*RE.

  • Wonderbust

    I told the posters on the other thread I an still waiting on the troll to answer HOW Jen is more loved in Hollywood(NO awards nominations by her peers no GG even though Beyonce and JLO have a nom, never worked with acclaimed director or had Big time time academy award winners like Denzel and DeNiro gush about her TALENT) and second question on HOW Brads career was better with Jen..TICK TOCK,,you think the troll will give me the answer?

  • Wonderbust

    just reposting that we have had an influx of trolls mostly at east coast night time because the hags fuglyfemales site hardly has ppl realized those obsessed freaks are batshiit cray cray and they have come to JJ with their obsession..BLOGBRAT i know you are hiding now because I called you out on the last thread YOU said Jen was more liked in HW and Brads career went down with Angie, still waiting on your examples on this assertion that you made

  • briseis

    @Wonderbust: Ticky works with Paul Rudd, Jason Bateman, Justin Theroux — good guys all but third or fourth level tiers in HW. Adam Sandler is the only A-lister willing to work with her, but he was willing to work with Katie Holmes, too, so …. The Denzels, DeNiros, Eastwoods, Ron Howards don’t even have her in their peripheral vision. If she can fake a British accent maybe she can be Miss Moneypenny in the latest Bond movie, since she’s dying to be a Bond girl? With the influx of young talents like Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Rooney Mara — Ticky’s window of opportunity for good roles have definitely closed. Unless she’s willing to play mother roles, but then she cannot imagine herself as the mother of a 17 year old so I guess no dice, she’ll be doing her particular brand of romcoms until she croaks.

  • Elizabeth

    Anybody know where he’s going?

  • truth

    It said arriving in LA He is going home to hos family. Paps missed the exit HAHAHAHAH!

  • Brad is the man!!!!!!

    hi handsome

  • Oliver

    It’s not clear if he is arriving or leaving Los Angeles!! It only says that he is arriving LAX, but why don’t know if he is arriving to the airport to leave Los Angeles!! So who knows!!

  • Unwanted fans

    @aniston’S FANS ARE OLD WHORES: I am a fan of Brangelina too, but I can’t stand the immature fans… who talk like freaks.
    It’s embarrassing to the good fans.

  • Hotness overload

    Angie is so lucky!

  • Oliver

    I meant to say… that “WE” don’t know if he is arriving or leaving Los Angeles!!! Im not an american, so SORRY for my English!!

  • Lovely

    looks like he smells of stale urine and dried up crap.. Bradley boy is senile.

  • Free Angie

    @Wonderbust: nah, the trolls are all brad Pitt fans and employees. Angie cheated on him and he made her release a statement about her leg.

    He looks like crap. Dyed hair, Botox, dresses like Justin beiber but Johnny depp is the one that is having a hard time aging. Yeah right.

  • awww

    He looks so good.

  • Tina

    JP is the busiest, we just don’t know where they are going next. They never stop.

  • Not Pitt

    He has gone on holiday with his true lover, why is so happy

    Ju ju ju

    Isn’t life wonderful?

  • Free Angie

    He is so scummy and I have to laugh at his necklaces and his tan. It looks like spray tan is just caked on his skin.eck! And The necklaces are so gold and tacky. Ang probably thought he might wear one at a time not all at once. I also have to laugh because ang doesnt wear jewelry he gives her. She wears zero jewels except that big maleficent ring she’s been sporting lately but anything pittstain gives her probably goes into the bottom of some hotel room drawer. She hates him so why would she wear his jewelry? He even wears cuff links she designed. Wbhaahahaha idiot.

  • BW

    He probably went to check their French home.

  • Gross

    He was spotted look at a sixteen year olds butt in Nola.

  • Rose

    Loving how the trolls just grivate to the most handsome man in the world!! Fans are guessing SS man is so ugly her fans ran away from her thread to look at the one and only William Bradey Pitt. Trolls, go scream at the ocean, we feel your pain, Not.

  • Not Pitt

    @Free Angie:

    Free Pitt

  • a lurker

    Welcome back Brad. I wish I knew where he was going. I am glad he is back safe and sound. He is looking good.

  • awww

    Brad has worked so hard this past year. I hope Angie gives him one of her world famous rim job as a token of appreciation from all of us fans.

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts.

  • Free Angie

    @Not Pitt: bye Pitt. Fly fly away ugly nosed bird. Just take off the gold necklaces that are weighing your potato head down. Bye bye. Trust me,,, true ang fans will celebrate that day he flies and never comes back. Ang needs to get dat groove back and it ain’t gonna happen with pittstain and his ball and chain around her neck. Nevr forget her ball and chain purse, that was a sign, man.

  • Gee

    Angelina had to pay an interview to the press keep them from running a story

    about her steamy date night she had with
    not named Brad Pitt. He was out of town this whole time ?
    That explains why she was at a hotel with someone
    not named Brad Pitt. Will he find out about it?
    Only time will tell.

  • Not Pitt

    @Free Angie:
    Ian Halperin, the great journalist says that they do not live together and each makes their lives separately

    Pitt is already free

  • daral

    @Free Angie:

    angelina has brad’s birth-place tattooed on her upper arm.
    what say you? :)

  • fyi

    x17 has more pictures, looks like Brad brings back a gift for kids and Angie: a bag of chocolate and looks like French language on the bag to me. It says ” La Maison Du Chocolat”.